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Clicks and hatches

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Hi there so, I dont know about anyone else but im finding it very difficult to get clicks for my pets. So i thought id start this.

Basically if you put a link to your pets on a post i will click the main room pets for you, if you want a different room clicked let me know. In return id like you to click some of my pets, but only from my main room. We can either do it as a, i click a number of pets you want clicked and you do the same amount to my pets. Or just click a few not specified. 

If you message me after the first time we swap clicks we can do it again, but you must message me so i can get you a slot for this day or the next day and keep things in order. Only post here if you want to bump, swap clicks or hatches with another user or for the first time we swap clicks.

You can ask for this as many days as you want but i will only click 20 pets per person at the most. Also i will only do this for 10 people a day. Though i doubt this will get that popular, if you miss that dead line i will get you a slot for the next day.

Please be patient. I will take days off from this now and again but i will let you know and get you in another day. I will also say here when im having day off.

Also if you post here you can swap clicks and hatches with each other if you ping the person you want to swap with or message them. Its a good way to make friends and get clicks. You dont have to do this but it would be very much appreciated.

I will sometimes do hatching swaps. I will put up a post here for what day i will be doing this and will only do it for 5 people and it will be first come first served. Im not rich so i wont be able to do this every week. Of course i would appreciate donations as it would help me to do this more often but its not necessary.

If this gets popular which i doubt, i might do a hatching giveaway. Where you dont have to hatch back. 

This is alot of information to take in if you are confused or if you have any questions feel free to message me. 

I hope everyone is having the best day :) thanks for taking the time to read this.

Love and Peace 


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