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Looking for some Literate 1x1s

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So, for the past five years, I've been writing on my own but I miss the different ideas that merge together in roleplays! Plus, it's where my roots are, and I feel like reconnecting to them!


Here is my list of published works!


I'm interested in trying anything, but I will let you know that I am experienced the most in romance and adventure. Sci-fi I am also incredibly interested in.

I'm mainly interested in seeking one on one roleplay partners, but I may look into group roleplays. 


I am able to roleplay both male and female characters, and, as long as the roleplay is interesting, have no issues with either. That being said, do not feel offended if I lose interest or purpose new plot ideas!


Literacy wise I am searching for at least 1+ paragraph(s) consisting of 7+ sentences. 


I look forward to roleplaying with all of you! ^.^

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4 minutes ago, Dashy said:

Do you have any specific ideas in mind? If so I'd love to do something with you! (I'm very flexible when it comes to roleplaying!)

 At the moment, I don’t! However, I can help brainstorm some ideas through PM. c:

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I think we had an rp back in the day, and my replies weren’t the best. But, i am proud to say that my writing skills have much improved in the last year. I wouldn’t mind something romance, if i could play a female character that’d be great. I prefer BxG. Though, here lately ive wanted to do something scifi but with romance in it? 

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10 minutes ago, darkxros3x said:

I think we had an rp back in the day, and my replies weren’t the best. But, i am proud to say that my writing skills have much improved in the last year. I wouldn’t mind something romance, if i could play a female character that’d be great. I prefer BxG. Though, here lately ive wanted to do something scifi but with romance in it? 

Sounds good! And a sci-fi-romance sounds fantastic! PM me and can iron out the details?

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    • By MoonlitBlood
      Welcome! This is my first rp (on this forum, I’m educated in role playing :3) and here are the basics I guess.
      -minimal cussing (you can cuss 3 times per day) abbreviations such as “frick” are allowed, but don’t say it too often.
      -each character must have two flaws, and if there are powers, no stronger than like, sending rays of sunshine down or something. Just make it so the other(s) can avoid it if they find a way.
      -You must specify First and Last name, but middle names are optional because not everyone has them.
      -If you want to get into detailed romance PLEASE rp it where no one else can read it.
      -You do not have to specify your chapters family or relationships (unless you want to!)
      -Have fun and be nice! (Unless it’s part of the rp)
      This world is separated by two sides. The Sun, and The Moon. However, some don’t choose a side, and are known as “The Unknown.”
      The Unknowns one and only goal is the shatter the two sides, and allow people to live freely m. Sadly, very few people believe that this is a good idea, and will attack the Unknown the second they see them.
      The Sun is the side that basks in sunlight, happiness and wealth. You're lucky if you are born there. However, The Moon treats it’s followers with kindness, and most of them agree with the Unknown. 
      The Unknown is getting smaller though, and very few have survived. Eventually they are forced to side with The Moon, but insist on staying known as The Unknown. 
      The Sun and The Moon now have broken into war, and the world is coated with blood and flames. You must find a way to end this war and make peace between the two sides, but with the sacrifice of your life. However, if you are skilled enough, you can survive.
      The Sun: Bright sunny hills flourished with flowers dapple the Sun’s bright land, and wide sparkling oceans stretch across for miles. It is a very lush, green beautiful place.
      The Moon: Cold hills of snow cover the Moon’s dark mountains, and moonlight makes the ice sparkle. Quiet, wet swamps and forests cover the territory. Instead of oceans, small rushing rivers flow through the land.
      The Unknown: Most Unknown camp out in the Lost Desert, but some sneak through and live in the Sun and Moon’s territory.
      -Minty (Female, 14, The Unknown) @MoonlitBlood
      -Chole (Female, 16, The Moon) @Kitkat
      -Rowan (Male, 15, The Unknown) @Kitkat
      -Orchid (Female, 15, The Unknown) @Dashy
      -Gadget (Female, 13, The Unknown) @MoonlitBlood
      -Ryan (Male, 17, The Moon) @Kitkat
      -Cherry (Female, 14, The Moon) @Kitkat
      -Trixie (Female, 16, Unknown) @Dashy
      -Xander (Male, 17, Unknown) @Dashy
      -Bianca (Female, 15, Unknown) @Dashy
      -Gideon ‘kit’ (Male, 21, unknown) @Alcarie
      -Gabriel (Male, 16, Unknown) @Alcarie
      - = single or hates/ is afraid of Humans
      + means they like each other
      ~ means they  are in a relationship 
      if this (>) arrow is pointing towards a name, that means the person on the opposite end likes them. Jut say who your oc likes.
      Minty > Xander
      Orchid -=
      Chloe -=
      Rowan > Minty
      Gadget -=
      Trixie -=
      Xander -=
      Gideon -=
      Gabriel -=
      Name//Gender//Age//Personality//Moon sun or unknown//Family (optional)//Crush/bf or gf (or single, You also may say that they are afraid/hate humans//Clothing//Looks//Weapons//Soulpower (the one power they have that represents them)

    • By Kitkat
      :WOLF RP: 
      @Alcarie, @Dashy, & @MoonlitBlood
      Who wants to start the rp? If you guys don't want to, then I will. 
      If you would like to join the rp, go here: 
    • By Soul

      Qunari, horned men and women from another continent, have begun to wage war against those who dare oppose them. Their main aim: to spread their religion, the "Qun." However, such creatures have always been at the edge of the world, miles away from the main continent. That is, however, till, they are run aground by a passing enemy ship. The battle ensues will determine more than the victor and survivor.
      The Qunari
      “They call us barbarians, but look at how they treat each other.”

