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The Land of Wolves

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Welcome to the land of the Wolves, This is a mysterious place sometimes but other wise it is Peaceful, Even though there is alot of may ham and stuff, As a wolf leader the responsibilities are to make sure nobody is left behind, to see if a wolf is hurt if so you'll need to mend its wounds to youth again, To make sure the pups of the pack are watched at all times,  to make sure all the problems in the pack even the small ones are already taken care with, even though it may not be a big deal. It may be alot to do, or deal with but its the responsibility for the young to pass on your blood line once your gone, because since this is the wild its very easy and alot if predators instead of only you are out there and are able to kill pups faster then you know, And there is meetings to be attended with all the pack leaders, only the alphas of the pack attended this meeting, and well if there is a beta then yes, They attend also.

The wolf packs are - Shadow pack,Leaf pack,Sun pack,and Moon Pack.


the ranks are in each pack- Alpha,Beta,Omega,Medic,Hunter,lead hunter,searcher-the wolf that searches for new land to settle on,Gnaw-The least wolf, will be rewarded if safes a life of a alpha,Pups-the young blood and most wanting to know things,Loners-The wolves that feel like outcast's but really ain't.









my Forum-

Name-Fang-aka MoonStar

Rank-Female Alpha


Age-18 moons

pups-none yet

other-is half fox, and parents died when was born.

mate-None yet

pack- Moon 

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    • Kaylercool

      I hope you're all doing well! 
      Gosh, I miss this place. I also miss a lot of the people that were super active before... 
      This community was (and still is) super special to me. 
      Like I've probably said thousands of times before, It's not too easy for me to feel like I belong, or to truly put myself out there, but I always felt welcomed here. 
      Life has been busy for me, but I still try to find time to better my art and writing... (You know, because what's life if I can't do what I love so much? Though, sometimes I push myself too hard lately.)
      However, I haven't had much time to be here...and I feel like this place has been a bit dead lately, which makes me sad. 
      Anyway, sorry for rambling. I've had a bit too much coffee today. So much so that it's approaching midnight and I'm still going strong on it. It's been a long day though, seriously...
      Have a nice night everyone. <3 Much love.
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    • Creus

      Weird moment of the day t work:
      A customer came to me wanting a goldfish. She told me that a psychic told her that her deceased cat wanted her to get a goldfish. Furthermore the goldfish had to go in a very specific bowl on top of a shrine she built to her dead cat...
      What do you think goldfish are lady? An offering? And you built your dead cat a shrine.....?
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    • Creus

      Its a sad day when all the snacks you bought are eaten before you get to them.
      Me: Where did my crackers go?
      Sibling: I ate them
      Me: My cheese?
      Sibling: That too
      Me: What about my peanuts?
      Parent: I ate those.
      Me: My chicken nuggets?
      Other sibling: Got those
      Me: The whole bag?
      OS: Yup
      Me: My nuggets *sniff*
      OS: They where the good ones
      Me: "...."
      Me: Okay, and the girl scout cookies?
      Family: What cookies?
      Me: "........."
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    • Apples

      Mood: (/ o - o)/  \(o.o\ ) 
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    • Lilytora

      I'm loving the new watercolor brushes on clip studio.
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