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(I'm having problems posting pictures of the pets so I'll just announce it here)




I have a "Breeding Shop" room. If anyone is interested with having any of their pets being bred with mine, I suggest checking it out.

I also have a room named "Requires Clicks" If pets in that room could get clicks,they are breedable too but need to grow a bit first ;)

Right now I'm low on ZC,so I can't breed pets higher than 1000 ZC. I don't have ZP either,so if there's any ZP pets you'll have to send me the whole amount of ZC required for breeding.


Send me a private message if interested.




1. When you have picked the pet you want of mine to breed with yours, tell me the name and the species. Let me know what pet of yours you want to breed.

2. If I agree to your breeding request, you will send me a trade with the pet and half the ZC/ZP required for breeding.

3. Only send me one request at a time, let others get a chance!

4. I'm open to breeding on Sundays and Mondays at either 11:00 AM or 12:00 PM sharp.

5. Be patient with the breeding time. You can ask about it after the breeding begins, but if it starts getting excessive I will keep the babies and you won't get a refund. So patience is all I ask.

6. When the babies come, I'll make sure they will get hatched as soon as possible. They will be moved to "GAH Swap" unless I make a "Bred Eggs" room or something. You can GAH one if you like. 

7. Once hatched, we'll decide what to  do with them. The ones you want, you get. I'll keep the ones you don't.    


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