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OK so I know there have been several breeding suggestions throughout the years but since nothing seems to have been done with them for literally years, I thought it would be good to readdress this. As I know it's been a thing a lot of us have mentioned or complained about to each other.  

1) It would really helpful to have at least 5 Breeding rooms though 7 would be the best. I know as a Breeder myself, that it would be super helpful. I'm sure several of us that really like to breed, or try to make money from it would like the extra space. (obviously to upgrade to more rooms it would cost extra just as it did to get the 3 we have now.) I saw someone else had mentioned something similar to this. 

2) Another thing that I saw mentioned, both years ago as well as recently, and that I have thought about myself that would be helpful to breeding: Some sort of timer/tracker that would tell us either:
                     A] when the pair was put in that particular center (Ex: Speckled Flitties entered xDays/Hours ago) one of the comments/suggestions I saw that I liked that was similar to this by                                     Runingwolfin : "A timer/tracker thing. Just something to let you know when you put the breeders in the room. (Like: This room filled on July 11, 2013 [X days/hours ago])"
or something like
                     B] a timer to tell us how long is left till we get the eggs. 
A combination of the two would be the most awesome. And very informative, particularly to those of us that do a lot of breeding. 

3) So we have the list in the breeding page of breedable pets, but it would be nice if the total breeding cost for a pair would also be displayed next to the name of said pets. (this is a much more minor thing, but would still be helpful, as not all of the pets have been updated with cost on the wiki. And I'm sure not everyone knows about the wiki or would want to go look. So it would help to have it right there to be able to check without having to have both a female and male and an open center just to check the cost. It would help would-be buyers/breeders to know what they might want to invest their time and crystals into first.) 

4) another minor thing that would be nice to update, would be adding a picture of the pet (whether first alt or egg, doesn't matter too much) to the name in the breeding list on the breeding page. because the print for the names are rather small and it sometimes hurts the eyes to squint at a computer screen with tiny print. 

5) Also, it would be nice and helpful to be able to change the name of the breeding centers at anytime like we can our mines. (And also would be nice to actually be able to see the description that we were told to put when we first bought the center. <- Just as a side note)

{added} 6) A way to look at what we can actually breed without needing an open room. 

{added} 7) along the lines of actually breeding pets, and I know it would take a lot of work to make all the art for it but it would be super cool if there was more cross breeding within species. Like cats with cats and dogs with dogs. and so on. (more breedable horses would make my inner Horse-Girl uber happy)  

{added] 8) Another helpful bit would be some sort of mini menu while in a breeding room, that will let us easily move between rooms. Or, like we go into the "Breeding Center" and all three rooms are on display and easily accessed. 

What do you guys think? 

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came up with some more

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I just got into breeding did my first pair of bats last week. now 2 of 3 rooms are full soon to be all 3, I second having more rooms especially since it seems to take a few days to complete if you don't have an endless supply of zp to buy elixer. timer would definitely be helpful as well. Knowing the cost before you start is also great I canceled a couple due to lack of funds.

thanks for posting Kageshiryu21 just found out about the wiki I know its not updated but useful info for me being a green horn when it comes to breeding

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