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Creus and Alcarie 1x1

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This is a 1x1 between Creus and myself only.

Creus, the mage thief, and Kit, a member of the murderous Belotsarsk Bratva, are forced to go on the run after a being targeted by the Hunters for being accused of being non-human. Neither are a fan of one another after their first run in, but now, with the Hunter's breathing down their necks, it them against what feels like the world.

Creus' Character - Creus Aurinko

Alcarie's Character - Gideon Savenkov


Full Name: Gideon Andonovich Savenkov
Nickname: Kit :: There's a story behind this, it's not just random

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-eight
Kit has two sides, the first the face he shows to the real, normal world: to the blacksmith, his doctor, the couriers. This fake façade is quick to smile and to laugh, is extremely charming and charismatic. Kit knows how to engage people, or at least the people he will later twist their arm to make them give him what he wants. Could be money, information, or even their death. Sometimes though he can come off a little too intense, particularly if he really dislikes someone or does not trust them. He sometimes has a hard time not coming off as intimidating if he's actively trying to get someone to tell him something, to do something for him, or if he's pursuing them. This can either be a good thing and work in his favor, or it's can be bad because he does not exactly 'fit it'. His second side is more of the true one, the one he uses when dealing with his family, their allies, or their clients. He's much like Andon, his father: cold, distant, gruff, and calculating, always looking over his shoulder and trusting very few people with himself or his birth family. Killing is not something he shy's away from, whether he's with the group who performs the hit, or he does it himself. He's not one to actively torture with his own hands though, but if it's needed he knows what to do and does it well. Towards those he considers friends, which is very few, he's a mix-match of his two facades, charismatic, snarky, and amiable yet if they try to get too close he'll close himself off and become almost cruel to protect himself. He knows his life will catch up to him, his horrible misdeeds, and will take whatever punishment is dolled out -- though they'll have to catch him first. And he won't make it easy. Kit considers only a very few worthy, and safe enough, with his tattered heart.
Family: Andon is his father, Alina his mother. His brothers, going from oldest to youngest are Mikhail (43) and Luca (43, twins), Lazar (40), Ilia (39), Illarion (35), Zakhar (34), Yakov (29), (Gideon; 28), and Gabriel (26). Not all are from the same mother, as Andon had three mistresses throughout the years. Note that the only girl the brothers personally know is their sister Anna (19). That's because Andon did not want daughters, and if there were girls born they were sent away. Anna was the last born of his late wife and true love Vera, so she was kept.

In terms of full blood, Lazar is Kit's only full blooded brother.
Like this. He looks older than twenty-eight due to a rather rough life. Kit is not a small guy, standing at roughly 6'4'' with a lithe, fighters build. He's muscular, but in a runners way; however that does not mean he's not powerful. He's made more for speed and agility, and uses those along with his cunning and quick thinking to take down opponents. On the flip-side of that, if he is going against someone whose 
physically stronger than him, and they are able to knock him to the ground, he's not going to be getting back up and he knows it. In terms of looks, he's not exactly the greatest looking man around; he's got a harsh face, scars, and a posture that speaks of someone whose constantly ready to fight. His face is harshly masculine and closed off, with his brow perpetually scrunched so he looks annoyed. His lips are thin, cheeks hollow due to his high cheekbones, jaw prominent and stubborn, and nose slightly crooked due to it being broken on more than one occasion.  His dark brown hair is short-ish, and constantly messy without needing gel. It's barely long enough to get a hold of if in a fight, but for his own reasons he keeps is it's length rather than buzz cut. His eyes are dark brown, like his hair, but unless in the sunlight they look black. His olive colored skin is criss-crossed with scars, none more prominent than any other except a 'Y' forked in his left eyebrow. Typically
Kit’s surprisingly stylish when out in public. He tends to like looking decent, without seeming to be of the upper-class or prudish. When around those underneath him he dresses more practical and dark, with multiple pockets and hidden weapons.
Pets/Allies: Illium. He's a Faraxal, or a poisonous  marsupial of sorts. He's a bit larger than a normal weasel, but still small enough he can sit on Kit's shoulder's comfortably. His back in covered in sparse quills, like a porcupine. He can speak human languages, is extremely grumpy, and is loyal only to Kit.
Basic History: Kit's father, Andon, is the ruler of a large underground bratva, a type of gang with more connections and typically more violent. The Belotsarsk bratva is old, formed by Andon's grandfather, and is known in the underground as a group of people who are ruled by the Savenkov family and who have no problem killing, blackmailing, etc. For pay, of course. If someone wants someone else to be silenced, the Belotsarsk bratva are some of the people to go too. Kit and his brothers were trained just as Andon was by his father, and his father before him; from a young age on how to be emotionless, cruel, and calloused. Some would think it would be a horrible way or growing up, but because Kit and the others knew nothing else they didn't see it that way. It's just how things were done and they thought nothing of it, still don't even though most are now grown. The brothers are the top ranked, just under their father, while they have associates spread far and wide that are loyal to the bratva. Kit, being second youngest, does not have as much political power, but he often leads hits and goes out on missions. And he's good at it, enjoys it sometimes even. The bratva keeps what their doing under the radar of the 'law' (I don't know what kind of governments runs this world, or if its a king, etc.) but have no association with the Hunters/Slayers. Typically the bratva deal with humans, not supernatural people. In fact, they don't like the non-humans though tolerate supernatural critters (such as Illium). The bratva and Slayers, in fact, don't get along.


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(If you want I will copy and paste my characters bio here and hide it but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I apologize in advance for any errors, its late here and I did not have time to do a spell/grammar check)


As the cool, crisp autumn night fully settled over the city a young man dressed in a dark, hooded cloak made his way swiftly through the back allies of the city dodging his way through the crowds. Drunks, beggars and those even less savory characters crowded practically every nook and cranny of the place going about their nightly business. Some where staggering home, others begging cash or swiftly making off with a drunk mans purse and while a few hung around in groups here or there watching the rest with shifty eyes. Few where up to any good here, a criminals paradise of sorts and a very divided place, this street belonged to this group, that street another and each defended their territory with a ferocity that made it seem as though they where guarding some grand treasure. It was not an uncommon sight, seeing one gang scuffle with another in these dark allies but the majority of these people where just minor riff raff, scum who terrorized the streets but took flight the moment one of the gangs that held true power in the area appeared. 

They where the type of people whom caused fear among the commoners, the reasons why so many people rushed home to safety at the ends of there shifts.  They whom had nothing better to do left fear in the hearts of many and where a constant  source of vexation for the local authorities. At least to those who where not in on the whole mess anyway, the numbers officers who seemed to fall into these crowds seemed to grow by the year. As the cloaked man made his way through these dangerous allies he heard quite a few threats, territorial jibes of men trying to chase them out of their sacred, trash filled, crumbling paths. The man in the cloak ignored all of these threats, he had no need to worry about them as there threats where as far as these people where willing to go. quite simply they did not dare to approach.  Now it wasn't the man in the cloak whom intimidated them, he did not have a particularly large build and he did not appear to carry any weapon and a mysterious cloaked figure was a common sight in these parts. What held these people back was the beast at his side, a creature that never strayed more than a couple of feet from him and warned off any would be attackers with a growl and a clack of his teeth. The beast was a large white wolf, weighing in at around a hundred pounds with piercing golden eyes and a seemingly fierce attitude that kept the majority of the cowardly scum that lined the streets at bay.

