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Vampires? (nlys and I)

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So, I'm going to be a girl who has wanted to meet a vampire since reading Twilight as a child. She's a little stir crazy, she's been searching small towns for vampires since her teen years. She ran away from home to find a vampire to fall in love with. She never thought she could become a vampire herself. She meets you, a real vampire, in the a small town. And you use her for a midnight snack. She doesn't die though, she becomes a vampire. Horrified and disgusted with herself, she holes herself up in a house she rented on the edge of town. She goes to the same college you do now, and you are wondering if it's the same girl. Now, you must teach the annoying introverted girl how to be a vampire. Could she really be someone you could spend the rest of your life with?


Name: Penelope Jones

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Picture: b986d07d9d58df417ea638ca9ed0c6bb.jpg

Personality: Penelope is witty and stupid at the same time. It depends on what you're talking about. She loves animals and the outdoors. She can be very sarcastic and loves to crack jokes. She has a little stutter when in stressful situations. She is not a smooth talker, and doesn't like confrontation. She can argue though, till you can't even speak anymore. She's stubborn, and she's a hothead as well. She will break things when angry. She can be a very nice person and can also wear her heart on her sleeve.

Description: Penelope is around 5 feet 8 inches. She is not slender, one might say she is pretty curvy. Her thighs are thick and her hips are wide. She likes to joke she can crush people's skulls between her thighs. Her face is quite angular, but she has soft baby cheeks. Her hair is cut short around her face, and it is black in color. Her eyes are a nice blue/grey with a strange black border around her irises.


I'll post your character as well, so we know what he is like.

Crispin Drake


Appears 22, is actually 222 years old




Crispin was a very free-spirited young man when he was human, and had very positive relationships with his family, especially his two younger brothers. He held his position as elder brother in high regard and took it very seriously. Crispin also held a sense of duty as he registered with the military, however his father saw him as a very irresponsible and reckless, proving he was very much a free spirit who did things on a whim, taking no mind to what people thought. However, whilst Crispin was both respectful and polite, he had a dark side which came to play after joining the military and falling in love with a girl. He found he enjoyed going to war and found pleasure in killing others, a trait that passes on to his vampire lifestyle. Crispin was very naïve as a human, and he loved this girl deeply and recklessly, regardless of consequences and not caring that others, mainly his family, were ashamed of him. His carefree life fell apart when she was killed and he, almost killed. After becoming a vampire, he left his humanity behind in the dust and hasn’t looked back, knowing that he is strong enough and fast enough to do what he wants and eat who he wants, when he wants. This makes him unpredictable and volatile. He sees humans as nothing but a means of survival for him, they are living, breathing blood bags and nothing more.

Crispin was in a very dark age of history when he was a human. He had a good upbringing and his family was proud of him when he joined up with the military but it stopped there. He was a very good soldier, probably one of the best and was put into a very secretive squad that no one knew very little about. This scared his family and they pride slowly turned to disappointment and distrust. When they found out about him becoming a vampire, they disowned him completely and this drove him into an uncontrollable rage. He ended up killing his family in his anger, which pretty much turned him into the uncaring monster he is today. Anything else that has happened to him, he keeps very closely guarded.


Other?: None


@nlys, here it is. Do you want to start it off?

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It was nearly midnight and Crispin finished his third little snack for the night. He very easily could have drained this one and been done with the feeding tonight but it was safer not to leave blood drain bodies lying around in the streets. It only brings trouble when t he wrong people start asking the right questions. He learned that the hard way a hundred years ago. He still had a long night ahead of him. It wasn't the quickest way to sate his thirst but it was the safest and as much as he hated it, he had a strong sense of self-preservation. He never returned to the same venue twice in a single night, especially when he was seen leaving with a young, pretty face that now lay unconscious behind a garbage dump. Crispin chose a late night pub one street over. It was his favourite place to find a snack and he often found the best ones there. The security guard at the door nodded to him as he passed the threshold and made a beeline for the bar. He rather enjoyed washing a snack down with a strong shot of alcohol. It hid the taste of his last snack from the next potential one. He straightened his black button up shirt as he waited for the bartender to order a drink and combed his fingers through his hair.

