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Dashy's Pet Palooza! (pet shop)(OPEN!) UPDATED!

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Welcome to Dashy's Pet Palooza!



While this thread is mainly for my shop, I will also be up for alt-swapping and I will post all of the pets I am willing to buy or trade for. Information on the shop will be in this post, alt-swapping in the second post, and pets I am looking for in the third post. 



My shop isn't yet finished and more pets will be added over time. I based prices off rarity, how many of the pet are on the site, and whether or not they are retired. If you feel the price is off/unfair please PM me. Before you ask what the prices are, look at their names, I put down all of the prices already. 

If you'd like to take a look, the link is in the spoiler below!

Make sure you go to the 'Pet Palooza' room before you start browsing the pets for sale!



Please be nice to each other! This one is obvious!

First come, first serve. Whoever asks first for the pet receives it!

Please accept or deny the trade within 5 days. If the trade is still there on the sixth day, I will delete it and the pets you asked for will be for sale again.

I can add more rules at any time! I may add some more rules later on so make sure to check every-so-often! 



Any CYO's that you see in my shop I did not buy personally. I either received them from an event or got them by luck from the egg drop. If you see one of your CYO's in my shop, please do not get offended or upset as I triple-checked that I didn't put any CYO's that I had bought into my shop.


Last Update: 


Everything is 50% off until 12/31/17!


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Alt Swapping:


Sphynx Cats:

Alts I have:

xcjh9fpb0cb03j1.png~Male, Alt 1~shj7nl1wx3v1o34.png~1 Female, 1 Male, Alt 4~

Alts I'd like to trade:

9qy2ea7z8rcaic6.png~Any gender~iebASDo6na.png~Any gender~hnUj9kaY22.png~Any gender~SDnh6jeG92.png~Any gender~


Cuddle Kittens:

Alts I have:

1.png~Female, Alt 1~2.png~Female, Alt 2~

Alts I'd like to trade:

5.png~Female if possible~


Fairy Pompoms:

Alts I have

8v5e2vd61gpjdb2.png~Male, Alt 2~

Alts I'd like to trade:

kb2prakj3lqcpk5.png~Any gender, preferably female~


Will add more eventually




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Pet's I'd like to buy


~if I have a preference for the genders I will add it beside the pet I'd like to buy~


jvs45rb7x2nzqx5.png~Preferably Female~mht64b7rwe1h0qbaby.pngipqermaegwqfwwbaby1.pngnnsy77gcavgr1ubaby2.png1b2dr034ur9v51baby3.pngk1zfw2rfufqq19baby4.pngwm7krm1msdzhl7baby5.png1wu0v9kdb32x24baby3.pngl15mc27iu4fi25baby5.png7z9c8oby6mpnu2baby4.pngbaby3.png~Any alt~alt1stage1.png~Any alt~quagga1_alt1.png~Any alt~baby5.png~Any alt~8iccai1nncaqj8baby2.pngb9jt9xj103tjvgbaby5.png~Any alt besides alt 3, already owned~persian6_1.png~Any alt, preferably alt 6, 2 or 4~


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@Dashy Would it be okay if I sent you a message with the pets I want? The list is pretty large, and I don't want it to take up too much space!



Edit - I sent the message just in case, would like to claim the pets just in case it takes some time to hear back from you!

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The Wolf in Sheepskin, Luna Lion Fish egg, and the Common Apple Snail egg were all taken but the rest are available. If you would like to purchase them it would be 250 zc :) 


Ack, I completely forgot to add the other American Flamingo before accepting the trade; I'll send it right over. (I believe you already paid for it in the other trade but if not don't worry about it)

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May I please purchase the following: :D <3 

2 German Shepherd dogs

(http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=237402 & http://petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=237401)

Easter Cabbit 


Ball Python egg


Blue & Yellow Macaw egg


Thank you ! <3 :D 

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      I feel like something needs to be done about some of the pets recently added into the bazaar. 
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      Also, so many newer users that don't know how much pets are worth yet are just burning through their ZC because of it. 
      If you see any pets that are severely overpriced, please take a moment to flag them so newer users don't get ripped off. I flag overly priced pets all the time, but just one flag isn't going to fix anything. Pets need 10 flags to be taken down. 
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      @Whoever is the one randomly hatching my eggs for free, thank you ^^ It helps clear out my eggs a bit
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    • CaitlynMellark

      Here is my monthly (?) reminder that if anyone has any of the pets on my Wishlist, I would like to buy/trade for them! ^^ I am willing to save up ZC!
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    • Kaylercool

      To anyone who has DeviantArt, you should definitely add me on there. I'm trying to become a little more active on there.  
      I wish I could change my username on there because I don't particularly care for it anymore. I don't know why I didn't go with Kaylercool. I've been using Kaylercool as a username basically since I discovered the internet.
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    • tomomi

      Wow, the post service here in Austria sucks sooo hard. I chose EMS shipping because everyone always says its so safe and awesome and whatever. And then I get a package today, that is completely wet and has 2 freaking holes. And the freaking postman says "it's not our fault, if it's broken you have to send it back". Like hell I would do that!!! The Japanese post service would NEVER treat packages like that! It's your goddamn fault and no one else's for letting packages stand around in the rain or snow!! Lucky for them the figure box and the figure herself aren't wet or broken. Thank you AmiAmi for putting so much protection in the box! Seriously, everyone always complains about that, but without it I'm pretty sure the outer box of the figure would have been soaked as well. God, I hate the post service so much. Even more than Customs, which also suck pretty bad. >_<
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