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Pineclans Ghost -~- SIGN UPS -~-

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(I am so disappointed! I had finished this a week or so ago and It took forever to complete, but as soon as I was finished the forums poofed! D:

Anyways, @Wari, @Pink Madness, here are the sign ups! I'll make my characters in a bit, and hopefully this catches the attention of other roleplayers as well!)



Pineclan's Ghost



A dark grey she-cat was sitting in the shadows, her head lowered in thought. Her eyes were slits so you could only catch a glimmer of golden eyes when she glanced up.

She was sitting underneath the moonless sky. The she-cat had a tortured past, and although she had already left the world of the living, she was ready to take revenge for what the living had done to her. She couldn't keep the bitter thoughts from entering her mind as she thought of how it all happened.

Why didn't I just leave him when I first saw him?

Why did I have to kill her?

Just a moon earlier, the she-cat had fallen in love with a rogue. She was shocked when she found out she'd have kits, and never told who the father was. The she-cat had told the rogue that they couldn't be together, but the tom insisted that they could. They argued, and it eventually lead to some violence. The deputy caught them and thought that the rogue was attacking the she-cat- and attempted to kill the rogue. Shocked, the dark grey she-cat slashed at the deputies throat, not exactly knowing what she was doing- or who she should defend. The deputy died from the loss of blood, and the rogue left the she-cat, saying he didn't know her anymore. When the clan cats found her, with his blood on her claws, they exiled her. The she-cat didn't have enough food, for her paws were too heavy to hunt; and eventually died, with her unborn kit in her belly. She swore vengeance on the clan for sending her kit to Starclan, and for not letting her explain.


Basically, this is a bit of a Mapleshade scenario, except she tries to manipulate all of the cats instead. The she-cat (her name was Darkfur) tries to stir up trouble within the clan; or makes some cats go completely insane.





1. No god modding or power playing. (EX. Accepted: Icestorm attempted to swipe at Bluestreams cheek. Not Accepted: Icestorm slashed at Bluestreams cheek, leaving marks that drizzled with scarlet blood.)

2. Keep everything PG, please.

3. All PA rules apply.

4. No perfect characters. Every cat has their flaws!

5. You can definitely let your character be bothered by Darkfur. However, Darkfur likes to cause trouble between the cats, so if you want to stir up trouble between your character and another roleplayers' character, make sure you have permission first.

6. Try to respond with at least 3 sentences per reply. This will definitely be excused at times when responding with 3 sentences isn't possible, but at least try to.

7. Please don't 1x1 with anyone for an entire page!

8. Only take one high-rank cat unless you have permission from me.

9. Please make a realistic cat- no neon cats, or cats with multiple eyes, or powers.

10. No text talk, or cursing, unless you're cursing in cat language.

11. If you have an idea to make the roleplay more interesting (natural disaster, twolegs, invading, etc) just PM me!

12. No drama in the first few posts of the roleplay!

13. Please put 'Strawberries' in Other so I know that you have read the rules!

14. Please have fun! This is the most important rule of all. Be nice to other roleplayers in OoC, please. I don't think this will be a problem, but just remember to be polite.








Medicine Cat:

Medicine Cat Apprentice:


















Warrior Name: (If apprentice/kit)

Age in Moons: (1-6, kit - 6-13, apprentice, 13-60 warrior, 60+ elder)


Mentor: (if apprentice. Ask before you choose!)


Description: (1-3 sentences)

Personality: (1-2 sentences. No RP out)

History: (Not required)



Other Family:









Darkfur is like Mapleshade in a lot of ways. She pretends to be helping cats; and can be nice or extremely vicious when pushed. She targets cats and tortures them in different ways; sometimes she makes cats go insane by making them see things that other cats cannot. Get creative with the way she makes cats go crazy XD

Also, you can roleplay Darkfur, but don't roleplay Darkfur in other peoples dreams; you can only let your own character roleplay with Darkfur.

!ALSO! If I missed anything, please tell me! I tried to get everything, but I may have missed something.



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Name: Whiskersnout

Age in Moons: 28 moons

Gender: male

Rank: Medicine Cat 

Description: A short snout and olive green eyes, he has somewhat long whiskers in which he received his name. He has a small pink nose and a pelt of soft faded orange, covered with brilliant stripes of a deeper, darker orange.


Personality: Calm | Loyal | Quiet | Snarky | Jumpy 

History: Whiskersnout was born to a young she-cat by the name of Bluepelt. Had his mother been stronger, there's a chance she might have survived the childbirth, as well as his three other siblings. Being born early, the kits all had the odds stacked against them, yet Whiskersnout was the only to survive, and was taken in by another queen. Growing up, he was very aware of his family's story, and with this he kept in his heart as he decided to become an apprentice to the medicine cat, hoping to be able to save cats like his own kin. Growing close with his mentor Yewclaw, an older and grumpy she-cat, he was devastated when she passed, taking on her role with sadness. However, with her spirit now in Starclan with his kin, he continued on for them, ready to help his clan the best he possibly could.

Parents: Bluepelt (deceased)

Siblings: Featherkit (deceased) Rainkit (deceased) Ravenkit (deceased)

Other Family: n/a

Kits?: n/a

Mate?: n/a

Crush?: n/a

Other: strawberries



Name: Thistlefur

Age in Moons: 32 moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Warrior

Description: With soft, heavy white fur, her gentle hazel eyes delicately peer out on the world. Always with beautiful posture and grace, she appears delicate yet strong.


Personality: Kind | Friendly |Shy | Introverted | Delicate | Nervous | Frusterated

History: Born to two loving parents, a queen named Frostnose and a warrior named Mouseclaw, she grew up with two other siblings in which she enjoyed her life, their names being Snowpaw and Ivyheart. Her happiness with her family only lasted her kithood, as when the siblings entered their 6th moon and become apprentices, their parents began to quarrel, causing chaos in the clan and family. With their father of clan deputy of the time, it took the clan by surprise when he up and left the clan one day, heading off to live the life of a loner. It was not a moon later that their mother was found beside the river dead. With this devastation, the siblings clung to each other. While Thistlefur and Ivyheart seemed to depending on the other for support, Snowpaw seemed to lessen her relationship with her sisters for a reason that still remains unknown. With Snowpaw distancing herself from the clan, it was several moons before Thistlefur and Ivyheart earned their warrior names did their sister sneak out of camp one night, only to be confronted by a badger and meet her end. The two sisters grieving heavily for their lost kin, they continued on, yet never forgetting her with their bond only growing closer together.

Parents: Frostnose (deceased) Mouseclaw (MIA)

Siblings: Snowpaw (deceased) Ivyheart (Rper: N/A)

Other Family: n/a

Kits?: n/a

Mate?: n/a

Crush?: n/a

Ivyheart is available for someone to roleplay!

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