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Wolf Pack Roleplay - Sign Ups -

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@Dashy If you'd like Beta for a new character please feel free!

All of my characters (except Cricket of course) are open to be mentors if anyone needs a mentor. Cricket also needs a mentor if anyone's open.~

I'm not sure if Cricket (my only apprentice) would be a good candidate for alpha-in-training, but if a third one is needed he can do it.

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Sure! I think I might create one as well. :D



Name: Marigold

Age: 8 moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Apprentice in-training to become Alpha

Appearance: Reddish-brown with white along the tips of her tail and ears, she also has green eyes with specks of grey

Personality: Happy, outgoing, loves pups, doesn't care much for the other clans, cheerful ( Can sometimes get grumpy )

History: Her mother died when she was only 5 moons old. She mourns her, but knows it is not going to drive her back. Her father still lives, although he is sick and weak. 

Crush: Right now she is focusing on the future

Mate: ^

Pups: ^

Kin: Father, brother if anyone wants to be him :Mother: Deceased 

Other: None



Name: Silver 

Age: 40 moons

Gender: male

Rank: Guard

Appearance: Dark grey with white on the tips of his ears, tail and paws. 

Personality: Sometimes cranky, depressed, mournful, can be cheerful sometimes


Crush: None

Mate: Timber ( Deceased )

Pups: Marigold  ( Also if anyone wants to be the son )

Kin: Marigold ^

Other: Can barely breathe fire, and when he can, it is very weak.  

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I couldn't resist making this little brat.~

Name: Flint

Age: 10 Moons

Gender: Male

Rank: Alpha-in-training

Appearance: Flint, only at this time he'll look just a bit younger. He's a medium sized wolf whose more brawn than speed. Flint's stocky, with a long body, short, stout legs, and broad shoulders. This means he's not agile or fast by any means, but what he lacks in those he makes up for in brute strength and endurance. His fur is thick and coarse, in particular around his neck and belly, and sometimes gives him the unfortunate appearance of having a mane. Said fur is, at its base, a very pale tan which darkens along his back and flanks to a medium brown with black flecks. The fur around his eyes, muzzle, and tail also darken a bit as well. The very tip of his tail is white.

Personality: Flint is one of those types you either like for some odd reason...or absolutely hate. He's brash, over-confident, boisterous, aggressive, a bit of a show-off, and extremely bull-headed. It's not that he necessarily thinks he's better than everyone (except when he does..) but that he thinks can do anything just as well as anyone (hint: he's very wrong). He really does not have much of a filter and will say the first thing that comes to mind, which is often a bad thing. To Flint, the Fire Pack is obviously the greatest of the four and is trying to understand why some of the wolves want to make peace with the other three. Flint, quite obviously, has many negative traits, but he also has some good ones. Loyalty is very important to him; to family, to the pack, and for a wolf his age his fellow apprentices. It's not that Flint tries to be a blockhead, it's just his personality, and so he sometimes wonders why others have issues with him. He's a very social wolf and loves being around others his own age, and though he might be disliked by his peers Flint puts up blinders to it simply because he hates being alone. If the other apprentices are in trouble or need help Flint won't hesitate to offer assistance, in his own vexing way. Flint's eager to learn, and finding himself in the position of being one of the three alphas in training might have gone to his head a bit. When not show-boating, Flint is easy-going, almost lazy, sometimes charming, and fun-loving. Lastly, Flint's a perpetual flirt with a flair for the dramatic. He does not care about rank, age, or gender: he'll happily flirt with anyone.

History: Nothing really of importance. He was born in the pack and plans to die in the pack.

Crush: A different one every day....

Mate: Nope!

Pups: Nope!

Kin: Both parents are deceased, and he was never close with either of them. Other family is open.

Other: Flint needs a good dose of reality (and a good knock on the head) to make him see his faults and flaws; in particular if he wants to continue on the path of training to be alpha. Flaws aside, he was chosen as one of the three because he's a powerful fire user, he's just not experienced enough with control to know what to do with it.

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Just realized now I have a Healer, Alpha-in-training, and the Beta. I don't want to hog the high-ranking positions, would you rather I got rid of one of my high-rankings? 

Just making sure, I kind of feel like a jerk taking so many high-ranking spots ><

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 Making two more. :P 

Name: Meadowstreak

Age: 18 moons

Gender: female 

Rank: Hunter

Appearance: She has creamy white fur, with orange eyes. She also has a silver streak along her back. With a bit of longer fur around her ears.

Personality: She is sort of snappy, but can soften around pups. She has always loved pups and hopes to have some of her own one day. She is not very ambitious, but loyal. She is proud of her clan and tries her best to help. 


Crush: Cricket 

Mate: None

Pups: None

Kin: ( If anyone wants to be a sister or brother or something )

Other: ( If anyone wants her to be someones mentor then just ask ) 


Name: Thunder

Age: 22 moons 

Gender: Male

Rank: Hunter

Appearance: Grey with white on his underbelly and chest. He has blue, loving eyes. He also has white on the tip of his tail.

Personality: Cheerful, grateful, caring, sympathetic, loves pups, he tries to help his clan in any way he can, even if it means his death. He is also outgoing, creative and can sometimes be introverted, though he tries to be cheerful. Sometimes he acts cheerful when he is not, and tries to impress everyone he sees. He does not think much of the other clans, as he is working on helping his clan at the moment.

History: His parents died when he was young from an unknown cause. He has learned to live on his own and is hoping to start a new family to get back on track with life.

Crush: Maybe later in the roleplay

Mate: None

Pups: None

Kin: None, he was born alone

Other: If anyone needs him to be someones mentor, just tell me. 






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@Dashy Mink could mentor either Ember or Sora if you'd like.~ Oh, and Ash having a crush on Flint is fine; it'll be interesting. XD

Here's what I've got for a character list, just to try and keep up with characters. Could anyone let me know if anyone or anything is missing?


Alpha | *none, training*

Beta | Storm (Dashy)

Alphas-in-Training | Ash (Dashy) :: Marigold (Kitkat) :: Flint (Alcarie)

Healer | Snowdancer (Alcarie)

Healer Apprentice | Rose (Dashy)

Guards | Sky (Kitkat) :: Chasm (Alcarie) :: Silver (Kitkat)

Guard Apprentices | Cricket (Alcarie)

Hunters | Pine (Kitkat) :: Mink (Alcarie) :: Heather (MoonlitBlood) :: Meadowstreak (Kitkat) :: Thunder (Kitkat) :: Hawke (Alcarie)

Hunter Apprentices Skunk (Kitkat) :: Cherry ? (Kitkat) :: Ember (Dashy) :: Sora (Dashy) 

Mothers | Star (Kitkat) :: Raine (Alcarie)

Pups | Flame (Kitkat) :: Lilac (Kitkat)

Families |
Star is Flame and Lilac's mother
Skunk and Cherry are siblings
Ember and Sora are siblings
Chasm is Cricket's older brother
Silver is Marigold's father
Sky and Hawke are siblings

Mates / Crushes |
Star and Chasm are mates
Ash is crushing on Flint

Meadowstreak is crushing on Cricket
Mink is crushing on Thunder
Hawke has a crush on Cherry
Cherry as a crush on Flint

Mentors / Apprentices |
 Silver mentors Cricket
mentors Skunk
Hawke mentors Cherry
Meadowstreak mentors Ember

Mink mentors Sora

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