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The click, gah and selling group

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    • By Kitkat
      Hi! I closed down my old shop awhile ago, so I decided to make a new one. Welcome to Kat's Pet Shop! Here I will be selling pets of any rarity. Sometimes I might even sell pets that are zp pet mall pets for zc, so keep a lookout! Go to my profile and then go to the room titled "Pets for sale",  and you will find some pet's I am selling.
      Whoever asks for a pet first gets that pet
      I am able to hold pets for a week
      All PA rules apply
                     Hope you find something you like!        
      Link to my profile:
    • By Jadespets
      Hi guys! Hope your interested in what I have! 
      Prices: for a day: 50zc    For a week: 119zc
      There is too many to put all of them up here lol so just look at my rooms and pick out which you would like to borrow
      stating the obvious don’t sell my pets or you will not be able to borrow anymore
      remember to @ me below
      you have to pay me before you borrow  
      babys that need clicks to help them grow Ty!!!!!

    • By Kitkat
      Hello! I am currently looking for the pets below, and I am willing to negotiate the prices. I will also trade pets, (I do alt trades too) Thank you, to everyone who posts on here.
      (I accept offers) 
      Thank you!  
    • By KaylaDoesEverything
      First all pets for sale are in 1.Shop Room ONLY. Please Comment the pet(s) below and I will get to you ASAP.
      Rules to Remember:
      1. Some Pets I have very few of so no fighting over pets
      2. If you ask for a pet first you get it
      3. I can hold pets for up to a week unless otherwise discussed
    • By Kitkat
      Hello!  All you have to do here is guess the pet I am talking about. Of course, if you guess right, then you will get a prize! Have fun!  How come I create so many threads that sound exactly the same.... Anyway, here:  (Also, none of them are CYO pets or customs)
      .1 This pet lives in a flower, it is most commonly obtained in the Egg Drop, it has four stages and six different alts
      .2 This pet is a kind of bird, it was obtainable on Halloween, 2013 and only has one stage
      .3 This pet has stripes in colors that can vary, the first alt is orange, and alt six is black 
      .4 This pet is a type of dragon, it is said it lives in the sky, it has 4 stages and six alts
      .5 This pet is a type of cat, a uncommon with four stages and six alts, the fifth alt is white, and the sixth alt is black
      .6 This pet is from space, it has one stage, and is a type of cat 
      .7 This pet is an Egg Drop pet ( But for some reason it has common in it's name ) it also has a shell 
      .8 This pet lives in a chilly place, it has wings, but cannot fly ( Lol this is a really obvious one ) it has two stages and six alts 
      Thank you to everyone who posts!  
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    • Jadespets

      Ugh I have to sort out my rooms cuz I don’t like how I put them so I have to find out all the pets breeds and make them a room but it will all be worth it
      · 0 replies
    • CaitlynMellark

      I always wonder if people ever put my CYOs on their Wishlist owo
      I only have Songstone Cat for now, but I wonder
      · 2 replies
    • Kirito

      Is anyone else having issues on the PA website? for some reason it won't load and only the forums work :/
      · 0 replies
    • Jadespets

      Subbys dumb has made another account and I need zc so I’m gonna take advantage of putting a pet in the auction so he can bid all his zc lol is that too mean? He has been messaging me on pa and saying rude things
      · 0 replies
    • Kaylercool

      So, I just ate a taco with french fries, brown gravy, taco meat, cheese, and hot sauce. 
      and it was friggin' delicious. 
      I'm just over here waiting for the new "French fry taco" from Taco Bell. If they do it, just know I did it first. 
      · 3 replies