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~Share Your Real Pets~ (Edited 11/6/17)

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Hey, everyone!

I thought I'd start this so I'd have a reason to show some of my babies. :D

I hope you guys show me any pets you have, I'd love to see them!

I've posted a few other photos in the comments below too if anyone is interested! I encourage all of you to look through the comments at everyone's precious animals. :) 



This is Pikachu. She's Ladybug's mommy. :3 She was a stray.


This is Ladybug. She's Pikachu's kitten. I'm keeping her. (My sister and uncle got the other two kittens.) As of now she's much larger! 


 This is Ladybug now!

Normally they get scolded for getting on the table, but I guess it was my fault for leaving a box there. xD


This is Clementine! She's a stray that started hanging around on our porch recently! :)



This is Lilly. I got her from the shelter. <3 


This is Worm. (He was a runt. lol) My dad brought home a pregnant cat from Burger King and she was his mommy. We gave her and the rest of the kittens away to good homes, but decided to keep him. He's my oldest cat. 


This is Sebastian. He was given to me by a friend. 





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@Tastical  Cricket and Midnight's eyes! So cute! 

They're all really adorable. :3 Cuddle's coloring is beautiful.

I have an extra soft spot for black kitties too. <3

We used to have a lot of fish. Now we just have an African Claw Toed Frog because he kind of....ate them. 

I forgot to post a pic of him. lol 

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Let's see... I have (well, my family has) two female cats - that don't get on, called Kitten (hahaha) and Marie - 2 dogs, a golden retriever called Bonnie and a samoyed called Myra, several ducks and chickens, and one chill-with-me-but-hyperaggressive-with-other-people gander (male goose) - those guys were mostly hatched by me :3 Some are cross breeds and some pure.
Sadly we no longer keep cattle (I used to have a fairly tame Belgian blue called Cookie) or sheep/pigs - I had two tame lambs called Joey and Lola for a while, which I raised myself. I want to keep a few sheep as pets in the future, and definitely koi!
IMG_5909.thumb.jpg.c9dd115359727db43542151cfec927e7.jpgIMG_4774.thumb.jpg.14b5dcb00d89c03e775b669465a93527.jpg^Joey & Lola (Lola has the woolly forelock)IMG_0156.thumb.jpg.ed1a5f52e100ad568c2565c07d2d4a4b.jpg^Kitten59419e6d64137_cockerel(sam).thumb.jpg.dd30b2933ae1e5eebac43b61a9e1663a.jpg
^My lovely Sam (sadly not around any more)

I also really want a lizard of some kind and a snake :3


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@Tastical Some of our dogs when I was little got poisoned by dog food. I had a Dalmation named Lucario that died from it. 

Recently, actually, I lost some cats due to my sister's dogs. She lived next to us then moved and left her dogs here. She comes by to feed them everyday and says she's getting rid of them, but never does. It makes me really mad, honestly. 

I had a cat named Sugar Heart and a cat named Mario. They were both about sixteen years old and they killed both of them. Also, we were feeding a few abandoned strays and they killed them too. Also my nephew's kitten. 

Pretty scared one of my cats is going to slip outside and get killed, so I keep begging her to do something with them.

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@Kaylercool Shadow once ate my spanish homework and I had to redo it all since using the dog ate my homework excuse is not very believe able. He also would bite my arms and he would even act like he wanted to play, he'd bring one of his toys over and when you would go to take it to throw it or whatever he would drop the toy and grab your arm.

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@Kaylercool I want goats so bad @_@ and awwww squurls are cool :3 greys get a hard time over here - I saw one earlier today and it reminded me of a lecture at uni, being told we should contact a grey control group if we see any xD there was one that lived around our campus but I never said anything :') I let it live

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You might have just unleashed the beast...lots of pictures coming your way lol

Seven, the now 14 year old queen of the house, my apologies for the extra pictures, she isn't doing too well anymore




Ozzy, the camera slapper. She hates her picture being taken




Fawn, from cute puppy to cool dog, the third guiding eyes for the blind pup I raise who became a pet due to a health issue



Leila, the chubby one and the first guiding eyes for the blind dog I raised who dropped out to become my pet



Yancy, the bright eyed trouble maker and the fourth pup I raised for guiding eyes that dropped out


Misty, perhaps the true queen of the household but I would never tell Seven this, she is the smalled member of the family besides the fish at fifteen years old she weighs only six pounds



Summer Breeze(Breezy) my moms quarter horse and my moms first 'child' he was there before I was born and passed away three years ago at the age of 32.226068_158218357574873_6049225_n.jpg?oh=

and last but not least, Peg the third and successful guide dog I raised who now works in CO with her new partner



I also have fish, a 55 gallon tank and a koi pond but I don't have good pictures of them. Sorry for the picture spam lol

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Thank you, when my family adopted Seven we where told she was a golden retriever/collie cross however we think it might be golden/border collie or golden/australian shepard. We don't know for sure though, but mixed breeds are certainly always the most beautiful.


