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Hey, everyone! I though I'd start this so I'd have a reason to show some of my babies. :3 I'll post more later, but this is just what I have on my computer as of right now. :D

I hope you guys show me any pets you have, I'd love to see the cuties!

C8DZQp8XkAETaGP.thumb.jpg.d7c01204b8524fd638f745751c539aae.jpg This is Pikachu. She's Ladybug's mommy. :3 She was a stray.

 06PDOePf.thumb.jpg.597e87f37d4ff7bf0b983cf5946a4297.jpg This is Ladybug. She's Pikachu's kitten. I'm keeping her. (My sister and uncle got the other two kittens.)

IKyq7W1H.thumb.jpg.6659d4a74e23248ae63dc269c3d8241a.jpg This is Lilly. I got her from the shelter. <3 

VBnyhTwY.thumb.jpeg.31c3c5fb204f111f3d5e7fe42964b6e0.jpeg This is Worm. (He was a runt. lol) My dad brought home a pregnant cat from Burger King and she was his mommy. We gave her and the rest of the kittens away to good homes, but decided to keep him. He's my oldest cat. 

hXEXkHFp.thumb.jpg.92d498e5fae43df0924d636f855064f4.jpg  This is Sebastian. He was given to me by a friend. 

I can post more pictures if anyone wants! I have some pictures of pets I had in the past too. (I miss them everyday.) and I also had a Shiba Inu when I was younger. 

I may post a picture of my Leopard Gecko later. I don't have a picture of him currently, and he's shedding so I want to wait. :) 

And of course I can post Ladybug's siblings and some of my family's pets too. 



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@Tastical  Cricket and Midnight's eyes! So cute! 

They're all really adorable. :3 Cuddle's coloring is beautiful.

I have an extra soft spot for black kitties too. <3

We used to have a lot of fish. Now we just have an African Claw Toed Frog because he kind of....ate them. 

I forgot to post a pic of him. lol 

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Yeah we used to have a dog named Kobe. She was a Beagle-Boxer. She died from poisoned dog treats. We bought them before anyone knew they were poisoned. 




We also also had more fish but one of the new ones killed almost all of them off by sickness. My gold fish Sam was one sadly ;_;

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Let's see... I have (well, my family has) two female cats - that don't get on, called Kitten (hahaha) and Marie - 2 dogs, a golden retriever called Bonnie and a samoyed called Myra, several ducks and chickens, and one chill-with-me-but-hyperaggressive-with-other-people gander (male goose) - those guys were mostly hatched by me :3 Some are cross breeds and some pure.
Sadly we no longer keep cattle (I used to have a fairly tame Belgian blue called Cookie) or sheep/pigs - I had two tame lambs called Joey and Lola for a while, which I raised myself. I want to keep a few sheep as pets in the future, and definitely koi!
IMG_5909.thumb.jpg.c9dd115359727db43542151cfec927e7.jpgIMG_4774.thumb.jpg.14b5dcb00d89c03e775b669465a93527.jpg^Joey & Lola (Lola has the woolly forelock)IMG_0156.thumb.jpg.ed1a5f52e100ad568c2565c07d2d4a4b.jpg^Kitten59419e6d64137_cockerel(sam).thumb.jpg.dd30b2933ae1e5eebac43b61a9e1663a.jpg
^My lovely Sam (sadly not around any more)

I also really want a lizard of some kind and a snake :3


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@Tastical Some of our dogs when I was little got poisoned by dog food. I had a Dalmation named Lucario that died from it. 

Recently, actually, I lost some cats due to my sister's dogs. She lived next to us then moved and left her dogs here. She comes by to feed them everyday and says she's getting rid of them, but never does. It makes me really mad, honestly. 

I had a cat named Sugar Heart and a cat named Mario. They were both about sixteen years old and they killed both of them. Also, we were feeding a few abandoned strays and they killed them too. Also my nephew's kitten. 

Pretty scared one of my cats is going to slip outside and get killed, so I keep begging her to do something with them.

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@Kaylercool Shadow once ate my spanish homework and I had to redo it all since using the dog ate my homework excuse is not very believe able. He also would bite my arms and he would even act like he wanted to play, he'd bring one of his toys over and when you would go to take it to throw it or whatever he would drop the toy and grab your arm.

