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Angelica nodded, "Thankfully, yes."

At least his family wasn't with him either. The loss of her friends hadn't completely sunk in yet, but she would've probably been a mess if her family had been in there with her. Angelica looked around at the island, at the people trying to make their way through the mess and airplane parts. Some people, like the man that had helped with the bags, who was tending a man and a young girl, were trying to get some medical aid and some others were gathering things that had fallen. 

"I wonder when our families are going to hear about us," Angelica sighed, looking down at the sand. Her fingers began to draw circles. "Were you going for a job or something?" Angelica asked. "LA is pretty far from London."

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Oliver coughed into his elbow, glancing around them. It was still chaos, but it seemed that most people had moved away from the plane and down the beach. "Someone's gonna have to get us organized in case we have to stay the night. We need a big fire, a signal fire. Maybe some shelter?" He said softly, somewhat to himself. 

At Angelica's question, he groaned. "God, it's going to be awful. Chloe's gonna kill me." He joked, covering his eyes with his hands. "I nearly die in the war and now here I am nearly dying on a plane!" He joked, shaking his head. He glanced toward Angelica, managing a smile. "Yeah. I'm doing some freelance writing so there was a story in Sydney that worked its way to LA. Though I was supposed to be heading to London tonight." He explained. "It's a lot of flying for 24 hours, but it's worth it to get home quick." He explained. 

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(sorry guys Summer classes started up and I've been too busy to really post (and their night classes so I end up stuck on campus until nearly ten), luckily class was canceled tonight so I finally have time to relax and get some writing done)

Eli nodded to Charlotte at her offer. "could you start ripping these up?" he asked, handing her over some clothes that had come from a busted open suitcase so they were battered and ripped from the crash but still usable as bandages. "I need long strips so if you could just pull apart the seams that would be perfect.. also if any are too hard just put them down and let me know" As he spoke Elias leaned over Kai, reaching out to push the man's long hair out of his face, peering into his dark eyes. He knew that a person with a concussion couldn't focus, or at least that's what he had picked up from TV shows, but he didn't have a light to test it so he did his best to just judge how well the man was focusing on him, but all that did was earn him a confused look as the man lifted a hand, weakly trying to push him awak.

"w-what are you doing?" He heard him ask.

"shut up, I'm trying to see if you have a concussion, can you see my face? does it look strange at all?"

"other than the fact that you look ready to pass out yourself? no, I'm fine, just got a headache" Was the man's mumbled reply. Sighing Eli moved his attention to the gash in the man's head. It wasn't deep but it was long and since it was a head wound it was bleeding heavily. The gash stretched from the man's forehead to almost his left eat, matting his hair in sticky blood and coating the side of his face in scarlet.

"We need water to wash your wounds." The young Dane muttered as he shakily got back to his feet. "Lotte, I'm going to get some water so look after him for a bit more.. and, thank you, you're very brave" With that he ruffled the girls hair and hurried off again, heading back toward the pile of luggage. "have you two found any water or anything that could hold water?" he called to the two from before.


Kai wasn't sure what to make of these two. The man with the accent seemed nice, if a bit spastic, but the kid? she was quiet and way too calm. Most kids he knew would be bawling their eyes out over just scrapped knees alone, and the crash? he couldn't imagine how scared she must be.

"hey kiddo. He called you Lotte right? is that your name?" Kai said, the skater's feeble attempted at making conversation. "you doing okay?" he added, turning his head to look at her, wincing as the movement sent bolts of pain shooting through his temples, threatening to make him black out again.

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[No worries, life comes first always but omg that late? D: I'm so sorry, how often do you have night classes?]

Angelina nodded. She didn't know anything about survival, but the man was right, they needed to be smart about their situation. "Anything that'll let them see us from afar will help, and yes, we should start settling. I don't know how long they'll take, but I doubt they'll be here before night comes. I'm guessing we're in the middle of nowhere."

