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Looking for another CYO artist! (Cat CYO)

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Hi! I want to have a cat CYO created using this base:


I don't have the materials to make a CYO, so I need someone else to. I will pay up to 4000 zc. However, if that seems unfair then I am able to negotiate. :) I am thinking 4-6 alts, and would like for it to be full staged. I would like it if it could be done within 2 weeks. Also, I would like someone with a little experience. 


egg: Dark grey with small specks of white along the outside, and a black paw print in the middle   

                                           Alt one: Light grey with black on the edge of it's tail, paws and ears and light blue eyes

                                           Alt two: Black with a light grey stripe along its spine with green eyes and small specks of light grey

                                            on the edge of it's ears

                                           Alt three: White with dark grey on the edge of its paws and grey ears with icy blue eyes

                                           Alt four: Very light blue with light grey on the edge of it's muzzle and orange eyes 

                                           Alt five: Dark blue with a white chest and underbelly and light green eyes 

                                           Alt six: Light purple with white dots on it's back, tail, and ears with very dark blue eyes 


                                          Thanks so much! :D


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Currently on a vacation to the States and we've been driving from CA to FL so made these for you on the drive today- hope that's okay! Let me know if you want anything changed, though if I don't see a reply before we leave the hotel in the morning, I won't see it until we hit the next hotel tomorrow night. Enjoy! x







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