Unlike many of the other ally occupants these two had a destination and they where not about to let a few thugs get in their way. The night might still be young, but they had a long way to go and they needed to arrive at their destination at the right time. They could not arrive too late or they would surely miss the opportunity they needed to achieve their goals and likewise if they went too early they would surely be spotted by servants and slaves finishing up their nightly duties.  The duo was headed toward the outskirts of the city, the place occupied by large mansions surrounded by luscious landscaping and massive gardens.  They where headed to the land of the wealthy and their intentions where far from pure, the young man had quite simply seen something that caught his interest and decided to take it.

This was rather abnormal for the twenty three year old thief, he was and had always been a cautious man. He didn't go after the most obvious targets, he ignored the most desirable of treasure for the simple sake of keeping a low profile. Normally the thief only intended to take enough to help him get by, but this particular object had caught his eye several nights ago and he simply could not get it out of his head. It was a large, gaudy piece of jewelry worn by an equally gaudy noble woman, a thing that was probably not even worth that much  but what it lacked in intrinsic value it made up for in another way. The piece, despite being ugly had a natural charisma about it, the thing drew the eye of even the most dense of individuals. To most something about it seemed intriguing, attractive even but few had the knowledge to know or even understand that unnatural draw. It was likely that not even its owner truly understood the piece she had in her possession. That ugly, tarnished pewter plated necklace with its unusually heavy chain and simple turquoise stone pendant had a magical quality. It was something the thief picked up on almost instantly and while he too wasn't sure of what this magical quality was he knew how incredibly rare such items where. 

Magic imbued items where coveted by few as many feared them but those few whom coveted them where often willing to go to extreme lengths to acquire them. Such a thing could possible set the thief for life, should he manage to find the right buyer. The reason why these items where so rare was for the same simple reason many people chose to avoid them. The people feared them, feared they might be cursed, that these simple objects where capable of causing great harm and thus they often destroyed them on sight. With the aid of the hunters, the main driving force behind the fear and hatred of the supernatural and unknown, various lords, knights and nobles such objects where hunted down and destroyed along with the people capable of creating them.  Thus the incredible rarity of that necklace, a piece a noblewoman cluelessly flaunted to the world and an irresistible target to those who knew what it was. This was something the thief and his companion where determined to obtain before dawn the next day. 



A few hours later that thief and his wolf companion where still making their way swiftly through back allies and streets, both accustom to much longer journeys through the untamed forests that fill a large portion of the country. On this side of the city the streets where much quieter, there was not a beggar to be seen and few criminals dared to show his or her face. This area belonged to the rich, the streets where kept impeccably clean and there where guards around every corner and each and every guard was highly skilled in their duties. They had been on the job for years, they had dealt with countless brazen thieves who had been lured in by the surrounding riches but they had likely never encountered a thief like him. He had an advantage that few other thieves had, he could shroud himself with darkness, distract the guards with distance noises and if necessary strike them down before they even had a chance to lay eyes on him.  The reason behind this was because he wasn't truly human, at least not according to those who learned of his powers. They called him a mage, a witch, a wizard, a devil or many other things but never human though he appeared just as human as everyone else. 

Although these guards where skilled in their work and their routes so strictly timed that they rarely left a road unsurveyed for more than a few minutes there was always that inevitable gap. The thing all opportunistic thieves went for but few where able to keep things perfectly timed, perfectly quiet all the way into the center of the wealthy mans suburb where richest people lived. Once one made it past all that they faced a whole new set of challenges, breaking into those heavily guarded mansions, and more importantly the ability to get in and get out quickly before getting caught. Some thieves made it as far as getting into the mansion but most where caught stumbling around in the dark trying to find whatever it is they where looking for. If one didn't know exactly where to go, they might as well give up because chances where that by the time they found what they where looking for the guards would have already picked up on their break in and sounded the alarm.

Thankfully this thief, despite only a few days had managed to gain the information he needed. It wasn't hard really, in fact he had gained the information the very night he saw that necklace. You see when he wasn't sneaking around in the dark with a simple black cloak he was out in public, wearing a crisp white trench coat decorated with fashionable faded orange and gold, adorned with various precious medals all of which neatly arranged to appear as though they belonged to the piece though most had been stolen along the way. With his charming good looks, perfectly groomed golden blond hair ,deep, seemingly gentle blue eyes and willingness to flash coins as though he belonged to the upper class it wasn't hard to attract the attention of women and men alike. He told stories of his travels, he claimed to be a young scholar born to a wealthy family of a distant country, he was a good liar who kept his story straight. Even for those who where naturally weary of such individuals often found themselves loosening up as the drinks started making their rounds and under the made up tales told by his silver tongue few realized that he was in fact soliciting information. 

All he had to do was tell a story, one of great courage or accomplishments and surely after being loosened up by a few rounds alcohol someone would take the bait. It often started out with a braggart, someone unwilling to let this handsome stranger take all the glory in front of the ladies. They would make up stories as well and soon others where joining in. That got them talking, after that all that was needed was a few seemingly innocent, well placed words that had them bragging about whatever piece he was interested in. For this case, the noble woman took delight in this mysterious and handsome strange taking interest in her treasured necklace so many others called ugly, with everyone else talking she happily joined in telling him all about her precious treasure, including that she always slept with it on her nightstand right besides the bed. She spoke of how loved sitting on the balcony outside her room at night before bed and watching the moonlight play off the stone, how she purposely had the balcony expanded so that she could enjoy this scene at any time of the year. That was all he needed.

As the thief finally reached his targets home, he took his time to quietly survey the place from outside the iron fences that surrounded the place. It was an old and beautiful mansion, with the classic white facade, hand carved stone work and massive marble columns and it was surrounded by a beautiful, perfectly manicured garden.  Like all mansions the place was massive but it was immediately apparent that it only had a few balconies, one of which had to be the noble woman's bedroom. Now all he had to do was pick the right one, get in and get out before getting caught and hope the information he got was indeed the truth and more importantly, that his target was inside. The latter seemed to be a distinct possibility given the noble woman's obvious fondness for the drink, she was married but like many noble woman she had her own room in which she slept. With luck, she would be completely passed out drunk from this nights escapades. 

Now the trick was getting inside the place, after a quick count there seemed to only be a few guards stationed around the entrances. The interior of the yard was patrolled by a much more sensitive group, guard dogs and about a dozen of them. It seemed as though this noble house had given up the extra guards in favor of dogs, which where cheaper and had far stronger senses. The guards could not hear the footsteps of a thief, or smell a stranger like they could and for most the dogs where a very difficult method of guarding to get past. Thankfully he had Blitz, the white wolf whom stood silent by his side. All it took was a quick glance from the thief and the animal set off, knowing its purpose.

Dogs where naturally weary of wolves, it wasn't too hard for Blitz to distract them from their duties. As the wolf squeezed through the tight gap under the iron fence the dogs almost immediately took notice. The sniffed the air, grumbled and huffed in uncertainty and watched the wolf make his way into their territory with weary eyes. For a moment, Blitz just stood there calmly surveying the other canines and they stood watching him, it was a tense stand off for a moment and then the boldest of the dogs started to approaching growling but not barking. These where inner city dogs who had likely never seen or smelled a wolf before, they where weary and uncertain but did not raise the alarm. They might bark at humans but likely where punished for barking at the stray animal for waking those they where supposed to be guarding. As a result these highly trained dogs stayed mostly quiet as the approached the wolf and the closer they moved, the further the wolf retreated luring them away.