      Nicknamed Gale
      "One Who Holds Back Evil"
      Warrior of the Berserker class.
      Twenty-four years old
      Personality:As per customs, Gale was raised and trained by the Tamassrans. It was there that she began to understand the true path she was meant to walk, and where she gained her unshakable loyalty and stubbornness. Like all Qunari, she is quite attached to her family (meaning the Qunari as a whole not a familial unit), and has put her own life on the line to ensure her comrad's life. This has resulted in her baring more pain than those around her, even as she passed her training and became an Arvaarad. When she is the midst of a battle, she hardens her heart like any and plunges straight for the enemy. However, when in isolation, she find herself weighed down by the loses and the cruel treatment of the Saarebas. Qunari are not known to cry, yet she had come close several times in the past few years, and this is why her loyalty brought her to the Ben-Hassrath. There, she endured rigorous torture as being re-educated, yet, when she left their care, she still felt compassion toward the mages under her care. The once firm ground beneath her feet began to soften and shake at that moment, and now she hesitates to use Saarebas as tools for the current war.
      In regards to outsiders, Gale is quite cold and curt. She was raised in the time where humans had tried to take back their home and this caused more strain to be placed on the Tamassrans. They were the sole ones who could produce more warriors and leaders, after all. Thus, her experience with humans had always been them attempting to kill her or her kin, even if her people did walk in peace. Even so, she would not attack blindly. Her training to become a Arvaarad dictates that she always try to be diplomatic and save murder for last. However, her words can be as cutting as any blade, and this often causes outsiders to be put off or be enraged. 
      When outside of her home, she rarely allows her to guard to relax and this may result in a blade being pointed at anyone's throat, if they so happen to step out of line. If a mission is unsuccessful, it will count as a failure on her part as a commander rather than the whole platoon. Thus, her attitude towards those under her can be blunt, but never directly insulting. Toward the Saarebas, she is more flexible and pays little attention to them unless there is a need to use their power.
      Appearance:Gale stands at eight feet tall, with a slender body mass. Compared to the males of her race, she is either of the same height or slightly shorter. Her skin is of a light grey color, as is typical for a regular Qunari, and is rather rough to the touch due to her visit to the Ben-Hassrath a year ago. Accompanying her common skin color is her white hair that is usually free-flowing, yet has been tied back in times of battle. Soft to the touch, it greatly contrasts with the texture of her skin. Since her hair often frames her face, her bright orange eyes seem all the more startling and vibrant.
      Gale possess a slender body type, yet she has little issue manipulating her war hammer. Qunari, both genders, are meant and made to swing large weapons with ease. Their body is simply made for it, and the ease in which the female utilizes her weapon boldly states this as fact. Her height is also another common trait of a Qunari, for she is taller than most of any race, humans included. 
      Her facial structure is angled, and more square in the chin area than most. It is rumored that she is the Arishook's daughter for the two possess the same facial structure, but this has neither been confirmed nor denied. Her lips are of a darker grey than that of her skin, and rather plump (yet again, another trait typical of Qunari). As Qunari do not kiss nor have any romantic desires to for each other, it is a safe bet to guess they have never touched another's. Gale's nose mimics her facial structure and is angled and sharp. This trait varies amongst the Qunari, but it furthers the rumor that she is the Arishook's daughter. Small, sharp, and angled eyebrows frame her vibrant orange eyes that are usually narrowed. Lastly, her ears are as pointed as any Qunari's would be, yet they are typically covered by her hair.
      Gale sports typical Qunari armor and does not stray from this armor. She has been trained to fight and move in it, thus she treats it as if it is part of her skin. The only difference in her armor is that the upper straps are of a lighter brown and gold than any other. Whether this is to display rank or to easily identify her in battle is unknown. 
      History: Gale was born with two biological parents, yet Qunari do not raise their children. No, they are sent to the Tamassrans instead and raised to fulfill their future role. This was no different for Gale, and she soon came to see her instructors as her parents, even though they only call her by the number. Qunari are not given names under the Qun, only numbers, yet a few had given her the nickname of Gale to describe the manner in which she fought. However, this technique is common amongst Arvaarads, for they need to be powerful and swift to ensure a Saarebas does not escape or lose control. Years of constant practice sharpened this skill, and she finds solace in her technique. 
      Upon becoming Arvaarad, the female found herself in another world entirely. Responsibilities were placed on her shoulders in rapid succession due to the war. It was clear that she struggled to adjust, yet she was given time for her loyalty in the Qun never wavered. Thus, she was given the opportunity to become a true leader even if she showed momentary weakness. However, those of a higher rank than she often disregard her due to her early struggles. At this time, she is still struggling to prove her worth even if most missions lead by her have been successful. 