She finally found two water bottles in a backpack. They were both open but were basically full. Angelina looked back up at the man with a concerned look on her face. Really, she didn't know how to take a joke like that in this type of situation. His family probably would take even longer to learn what had happened to their flight since people usually didn't check on flight statuses until an hour or so before arrival. And the time zone could also affect it. "It's so surreal that something like this could happen," she sighed. "Here," she said, tossing the water bottle to him in case he wanted some. "It's open, but at this point, I don't think we should really care."

She uncapped the one she had kept and took a drink. She really regretted drinking her own bottle back in the plane, and even not buying an extra one right away when the food came around. The water was hot, but she was too thirsty to care. Angelina made sure to just drink a little in case there wasn't any more water. She hoped to find more though since they weren't the only ones. 

Angelina saw the man who had gone in with the plane approach them. When he spoke, Angelina nodded and held up the bottle in her hand. "If you don't need fresh water there's an empty thermos here though. I found some bandages too, but they're the small kind. Do you, uh, need help with anything?"

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(I have English 1A on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It's a three month course shoved into six weeks so we have lots of work)

As he saw the water bottle Eli visibly relaxed, trudging his way through the sand to them. "If I could use the water bottle that would be best, I don't want to risk getting any wounds infected with saltwater that's not boiled" he explained once he reached the two. He was still pale but he was no longer shaking and unsteady, having something to focus on that wasn't dead bodies and burning planes. At her offer Eli paused, glancing back at the two figures he had left on the beach. "yeah actually. I need to move the injured guy but I don't want him to stand on his own and I won't be able to hold him up... also if you're good with kids that would be great. Their's a girl over there who's putting on a brave face but I'm.... I'm afraid she's alone, I don't think her family made it"

As he explained this he glanced toward the plane, but the thought of the girl's child being in there, burning up along with all the other unknown faces, was too much and he quickly looked away. Thank goodness his fiance didn't make the plane, otherwise who knows if they  would be among those poor souls.

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[I get you on the night classes, I'm finishing up my Masters so I have them every night too~! No worries, just reply when you can!]

Oliver was busy drinking his water when Eli ran up, and immediately he capped it and sat up. This was the same guy that had been helping with the bags earlier. "Here, you can have mine too, if you need more?" He offered, holding up his own bottle. "I'm good for now." He promised. He glanced over to where Eli was looking, seeing two faint figures away from the rest of the group. "I can help with that. With moving him." He offered, then his face softened as soon as he heard about the little girl, images of his own little daughter, toddling around with a grin, filling his head. "I have a daughter. I might be able to help her." He added, letting out a grunt as he adjusted his leg to stand up. 

It took a bit of effort, but he managed, stumbling a little before straightening. "Alright, lead us over. You might be able to help the girl too, Angelica, since..." He gestured to her general form. "I don't know. You're a woman?" He asked, unsure of what to say there. 


The girl put her hand on Kai's shoulder to try to stop him moving, and to give him what little comfort she could. She was terrified, but everything seemed to feel so numb, that she was barely thinking about her family. Part of her knew they were gone, but there was some part that still wished and hoped. As the man spoke, she smiled. It was her job to look after him, and she would do it. "Y-yes, that's my name. Charlotte. I like Lotte better, though." She said, with a nod. "Don't move, please. It'll just hurt." She said, seeing him wince in pain. "I'm alright. Eli's nice. He said he'd help me look for my mummy and daddy and brother when we're done taking care of you." She explained. "Where are you from?"


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[oh wow. I'm just starting uni so I don't have any experience with night or summer classes but that certainly sounds like a lot x.x I've had classes shoved into half or less of the time that they're supposed to be taught in, but I'm sure that's not nearly as bad. Are you an English major, if you don't mind me asking?]

Angelica stood up, brushing some sand off her jeans although it was a futile attempt. Her arms and basically her whole body already felt covered with a layer of sand that would not be easy to get off. She had always loved beaches, but looking around, this experience would certainly prevent her from happily visiting one for a while. She looked over at where Eli had turned and nodded. She could certainly help lift the man, but she was sure that the two men could do it. Her eyes widened slightly upon the mention of a young girl. "Oh god," she grunted, wondering if the little girl realized what was happening. Angelica surely hadn't had the chance to process it all at least.

