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  I might give these away again next year (Thanksgiving 2018) along with a new one.  


 Rules: You may NOT resell this gift CYO or any other CYOs you receive from me. If you decide   you no longer want it, send it back to me. 

 This giveaway will be over after Thanksgiving. 

Hello, everyone! 

I decided to make a Thanksgiving CYO.

 Since it's a holiday and all I decided to give them out for free! :D 

Here it is: 5a0f3effd0fb7_PilgrimCatEgg150x150.png.8d58a5d5b7186cbdafc93413a1741e38.png5a0f3eff7940f_PilgrimCat150x150.png.4800a5045bacf8aac77a60af8d80bb88.png

They're all female. 

If you want one just post below saying so and I'll send it over as soon as possible. :) 

Just please be aware of the rules above! 

Thank you to anyone who takes one!

 34/50 left!  (As of 11/23/17 ~ 1:12 PM site time.)

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      i hate my life today
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