      Her success as a leader lasted till she turned twenty and a battle ended in the bloodshed of most of her platoon. Most of the Saarebas under her control died in the battle due to her eye straying from the objective. When she returned home, she found herself isolated even though she continued to receive orders and roles to assume. Qunari society relies on each member to function as a whole, and, for the first time, she felt completely separated from this. Even so, she continued to perform her duties while attempting to forget her raising doubt. However, in another battle, she hesitated and this resulted in a close acquaintance being killed before her eyes. 
      Death was common, almost second nature to her by this point, yet the guilt ate at her. The resounding silence of those around her made her slip further. This was the moment when she turned herself over to the Ben-Hassrath. She forgot some of her grief, her anger, her disappointment, yet her depression remained. No amount of wounds, whether physical or mental, could cure her or soothe her as it did most. Seeds of doubt had already been planted and were growing roots. Yet, she kept this quiet. She did not speak to any of this, for she did not wish to be killed or become Tal-Vashoth. This is why she began to accompany more platoons into the front lines, for she hoped to meet death on the battlefield, but death as yet to greet her.
      The Mage Thief
      Creus Aurinko
      Twenty-three years old
      Appearance: Creus if fairly fair skinned  usually being most active at night however if he spends enough time in the sun he gets a light honey colored tan. He is also fairly tall and lean reaching 6 feet and a hundred and fifty-five pounds, with a chiseled physique due to years of living life on the run. He has a rather athletic and well proportioned build. He isn't overly muscular as he is built more nimbly his assets lying in speed and stamina rather then physical strength.  As a result he isn't very wide in the shoulders but his build has served him well in his years of living as a thief. Like this rest of his build his face is also well proportioned, oval in shape and narrowing at the jawline. His proportions give him a rather graceful appearance for a human. He also bares thick, golden blond hair that falls just above the center of his back when left loose however he often keeps it tied back out of his face. One of his most striking features are his eyes. If one where to examine them closely they would see a dark blue rim around his iris and jagged rays of lighter blue around his pupil. He generally tends to wear lighter weight clothes preferring not to be weighed down when a speedy escape is needed. He often dresses in a somewhat noble fashion with stolen clothes as he often goes around impersonating a traveling noble. His usual attire often includes a simple white button down shirt with black pants and black leather boots. Over that he wears a stolen white trench coat with plenty of hidden pockets sown into to stow away stolen valuables.
      Personality: Creus is a bit of a loner, he is slow to warm up to others and is often a bit standoffish and distrusting but as he warms up to the people around him his kinder side becomes apparent. He will often quietly lend a hand to someone in need without asking anything or wanting in return. In fact he generally does not like to be recognized for his good deeds and will often try to put others off snarky or blunt comments. Creus is definitely not the type of person to sugar coat things, if someone ask him a question he will tell them exactly what he thinks and sometimes his words can be a bit cruel. This is because he believes the truth is far more helpful then gentle lies no matter how tough it might be. However while he might be blunty truthful with personal stuff with other people he usually contradicts himself as he is generally far from an honest person. He is a thief and a con-artist and has quite the silver tongue often trying to talk and lie his way out of dangerous situations often preferring to try and avoid conflict with words rather then action. Along with that he is generally a more intellectual person spending quite a bit of time in his pursuit of knowledge, specifically magic. Cunning is another word that could be used to describe him as he has been thief the majority of his life and had so far avoided capture.  Along with all that he had a rather pronounced rebellious streak to him, he's not afraid to question who's in charge and the choices they make. He will do so openly, often directly challenging anyone who had a superior rank to him but only if he truly believes that the higher ranking person is mistaken. Something that will probably get him into some trouble but despite his challenging nature he is loyal once he befriends someone. Not only that but despite his challenging nature he has no desire for power or anything else that might give him extra responsibilities, leading to the fact that he is quite lazy. If he can manipulate or coerce someone to do work for him he most likely will.  With all these faults however he does do a few good deeds, one in particular is that often what he steals goes to help others in need.
    • By rapunzel
      Rapunzel here! It's been so long since I've been here that I decided to put a few plots I am interested in doing, with hopes of finding a partner(s) to roleplay it with.
      In short, I am looking for a mature (writing wise) partner who can provide a couple of good, meaty paragraphs per reply on average. I also ask that proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is used apart from the casual mistakes here and there. 
      I have a strong preference for the female role (so I have it in mind for me for all of these roleplays).
      Without further ado, a few plots:
      Fallen Heroes
      Tags: superhero-villain, romance
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