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OldFoo's AR Drop Raffle CLOSED

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OldFoo's AR Drop Raffle



 I'm an alt one male Bali Tiger. Extinct, retired and only 390 onsite.

 image.png.9d2e219080363228aeb97b7128b9a0f2.png  Female Gray Wolf. image.png.6c4f9e0cf26c99fa02d6aac24e97a56a.png A CYO Custom Dandi Lapin image.png.9642d93a7056b6decc8702495bbf870a.png A CYO Custom Fairy Deer, you can pick alt and gender.     image.png.fec10ee846279052a732cae66a758a36.png A CYO Custom called Kayliana the Fierce, you can pick alt.image.png.471a2391f6829c1d8765cf693c9302dc.png  Snow Leopard. image.png.19268fa552087e43891a56b860e933f7.png Unicorn of Life.


Last contest for awhile.

Each egg/pet donated counts as one ticket.

All donated eggs/pets will be dropped into the Adoption Room.

Numbers will be given according to first trade accepted and so on.

First winner may choose their prize. I will add more prizes if needed. 1 more prize per 100 pets donated.

I'll use a random number generator.

To enter, send me trades with the pets(don't forget to accept) and put Contest on it, in the message area. Post in this thread whenever you like.

Contest starts now and ends Saturday, Aug 12/17 at 3pm EST/noon game time.

Rules: Be nice and have fun. :P

I have probably forgotten something, so don't hesitate to ask questions.

Kageshiryu21 Tickets # 1 - 62

TigresseBlanca Tickets # 63 - 95

TigresseBlanca Tickets # 96 - 102

Kageshiryu21 Tickets # 103 - 194

TigresseBlanca Tickets # 195 - 211

Lone Wolf Tickets # 212 - 415

ClossAA93 Tickets # 416 - 433

Brightshadow Tickets # 434 - 503

Kageshiryu21 Tickets # 504 -709

Kageshiryu21 Tickets # 709 - 754

Winning Numbers are:

514 Kageshiryu21

431 ClossAA93

157 Kageshiruyu21

480 Brightshadow

222 Lone Wolf

204 TigresseBlanca

610 Kageshiruyu21




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20 hours ago, Kageshiryu21 said:

Question! Are we only allowed to send you one trade ever with pets or can we send you more than one as we sort pets out on different days? since this is going till next week.

Send as many trades as you like. It's easier for me to count when the trades are smallish. :D


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56 minutes ago, Kageshiryu21 said:

Oh excellent exactly what i was hoping for. lol though i didn't expect to be out done by the thousands... XD 

Oh my gosh, must have hit the two twice, it's only 242. LOL

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@TigresseBlanca  @Kageshiryu21  Just so you guys know how great you are. We have now got the AR showing up on the Site Statistics page. Ranking at number 10 on the Members With the Most Pets, 6152 pets right now and I haven't even released the latest bunch of pets. It will go even higher. :D

I'm thinking of doing one more contest, if you're up for it. What do you think?

Question? What's better a wolf or tiger?

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