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Lockdown (Sign Ups)

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Located in a very small part of the US is a small town. Greensville, Washington. (Completetly made up)
Nothing ever happens in this town because it is so small. Though, when something does happen, there are many precautions taken and it isn't long before the entire town know what's going on. On a usual Monday morning, the entire town goes into lock down as a criminal (or criminals AT MAX 2-3) escape from the local prison. These aren't just any prisoners, they're the towns best thieves. Have they been known to kill? Many believe so, but no evidence has been found to convict them. Every place is thrown into lockdown to keep the theives from going into a building to hide, to escape town, etc. What will the town do? Food supplies will go low as the hunt begins, teens in school will get relentless and want to go home. Eventually, the entire town is going to become a giant mess. What will they do?


Basically, the town is eventually going to have to lift the lock down whether the criminals are found or not, making it even more dangerous for eveyone. Let's see what creative minds do when put together like this!!


-Follow all PA rules

-No god modding

-No metagaming

-No Mary-sue's!!
-Cussing is allowed but try to sensor it

-Don't kill another character without asking if it's okay
-Have fun!!-Also, if anyone sees any that I have left off, please inform me! I've never made a group RP before


List of Characters Needed/Taken


Criminal(s) Only 2-3!!!:
Police Officers(I'm thinking maybe only a few of these): 

1 Gideon “Kit” Savenkov (Alcaeus)

Detectives/Investigators(2 only!!)

1. Oliver Kopeland (darkxros3x)

Town Officals(Mayor, Judges, etc)


1. Serenity James (darkxros3x)

Character Sheets



Type(as listed above)

Appearance (Would prefer a photo but description is accepted)

History (optional)

Romantic Partner(? if anyone wants this so it's completetly optional)







My Characters!!



Serenity James



Type(as listed above)



RP OUT - but is needed to know that she tries to act braver than she really is for others, especially those she cares about

Appearance (Would prefer a photo but description is accepted)


History (optional)


Romantic Partner(? if anyone wants this so it's completetly optional)

Any takers??








Oliver Kopeland



Type(as listed above)




Appearance (Would prefer a photo but description is accepted)


History (optional)


Romantic Partner(? if anyone wants this so it's completetly optional)

Any takers??


Doesn't play around when he is at work, it very much irritates him when people play around. 
Also, he's allergic to strawberries


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Name :: Gabriel Savenkov

Age :: 24

Type :: Adult...ish

Personality :: Although he's considered an adult, Gabriel does not tend to act like one. Instead, he's a bit of a hooligan who's going to give his older brother grey hairs with his antics; some of which might toe the line of being legal. He's not sure what he's going to do with his life yet, but knows he wants to live it to the fullest. Even if that means it's short. He wants adventure and danger and tends to seek it out. Gabriel is a people person and does not enjoy being alone so attention, even if it's negative, is okay with him. That does not means he's necessarily charismatic, though he has his moments, and people who are stoic or work orientated will likely find his loud-mouth and rambunctious look on life annoying. However, Gabriel does have a serious side that shows when it comes to loyalty, in particular where family is concerned.

Appearance :: Gabriel

History :: Gabriel is the youngest son of Andon Savenkov and has ten siblings - eight of which are boys. So to be heard growing up he needed to be loud, a traits that's carried over. Andon was a workaholic and Gabriel's mother had her hands full with so many children plus work, so he relied on his older siblings to help raise him. Lazar and Kit in particular spent more time with Gabriel than Andon and Vera, which is why he grew so close to these two brothers in particular. After highschool Gabriel was at a loss on what to do with his life, because he knew college was not in his future. For the next couple of years he did odd jobs around his home town, got into a lot of mischief with his friends, and finally landed himself behind bars after a particularly unruly night. To his luck Kit was able to get him out of the charge, though he'd been given a lecture and told he'd not be saved again. He decided a change of pace was needed, and to Kit's chagrin followed his older brother to Greensville for a new start. Or at least an attempt at one.

Romantic Partner? :: Nope; open though

Other :: As of the moment Gabriel lives with his older brother and works at a local café while he 'finds himself.'


Name :: Gideon "Kit" Savenkov

Age :: 36

Type :: Police Officer

Personality :: Kit is quite the opposite of his younger brother. He's more driven and tends to know what he wants; and he's not afraid to fight for it. Being more of a middle child, Kit was never close to his father, but gained some of his workaholic tendencies. He has strong instincts to protect, be it his family or strangers, which is why he's always known he wanted to enter the police force. He can be stubborn and headstrong, and at times does not take directions very well from those he does not perceive has having any rank over him. However, he does know when he's beaten, though that does not mean he won't smart-off. Kit's not as much of a people person as Gabriel. He likes his privacy and does not feel the need to constantly have someone around. That does not mean he's not a friendly person when he wants to be, he's just not a boisterous or charming as his younger brother. In fact, when meeting new people he'll either come off as cold and aloof or humble and a bit awkward depending on the situation. Loyalty is also big for him, be it to his department, his friends, his family, or those he's sworn to protect; he's not afraid to jump in front of a bullet for those he's loyal to and he's got the scar to prove it.