Once the pack was out of the way, the thief made his move  scaling the fence with the quick efficiency of someone  who had been doing these things all his life he was soon in and without wasting a moment he was sprinting across the gardens, carefully sticking the shadows as he reached the walls of the mansion. There he had only the briefest of time to take action before someone took notice, he had to choose what balcony to go for and do it quickly.  He surveyed the building for only a few moments before making his choice, in the moonlight it was obvious. All of the balconies where made of the same stone work, even well kept the stone was still warn by the elements, all except one anyway. It was the biggest of them all, his first clue and the second being the slight variation in the color and wear of the stone work that comprised its grand structure. In one section the stonework seemed newer and slightly lighter in color as though it had come from a different quarry. Without any hesitation the thief quickly scaled the wall, leaping up to the lowest balcony and using the rails, roof and stone statues above it as foot hold he soon made his way to that large balcony. From there on, everything else happened in a matter of minutes by the time he reached the door to the room by the balcony he had already unleashed a simple yet quick spell that caused the lock on the door to quietly pop open. He came up near the door, peering inside from the edge and then sipped inside having spotted the woman sleeping in the bed inside and his target on her nightstand. 

He was in and out in less than a minute, with the necklace tucked carefully within his coat pocket, pausing only long enough to quietly close the door behind him and using the reverse of the same spell he used earlier, he locked it as well.  This was merely to add some confusion to the investigation that would surely happen later, after all how could a thief lock the door from the inside while standing on the outside? Likely the first thoughts that would cross any investigators mind was that the theft was an inside job. Even with that purposeful little touch the thief scaled down the mansions exterior with the same swiftness that he climbed it and crossed the grounds and slipped back over the fence to the other side. There he did not wait for his wolf companion, instead he immediately set off into the dark trusting that the wolf would be able to slip away from the dogs and catch up.

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OoC: @Creus I don't know why this post was fighting me so bad...but here it is finally! If there's anything you'd like changed (or if I messed something up, which is possible) please let me know and I'll change it.

BiC: The gates at the eastern side of the town loomed high above, though the walls to the side were crumbling away. To someone who'd never been in the area it was a dismal, almost pathetic sight. The gates were high and elaborate, a façade, whereas the true defenses of the city, the stone walls, were falling away and easily scaled. Kit pulled his horse to a stop just outside the open gates, black eyes narrowed and lips pulled into a scowl. If this was how these people defended themselves then they deserved being robbed and murdered. There was a bored looking guard letting the last few stragglers of the night in, but was vetting no one. Tugging Veillantif's, his large black mares, reigns Kit followed the slow processions of people into the city. To a man from further up north, the city was plain and displeasing. People were shutting windows and locking doors as the night fell upon them, their sunken eyes twitchy and nerves frayed. To someone in his profession these were clear signs of people who felt under constant threat, likely from crooks, thiefs, and the like. It meant he'd need to watch his pockets carefully.

Veillantif snorted and tossed her head as a dog darted in her path, one large hoof pawing the ground; though she gave no other hint of her annoyance. She was well trained, as were all of the mounts used by the bratva. Their horses were another weapon in their arsenal, trained to bite, kick, or plow over anyone if given the command, as well as stomp on anyone who got to close to them or the saddlebags they carried. Kit almost felt sorry for any pickpocket who got the wrong idea about his well used but clearly expensive bags. If he didn't catch them in the act and put a stop to it with one of the wicked little blades in his sleeves, then Veillantif's teeth and hooves would. The mare wasn't known to be 'gentle'. Patting his horses neck, Kit urged her forward again, towards the south side of the city where his sources had told him his mark was located. The birdie, another name for sources, had been detailed in his description and the map Kit had drawn in his head kept him straight. In this part of the town people took one look at him, a large man dressed in black with scars and obvious (and not so obvious) weapons on an expensive horse with an expensive cloak, and quickly looked away.

The further Kit rode into the city the darker and danker it became, however. This was obviously the poorer part of town, with groups of street-rats and men who felt they ruled streets and sections huddled along the walls and in doorways. Some buildings were well lit and yells and drunken songs poured from the taverns. To Kit it appeared no respectable person was on the streets here at this time of night. Which, in retrospect, was wise of them. He knew people like this, had associated and infiltrated them before. Yet he also knew he was no better then them; just very different. These street-rats and low life thugs either could not do better or chose not to do better, had possibly been born to this life through low-class mothers or dead-beats fathers. Kit would not judge them whatever the circumstances. He'd just been lucky enough to have been born among those who did the same as these people, but had perfected it. However, if one of these men thought themselves above him and attempted to rob or kill for his possessions he'd feel no remorse in doing what had to be done. Be it maim them, because he would not stand the slight, or outright kill them. Being someone who fought and killed often, Kit felt sure a low life such as these would be little to no problem. And if more then one thought to take a chance? Well Veillantif, though simply a horse, was almost as good as a solider herself and he always had Illium.

Whiskers brushed against his neck as the little faraxal slipped from the nest he'd made in Kit's downed hood and perched along the humans shoulders. Illium's lips pulled back in a disgusted snarl, revealing sharp fangs which could pump venom into anyone he bit. Beady red eyes stared around their surrounding, little claws digging into Kit's shoulders. "This mark of De'Foix's had better be worth our time. This two week ride south has been taxing enough, without slumming through this disgusting place and actually taking care of our purpose." Illium's voice was high pitched and reedy, though obviously aggravated. The faraxal was not a fan of anyone place or anyone new; something he and his human agreed on. Kit had come across Illium some years ago after infiltrating a ring of traders who'd stolen some items from someone very wealthy. The faraxal had been younger then, smaller, and the vibrant blue stripes through his fur dull with mistreatment. His attitude, however, had not been exhausted. Though not one who particularly liked anything that had to do with supernaturals, Kit had taken an instant liking to the fiery Illium and freed him. With nowhere to go and a sense of debt, Illium had followed Kit for a few months before the two had decided upon a partnership. Illium helped Kit with his job, and in return Kit kept the faraxal warm, fed, and away from supernatural collectors or hunters.

"From what De'Foix has told us, and if the rumors are to be true, then this mission will be well worth our time. He's offered a very pretty sum of gold for it's arrival. And if he does not pay up we sell the trinket to the next highest bidder. I'm sure some fools will pay handsomely for a 'magical object.'" Kit snorted derisively, skin prickling at the thought of magic and people attempt to harness it. They were abominations outside the laws of nature who were playing with things they could not understand and had no business trying to utilize. Any human supernatural could burn upon the stake for all he cared. But the trinket they were after for De'Foix, though magic in nature, would grant Kit a large sum of gold - so he'd agreed to take on the job. The bratva had been rumored to be capable at pulling off almost anything, and Kit did not want to disappoint his father by failing in a task as simple as stealing a necklace from a posh noble lady. Andon did not take failure well, all the brother had the scars to prove it; though it only spurred them on the be better and overcome their weaknesses. Illium only grumbled and flicked his thin tail, eyes on their surroundings.

Soon, though not soon enough as far as Kit was concerned, the slums turned into middle class lodgings then into the area for the rich. From the intelligence gathered by his birdie there were guards here on rotation as well as guard dogs. The men he could slip around or simply dispatch, but the dog was a cause for pause. Stopping Veillantif outside one of the better looking inns just outside the first set of guards, Kit dismounted and gathered what he'd be needing form his saddlebags. Giving a soft whistle, Kit eyed the young stablehand who was wearily approaching. The boy was unwashed and had hay sticking from his mop of blonde hair, but was keen eyed and sturdy for his age. "Don't unsaddle her, but give her rub down where you can reach, clean her hooves, and feed her. And keep her at the ready, I'm in town for a brief while on important business." The stablehand was clearly ready to ask question, uneasy, but the flash of a silver coin in Kit's fingers had him pausing and eyeing it hungrily instead. "You do as I say, and keep quiet about whose horse this is, and there's another one upon my return." Flicking the coin to the boy, who caught it eagerly, Kit stroked Veillantif's neck and handed the boy her reins so she knew she could trust him. "Careful to, she's mean." With that Kit strolled into a nearby alley to appear he was going the opposite direction he was planning.