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@Kaylercool I want goats so bad @_@ and awwww squurls are cool :3 greys get a hard time over here - I saw one earlier today and it reminded me of a lecture at uni, being told we should contact a grey control group if we see any xD there was one that lived around our campus but I never said anything :') I let it live

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You might have just unleashed the beast...lots of pictures coming your way lol

Seven, the now 14 year old queen of the house, my apologies for the extra pictures, she isn't doing too well anymore




Ozzy, the camera slapper. She hates her picture being taken




Fawn, from cute puppy to cool dog, the third guiding eyes for the blind pup I raise who became a pet due to a health issue



Leila, the chubby one and the first guiding eyes for the blind dog I raised who dropped out to become my pet



Yancy, the bright eyed trouble maker and the fourth pup I raised for guiding eyes that dropped out


Misty, perhaps the true queen of the household but I would never tell Seven this, she is the smalled member of the family besides the fish at fifteen years old she weighs only six pounds



Summer Breeze(Breezy) my moms quarter horse and my moms first 'child' he was there before I was born and passed away three years ago at the age of 32.226068_158218357574873_6049225_n.jpg?oh=

and last but not least, Peg the third and successful guide dog I raised who now works in CO with her new partner



I also have fish, a 55 gallon tank and a koi pond but I don't have good pictures of them. Sorry for the picture spam lol

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Thank you, when my family adopted Seven we where told she was a golden retriever/collie cross however we think it might be golden/border collie or golden/australian shepard. We don't know for sure though, but mixed breeds are certainly always the most beautiful.


I fixed the broken pictures


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I have more pictures! :3 


This is Sugar Heart. She was one of my first cats. I lost her last December, sadly.  (The thing she is on is actually a cat house I built with some steps when I was in eighth grade.)



JtN3ablE.thumb.jpg.ee13f3bf6e8e345e50561c27ac800042.jpg This is my dad's dog Ruby. She's a Rat Terrier. 

rWEKcy4Y.thumb.jpg.862bd1fc91a2a92699cf9d02be6c3346.jpg This is our new family pup Lola. She was too sleepy for pics. lol

She's a lab and pitbull mix.

vEio7IYr.thumb.jpg.e6d326fbf3d72c6787c6947e8b69c2a2.jpg This is my dad's dog Birdie. I don't know what she is. lol

0ggafoG1.thumb.jpg.b69d1a23320b6b0710de2bdabd6a0af5.jpg  This is Ladybug when she was....maybe about three weeks old? 

7hY9HPf3.thumb.jpg.4d3398073eed2cda4dfcdf767fd1bdd7.jpg This is Octavia and Luna. (About three weeks) (Ladybug's sisters.)

81UO5BC3.thumb.jpeg.b7e7aa5541dc087834835e44af8c7f74.jpeg This is Octavia.

EU8vxlMS.jpg.c823b8cbffb4fa2ea018ace2086e6e9c.jpg This is Luna.

ohdbHBRE.thumb.jpg.7b6e4079d6f6e5c0d629351cdc9c08dc.jpg Ladybug and mama Pikachu.

tUr4icnZ.thumb.jpg.11e094662df7cddfdf56033d487060ca.jpg Ladybug right after she was born sleeping with mommy Pika. :3 

LISJN0Lu.thumb.jpg.83a2bb43ebba9cb24c8b8af0140b9dbb.jpg This is just...well Froggy. lol He's the king of the castle.



n_OeXO3D.thumb.jpg.c0ffd8ed4008bbf6b65f9ca899ed6dfd.jpg This is my Leopard Gecko Snivy when I got him. He was a graduation gift.

QTKG54On.thumb.jpeg.62ae91838d1dece537087d49222568dd.jpeg This is Victor. He's the daddy of the kittens. Pikachu and Victor are a couple for sure. My OTP. XD 

rzaZAo8B.thumb.jpg.d5f3e3b1563b92b82168d60be709d49e.jpg This is the family cat Simone. She's about seventeen years old.

RGHSk8Up.thumb.jpg.6caf13e54acea8c209ac8c09f00f1b50.jpg This is Callie. She started out as a stray we were feeding, but she quickly became a part of the family. Sadly, we lost her shortly before Sugar Heart.

u4KaxoLh.thumb.jpg.5c2d8185bda2513076f9522ef7432330.jpg Pikachu was not prepared for the boop. 

gzRjM3CE.thumb.jpg.2eada81b117be2649f15453c3617d7ef.jpg When Sebastian broke into the cheese balls. The guilt on his face gets me every time. lol 

That's it for now, I'm sorry for so many pictures. x3 I couldn't resist showing some more.

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I think I've only got photos of my old boys on my laptop, but I've got a ten year old female ginger cat named Nala currently.

I did have an older male ginger cat named Muffy who had to get put down in 2014 at nineteen though, and my dog, Chevy, recently passed away at thirteen about a month ago now.

403323_273265276078525_215586038_n.jpg.86abfd2ed11b215605215dba39eb250a.jpg this is Muffy, one of my old boys. I think he was about seventeen, maybe eighteen in this photo. I still miss this old grump a lot.

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f-66334383432373337383538383834323836323538362e6a7067.thumb.jpeg.4c9e73f14650616768c365d24a092f1e.jpeg this is Chevy, my other old boy. Honestly, it's too quiet round the house without him now...

I managed to find a photo of Nala hiding away on my laptop.

