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Sunshine Scattered || a RP

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Minty :: Interacting w/ Gabriel 

“Oh! I’m Minty! Your Gabriel! You have a brother! Sorry I was watching you I didn’t mean it I’m sorry!! I’m also 14!”

The talkative side of Minty was taking over, for the first time in 11 years. She looked genuinely happy, but also scared because she knew she had a bad habit of watching people. She stopped hugging Gabriel and gave him a bright smile. “I’m small but I’m not a little kid!” She said, making it obvious that she noticed how he acted when she had hugged him. She picked up a stick. “See this stick?” She asked. “It’s a friendship stick!” She broke the stick in half and shoved one half into Gabriel’s hands. “We’re friends, right?” 

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OoC: So sorry it took me so long to reply! 

Ryan: Open

He ran, filled with fear and sorrow for his sister. He quickly turned around to make sure the man from the Sun wasn't still following him. He started slowing down after a few minutes, then started walking to collect himself. He thought about Cherry, and then pain filled him, pain that he couldn't bear. He suddenly heard voices from not to far away. He sighed, running towards the voices and tried spying on them. He saw a girl, she looked about 15, he also saw a man, sitting on a horse. He looked about 20. He quickly sat down and hid behind a few trees to listen to their conversation.

Chloe: Interacting w/ Trixie 

She stared at the ground for a moment, then looked back at the girl. "Nowhere's in particular" she said, keeping a close eye on the girl, but making sure she didn't look threatening. She looked around, trying to act casual, as not to alarm her. She held her spear close in a non-threatening way and stared a the girl for a moment. "Can I trust you?" she asked with one last look at her. 

Roman: Open

Lol, I don't really know what to do for him right now, so I will just leave it at "He is still wandering" 

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    • By gamma
      The Elder chuckled softly and leaned in closer to the kits, "Our ancestors were once enormous cats with powerful teeth and large eyes to see in the dark. They were covered in spots to shroud them in the forest. They were so large they could even take down a deer on their own!" His ear twitched when he heard one of the kits ask what a deer was, "Huh, well it was like a rabbit but taller than you or me and they had sticks growing out of their head. Very interesting creature." He said before continuing, "Where was I... Oh yes! Soon prey began to get scarce for the large cats and the clan moved to our wonderful home. As time went on they shrunk down to about the size we are now, and that's how Cave Clan was born." His tail swayed happily as he watched the kits start to jump around pretending to be ancient clan members hunting deer, though his attention was soon drawn to a commotion coming from the entrance to camp...
      Cave Clan has been living in their cave for generations. The elders don't even remember how the Clan came to live in the caves, but each leader is told the tale, and each new archiver is shown the history of Cave Clan. They were once a clan like all the others, living together on the surface, hiding from humans, protecting their territory, but soon prey began to grow scarce. Each day the hunting patrols had to venture further out from the normal hunting grounds and each day the patrols came back with less. Soon the members of the clan started to worry about what would happen if they didn't try to find more prey. Some cats took their families and kits, even newborns, and began to venture out. They looked for shelter with the two-legs or for their own territory to live out life as a rogue. The clan doesn't know what happened to those cats, but The Leader new that the clan needed a new camp, and so the great journey began.
      The Clan lost many members, either due to injury and illness or because the cats could no longer stand the journey and split off in hopes to find a better life. It took almost an entire moon for the clan to find the cave. It was sheer luck too, or as the archivers like to put it, "the will of the ancestors". The cave's entrance was small and quite hard to find, something you would only go into out of desperation to hide from the blizzard outside. When the ventured further back they were surprised to enter into an entire forest with steams, and even a lake. There is no sky above them, it is all rocks but in the night the cavern ceiling seems to glow, giving the illusion of a clear night sky. Ever since then the Clan has been living in the cave, abandoning any notions of leaving such a perfect place. The longer they lived in the cave the more the members began to forget of the outside world, and so the Archivers began. The leader of the clan wanted their history to be preserved so a cat was selected to create a way to document what had happened, where they had began, and the future events that would come to pass. The clan itself was not allowed to freely venture into the archiver's tunnel. Only the leader and the archiver could venture in. Besides most other cats are too scared to enter the tunnel. It whispers with past memories. As time went on the way the clan taught warriors and medicine cats began to change as well. Cave Clan lets the apprentice decide where they would like to train and even spends a few nights teaching the apprentices about what medicine cats would do. Most do choose to become warriors, but on occasion there have been two medicine cat apprentices. The warrior apprentices are taught to keep to the shadows, move silently and swiftly before pouncing with a deadly aim. The medicine cat apprentices are taught about how to treat all sorts of wounds as well as how to communicate with their ancestors. Since Cave Clan rarely sees the actual stars they do not call their ancestors and fallen clan mates Star Clan. They simply refer to them as Spirit Clan. 
      There is a new problem arising for the clan though. In recent years the clan has tended to avoid the entrance to the cave, skipping patrols and marking their territory. There were never any cats around and the patrols themselves were grueling and would always exhaust the cats. Besides the outside world seemed too bright. When the patrols stopped the rouge cats and kittypets took a notice. They thought that the wild cats had moved on and some have begun to venture in. The cats of Cave Clan has not interacted with the outside world for generations and no cat knows how these interactions will change the fate of the Clan. 
      Spirit Clan seems to be torn, half warn of a terrible plague while others encourage the newcomers to bridge them to the members they lost so long ago
    • By Puma concolor