Pulling his hood up over top of his shoulders and Illium, Kit used his full black outfit to blend into the shadows more easily. The first few sets of guards into the rich district were easily bypassed at rotations shifts and the guards obvious boredom. The deeper into the city he went, however, the more planning and careful execution it took. Though Kit was no master thief because he preferred face-to-face altercations, he'd learned enough from his elder brother Ilia to know how to slink around even with his large, bulky, frame. His strength aided him when he needed to scale walls or perform longer or higher jumps, but he'd never learned to be completely silent on his feet or pick complicated locks. When stealth was needed, a different brother was chosen. However, Kit had just return from a simple mercenary call when De'Foix had asked Andon for help and all the others had been occupied. So here he was, attempting to slip past yet another two guards with little grace.

Illium hissed in his ear suddenly, causing Kit to instantly stiffen up and fling himself backwards into a small alcove in one of the large stone walls that partitioned two properties. Luckily for him the rich loved their flowers and plants, and this particular wall was covered in bougainvillea flowers, their thick, intertwining vines and copious flowers hiding him from prying eyes. Seconds later voices could be heard as three men walked past, their distinctive uniforms settling them apart from the regular guards. Illium was bristling, clearly enraged at seeing hunters this close. They were well known to hunt down and kill supernatural creatures, and were good at their jobs. With the general public's fondness of them, though they did not know the truth, hunters were a common sight and were gaining power. Kit had no problem with them in particular, except that Illium would be on their radar and prosecuted. Waiting until the voices were gone, and a little extra time just to be safe, Kit slipped from his hiding place and carefully looked around. Not far off sat the house he'd been told about, with its balconies and obvious wealth.

Carefully dodging another set of patrolling guards, Kit hopped the back wall of the house, eying for any easy ways into the mansion. Balconies seemed the easiest, if he was as good a wall scaler as some of the thiefs in the families anyway. He knew, however, he was not and would likely fall form his perch before reaching them, and if not someone would see his clumsy attempt and call a guard. Lips pursing, Kit figured there'd be servant entrances as well he could scope out and get through. His birdie had mentioned that the necklace was either on the woman or close by, possibly on a table or vanity if she was asleep. He could slip into the room and take it, trying to keep quiet (once he found a way in), or he could be smart and utilize the faraxal he kept properly fed. "Time to earn your keep." He murmured softly to Illium from the inside base of the wall, dark eyes scanning the undergrowth carefully. Were were the dogs? Surely they had them, if the wealth of these people were to the believed. He'd checked before jumping down into the yard, but had seen nothing, nor were any after him now even though he'd been on the property for some minutes. "Don't be seen, get the necklace, and don't bite anyone. There's hunters here."

Illium dug his claws into Kit's shoulders in retaliation for being ordered around. But the faraxal enjoyed the thrill of danger, though he'd never admit it, and bounded from his human perch. Sniffing haughtily, Illium scampered into the undergrowth, nearly gagging at the pungent scent of canine, and scrabbled up to the mansions exteriors wall without a hitch. His small body was dark silver, and though his stripes were bright blue he was able to blend into the darkness easily enough. Plus, his small size meant anyone not specifically looking for him would think he was nothing but a common pest; such as a raccoon. Gripping the vines that covered the wall, Illium huffed softly to himself and began trekking swiftly up the wall, making sure to keep to the shadows of the leaves. It was easy enough, though he was not looking forward to the downward climb with the necklace. Slipping in through a half opened window that was allowing some airflow, Illium scanned the empty, dark room carefully before dropping onto the floor. It appeared to be a guest bedroom reserved for important people if the frills and gaudy knickknacks were to the believed. He was close though to his destination. The hallway was empty as well, though there was the pattering of feet in the adjacent bedroom, as well as the thick smell of cologne. Humans. The faraxal thought sarcastically, scuttling past the door and down into another hallway. This one as well as empty, as were all the rooms. Giving an annoyed hiss, Illium turned into a another hallway with a growl. How many rooms did one family need? As soon as he was halfway into the hall one of the doors began opening, causing Illium to make a hasty retreat into one of the nooks in the hall where he ducked behind some old books.

Peeking his head up, Illium watched as a young, blonde man exited the room and seemingly locked the door with nothing but a look. Instantly on alert, Illium sniffed the air carefully and barely contained a sneeze at what he found. Magic, and a lot of it. Most was from the man, a distinctive scent of a mage who'd just used his gift. Under that was something else, something colder and less distinctive; smelling of earth and power. The necklace! By the time Illium realized what was going on the mage was gone. "Little scite!" He hissed, bolting from the nook and back to the opened window. Making a much less graceful scale-down, Illium sniffed the air again for any sign of the mage or the dogs before making his way back to Kit. The human was almost where he'd left him, though under a different tree to get deeper into the shadows.

"Someone passed by here a minute again." Kit explained as soon as he noticed an Illium shaped lump coming through the shadows. "Did you get the necklace?" He asked, bending down to better look at Illium. Not seeing it, Kit furrowed his brow and looked more carefully over the faraxal to make sure he was not injured. Illium gave an impatient chitter, snapping at Kit's questing fingers.

"No I didn't get it! That hell-spawn you saw had already gotten there and taken it!" Illium snapped, clawing his way up Kit's body to get onto his shoulders. "He's a mage!" Kit jerked his head around to stare at the spot where the man he'd barely seen had disappeared off to. At the time Kit had thought nothing of him, figuring he was a slave boy outside to either meet up with a wench or for other personal reasons. The mage part also explained the dogs though. Who knew what else this mage could do? Cursing, Kit hopped back over the fence and attempted to locate the mage, but found no trace. "I say we kill him." Illium growled, clearly irritated at having put so much effort into this heist only to be foiled by a human supernatural.

"I don't want to go against a mage who I don't know without backup." Kit argued, voice tight and controlled. He'd like to kill him to just on principle. "We'll just have the hunters do it for us." Turning, the man returned to the wall of bougainvillea quietly and placed the faraxal back in the nook they'd hidden in earlier. "You cannot be seen with me." Once he was sure his companion was well hidden, Kit begun following the route the hunters he'd seen earlier had taken. It took him a minute to come up on them, and as he did he returned his hood to obscure his face. "Excuse me, gentlemen." The three hunters turned, all their hands going to the swords at their waist. "I'm a cousin just visiting." He explained quickly, hands falling open in a peaceful gesture. He attempted a worried smile, head tilting to the side. "I was just worried, you see! I'd seen a man enter the neighboring house from my balcony wearing a cloak. He appeared to be using magic to get inside. I'm worried about my cousins estate with a supernatural so close." The three hunters appeared to believe him, the one who looked to be the leader appeasing Kit with the promise to check it out. The leader sent one of the men back for reinforcements, just in case, while Kit pointed out where he'd seen this all happen. While lying through his teeth, Kit gave gave them directions to the mansion he'd just tried to rob, adding a hint of hysteria to his voice to add to the charade while also masking his voice. Once the two hunters bid him farewell and went to go investigate, Kit followed along at a slower pace, intending to keep watch for any opportunity he have of stealing the necklace back.

