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The joys of working in customer service and other work/school stories

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 I remember having a customer who wanted me to get fired because she mistook me for the person to refused a return due to her not having a receipt. The person who actually refused her return was a manager.

Another customer complained because I apologized for not having an item in my store that we did not carry in the first place. One customer took tags off the pet clothes at my store, stapled them to an old beat up, torn and dirty dog shirt from a brand that has never been carried by my store and got mad when I caught on to what she did and refused the return. She even went as far as to cut off the bar code/sku number tag but left the tag with the brand logo lol.

One of my managers had to deal with a customer who quite literally demanded that she switch tags on an item. She wanted her to take the tag off a cheap dog shirt, put it on an expensive one and swap the price. She spent nearly an hour arguing and cussing my manager out when she refused.

One customer admitted to buying fish at a different store then wanted to exchange the dead fish(bought from different store) for live ones, had them wrapped in a paper towel and stuffed in his pocket...wanted free fish for them.

The list goes on but I will stop here..feel free to vent here

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lol that is some stuff. dang. Here's some stories from my work: 

This one native american chick that i helped one time and who got a offended at a regular making a joke that had nothing to do with races, a couple days later got so high in our bathrooms that she smeared poop on all the walls. we had to close the bathroom down for 4 hours to get it properly clean again. She's no longer allowed in our bathroom. 

Customers can't read signs. Or, our signs are made with invisible ink. I'm not sure which at this point. 

i had one homeless man named Andrew go out of his way to try and make friends with me so that he could get favors (like asking me for money) and so that i would let him get more beer. I haven't seen him in a long time, cause i wouldn't let him buy beer more than 2 times from me. 

I have this other homeless guy that always comes during my shift after i have closed the doors and treats me like a waitress. Making me run around the store to get him exactly what he wants and asking if we have this or that. most of which i don't know and have to go check. cause i'm a stocker and cashier and haven't memorized all our foods yet cause i am suppose to focus on drinks. 

There's more i could add is people are interested. those are just some of the more entertaining ones XD 

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