I fixed the broken pictures


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I have more pictures! :3 


This is Sugar Heart. She was one of my first cats. I lost her last December, sadly.  (The thing she is on is actually a cat house I built with some steps when I was in eighth grade.)



JtN3ablE.thumb.jpg.ee13f3bf6e8e345e50561c27ac800042.jpg This is my dad's dog Ruby. She's a Rat Terrier. 

rWEKcy4Y.thumb.jpg.862bd1fc91a2a92699cf9d02be6c3346.jpg This is our new family pup Lola. She was too sleepy for pics. lol

She's a lab and pitbull mix.

vEio7IYr.thumb.jpg.e6d326fbf3d72c6787c6947e8b69c2a2.jpg This is my dad's dog Birdie. I don't know what she is. lol

0ggafoG1.thumb.jpg.b69d1a23320b6b0710de2bdabd6a0af5.jpg  This is Ladybug when she was....maybe about three weeks old? 

7hY9HPf3.thumb.jpg.4d3398073eed2cda4dfcdf767fd1bdd7.jpg This is Octavia and Luna. (About three weeks) (Ladybug's sisters.)

81UO5BC3.thumb.jpeg.b7e7aa5541dc087834835e44af8c7f74.jpeg This is Octavia.

EU8vxlMS.jpg.c823b8cbffb4fa2ea018ace2086e6e9c.jpg This is Luna.

ohdbHBRE.thumb.jpg.7b6e4079d6f6e5c0d629351cdc9c08dc.jpg Ladybug and mama Pikachu.

tUr4icnZ.thumb.jpg.11e094662df7cddfdf56033d487060ca.jpg Ladybug right after she was born sleeping with mommy Pika. :3 

LISJN0Lu.thumb.jpg.83a2bb43ebba9cb24c8b8af0140b9dbb.jpg This is just...well Froggy. lol He's the king of the castle.



n_OeXO3D.thumb.jpg.c0ffd8ed4008bbf6b65f9ca899ed6dfd.jpg This is my Leopard Gecko Snivy when I got him. He was a graduation gift.

QTKG54On.thumb.jpeg.62ae91838d1dece537087d49222568dd.jpeg This is Victor. He's the daddy of the kittens. Pikachu and Victor are a couple for sure. My OTP. XD 

rzaZAo8B.thumb.jpg.d5f3e3b1563b92b82168d60be709d49e.jpg This is the family cat Simone. She's about seventeen years old.

RGHSk8Up.thumb.jpg.6caf13e54acea8c209ac8c09f00f1b50.jpg This is Callie. She started out as a stray we were feeding, but she quickly became a part of the family. Sadly, we lost her shortly before Sugar Heart.

u4KaxoLh.thumb.jpg.5c2d8185bda2513076f9522ef7432330.jpg Pikachu was not prepared for the boop. 

gzRjM3CE.thumb.jpg.2eada81b117be2649f15453c3617d7ef.jpg When Sebastian broke into the cheese balls. The guilt on his face gets me every time. lol 

That's it for now, I'm sorry for so many pictures. x3 I couldn't resist showing some more.

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I think I've only got photos of my old boys on my laptop, but I've got a ten year old female ginger cat named Nala currently.

I did have an older male ginger cat named Muffy who had to get put down in 2014 at nineteen though, and my dog, Chevy, recently passed away at thirteen about a month ago now.

403323_273265276078525_215586038_n.jpg.86abfd2ed11b215605215dba39eb250a.jpg this is Muffy, one of my old boys. I think he was about seventeen, maybe eighteen in this photo. I still miss this old grump a lot.

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f-66334383432373337383538383834323836323538362e6a7067.thumb.jpeg.4c9e73f14650616768c365d24a092f1e.jpeg this is Chevy, my other old boy. Honestly, it's too quiet round the house without him now...

I managed to find a photo of Nala hiding away on my laptop.

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f-46533653238376134363638313432383038363234362e6a7067.thumb.jpeg.fe51a23b3a3f7662fbe436fb876c1b01.jpeg this is Nala. She's a bit of a grump at times tbh, and I believe this is the most recent photo of her I've taken, or the better looking recent ones anyway. She's got this flea allergy or skin condition thing, so she's a bit scabby from scratching herself too much, mostly around her head and near her tail. It's not as bad as it used to be though, thankfully.

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