        READ: Basically no trading or selling CYOs/Customs you get from me. 
      - EXCEPTION: Because I cannot choose the alts for the Felidae Neona, you can trade a Felidae Neona with someone for a different Felidae Neona alt. You may also use the Wishing Well to change the alt of a Felidae Neona for that same reason. Also, if you get a Felidae Neona from the Egg Drop, you may trade/sell it, but please not for more than I'm selling them here.  But no trading or changing the alt of a Puppy Love under any circumstances.
      I also take CYO/custom trades, provided you own the rights to the CYO/custom. Just offer. 
      Note: I collect black cat customs/CYOs :3 (As if you couldn't already tell that from my sig haha)
      I also collect bats. 
      6 bats (any species) = 1 CYO
      12 bats (any species) = 1 Supreme CYO
      Obviously bats that are of a high rarity or that are CYO/Customs are worth even more. Feel free to offer:)
      Don't forget to @mention me for a quicker response. 
      And sorry that my images and spacing are so messed up XD
      Felidae Neona
      800 ZC or 1 ZP
      (or 3000 for 6, I can't guarantee a full set though because I can't choose alts)
      NOTE: I CANNOT CHOOSE ALTS but I will be trying to get as many hatched as possible for people who want a full set. 

      Tiger,  King Cheetah, Leopard, Black Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Bobcat
      I currently have an extra black leopard hatched, if you would like that alt.
       I have about 10 eggs left to sell.  
      Puppy Love 
      Alts 1, 2, 4, 5: 1750 ZC or 3 ZP
      Alts 3 and 6: Rare alts, not for sale at the moment, sorry (may trade, though).
      I can choose alts on this one:)


                                               21 on site
      Who has them (if you have one and aren't on the list, please tell me): Chikoo12007,  Ipmetallica,  Gammawolf, Lilytora

      These are for gifting to those who have lost someone. Tell me and I'll send one their way. You can include a short note for them if you like (can even be anonymous if you prefer).
      Only 4 in the system so far. Possibly for trade in rare circumstances.
      Summer Night

      I need 30 ZP to make these into a private custom. Six preorder slots, 5 ZP each.
      Thanks for looking  
    • By Kirito
      Basically, just a little doodle that i cleaned up. How do you like it?
      I don't think i will be able to make it a Custom mostly because i don't have enough zp to do so.
    • By Kirito
      alt for my Cat custom  Do you guys have an idea on what the name should be?
      How do you guys like the Custom so far?
      This is my personal favorite but that's only because i love snow leopards. How do you guys like it should i keep this alt or change it?
    • By Kirito
      alt for my Cat custom  Do you guys have an idea on what the name should be?
      How do you guys like the Custom so far?
      This is my leopard alt idk how well i did i'm not the best at doing spots  Tell me if you like this alt or if i should change it
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    • Creus

      Random weird conversation with family member:
      Me: I am off work tomorrow, do you want me to make dinner?
      Family member: Yes, I pulled out some chicken to defrost.
      Me: Is there anything you want me to do with it?
      Family member: Snow
      Me: Snow?
      Family member:  Coat the snow
      Me: Coat the snow with what? Chicken?
      Family member: Yes
      Me: Mm'kay...sounds easy enough I suppose. Just open the door, toss the chicken in snow and voilà,  dinner?
      Family member: Sounds good
      Me:   "..."
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    • Xene

      Does anyone else think breeding for breeding-exclusive alts is random, rather than dependent on what you breed? I've been looking at the outcomes of bred pairs and some pairings have produced nearly every bred alt at some point in time. There's a Norwegian Forest Cat pair (alts 5x2) that produced 8/10 of the known bred alts (not counting the mix alt) and another (alts 3x1) that produced 6/10. Any thoughts?
      · 2 replies
    • Lilytora

      I need to stop forgetting to check this site
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    • Creus

      Why is the super bowl called the super bowl? Who made a bowl super and what does that have to do with football?
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      One of these days I am going to start a saltwater fish tank...
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