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While Creus headed off with his newly stolen treasure Blitz was far on the other side of the nobles home looking for a way out. He knew that in the time he had led the dogs away his person would have slipped in and slipped out now he just needed to figure out how to get away himself. The wolf did not fear the dogs, for they did not dare to attack him in fact they where more curious than anything else but he did have to worry about the guards and other humans.  The appearance of a large unfamiliar canine would be enough to startle most but that wasn't the issue. One of the main issues was that he stood out with his size and pure white coat, even if people did not recognize him for what he was and simply thought of him as dog it wouldn't necessarily stop them from trying to capture him and adding him to their collection. That collection could either be a fur collection or a zoo, neither of which he wanted part of and his looks caused another issue as well. They made his person stand out and if someone saw him lurking around their home at the same time a theft occurred and then later saw him with his person? It surely would be a simple enough step to make that connection.

As a result he was growing just a touch nervous, he had been able to squeeze his large bulk under the fence on the other side of the place but here everything seemed tighter. He couldn't quite find a spot he could fight through so instead he settled on an area where the gap between the fence and the ground was almost big enough and started digging as the dogs looked on. His fur bristled slightly at the thought of turning his back to a pack of guard dogs but none of the animals had made any sort of aggressive move so far so he could only hope they maintained their passive stance. Thankfully the guard dogs made no move against him as he scraped away the earth and finally managed to slip underneath the fence and back to freedom. Once out the wolf paused only momentarily to glance back at the dogs where merely keeping a weary eye on him now and then he took off to rejoin his person. He did not know where on the streets his person currently was, he could have taken any route and likely would not have taken the same route back but the wolf did know their destination so he did not worry about that part too much, furthermore he always had his sense of smell to rely on.

Soon both wolf and mage where making their way swiftly and quietly back to the more rugged side of town, they stuck to the shadows and generally made an effort to avoid being seen by anyone, at least on this side of town anyway. Blitz hadn't made it far at all before he heard the familiar sound of footsteps, heavy boots and voices and so he quickly dove down the nearest side street and stood in the dark, pressed against a wall behind a stack of crates as he waited for them to pass. The wolf hadn't been in time to catch most of their conversation, just the tale end something a supernatural  possibly being in the area. That was all he heard but it was enough to cause a soft growl to start rising in his throat though he did not allow the sound to pass in fear that they might over hear. Instead he briefly peeked out from behind the crates as another set up footsteps, the first group had most definitely been hunters but the second set he wasn't so sure. Since it was a single set of steps whomever it was clearly was alone and headed in the same direction. Was it another hunter? If so and the hunter was indeed alone he immediately contemplated attacking the person, he like his person both hated and feared the hunters. This would be a perfect opportunity to have one less of those scum walking around but as the person came into view the wolf realized that he was dressed differently than the hunters whom usually bore some sort of uniform signalling who they where. It didn't mean this person didn't work for them but proximity alone wasn't enough to give the wolf reason to attack. The last thing he or his person needed was the added complication of him attacking an innocent person so the wolf did not make a move. The animal merely stood in place, peering out from behind the crates the moonlight catching his golden eyes as he studied the person for a moment more and then turned away and darted down the ally to warn his person.

As the wolf sought out his persons scent he also caught the scent of something else, something strange like some sort of animal but unlike anything he ever smelled before. Normally he would be tempted to seek out this thing, whatever it was seemed close but for the time being the wolf chose to ignore the scent, his person was far more important than some strange creature.  So ignored the thing and continued to search the alleys until he finally found him and when he did the animal immediately shared the memory of what he had seen and hear to which his person acknowledged with a quick nod and picked up his pace. At this point they had already bypassed the threat so all they could do was keep moving so they could avoid any chances of them catching up. It was doubtful they would at this point though, they where headed in the complete opposite direction so unless they suddenly turned around and started running toward them it didn't seem likely they would catch up tonight. After all, even if they find some reason to do so before even investigating the home they where headed to they would still have to pick the right path. For the moment the odds where not in the favor of the hunters but it was enough to cause the mage to decided to head out of town as soon as possible. He had gotten what he wanted, he did not need to stick around long enough to find a buyer in this town he would do so elsewhere as he most often did.

Eventually the duo made their way back to the inn they where currently staying at on the other side of town, it was a small, rundown place that saw a lot of foot traffic and the owners of the place seemed to prefer to avoid and stay out of other peoples business. With all the criminals that came and went they like many other inn owners tended to prefer the I see and hear nothing approach to avoid angering the wrong crowd. These types of places where generally his preferred places to stay for that very reason.  A simple person such as himself passing by for a few days drew little attention from them, though Blitz and his horse where a bit more noteworthy, though largely due to his personality it was probably Shiro who was the most memorable.  Even as Creus approached the inn he could hear the sound of his stallions hooves beating the wooden doors of his stall and the frantic shouts of the stable boy. At that moment he and Blitz both paused and exchanged glances before making a beeline for the stable but they where too late. Seconds later they heard a loud crack and the angry white stallion came charging out of the barn, shoving his was passed the barn doors with the terrified stable boy in hot persuit.  For starters, Shiro hated being stabled.

Without hesitation the mage and wolf moved to cut the stallion off before a near wild beast ended up loose in the city trampling any unsuspecting street goers in his wake. As soon as the horse saw them he did not swerve nor stop, instead he kept on going as though intending to trample his person into the ground as well. Even as the stallion bore down on them and stable boy cried out in warning, neither mage or wolf moved, they knew Shiro's game. The stallion was moments away from taking them both out however skidded to a stop, his head a hairs breath away from the mages face and the two immediately stared each other down. After a moment though the mage gave in, reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small sack in which he proceeded to dump some of the contents into his hand. They where sugar cubes and the moment he offered one to the horse he seemed to turn a bit more placid as the stallion accepted the treat. Given that the horse had no halter on the mage did not attempt to catch him, instead he simply walked passed the animal leaving the horse standing in the streets staring after him. As the mage and the wolf headed inside the stable to inspect the damage the stallion gave a soft knicker and trotted back inside after loosing sight of the both of them. When the stallion passed by the stable boy, the boy immediately jumped aside pale in frightened before standing peeking in the door watching the mage handle the now calm animal looking rather flabbergasted. The boy had likely seen his share of mean horses but seeing such a quick turn around with a simple treat seemed rather unbelievable. 

"I will pay for the damage boy and this time do not close the stable door as I had said before. If he breaks the door down again, the cost of the damage will be on you and I am sure that with your salary you cannot afford to fix it. If the anyone questions you about why his stall door is kept open, you can send them in my direction. Do not simply close the door and hope the issue goes away." The mage spoke, his voice smooth and placid as if he where rather used to the situation however it also contained an edge, a subtle air that was enough to make the boy nervous. As he warned the boy not to ignore his wishes again he studied the young boy with sharp, cunning blue eyes. Even though the boy was already pale, his face seemed to loose even more color as he nodded and frantically mumbled an apology. Seemingly satisfied with the boys response the mage fished two coins out of his pocket and flicked them both to the boy, whom upon catching them both looked a bit confused but the mage soon explained. "One is for the repairs, the other is for you to obey my wishes. I am paying you in advanced so I expect that you follow through with it. Do your job well and you just might see another."

