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will this be a fair trade?

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image.png.4fc8f4c07ed0e3b08a212f8e72fa855d.pngimage.png.c1f29bdb48a8111f949d69048b212f6d.pngimage.png.fab8d39937b6347d13d1b8bb031d9232.png and 6 Zp



red foxes and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are retired. Not sure what the exchange rate is between zc and zp?

Bazaar  no red fox, Fairy Corgipom,  Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Samoyed Dog, Bloodhound or American Staffordshire Terrier   Akita dog is 1000 - 2500 zc, Doberman egg is 2300 zc.

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Well first of all, the Dobbies and the Akitas are a bit over priced. Considering that when Emma restocked the store a while ago, the Dobbies were only 25zc and the Akitas were... 250 if i recall. (and are breedable. but the price for their breeding could drastically raise their price since it is a 1000 to breed them just to them selves) 
the  American Staffordshire Terrier, was either 250 or 750 (i honestly can't remember at this point but it was one of those two numbers) so make of that what you will. 
The two hybrids are expensive so that helps with the payment. and the Samoyed dogs are also a bit expensive to breed as well, and are a bit harder to find unless you find someone to breed them for you so i guess that raises their value some. 
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is easier to breed but is a retired pet and everyone explodes their price high so there's that. 
I'm pretty sure, the bloodhound is retired too, (i haven't seen to many cause they are also hard to get a hold of.) 

Now the red foxes are rather rare, so i don't know to much about them. but they would be very expensive,  and very hard to get. and not many people are willing to give them up, so three is like a god-sent. And ZP is basically really money, since practically the only way to get them is for real money. but because of that, people usually don't ask for many. (yet it takes 3 to speed up on breeding pair) so again, make of that what you will. 

When it comes to trading on here, it really comes down to whether or not the two parties involved feel its equal. And that is based off of their own desires for pets and their own value system for pets. Everything I've put is based off of what I've seen in the general community and my own experiences. It's pretty much my opinion. I personally would say that it's rather fair, roughly speaking. But once again it depends on factors that aren't set in stone, and the only one that can really say for sure whether or not its "fair" would be an admin or mod. And That's only if there are very specific rules. Otherwise it's up to you and the other involved. 
I hoped my input helped in anyway. :) 

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