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6 hours ago, mcmuffin said:

Is there any way you could make a platypus? xD as a companion animal... also a food item, like cake to hold or a cup of tea? This is so exciting @Kaylercool - thank you for doing this!

Yep. :3 

A single Platypus will be 100 ZC. For each coloration an added 25 ZC. 

We can talk about avatar items once I'm finished with the Platypus. 

So, tell me any different colors you may want for it. Or just one color?

When you're decided on the amount, I must receive at least half the order money before I get started. You can send all of it if you want to. or you can send the other half when your order is ready.

Each single item is 100 ZC. (a tea cup and cake are actually two ideas that have already crossed my mind.) 

@mcmuffin You're welcome! I've already gotten more replies than I actually expected to. ^.^ 


I'll add your order to the post soon. I'm kind of exhausted at the moment, so please bear with me. lol


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@Kaylercool there's no rush at all :P I'm getting ahead of myself in the excitement :3 You're welcome to stick this one to the back if there're less difficult orders placed after mine ^-^ as long as you need! One colour is fine... I'd love to see a Perry the Platypus style with a little hat xD but if not a brown one would be cute. Either is ok with me. I'll just have the one colour if that's ok, but I'll add 25zc for the little hat. Remember, nobody will mind if you need a break from drawing! You're doing awesome

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1 hour ago, mcmuffin said:

@Kaylercool there's no rush at all :P I'm getting ahead of myself in the excitement :3 You're welcome to stick this one to the back if there're less difficult orders placed after mine ^-^ as long as you need! One colour is fine... I'd love to see a Perry the Platypus style with a little hat xD but if not a brown one would be cute. Either is ok with me. I'll just have the one colour if that's ok, but I'll add 25zc for the little hat. Remember, nobody will mind if you need a break from drawing! You're doing awesome

Oh, I'd love to have one inspired by Perry! Will have to put a twist of my own on it of course, because copyright though. 

Alright. :3 

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@TigresseBlanca @Creus @Bloodstone @mcmuffin


An update on your orders. They're still awaiting approval from admins, which I don't have control over.

(I'm sorry, I wish I could get them approved already.)

But, I have sent each of you images of the finished product, so you all know that they are indeed finished.



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    • By Kaylercool
      I have an idea for something that would be fun and make things much easier and safer when it comes to helping each other breed pets.
      Lets say someone has a female Nebula Cat, but doesn't have a male. They meet someone who has a male, but not a female. They decide to help each other breed their pets, each of them paying half and getting half of the eggs.
      Someone is going to have to trade theirs over for the other person to put it in a breeding room, and that's always a risk. What if the other person were to refuse to give them their pet back or any of the eggs once they were finished breeding? The other person probably couldn't even prove the pet belonged to them.
      I thought about a system that is somewhat set up like the trading system. It would go like this:
      Step 1. Someone starts a "Breeding Collab" like how they would start a trade. They add the person that has the pet they plan breeding their pet to.
      Step 2. The person on the left adds their female Nebula Cat and half of the ZC. The person on the right adds their male Nebula Cat and half of the ZC. 
      Step 3. They wait until the pets are done breeding. If there are two eggs, each person gets one. If there are three eggs, they have several options. They can decide who gets the egg, drop it into the abandoned room, or play some sort of short game to decide who wins the egg.
      Also, this feature wouldn't take up anyone's breeding rooms. Maybe there would be a specific room or rooms for this purpose? Collab rooms?
      What do you guys think of this idea? If you like it, please support this post. If you think it'd be useful or not, please tell me! I value all of your opinions.  
    • By Kageshiryu21
      OK so I know there have been several breeding suggestions throughout the years but since nothing seems to have been done with them for literally years, I thought it would be good to readdress this. As I know it's been a thing a lot of us have mentioned or complained about to each other.  

      1) It would really helpful to have at least 5 Breeding rooms though 7 would be the best. I know as a Breeder myself, that it would be super helpful. I'm sure several of us that really like to breed, or try to make money from it would like the extra space. (obviously to upgrade to more rooms it would cost extra just as it did to get the 3 we have now.) I saw someone else had mentioned something similar to this. 

      2) Another thing that I saw mentioned, both years ago as well as recently, and that I have thought about myself that would be helpful to breeding: Some sort of timer/tracker that would tell us either:
                           A] when the pair was put in that particular center (Ex: Speckled Flitties entered xDays/Hours ago) one of the comments/suggestions I saw that I liked that was similar to this by                                     Runingwolfin : "A timer/tracker thing. Just something to let you know when you put the breeders in the room. (Like: This room filled on July 11, 2013 [X days/hours ago])"
      or something like
                           B] a timer to tell us how long is left till we get the eggs. 
      A combination of the two would be the most awesome. And very informative, particularly to those of us that do a lot of breeding. 

      3) So we have the list in the breeding page of breedable pets, but it would be nice if the total breeding cost for a pair would also be displayed next to the name of said pets. (this is a much more minor thing, but would still be helpful, as not all of the pets have been updated with cost on the wiki. And I'm sure not everyone knows about the wiki or would want to go look. So it would help to have it right there to be able to check without having to have both a female and male and an open center just to check the cost. It would help would-be buyers/breeders to know what they might want to invest their time and crystals into first.) 
      4) another minor thing that would be nice to update, would be adding a picture of the pet (whether first alt or egg, doesn't matter too much) to the name in the breeding list on the breeding page. because the print for the names are rather small and it sometimes hurts the eyes to squint at a computer screen with tiny print. 
      5) Also, it would be nice and helpful to be able to change the name of the breeding centers at anytime like we can our mines. (And also would be nice to actually be able to see the description that we were told to put when we first bought the center. <- Just as a side note)
      {added} 6) A way to look at what we can actually breed without needing an open room. 
      {added} 7) along the lines of actually breeding pets, and I know it would take a lot of work to make all the art for it but it would be super cool if there was more cross breeding within species. Like cats with cats and dogs with dogs. and so on. (more breedable horses would make my inner Horse-Girl uber happy)  
      {added] 8) Another helpful bit would be some sort of mini menu while in a breeding room, that will let us easily move between rooms. Or, like we go into the "Breeding Center" and all three rooms are on display and easily accessed. 