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f-46533653238376134363638313432383038363234362e6a7067.thumb.jpeg.fe51a23b3a3f7662fbe436fb876c1b01.jpeg this is Nala. She's a bit of a grump at times tbh, and I believe this is the most recent photo of her I've taken, or the better looking recent ones anyway. She's got this flea allergy or skin condition thing, so she's a bit scabby from scratching herself too much, mostly around her head and near her tail. It's not as bad as it used to be though, thankfully.

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      This was heavily inspired by Pokemon. I don't know if I'd call it a Fakemon or not though. 
      It's not even September yet, but Halloween is something my friends and family love to celebrate! My mom throws an amazing party every year! I love to help her decorate. We don't just decorate like normal people either, we go all out. My mom even makes a lot of her props herself since it's cheaper and they look better than a majority of what you can buy in stores. A couple of years ago she made her very own life size Freddy Fazbear! 
      Also, feedback is greatly appreciated!
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      I have an idea for something that would be fun and make things much easier and safer when it comes to helping each other breed pets.
      Lets say someone has a female Nebula Cat, but doesn't have a male. They meet someone who has a male, but not a female. They decide to help each other breed their pets, each of them paying half and getting half of the eggs.
      Someone is going to have to trade theirs over for the other person to put it in a breeding room, and that's always a risk. What if the other person were to refuse to give them their pet back or any of the eggs once they were finished breeding? The other person probably couldn't even prove the pet belonged to them.
      I thought about a system that is somewhat set up like the trading system. It would go like this:
      Step 1. Someone starts a "Breeding Collab" like how they would start a trade. They add the person that has the pet they plan breeding their pet to.
      Step 2. The person on the left adds their female Nebula Cat and half of the ZC. The person on the right adds their male Nebula Cat and half of the ZC. 
      Step 3. They wait until the pets are done breeding. If there are two eggs, each person gets one. If there are three eggs, they have several options. They can decide who gets the egg, drop it into the abandoned room, or play some sort of short game to decide who wins the egg.
      Also, this feature wouldn't take up anyone's breeding rooms. Maybe there would be a specific room or rooms for this purpose? Collab rooms?
      What do you guys think of this idea? If you like it, please support this post. If you think it'd be useful or not, please tell me! I value all of your opinions.  
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      OK so I know there have been several breeding suggestions throughout the years but since nothing seems to have been done with them for literally years, I thought it would be good to readdress this. As I know it's been a thing a lot of us have mentioned or complained about to each other.  

      1) It would really helpful to have at least 5 Breeding rooms though 7 would be the best. I know as a Breeder myself, that it would be super helpful. I'm sure several of us that really like to breed, or try to make money from it would like the extra space. (obviously to upgrade to more rooms it would cost extra just as it did to get the 3 we have now.) I saw someone else had mentioned something similar to this. 

      2) Another thing that I saw mentioned, both years ago as well as recently, and that I have thought about myself that would be helpful to breeding: Some sort of timer/tracker that would tell us either:
                           A] when the pair was put in that particular center (Ex: Speckled Flitties entered xDays/Hours ago) one of the comments/suggestions I saw that I liked that was similar to this by                                     Runingwolfin : "A timer/tracker thing. Just something to let you know when you put the breeders in the room. (Like: This room filled on July 11, 2013 [X days/hours ago])"
      or something like
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      A combination of the two would be the most awesome. And very informative, particularly to those of us that do a lot of breeding. 

      3) So we have the list in the breeding page of breedable pets, but it would be nice if the total breeding cost for a pair would also be displayed next to the name of said pets. (this is a much more minor thing, but would still be helpful, as not all of the pets have been updated with cost on the wiki. And I'm sure not everyone knows about the wiki or would want to go look. So it would help to have it right there to be able to check without having to have both a female and male and an open center just to check the cost. It would help would-be buyers/breeders to know what they might want to invest their time and crystals into first.) 
      4) another minor thing that would be nice to update, would be adding a picture of the pet (whether first alt or egg, doesn't matter too much) to the name in the breeding list on the breeding page. because the print for the names are rather small and it sometimes hurts the eyes to squint at a computer screen with tiny print. 
      5) Also, it would be nice and helpful to be able to change the name of the breeding centers at anytime like we can our mines. (And also would be nice to actually be able to see the description that we were told to put when we first bought the center. <- Just as a side note)
      {added} 6) A way to look at what we can actually breed without needing an open room. 
      {added} 7) along the lines of actually breeding pets, and I know it would take a lot of work to make all the art for it but it would be super cool if there was more cross breeding within species. Like cats with cats and dogs with dogs. and so on. (more breedable horses would make my inner Horse-Girl uber happy)  
      {added] 8) Another helpful bit would be some sort of mini menu while in a breeding room, that will let us easily move between rooms. Or, like we go into the "Breeding Center" and all three rooms are on display and easily accessed. 

