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Yes you can. There are a few ways so I'll tell you all!



1. Classic My Pets Page: If you go under "My Stuff" and find "Classic My Pets Page" under "My Pets".

Click that and you should find something similar to this:


Screenshot One.PNG

It's easy to figure out how it works,so have fun ^^






2. Again under "My Stuff" and "My Pets" click the very first link entitled "My Pets" In the dropdown. If you are using a computer,it will lead to this:

Screenshot 2.PNG

Here you can drag the pets into any of your rooms. If you click "Select" That will select all the pets. If you select "Freeze" It will freeze all the pets in that room. "Unfreeze" It's obvious what that will do. "Show" and "Hide" should hide and show pets in your trading center. I've never used it myself. "Abandon" Should abandon all the pets in that room. If you hover over one pet,it will give you a whole bunch of choices of what you can do with it. When dragging pets into rooms,you can also drag them into whatever order you like. Remember to save your changes when done!


Hope this is all helpful!

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