She looked down at Oliver when he started talking. Although she noticed the adjustment of the leg and she was about to ask what was wrong, wondering if it was a prosthetic leg or something but not sure, her eyes widened at his comment.

In any other situation, she would have probably frowned and barked back a comment on how terrible that stereotype was, but right now she just felt a little panic coming in and she knew that she had to help if she could manage to do anything. "I-I'm not great with them, babies kind of just start crying around me," She stuttered, "But I'll do my best."

At least it was a little girl and not a baby, which would be terrible. Oh god, had there been babies in the flight? There were always babies, right?

Gulping, she tightened her backpack straps and started walking with them. 

"Hi there," Angelina said when they were close enough, managing to give a small smile to the girl. She looked down at the man briefly and winced. She would have to check herself later to see if she was wounded because her whole body hurt but she couldn't pinpoint specific places.

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Eli gratefully accepted the water before he turned, gesturing for them to follow. "you'll do fine, She's a sweetheart and very brave... I'm used to kids but I've got my hands full.. thank you both" he said as he hurried back along the beach with his water and helpers in tow. Upon reaching the two he knelt down again, giving them a smile. "Lotte, these two are here to help me with him. Once I get him fixed up we need to move him to some shade so stick close to us okay?" he said, gesturing back toward his two companions before he turned his attention to the injured man.

He opened one of the water bottles and pushed it into the sand to keep it up while he picked up a ragged bit of cloth and folded it. "this is going to be uncomfortable but bare with it" he warned the man as he soaked the cloth and brought it to the man's face, wiping up the blood and cleaning the wound before he set to work bandaging his head.


Kai smiled at the girl as she pressed down on his shoulder. "I've had worse than this, I'll be fine" he commented, hoping to assure her. At her question he sighed. "my name's Kailani, but you can call me Kai. I live in LA but I haven't been back in a long time" He replied but before he could say anything else a voice broke the silence and he found himself cast in shadow as the kid, Eli, leaned over him. He let the kid wash and bandage his wounds but the words that scared him were the ones about moving him. His head felt like it would split by simply looking to once side, there was no way he could stand, but before he could think to much on the subject he felt an arm slip under his head and another under his back.
"whoa, wait I do-" His protests were cut short as Eli carefully pulled him into a sitting position, causing the skater to gasp in pain, a hand shooting up to grip the young man's arm, his eyes tightly closes. He felt like throwing up, passing out, and cursing at them all at once. His hair had long since fallen free from its tie and the tangled, sandy locks tumbled down, hiding his pained expression as he groaned, head falling forward.

"here take his other side" Kai heard Eli say to someone but he couldn't focus much past that, his mind entirely on the pain and trying not to pass out.

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The little girl frowned, keeping her hand on his shoulder, half from comfort and half to keep him from sitting up all the way. She glanced up as the others came over, recognizing two new people. One of the people, the man, had been sitting a few rows up from her. She remembered him passing them as he walked through the aisles of the plane. The other one, a woman, she didn't recognize. As the woman spoke to her, she leaned back a little, wary. 

Oliver came over behind Eli and Angelica, studying both the little girl and the hurt guy. He wanted to immediately go and comfort the little girl, but he knew Eli needed help moving the injured man. As Eli told him what to do, he moved over to the man's other side, leaning down as best he could. Kneeling was impossible for him, so he'd just have to lean down. "Hey, kid." He said, referring to the little girl, grabbing her attention. 

"Lotte." She replied, standing up gingerly, the cuts on her knees filled with sand, gritting as she stood. It hurt, but it felt good to stand up, to not seem so weak. 

"This guy's gonna need looking after even when we get to the others." He explained. "You're looking for a concussion. For nausea-do you know what that means?" He asked, and she nodded. "And dizziness. And he shouldn't sleep for a while if he's concussed, so you'll need to keep him busy. Entertained." He explained, and she nodded, lifting her chin. Kids always liked feeling important, and he wanted to keep her family off her mind. 

"I can do that." She replied, dusting sand off of her shorts. "It's alright Kai." She said softly, moving over to the man, seeing his pained expression. "I-it's not far. They're bringing you to everyone else. I bet they have food and maybe blankets or even a doctor or something!"

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