      What do you guys think? 
    • By Kaylercool
      EDIT 8/8/2017
      Not taking any more at the moment since it's a hassle to get them approved quickly. I still have one awaiting approval. In the future I may just give the finished product to whoever orders whatever and have them submit it, but I'll have to charge more because that person then can make profit from the item.
      Hello, everyone! 
      I've decided to take some custom commissions. 
      I've recently gotten into creating custom items for the malls, but I'm a little short on ideas at the moment. 
      I've been doing hairstyles, eyes, accessories, bases, pet clothing, and pet accessories.
      Here are some examples of some things I've made:

      (all these items are available in the shops, by the way! :3) 
      (The eyes and base for the second and third are just there to show what the hair would look like on a base! They do not belong to me.)
      It costs 100 ZC for an item with one color. 
      For two colors 125 ZC
      For three colors 150 ZC
      For four colors 175 ZC...
      and you get it, right? 25 ZC added for each color.  
      150 ZC for a single rainbow item.
      In special cases I'm sure we can work out a price.
      Price may vary if the item is very complicated.
      Will consider making items in exchange for pet(s). Has to be something I really want.
      Once the item is ready I will notify you and let you get it for free since you already payed a fee, but once you've gotten it I will give the item a price so others can buy it too. We should probably be talking in real time so I can take it off the shop for free and add a price as soon as you get your item(s).
      (Yes, all colors for free if you ordered more than one.) 
      I will send a finished picture to you before I submit it for final approval. Please keep in mind that the admins have to approve the items first, so don't complain to me if it takes a little while.
      I'm taking requests for hairstyles, companion animals, eyes, and accessories. (and possibly other things.) I also do recolors of my already made items.
      I will "consider" requests for avatar and pet clothing. It depends on what you're asking for. 
      You can be as crazy as you want when it comes to hairstyles. I mean, look at the ones I already made. 
      Please be very specific about what you're asking for. I want to make it just as you imagined! You can send me sketches of what you want too. (which would make things a lot easier for me.) 
      I need at least half of the ZC up front. The other half when you receive the item(s). You can pay all at once too.
      I will also do requests for ZP. The price depends on what you're asking for. 
      You can comment below or shoot me a message if you're interested!
      Thank you! :3
      ~Mccala (or just call me Kayler. ^.^)
      Some requests may be denied or put on hold. 
      If I accept your request, I will message you about it or respond on here.
      In Progress:
      1. Recolor of Pigtail Buns ordered by TigresseBlanca.    
      Color 1: Two dark green shades.
      Color 2: Black and green.
      Cost: 100 ZC- Paid in full. 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.   
      2. Long bangs and long, straight ponytail hairstyle ordered by Creus. COMPLETED FULLY.
      Color: Blonde
      Cost: 100 ZC- Not fully paid yet 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins. 
      3. Bloody knife ordered by Tastical.  
      Cost: 100 ZC- Not fully paid yet. 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.  
      4. Platypus With Hat Companion ordered by mcmuffin. COMPLETED FULLY.
      Color: Blue
      Cost: 125 ZC- Paid in full.
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.
    • By Kaylercool
      Edit: I'm no longer giving these away for free, but I do have some left. PM me if you still want one.
      Please don't sell or abandon these pets or any of my other CYOs. I'll gladly take them back if you decide you don't want them.
      I'm offering up some of my "The Corpse Meow" CYOS for free. (Might offer more later.)
      You can see how many I have left on my profile in the "Free Corpse Meows" room.
      They're crowding up my box and I'd prefer them to be with someone who will cherish them! 
      I can offer the hatched pet and I still have some eggs too if anyone would prefer eggs. Please specify if you'd prefer an egg.
      There is only one alt and stage. I am officially out of males! Only females are available.
      Edited 6/22/2017
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      I can't get over the fact that I have 2 human avatar items awaiting aproval.. and.. and.. i cant remember when submitting them and their names are just ahhh.. i dont know if I was drunk or just very very tired but atleast I think I created them thinking they would match the [at the time] current pageant theme?

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    • Kageshiryu21

      Gotta say, i think the thing i would love most to be added/updated for the site is more breeding rooms. Like really, it's one of my favorite parts of the game but only having 3 breeding rooms seriously limits. i would love like 5. >w> or 7, that works too. 
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    • Kaylercool

      So, I found an old YouTube channel of mine and there are literally videos of me reading fanfictions and creepypastas. 
      Am I the only one that cringes so hard at their past self? XD 
      I don't even remember the password to that channel, so I can't delete it. RIP.
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      Taking requests on drawings cuz I ran out of ideas  XD here are some art work I have done  I used charcoal and pencil oh and the last one is from when I was younger lol I thought I would include it just cuz  

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      oh nice I'm back. idk if anyone I knew still remains but hi
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