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New player who needs some help?

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how can I help you? ask away! clicks make pets/eggs grow. some at 50 mature,older versions at 100. you can gift hatch 4 different people, 4 hatches,once a day. hopefully,they will return the favor. you can ask for clicks, if you post the url per pet in the forum

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You get Zodiac Crystal aka ZC by clicking on your eggs or pets,and those of other players. you are allowed 300 per day,that way. You also can set up your mine,and earn ZC that way. If you look under the play tab,there is "click nursery"> you can get ZC toward that 300 . you can also "adopt" eggs,raise them, or sell them in the auction house, or bazaar

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There is another currency on this site called ZP. ZP is worth more than ZC is. I'm not sure what 1 ZP is equal to in ZC, so if you're curious you might be better off asking someone else about that.

You can get ZP from the cash shop. You have to buy it with real money. Or you can sell a pet in the auction house and ask for ZP in return. (I haven't had a lot of ZP during my time here.)

Some rare pets are only available for ZP. There is a Pet Store you can go to under the shop option. There are separate shops for ZC and ZP. I think the ZC shop is currently empty. It's been getting restocked lately though, so I'm sure they're be more soon. The shops usually have rare pets that aren't available through the "egg drop" anymore. 


The abandoned room is under the "adopt" option. There, you can find pets that people basically didn't want anymore. From time to time I find something good in there. It's open at random times on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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@Kaylercool @TigresseBlanca

I already used the abandoned room a bit today, certainly fun to browse through those pets!

I sort of assumed that ZP was a currency bought with USD, it seems a lot of websites have a currency worth USD :) 

I think the last thing I'll need for now is some help with the trading system, do people advertise for wanted trades on this site? Or is it just if you get one you get one? 

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There are several shops on here where people are selling/trading pets. (usually selling.)

You can just post on one of their posts on here asking about a pet and they'll send you a trade with it, but of course you have to add the ZC/ZP or pet that the seller wants in return.


You can find some shops here.

Some users have a selling room on their PA profile. (I do for example.)

You can send them a trade asking about pets, or you can send them a message on here.

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Hello! You can ask away anything ^^ 

About clicks,there are some pets that run on a different click system. 

For example,the Lotus Cat,since you'll commonly find them in the Egg Drop. 

They hatch at 100,level at 250,level at 500,and go to final level at 700.(or 750) 

That is the old click system.

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