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Hello, I'm Mink! I joined only a few days ago, and I'm already addicted to this website. I really enjoy viewing and collecting the super cute and cool pets this website has to offer. I'm still in the process of learning the ways of this game. I'm already a member of CS (Rainbow Blitz) which is also a really fun game.

What is there to know about me? For starters, I love animals. To be more specific, my FAVORITE animal is a hyena. Hyenas look really cool and I just love the sounds they make. I'm very shy and try to be as friendly as possible towards others. I love playing video games such as Sims 3, Borderlands 2, and Bioshock. Also, my all time favorite movie is Ponyo.

I only have three questions.

1. What's up with custom pets? How do I make and/or obtain some? Same question for the custom avatar/pet clothes.

2. Is there any way to get ZP without purchasing it with real money?

3. Anyone like dank memes?


Thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a nice day! (^ω^)

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Hello! Welcome to Pet Adoptables! ^.^ I joined back in April and I'm addicted as well. 

I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability! 

1. I think you have to buy a certain brush with real money and pay a PA artist to make it, but I'm not completely certain about that one. You may want to ask @tomomi 

As for CYOs (Color Your Owns), they're something I make all the time! You have to have an alted (you can make multiple colors) or non-alted (one color) paint brush. You can get them from chests when mining sometimes, you can pay ZC to get them from a wishing well, and I think you can buy them with real money. 

There are some bases available on the forums you can choose from. You can make a few changes to the base with a regular non-alted or alted brush, but if you want to make major changes you'll have to purchase a better brush from the Paintbrush Shop (with real money or ZP). If you need me to explain this more, then you can private message me. :) 

Making avatar clothes/pet clothes is free and you can make money from the ones you sell! You may just want to check out the pages, they're fairly well explained.



2. You can put up a pet in the Auction House and ask for ZP in return, but that's only if someone is willing to pay ZP for what you're selling.

3. Absolutely! Who doesn't? ;D 


I hope you have fun here! If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask! 

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