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Penelope jumped off the bus she had taken to this new city. It was quite the small town, but that's where vampires usually hung out. She thanked the bus driver, who had let her on for free. She was pretty sure he wanted some action, but she wasn't providing that kind of service. She knew there was a nearby bar/pub from the map she had studied earlier. People had been on the news, stating that vampires lived here. Men and women with puncture wounds on their neck not knowing how they got there or what they were doing the night before. With a plastered smile, she went up to the pub and seated herself at the bar. She noticed there was a handsome man in a black button-up shirt sitting near-by. She moved one seat over, getting a reading on his face before she flashed him a smile. "Hello there, I'm new in town. I was wondering if you could show me the best drink here," She drowned her tone in flirtation, her grey eyes sparkling. She cutely curled a piece of her hair behind her ear.

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Crispin was about to snap at the newcomer for interrupting him, not that he was doing a whole lot, until he turned and took her in. He often had strangers new to town approaching him and asking about the best touristy locations and at first thought he figured she was the same. She took about head height with him sitting down but knew as soon as he stood up, he;d easily tower over her, standing at a total of 6 foot 1. He couldn't help but look her up and down, a predators gaze as he gave her a lazy grin. "Well well, this town just gained a pretty new face." He turned to the barkeep and nodded at him. The barkeep, an old friend also a vampire, knew exactly what Crispin was asking for. "You can never go wrong with a good glass of whiskey." He usually didn't have to approach those he drank from, they always came to him just like this new girl now and he almost felt bad for them - almost. "What brings you out this way, to the middle of basically nowhere, gorgeous?"

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Penelope smiled softly at him. He looked like he was about to snap at her, but his face smoothed out when he took her in. Just like most men were around small towns. No one liked newcomers unless they were gorgeous. Penelope happily sat next to him, prepared to grill him for information. "I suppose I will be here for a while, but I'm just passing through," She stated, shrugging. She noticed the look between the bartender and the man, but she just assumed they knew one another. "Whiskey then," She got her shot and downed it immediately, licking her lips and giving a charming smile. "It's a secret, of course. But I'm mostly in this bar for gossip and strange stories." Penelope's cheeks lit up pink from his compliments. "Small towns are very nice anyways," She protested while the barkeep filled up her shot again. She polite drank that one a bit slower. "Are you here to hit on girls tonight, handsome?"

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Crispin downed his drink with the girls first one, Spade - the barkeep - filling up his glass again as well. Alcohol didn't effect him as quick as it did to the humans, he could drink twice or three much as times before it did anything to him, and usually he would only feel a little tipsy. He tapped his fresh glass against the girls. "It is a nice little town but I'm not here for the scenery. It's mostly the people you come here for." He flashed her a crooked smile before he downed another shot of the whiskey. He considered why she was here for a moment. "This town has all of the gossip anyone needs in a whole lifetime." He chuckled, running his hand through his hair. "No, I let them do the hitting on. The trick is to look all dark and brooding. You'd be surprised at the amount of beauties like yourself that works on."

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Penelope felt slightly compelled to drink more, letting the bartender put more whiskey in her shot glass. She downed it and licked her lips. "The people? You don't seem like the type," She said, her words were slightly slurred. She couldn't really handle anything more than a couple glasses of wine, and this was definitely more potent than that. "I do enjoy gossip, but I think I could just settle for the unsettling rumors. Do you know about any strange occurrences around town? Maybe supernatural?" She giggled and leaned forward, taking another shot. "Ah yes, I suppose the brooding thing works for you. Dark and mysterious always gets girls to notice," She used her fingers to create a square and framed his face in it. "Me? A beauty? Don't make me laugh."

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