Appearance :: Kit

History :: From a young age he was bull-headed and tended to fight with his brothers more than anything - except for Gabriel, who was the baby of the group and opposite most of the others. As soon as he graduated college Kit instantly applied for the police academy in nearby DC. For the next seven years, until he was twenty-five Kit was in and out of the Savenkov's life, preferring to be out on his own. Though, his guest bedroom almost always had a sibling in it who'd become tired of the bustle of home and sought refuge with him - more often than not it was either Lazar of Gabriel. At twenty-five he became a detective of MPD, and worked his way up to a lead detective by thirty-one. He was happy in his position of status, even if some of the things he'd seen and some of the people he worked with were the things of nightmare's. Everything went to h*ll three years after his promotion during a high profile case that ended in four officers dead, a bullet hole through his shoulder, and the case itself a lost cause. Deciding he needed to do something different, because he knew he was starting to spiral, Kit put in for a transfer to somewhere small and quiet and ended up in Greensville, Washington. He'd hoped nothing big happened here except maybe the occasional disturbance by teenagers or a cat up a tree.

Romantic Partner? :: Nope

Other :: When transferring, he decided not to apply for a detective position, instead wanting to become a beat-cop again. Although, the tendencies towards accidentally acting like a detective has not left...As for his nickname: he blames Gabriel, Christmas, and Jack Daniel's.


Name :: Ranee Baer

Age :: 47 Years

Type :: Adult

Personality :: Ranee is the type of woman who easily juggles her family life and her career. She loves what she does, caring for the towns animals, and is all around an animal lover; Aziza teasingly accuses her of liking critters more than people. That's not necessarily true, as Ranee enjoys dealing with the owners of her patients almost as much as the animals. She's typically cheerful and quick to smile, though also can be tough when it comes to caring for her patients. If stressed out she is a bit more snappish, but is cool-headed enough to get things such as surgeries done efficiently. When it comes to dealing with her daughter Ranee tries not to micro-manage Aziza but is sometimes a bit to over-bearing; in particular now that Aziza is twenty-two. Though the two sometimes butt-heads, they are very close to one another and Ranee fears one day soon Aziza will finally leave Greensville for greener pasture.

Appearance :: Ranee

History :: Ranee was born in upstate New York on a small farm owned by a middle-class family. She was the middle child of three and the only one who followed in her fathers footsteps to become a veterinarian. At twenty-five she became pregnant with Aziza with her then-boyfriend, though the two didn't last. Over the next couple of years, with a baby in tow, Ranee completed her veterinarian degree and training and answered the call of Greensville, who needed a new vet. So she packed up with Aziza and moved across the country. She's fallen in love with Greensville and wishes Aziza also liked the small-town charm.

Romantic Partner :: None

Other :: Her dog Aodhan


Name :: Aziza Baer

Age :: 22 Years

Type :: Adult

Personality :: Aziza is a bit like her mother, but is more adventurous and outgoing. She wants to go to a university, preferably outside of Washington state, meet new people, and get a degree which allows her to travel. Though she knows that it saddens her mother that she won't follow in her footsteps, Aziza has a strong sense of self and wants to somehow help people instead of animals. Aziza is personable and enjoys hanging out with friends and others her own age, though does not like parties and whatnot. Not one to actively seek out trouble, Aziza is insatiably curious and will stick her nose where it does not belong.

Appearance :: Aziza

History :: Being too young to remember living anywhere other than Greensville, Aziza grew up in the small town and though she likes it well enough, she's always wanted to live somewhere much bigger and hopefully more populated. As of the moment she works part-time at her mothers clinic and also is taking online classes.

Romantic Partner :: None as of right now.

Other :: Nothing of importance.

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Name: Callie Blythe

Age: 17

Type: Teen


Underneath her calm, shy demeanor, Callie has quite the curious and adventurous personality. At school, Callie feels she must uphold the reputation of 'teachers pet', which is the nickname some students tend to call her quite often, but when away from all of the peer pressure, Callie is talkative and loves a good laugh. She can be considered stubborn and too determined at times but it is one of her traits that she values. Around her classmates, Callie is extremely quiet and doesn't like to get involved in any conversations. When she does it usually involves a lot of stuttering and blushing and usually doesn't turn out well. For fear of saying something wrong Callie usually ignores everyone and keeps her eyes to the ground-- which may be a problem if the high school is in lock-down.


Callie has dark brown hair that reaches roughly down to mid-back, higher if in a ponytail which she usually keeps it in. Her hair has a few natural streaks of lighter brown and blond and her eyes are a dark green-ish-blue. Callie wears black glasses which don't help with the 'teachers pet' name-calling, and used to wear braces which were taken out a few years back. Callie usually wears dark clothes and a too-big-sweater and carries around a black shoulder bag with her minor school supplies and amenities-- chap stick, rubber bands, pencils, etc. Callie is pretty short and small at her age-- some consider her petite. She stands roughly at 5'4.


Callie had only one good friend when growing up, and when high-school came, she moved away. They still sometimes keep in touch but really they don't talk much. Callie wore braces and glasses since she was 11 and had her braces taken out at 15, so she was considered a 'geek' or 'nerd' growing up because of her willingness to answer questions and her more 'nerdy' appearance. Tired of the teasing and such, when Callie's friend moved away she became quiet and shy for fear of being called names. 

Romantic Partner: None as of now, and although she may have had her crushes she never made a big deal of them.

Other: Nope!



I'll probably make another character sometime later :3

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