The truth was, Creus felt a bit bad for intimidating the boy as he settled Shiro back into his stall, he could only imagine how hard the boys life must be but it had to be done. It was the easiest way to get his point across, far too many stables simply did not understand why this stranger demanded that they leave his horses stable door open and they all learned the hard way sooner or later. The problem was with Shiro, although he had stolen the horse two years ago it was pretty clear by the horses behavior that he hadn't had much interaction with people or their places. Possibly wild at one point, the stallion did not take well to being confined or having strangers try to handle him and thus often caused damage to both. At first dealing with the stallions antics had been frustrating, non of his attempts at training the beast using standard methods had worked. All had resulted in massive failures and injury, it wasn't until he discovered the horses love of sweets that he had finally found the key to the animals heart. The horse was fierce, stubborn, smart and wild at heart, he could not force the animal to obey him like so many other might try. Horses where larger and stronger than their human counterparts and Shiro new this well and most definitely used this to his advantage. Furthermore as an Arabian horse, he had endurance on his side any standard attempts to break him would have surely resulted in the human being exhausted and injured first before they could ever chase the horse into submission.  

Although the mage had initially intended to sell the horse, for his pure white coat and sleek and elegant good looks would have made him a nobles dream horse Creus had quickly realized that he would likely only be selling the fiery, independent animal into a life of misery. After all most modern animal trainers  would resort to using aggressive and painful tactic to make a less than willing animal compliant. Considering how stubborn Shiro was the stallion would certainly end up scarred and battered before giving in and by that time he would no longer be the pretty horse nobles wanted, what became of him then was anybodies guess. It was a toss up between that and the horse fighting until his death before giving in or getting sold too slaughter for being untrainable.  Either way at that time two years ago the mage found that to be an unacceptable option for such beautiful animal so he kept him and the horse became an unwilling third member to their little team. Overtime, the horse had become invaluable and the three of them had managed to strike up a rather unusual truce, earning the horse's loyalty and trust. The stallion was an endurance horse, something rather beneficial to a man who was always on the run. Be it the hunters or the law Creus could at least rest easy knowing that few horses had the endurance to keep up. Once he was on Shiro's back his chances of escape increased dramatically and given that Shiro would never leave him even turning him loose was a better bet than stealing a different horse.

Soon he had Shiro settled back down in his open stall the mage made certain to give the boy one more warning before he and Blitz entered the inn and ascended the thin, rickety set of stairs to the room he had rented for the night. Once inside he pulled off the black cloak he was using and stuffed it into one of his still packed and ready saddle bags. Underneath it he wore a white trench coat decorated in fashionable way with orange and gold trim and tailored to be just a few inches shorter than the cloak. A simple crisp white shirt, black pants and well warn and sturdy black leather boots also made up his attire. Due to always being on the move the mage traveled light, only keeping a few changes of clothing and other basic necessities on him and he was always prepared to get moving on a moments notice. He even kept the amount of stolen goods he had on his person in check for that reason, he only stole what he could fit in hidden pockets he had sewn into the white trench coat he normally wore during the day without making it look bulky. Over the years the thief had turned that into a bit of an art, having as many hidden pockets as possibly without making his coat look bulky and weighed down. He had to balance things perfectly and keep them in tight enough pockets that they didn't rattle around and make noise which might indicate their presence  For that reason the mage never went anywhere without his coat and even as he slipped it and his boots off to get some rest, he kept the coat hanging within arms reach. 

"We leave tomorrow"  The mage said to the wolf whom could not physically answer his words with a verbal response but the animal did huff in agreement. After seeing those hunters he too thought it was time for them to get out of there, they had no reason to stick around and all the reason go. Although Blitz did enjoy being in human cities and towns because the food often came easy and was plentiful it wasn't worth the risk when hunters where around. He was an efficient hunter and an equally good forager and between him and his person they didn't often go without food when they where on the road. As his person turned settled into the single lumpy old bed he jumped up besides him and settled down with a soft sigh of contentment. Although his person didn't seem to miss the small comforts provided by these places the wolf did. He very much enjoyed sleeping on beds and gorging on tasty food, it was always a shame when they had to move. It meant long days and nights in the wilderness, with little to no comforts available. For now all the animal could do was enjoy one more night on a bed, inside and away from the elements. 

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The hunters slow pace began grating on Kit's nerves after only a few blocks, their voices not pitched low to keep their conversation to themselves and intermittent laughs loud enough that anyone not asleep had the ability to hear them if they were outside their homes. Amateurs. The man following quietly behind wondered how long these specific hunters had been among the ranks if they were still so unprofessional, not even looking to the shadows or have at least one hand near a weapon. Did they not know how dangerous supernaturals were? More-less a human one who had the smarts of people? Perhaps they were out so late on guard duty because their betters realized they were as stupid as they were? Kit hoped so. He also hoped some marauding supernatural would attack them one day to open their eyes to what they were actually protecting humans from. Had he or any of his brothers been as lax and careless as these hunters Andon would have whipped them bloody.

As his attention moved from the hunters to the surrounding area to be sure no one was following him, Kit felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise as the instinctual feeling of being prey overcame him. Being someone who'd had the 'flight' reflex taught out of him, Kit focused on making sure his posture and expression stayed neutral so whoever, or whatever, was nearby didn't realize he knew they were there. He didn't want to spook it into attacking, because though he was a fighter, going against something or someone unknown wasn't something he particularly wanted to do in this neighborhood when there was a mage nearby. It could be the supernatural human or one of his lackey's. Though the hunters ahead of them, though lousy, would prove useful.

Tilting his head to the side as if observing the houses nearby, Kit places his right hand in his cloaks pocket as if resting it there, carefree, fingers skimming the sharp dagger strategically placed inside in a custom sheath. His outfit consisted of a white linen shirt with dark blue and golden patterning along the deep set collar and thick black pants that were just baggy enough around the legs to conceal things in multiple functional pockets, but not so much as to get caught on things. A black leather doublet of worn, thus flexible, leather was strapped with silver buckles over his torso so offer protection as well as maneuverability while a utility brown belt was buckled at his waist where his main "attack" blade, a well-used sabre, sat. A long dagger at the small of his back and a second dagger the opposite of the sabre completed his larger blade collection alongside the hidden one in his cloak. Other, smaller, knives were hidden along his person in other locations that were easy for his to reach but hard for others. Over top everything else to hide what he was carrying was a black, wool cloak. A wide brimmed hood hid his face as well as Illium if the faraxal was on his shoulder when pulled up, but dangled loosely enough when down that Illium could use it as a nest to hide when in public. It reached just below his calves and was tight enough when strapped to not billow out when walking or on horseback.

From the shadows of one of the walls gleamed twin golden eyes, a predators eyes, from behind the crates. Kit took in as much of what he was seeing in a glance, not wanting it to know he'd seen it. From what he could tell it was large and at least partially white, more-likely a canine of some sort. He wished he had Illium with him, the faraxal as good as a hunting dog when it came to scent. Instead of sticking around, Kit followed the hunters another block before cutting through a dank and musty alleyway. The hunters, at their pace, would never find the mage in time so he figured his best bet was to find Illium and see about tracking the damnable mage himself to get the jewel. It was not a prospect he was looking forward to. Kit figured stealth would be needed, a quick kill before the mage realized what was going on. Yet Kit was seasoned enough to know it would not be that simple, it never was with magic users, and began constructing scenarios and counter-plans as he backtracked to where he left Illium. The small faraxal chittered unhappily when he saw his human, scrambling to his usual resting place.