      What do you guys think? 
    • By Jadespets
      Post links of your pets that need to be clicked or post the pets you are selling 
      1: no cussing or violence please!
      2: if you are talking to me please mention me thanks
      3: have fun
    • By Kaylercool
      Hello, everyone~
       I have a list of some pets I'm looking for and also a couple of pets I'd like to alt swap. I'm open to buying with ZC or trading. The trades I'm willing to do vary. Fresh out of ZP at the moment, but when I get some more in the future this post will be updated.
      If you have anything on this list and are willing to trade or sell them to me I'd really appreciate it. If there is anything I have that you want don't be afraid to ask. I might be willing to trade it, you never know! 
      A majority of the pets I'm asking for are probably hard to come by I know, but that's exactly why I haven't found them yet. 
      1. Please do not leave comments saying things along the lines of "I have this pet, but I'm not willing to give it away."  That's a pointless comment that wastes my time. Also, some may see that as bragging. (which it most of the time is.)
      2. Don't spam this post with unrelated or random comments. There are other places for that. 
      3. You may comment on this post or private message me to get in contact with me. Please don't post on my wall or in the chat about this.
      Thank you, you lovely people~
      Alt Swaps:
      British Longhair Cat: For swapping:    Want Any of these:   
      Shih Tzu Dog: For swapping:   Want this alt:  (Willing to trade both of them just for this alt.)
      Bakeyokai: For swapping:   Want this alt: 
      Celestial Kitsune:  For swapping: Want this alt: 
      Looking For:
      Spirit Of The 1910s: 
      American Shorthair Cat:   (Already have alt 3.)  
      Maine Coon Cat:  (I already have alts 2 and 3.)   
      Blue Sand Cat:      
      Pumpkin Tiger:    
      Tiger of Iris: 
      Japanese Tiger: I don't have pictures, sorry. I'll accept any alt though.
      Chinchilla: Again, I don't have pictures. I'll accept any alt.
      There are more things I'm looking for, but I can't remember them at the moment. This list will be updated on several occasions, so it wouldn't hurt to look back from time to time. As you can see a majority of what I want is cats because I have an unhealthy obsession with them.
    • By Pink Madness

      This is my shop, where I am selling my cyos, other pets, swaps etc.
      First post: Selling Cyos 
      Second post: Swaps and Selling pets (Christmas Giveaway)
      Third post: My Wishlist
      Please mention me @Pink Madness
      Three post is: My wishlist: wanted pets 

      [Dorado Felina]

      100zc/ 1zp / 18/50

      [Cherry Mask]

      100 /1zp / 12/50

      [Haru Rakuen Neko (Spring paradise cat)]
      200zc /1zp / 24/50


      200zc /1zp / 31/50

      OFFICIAL CYOS (Non Alted)

      [bright Days Kitsune]

      100zc /1zp / 23/50

      [Dead bunny walking]

      100zc /1zp / 1/50

      [Bewitches (made By: Ikiru]

      200zc /1zp / 3/50
      OFFICIAL CYOS (Alted)
      I can't choise alts so come as a random

      [Fruit Bomb cat]

      100zc /1zp /29/50

      [spruce bear]

      200zc /1zp / 8/50


      200zc /1zp /6/50
      [Criminal heart kitsune]

      200zc /1zp / 6/50
      [Runny (made By; matchiitehew ]

      350zc /2zp / 6/50
      [Diamond sleeper (made By: matchiitehew ]

      350zc /2zp / 6/50
      [Summer firefly kitsune (made By: Hizkoh]

      350zc /2zp / 3/50
      [Tye Dye kitsune(Maker: Sierra Rose)]

      200zc / 1zp /50/50
      PS. Do not re-sell them and you can send them them to AR, if you don't want them anymore. 
      Up coming cyos (maybe)

      Welcome to shopping!
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    • Nanane

      I can't get over the fact that I have 2 human avatar items awaiting aproval.. and.. and.. i cant remember when submitting them and their names are just ahhh.. i dont know if I was drunk or just very very tired but atleast I think I created them thinking they would match the [at the time] current pageant theme?

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    • Kageshiryu21

      Gotta say, i think the thing i would love most to be added/updated for the site is more breeding rooms. Like really, it's one of my favorite parts of the game but only having 3 breeding rooms seriously limits. i would love like 5. >w> or 7, that works too. 
      · 1 reply
    • Kaylercool

      So, I found an old YouTube channel of mine and there are literally videos of me reading fanfictions and creepypastas. 
      Am I the only one that cringes so hard at their past self? XD 
      I don't even remember the password to that channel, so I can't delete it. RIP.
      · 4 replies
    • Jadespets

      Taking requests on drawings cuz I ran out of ideas  XD here are some art work I have done  I used charcoal and pencil oh and the last one is from when I was younger lol I thought I would include it just cuz  

      · 12 replies
    • Danny

      oh nice I'm back. idk if anyone I knew still remains but hi
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