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So, I noticed something today. 

A while back I submitted the name of a pet called "Chocolate Kitty."

I accidentally submitted it with the wrong brush (a regular brush rather than an alted brush.) I didn't notice I had done so until I uploaded the egg and alt 1. Afterwards, I asked @Cake about it.

Before I got a response back, I just resubmitted the pet with a new name. "Chocolate Cat." and then proceeded to upload it's alts and such once it was fully accepted. 

Later on @Cake got back to me about the other pet I had submitted. She denied that pet, giving me my regular brush back and everything seemed totally fine. (Except for the fact that the egg showed up twice on  "Newest Pets" at the bottom of the news page, but that just seemed harmless and it really didn't even matter.)


I noticed that "Chocolate Kitty" shows up on "50 Rarest Pets on PA" now. It didn't before.



In the Color Almanac it says there are three of them in the system and it only has the first alt (as shown in the picture above), unlike "Chocolate Cat" (which is shown below):


My brush wasn't used for this pet before since I used the brush I got back for another pet. It didn't exist at all I thought. I never got any sort of code for "Chocolate Kitty" either. 

But, maybe this was intentional? I have no way of knowing. If this isn't some sort of glitch or problem, I apologize, but I thought it was the right thing to do to bring it to you guys' attention in case it is.



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