"Did the hunter's find them?" Illium asked, fangs flashing in the slight moonlight. Kit shook his head and pulled his hood up, making his way back to the entrance of the rich area of town. In all likely hood the mage would be long gone form the area, in particular with the hunters making a fuss. Grumbling, Illium shifted to see better, whiskers twitching as his beady red eyes peered out from underneath the fabric. Kit gently pushed him back, not wanting anyone who could possibly be looking to see his companion.

"There's something else here though. Something predatory from the looks of it. You scent anything?" Kit asked, picking his way carefully around the walls and houses while using alleys and back roads as much as possible. Illium sniffed, nose wrinkled. The two exited the area of nobles and back to the commoners streets. It was past moonhigh and Kit figured the mage would return to his 'lair' for the time being, or he'd just leave town. Neither gave Kit much time, in particular in a town where he had no birdie's or contacts to pass on information. Taverns and inns would be his best bet to start searching, as he hoped a mage would stick out enough someone would get suspicious. Illium snuffled then went rigid, quills along his back rising enough that Kit could feel the cloaks fabric contorting. "Whats wrong?" Kit hissed, quickly looking around for either a enemy or someplace to hide.

"Something passed through here, something with a hint of magic. It reeks!" Nose wrinkling in disgust, Illium tried to move back into the cloak as if to escape the smell. "It smells like magic, earth, blood, and dog! No...not like dog. Something wilder: wolf." Kit straightened a bit and lengthened his stride, following Illium's directions and ignoring his complaints. What he had seen behind the crates, though he had not gotten a good look, could have very easily been a wolf. And a wolf that smelled faintly of magic? In a city? Perhaps it was the mages companion? From what he'd heard they'd keep such beasts. As wild and unpredictable as a magic user, a wolf. "Stop here. If I can smell the wolf then likely he can smell me as well." Ahead stood an inn surrounded by homes and shops, the stable beside of it smelling strongly of horse; at least to Kit's human nose. He hoped might block his and Illium's scent from whatever was inside.

"The wolf might smell you on me and alert the mage, if it is his companion. Neither of us will be able to sneak in if that's the case." Lips pursing, Kit looked around carefully, contemplating his options. "I'll go in by myself, you hide in the stable with the horses. The wolf might smell you on me, but it nor his owner has any proof that I mean them harm. I'll inquire around a bit, make sure who we're looking for is even inside. If so, the mage has to come out in the open at some point." Illium huffed but leapt from his shoulder and made his way to the stable, pausing by a stack of musty hay to roll in and try and hide his scent a bit more. Kit watched before making his way to the inn, nodding to a patron who was smoking outside and tightening his cloak tighter around his shoulders as if cold. Once inside the main room he greeted one of the servants with a pleasant, though bland smile. She pointed him to an adjacent room where a bar sat after he inquired about someplace to get a drink. Inside was warm and the light from the fires dim, low enough he could sit in a corner and observe while waiting for a server. No one seemed twitchy nor was there any chatter from the few patrons up this late at night about mages or wolves. So he sat back to get a bit more comfortable and waited.

OoC: Do you want me to color code Kit and Illium as well? Would it makes things easier?

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(I did have my character settle down for the night in my post, I can have him get up and head down to the bar area or do you prefer to skip to the next day?

Also thats up to you, I started doing it because I found that some people missed parts of my characters speech from time to time.)


After only a few hours of rest Blitz awoke and after a purposely loud yawn he jumped of the bed and stretched languidly before turning around to shove his nose in his persons face. The wolf knew his person would not want to get up after so little rest, he never did but the animal felt that it was best that they leave before that great star in the sky rose to bathe everything in light. A friend to most of mankind but an enemy to those whom did not wish to be seen and while nothing had come of the hunters the other day the wolf didn't think it was wise to stick around for a few more hours of rest. Though the animal did absolutely enjoy the luxuries of civilian life provided by human towns and cities he did often feel that the wilderness was indeed safer.  There he didn't have walls, buildings and the like that obstructed airflow and the scents that came with it nor where the forests filled with human stink. Scents where much cleaner out there, there where usually few fires if any, the only trash was close to civilization and the animals weren't all confined to small areas in which they stunk up. Not only was it easier to catch the scent of the hunters out there, it was also easier to hear them.

Here in town they where surrounded by humans at all time and some like guards, mercenaries or knights wore similar sounding things to the hunters. The rustle of chain mail, squeak of leather could belong to anyone, friend, foe or neutral here so that didn't offer much either. Another problem with being surrounded by humans was that sometimes there was no easy way to tell if the person walking near by was a threat or not. They could be a hunter in disguise or they could be a simple vendor. Although the wolf was not nearly as paranoid as his person he did know how things worked and over the years he had learned a lot, including this. So when his person merely groaned and did not move, the animal persisted, nudging and licking him until he gave in.  His person knew the importance of getting out before dark but unlike Blitz he did not snooze all day, he was exhausted and the wolf knew it. Still it couldn't be helped, when ones very existence was reason enough for people to kill them that being had to be careful.

Despite Blitz's instance and the knowledge that he did have to get up, Creus was resistant to the thought of dragging himself out of bed. He was just not a morning person, preferring to be more active during the night than the day. For the most part that worked to his advantage for what he was, a thief and a mage. It made things just a bit easier to survive and get the job done but it did make things like fleeing a touch harder. Still once he reluctantly gave in and dragged himself out of bed he wasted no time in getting ready and setting off. Since his meager belongings where already packed away and he was fully clothed all he needed to do was slip on his boots, wash up quickly and then he was on his way.

As he carefully creaked open the door and peered outside Blitz stood by his side impatiently, the moment the door was open the wolf shoved past his person and trotted down the narrow hallway outside the room that led to the stairs. Unlike his person his sharp ears picked up on the sounds of other tenants snoring and he heard no one outside the hallway. By the time his person had stepped out the animal had made it halfway down the stair way walking on quiet paws. However midway down the wolf paused and growled softly as a familiar scent reached him, the scent of the one who was walking with the hunters. Why was that person here? When his person stepped up besides him he sent the mage a quick warning before sneaking quickly down the last bunch of stairs. Normally in this situation they would simple sneak back up stairs and leave through a window but there was one problem to that. This inn had no windows on the second floor. They needed to sneak out. 

The moment the wolf landed on the bottom floor he quickly peered around his eyes well adjusted to seeing in the dark. What he saw however was rather disheartening, at the bar at the base of the stairs sat that man. There he paused for a moment as he waited for his person to catch up which only took a moment as he waited for direction. The mage however didn't say anything, he merely yawned loudly walked passed the wolf, ignored the last patron at the bar and headed toward the exit. It took the wolf a moment to catch on but when he did he trotted happily after his person like a playful hound eager to get out for a run. Since his person could not avoid the man, he instead chose to merely act like any other traveler heading out early in the day. If they where lucky the man would see them as nothing more than that and choose to ignore them. After all, wasn't it fairly normal for businessmen and travels to head out at the crack of dawn?


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OoC: That sounds like a good idea, to color the speech. I'll do it as well if that's okay?

BiC: The night had progressed slowly, with the tavern dying down three hours after Kit had taken a seat so that it was only himself and one other man in the main room. Luckily the other man had been nothing more than a bar fly, leaning heavily against the no-doubt sticky counter and ignoring Kit's very existence. The bartender had retired not long after, inquiring if Kit had wanted anything before he followed his wife to bed. Kit had shaken his head and leaned back in his seat, ready to settle in for the long haul. Kit was not a drinker, preferring something mild in a social setting if he was going to drink at all. The tavern, he figured, stocked mediocre alcohol which was likely terrible to the tastebuds anyway. Plus, he needed to keep his wits about him if the mage was in the building. Sighing softly, Kit scanned the nearly empty room, noting the doors that lead into it and that the only exit he could see was within his eyesight. So either the mage would go through a window, in which case he hoped Illium had his nose ready, or would come through here. Or he'd go through a wall, which the very thought of had Kit bristling with unease. Like and apparition.

