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Thinking about maybe starting one of these breeding shops lol, just bc I love breeding ~ 
But I think i need to stack up some more first :( below is a list of what I do already own, I will post further down what I'll be willing to buy
I only have these fully staged:


7 Nebula cats (3males, 4females)
15 Leopard geckos (4males, 11females)
5 american paint horse (3males, 2females)
4 crested gecko (3females, 1male)
5 clouded leopard (2males, 3females)
6 emerald tree boas (2males, 4females)
6 Llama (4males, 2females)
8 alpacas (2males, 6females)
2 southern flying squirrel (2males, 0females)
2 speckled flitty (1male, 1female)
4 virginia big eared bat (3males, 1female)
4 lakotka (2males, 2females)
5 Fluffdragons (1male, 4females)
3 labyrinth dragon (1male, 2females)
1 birman cat (0males, 1female)
3 Norwegian forest cat (2males, 1female)
2 Sphynx cat (1male, 1female)
1 Oncilla (0males, 1female)
4 celestial kitsune (1male, 3females)
2 Skincrawlers (1male, 1female)
1 oasis dragon (0males, 1female)
3 puptauros (2males, 1female)
3 Zvanaga (1male, 2females)
6 eastern pygmy possum (3males, 3females)
1 akita (0males, 1female)
1 fairy pompom (0males, 1female)
1 japanese spitz (0males, 1female)
2 Standard poodle dog (2males, 0females)
1 furfur (1male, 0females)
1 Pembroke welsh corgi (0males, 1female)
1 Squossum (0males, 1female)
1 Norwegian sphynx cat (0males, 1female)
10 Ferrets (5males, 5females)

I have a few more, which I didn't include as I myself haven't thought of breeding them, ask if you want to know something ~thank you, also these are as said breedable adults, so new ones are on the way lol

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Nebula cat:
1 male, preferably of this alt:

American paint horse:
1female, preferably of alt 4, 5, 6 or breeding alt

Clouded leopard:
1male, preferably of this alt or breeding alt :

Emerald tree boa:
2 males, of any alt.

2 females, preferably of breeding alt

3 males, preferably of any of the following alts:

Southern flying squirrel:
1 male, 3 females preferably of any of the following alts:
37s08uw16pr3v64 (1)Ba5l4c8xd3vwwl6VLk375SyS5HjUvykkG9p

Speckled flitty:
2 males, 2 females preferably of any of the following alts:
4ig65j1ltis3auadult12m9ap7hrzpzdaiadult2Gj05TuF9qT 4

Virginia big eared bat:
2females preferable of any of the following alts:
4 c8bjJHH4ea4 1kl92YnMXjBat4 alt3

2 males, preferred alts:

Labyrinth dragon:
1 male preferred alts:
Dk1lxfyikcgog3adultLjlensuwhmcl6xadult1IjXJ6fWEKA 3

Birman cat:
3males, 3females, preferred alts:
Birman4 alt14 WFnhu10WKG4 Wq21db2mey4 b9NMrBe2tO


Norwegian forest cat:
1 female (may be willing to buy more of these >3<), preferred alts:

Sphynx cat:
1 male, 1 female. ONLY buying THESE alts:

2 males, 1 female (may be willing to buy more of these), preferred alts:

Celestial kitsune:
1 male, preferred alts:

1 male, 1 female, preferred alts:


Most of these have "preferred alts" meaning I will buy others too but those I want the most :) 
But check first, because some I search specific alts of, thank you!
If you have any for sell, be sure to tell me here on this post or in PM

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I have a bunch of Emerald Tree Boas in my sale/trade room if you're interested.

edit; I just had a look at the ones that are in my sale/trade room and there's five of them (4 females 1 male) and they're all still eggs

I have some Celestial Kitsunes as well, but they're still eggs also. I also have some Fluffdragons, but their not of your preferred alt. I have some Labrinth Dragons also. If you're interested in any, just take a look in my sale/trade room :)

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