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Secretly in Love

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"I've always been the quiet girl, at least that's what my mom said before she died." 

Axi James has always been quiet. She never really spoke to anyone, never really had any friends. When she was 4, just starting school, her mother was killed in a car accident. After that, Axi wasn't the same. It seemed she was emotionless at times. People had bullied her, tried to get her to talk. Her father even had to put it on file that a teacher wouldn't call on her unless they spoke about it before class to make sure Axi was okay with speaking. Axi hardly ever spoke, but she did respond through nods or shakes of the head if need be. If she has an emotion, its usually sadness. Maybe one day will see through that? Perhaps someone new could come into her life and makes things better?


My Character 


Axi James



Photo Appearance 



Strawberries, Fire Ants 


doesnt talk much due to still grieving over her mothers death



Character Sheet



Photo Appearance 



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