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Save Me, Your Highness (Black Butler: Alois x OC)

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"Your highness, I found this girl running about the grounds. What shall we do with her?" The demon maid asked as she entered her masters study. She had been walking the grounds, doing her nightly watch when a young girl ran by her. The girl was covered in dirt, cuts, and bruises. Her dress was torn to bits at the bottom. "No, no please don't hurt me. I didn't mean to run across your grounds! I was simply running from the orphanage! I'm so sorry! Please! I'll do anything! I cook! I clean! Whatever you need me to do, just please don't hurt me!"



Plot Explained

Basically, my character has run away from the local orphanage. While on her run, she encountered the trancy manor. She tried to avoid it, but somehow Hannah still caught her and presented her to Alois. There's a few ways this can go.

1. Alois could take up her offer and take her in as a maid.

2. Alois can refuse her offer and send her away, only to encounter her later perhaps with the orphanage begging him to get her out as she's growing too old to live there.

3. ---- feel free to give ideas!!


Honestly, I prefer the first one! I do eventually want this to turn to romance but right at the beginning I would prefer Alois be hard on her.


My Character



Axi Heart



12 (a year younger than Alois)



Axi is more on the quiet side. She does what she's told, in fear she will be struck for doing something wrong. She is very jumpy.





As a child, Axi was a noble girl who lived with her parents in their estate. Her parents ran the best clothing business in all of England. Though, when Axi was only 3, her parents were killed in a carriage accident. Before anyone had the chance to offer to take in Axi, the servants threw her into an orphanage. She is unaware of her actual title. She thinks she is a peasant. 



Allergic to strawberries



Feel free to join as Alois! I can play Hannah and Claude! Just jump in!

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