Throughout the night Kit had moved very little, only switching which leg he crossed a few times. It was a skill he'd gained throughout his life, to stay in a single spot and keep watch without losing concentration, falling asleep, or needing to go to the bathroom. Instead he let his mine wonder a bit, picking through scenarios about what could happen to keep himself focused. Usually he had Illium with him though, whose snarky commentary kept him entertained. Kit hoped his faraxal was behaving himself. Huffing, the man shifted a bit to stop the wood of the chair from biting into his lower back. It had felt like hours since he'd sat down, and from the random thumps and grumpy mutters from nearby rooms as well as humming from the kitchens, it appeared morning was getting close. Cocking his head to one side then the other to crack his neck, Kit forced himself to remain loosely sprawled in the chair instead of appearing ready to pounce if his query appeared. 

To his surprise, the same man he'd thought to be a servant the night before was the first to appear. Now that it was a bit lighter and they were not shrouded in darkness Kit got his first good look at who he was pretty sure was the mage. He was blonde haired and a few inches shorter than Kit himself. From his fairly slim, though athletic, build he would likely be fast if he bolted which meant Kit would probably lose him in the streets. Kit was fast, but that was because he was tall with long legs, but he also had muscle compared to the mage which would slow him. This meant he'd have to get close to him before striking. Keeping himself still for a few extra seconds to see where the mage was going was a good idea as the large, white canine he'd followed the night before appeared as well. It was acting like an overgrown puppy, but something about it seemed a but unnatural; more like an act in a way. Kit figured this was because of its association with the mage.

The two headed towards the exit together, as if travelers heading out at dawn instead of a thief and supernatural human. Kit averted his gaze after his initial inspection, not wanting them to catch him eying them. After a moment he gave a soft, theatrical groan and stood with a languid stretch. Pretending not to pay the mage and wolf any attention Kit pulled his cloak tighter around himself as if cold, though it was to conceal his weapons underneath, and wondered towards the bar, thus closer to the exit, stumbling a tiny bit to make it seem he'd spent a night drinking. "Wha' you doin' up this early? Thought I was the only fool 'wake this time of the mornin'." He muttered, keeping his voice bored as if he didn't care whether the mage answered or not. He was simply trying to appear non-threatening for now, wondering how he was going to get past the canine. Perhaps he could get Illium to carefully bite and poison it while he took care of the mage.

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( Sorry for the wait, I will get to posting now and I apologize in advance for any mistakes as kittens keep running across my keyboard)

Just when it seemed like the coast was clear the man at the bar got up and started approaching the exit, stumbling slightly along the way as if he was still a bit drunk or hungover. Perhaps if it wasn't for Blitz's warning Creus might have fallen for it but he knew better thanks to his wolf and he fought against his instincts to tense up and run. He knew that such actions would only set him up for trouble, if he wasn't already in it. He didn't know much about this person, just the little bit he learned from what Blitz had heard but that was more than enough to put him on edge.

"Ai, just heading out so I can make it to the next city before dusk, its a long way from here." The mage thief answered casually as he continued toward the door with only the slightest of pauses as he glanced at the man coming toward him. It was an intentional pause in a basic attempt to show some form of friendly interaction rather then simply continuing toward the door which without any reaction which might be more indicative of someone trying to run away. Still he didn't stop as he reached for the door handle and Blitz wiggled in excitement and pushed up next to him, pawing at the door as if he where eager to go out however the wolf also put himself in between his person and the stranger. They seemed to pay little attention to the man as Creus turned the knob to head out as though like anyone else they where focused on their task more than the drunk stranger near the bar but both where on high alert as they pushed open the door.

"Good day to you, sir." The mage called back to the other man cheerfully in a polite attempt to end any sort of conversation before it began as he stepped outside and closed the door behind him. Though he knew the other man was heading toward the door as well he had no intention of being polite enough to hold the door open for him as he might have done for a different stranger. The last thing he wanted was to give this man a chance to either get between him and the door or get right up behind him. As the door clicked close he quietly used a small spell causing ice to build up on the base of the bolt and freeze the door shut. It wasn't much, it would just cause the door to stick a little but it would require a little more force than usual to open it. His goal was merely to briefly slow the man down  to give himself a little extra time to get toward the stable

Once he was in Shiro's presence he didn't think he would have nearly as much to worry about as he could simply jump on the horses back and ride out, though he would prefer to have time to put on a saddle and reins do to the stallions difficult nature. Once outside he wasted no time heading toward the stable and sliding the door open, there he was greeted by a soft nicker from one of the few horses inside, the greeting was not from Shiro. The stallion was simply standing there in the hall between the stalls watching him, the mage left the door wide open as he stepped inside and carefully approached the horse.

As per usual Shiro pinned his ears at him and reached out toward him in an aggressive manner as though he where about to bite but the mage simply walked passed the grumpy horse and headed toward the back of the barn to grab his riding gear. As Blitz didn't attempt to pass the horse this left Shiro and Blitz between him and the outside. Though it didn't last long as he soon returned with his gear in hand to tack up the horse. As soon as he approached with the saddle the stallion pinned his ears again and skirted sideways giving him the evil eye. The horse was just not in a cooperative mood.


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OoC: Feel free to play any of the hunter's that are mentioned here, or if you want something different I'll gladly change it.~

BiC: Internally cursing, Kit tracked the mage with his eyes as he leaned against one of the support beams of the room to debate on what to do next. If it wasn't for the wolf the entire thing would have been much easier. Scowling, Kit finally closed his eyes tiredly and rolled his shoulders before slipping from the entrance and into the very weak morning light. The mage had already disappeared into the stable and Kit knew that this was going to be his last chance to try and get the jewel. If he rode off that was the end of it for a while. I hate mages. He thought mutinously as he started towards the stable. Maybe with Illium close by something would go better. If he could somehow communicate for the faraxal to bite the wolf Kit could try and deal with the mage. The bite might not kill the wolf, depending on how much influence the magic of the mage interfered, but it could prove to be a distraction.

Roughly half way to the stable multiple men atop horses rounded the edge of the tavern, uniforms that of hunters. "Damn it." Lengthening his stride, Kit pulled his hood over his head to hide his face from the approaching riders. With hunters so close, the mage and jewel were put on the back burner in his worry for Illium. If the hunters caught him they'd either kill the faraxal on sight or capture him to be sold. Kit knew he was a good fighter, but the amount of hunters he'd seen did not bode well for his survival. Getting them out of the area and back to Veillantif was their best bet. Slipping into the stable, Kit took stock of the mage, who was standing beside of a white horse, and then promptly ignored him. "Illium?" He called softly, urgently.

A second later the faraxal climbed his way down from the loft, claws clinking on the wood of the beam. Illium's beady red eyes were on the mage and wolf, fangs bared viciously. He could tell from Illium's incredulous look that he didn't understand why Kit was revealing them both to their query so blatantly instead of coming up with a stealthy approach. The faraxal clambered up Kit's legs and to his shoulders, quills raised in irritation as he looked between Kit and the mage. Before Kit could answer voices began filtering through the stables walls, calling to one another. Illium instantly went still, claws sinking into Kit's shoulder. "Hunters."

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