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(EDIT 10/12/2017: I re-uploaded the image in a smaller size and it is fine, but the other blank images are still present on the gallery and I cannot delete them. I still get an error when I attempt to open them.)

So, I tried to upload an image to the gallery and this is what happened.  There were two blank images for some reason. (Even though I only uploaded it once.)

This is how everything looks to me, I am unsure if anyone else even sees this. @Bob 

The image I tried to upload was rather large and had a fairly long description, if that helps at all. 


The image below is what I get when I open either of them. 


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Just now, Dashy said:

Hey @Kaylercool

I'm not a forum expert, so I can't help with this issue, and @Bob only comes on occasionally, so if anyone could help it would be @Cake

If the issue still occurs and no one notices the post, I could always personally PM Cake if you want :) 


Can you see the blank images on the gallery called "Alolan Luxray" ? I'm pretty sure this happened because of the size of the image I tried to upload before. Not sure why it uploaded two though. (It worked just fine when I re-uploaded it in a smaller size.)

The only real problem now is those images crowding up the gallery. Could she delete those images? Of course, only if she has time to. I mean, they're not really hurting much at the moment. lol

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