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Hey everyone! I wanted to create a shop, so here it is! :D It isn't much, but it'll get bigger as I continue on. Go to my profile, and go to the room titled " For sale, then you can browse through the pets for sale. Hope you find something you want! ;) If you have any questions about prices or anything, ask me. Whoever asks for a pet first gets that pet. Every day or two I'll be adding new pets. Sometimes I don't add pets for a few days. 

Click on this link to see the pets for sale:

                    Link: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=lilazoo                           




NEW CYO ADDED!!! (credit given to Kaylercool for the awesome artwork <3)


                                                                             Speckled Charmer


There are four stages and four alts, one of which I am showing right here! I am currently only going to be selling 10 of them! I am keeping the rest of the alts a SURPRISE! (although I showed one to give you an idea of what they look like :)) Please don't take more than one Speckled Charmer as I would like for everyone to have their fair share before they run out. 

They are now 650 zc! Purchase them while they last :D 

1 out of 10 Speckled Charmers left!


Whoever asks for the pet first gets it

Be nice

All PA rules apply

 if someone asks for a pet and never accepts the trade, then after a week the trade is removed, and the pet/pets are back up for sale 


( Lol that was a really long rule )


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I'm sorry but someone already asked for the Valentine Dog before you, but if they decide they don't want it it's all yours! The other pets you asked for you can have as well. 

For the rest of the pets altogether it would be 1,400. 

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Hi there! It appears that three of the pets you chose from the for sale room, someone else has already asked for them. But the rest are fine. For all the rest of the pets it will be 600zc. 


The Valentine dog has already been taken :( sorry. But the rest are fine! :D Altogether it would be 3 zp and 600 zc. 

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how much for the japanese spitz the woolly mammoth the gray wolf the lesser bushbaby the komodo dragon the emerald tree boa the five lined skink the eastern pygmy possum the greater roadrunner the flamingo and the lesser egyptian jerboa

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      wake me up
      cant wake up 
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