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~Two Truths and One Lie Game~ (Guess the Lie) (12/04/17)

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  Edited: 12/04/2017 

 Hello, everyone!  

  So, I have a game idea. I don't know if it's been done before on here or not, but if it has I'm reviving it!   

  The game is called "Two Truths and One Lie."  

  I will put two truths and one lie about myself in this post.   

  The first person who guesses which one is the lie wins.  

  The winner then gets to post their "Two truths and One Lie." and then whoever guesses their lie wins.  

...and the cycle continues. 

Also, you can only guess ONCE on someone's Truths and Lies.

 (Also, it'd make things more interesting if you could explain your reason as to why you think which ones are truths and which one is the lie. :)

Check the last couple of comments for new "Two Truths and One Lie" challenges. My first one that started the thread is completed.

(but still below and marked out for anyone curious about it.)




My Truths and Lies: 

I can vibrate my eyes rapidly.

I write all my letters from bottom to top, rather than top to bottom.

I was born in Alabama.


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15 hours ago, GalaxticTraveler#1 said:

You prefer to write from bottom to top instead of top to bottom!

Well, see this truth was somewhat of a trick. ;D 

The key word is "all." 

Some letters I write from bottom to top, some from top to bottom. 

When I was in school I remember all my teachers were really upset by it for some reason. They practically begged me to start writing my all my letters from top to bottom. I didn't really see why it mattered though.

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On 9/15/2017 at 12:53 PM, Cyanocitta said:

lol let's see how much of a cryptid i am here

1. my human avatar is the look I want to achieve, not how I actually look now.
2. I met my s/o because of a dating sim.
3. the squirrels here are all black, instead of grey.

I'm going to say the first one is the lie while the others are truths. 

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2 minutes ago, cinnamonapples said:

<3 :D Here we go!

1. I haven't seen my natural hair color in 9 years. 

2. I'm Egyptian.

3. I have more tattoos than fingers. 

I'm going to say that the third one is the lie. :D But, I really don't know. They're hard. lol

If the first one is truth, then same. xD 

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@Kaylercool !!! Aww, ty! <3 :D I can PM you some soon! :D <3

It's so exciting getting your first tattoo !!! & you become addicted quick! <3 :D 

Just make sure you wait until you really love an idea & crave it enough to have it on you! <3

& you were right, they are hard! :D <3 It was a great guess! <3 :D 

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@Dashy Correct !!! :D <3 

I am not Egyptian! :D However I do have a ton of tattoos & I haven't had my natural hair color for a long time! <3 :D 

Someone else post Two Truths & One Lie! :D <3 

Edit: Oh wait, sorry! It's @Dashy's turn to post! <3 :D Forgot the winner (the one who guesses the lie) posts Two Truths & One Lie next! :D <3 

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