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Hello, friends~

Edit 10/21/2017: Might not add anything else. I planned on doing more things, but I ended up being busier than I anticipated. It may be a bit late to now.  

BUT, I did add something new below! I had been working on them for a while. :) 


The Kaylercool has decided to do Halloween custom items. It's good practice for me, it's fun, and the store is lacking in the Halloween department. :3 



Here are the two I have for FREE in the shop as of now: 

Halloween Kit Quad: 0 ZP : halloweenkit.png Zombie Pup Quad: 0 ZC : zombiepup.png


Here are some others with their prices: 

Candy Pumpkin Basket: 75 ZC : candypumpkin.png 

Halloween Bat Quad: 125 ZC : black.pngorange.pngpurple.png



Halloween Pigtails: 175 ZC: 59d7136d00543_PinkandBlack.png.b6a0252ef20fb368f4ff0dd29bee1568.png59d7136caa488_OrangeandPurple.png.f81f8289e1e04164ad478f801e0ce402.png59d7136c61fd8_OrangeandBlack.png.fe3b7491d86d4834b9a7f46b3168677f.png59d7136c239a2_GreenandBlack.png.a6e95cf8df77daefa17b995ff910fce8.png59d7136d925e8_RedandBlack.png.e9216d734bfd482b4236d3c4f2cc7ab7.png59d7136d4c9cc_PurpleandBlack.png.ec7eaf007301879ccc9bab73ef5e1faa.png

Witch Cat Quads: 200 ZC: 59eb973312940_OrangeTabby.png.5b3f78fb91e61be13a6537d2843a5f34.png59eb9732b86cf_GrayTabby.png.7cce6594c8e8edf6c474a87388f9941b.pngCalico.png.0f837d357f9ab9b67bee406d2407366a.pngBlack.png.12f20cdbc9ad288b6bc0bf7297556e5a.png



I also have many other custom items in the shop that aren't Halloween themed. Just search "Kaylercool" and you can look through them all! :)



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16 hours ago, Jadespets said:

we really need tops! so i was thinking maybe one shirt that has eyeballs on it and maybe a monster shirt oh and a shirt with blood on it, and as for bottoms maybe blood and candy and maybe something ele thats creepy idk i ran out of ideas XD

I'm going to see what I can do. :) Tops aren't something I have a lot of skill with, but I'm trying to improve on that. I've already made a few "Cute" Halloween costumes. I want to try something horrifying now. (Also, that eyeball shirt suggestion reminds me of one of Poppy's outfits. I think she wore an eyeball shirt or dress in her Lowlife video?) 

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