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Pine came out of his den and sat down by the stream. He had decided he was going to hunt, but after he figured out the wind was this bad, he decided he would go back to his den. He grabbed a peace of prey from the prey pile, and went back inside his den. 

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Chasm ::
Trotting quickly across the soft underbrush at the edge of Fire packs territory, the large brindled wolf kept his head low and ears pricked for movement from the Water pack. Pausing for a moment, Chasm huffed quietly and scanned the area. Nothing. Deciding there was nothing happening on this particular stretch of territory, the guard finished the sun-high patrol and began the journey back to the camp. Everything was quiet until he got closer to the camp, where voices could be heard even from a good distance away. The familiar smell of the pack was comforting, and Chasm sped up until he reached the camps entrance. Slipping inside, he paused to see who was around before heading straight towards the nursery. Poking his head inside, he tried to get used to the sudden dimness. "Star?"

Cricket ::
Sitting dejectedly in front of the apprentices den, Cricket stared balefully at the camp entrance with slumped shoulders. Giving a loud, bored sigh, the apprentices dramatically flops onto his side and grumbles to himself. Being the only guard apprentice, Cricket was often left alone when the other apprentices were training and his own mentor was no where to be found. Seeing his brother appear, Cricket lifted his head and gave an excited yip in hopes of finally getting something to do. Instead of answering, Chasm headed straight to the nursery. "You've gotten boring since you've had pups!" He calls out teasingly, but didn't get up. He was ignored. Sighing again, he dropped his head back down.

Snowdancer ::
The old healer sniffed into the small piles of neatly stacked of herbs that lined the back of the den, nose wrinkling when he'd find molded or useless herbs. His eyes sight wasn't as good as it used to be, so he relied more on his nose. Picking out the bad herbs, Snowdancer picked up a small bundle of them to take out of the camp and dispose of where curious apprentices or pups could not readily find them. Stepping from his den, the old wolf stretched carefully in the sun and gave his ragged pelt a shake. He figured he'd take Rose out to find some replacements once it was a bit cooler and started slowly towards the camps entrance.

Mink ::
Yanking a stubborn burr from her thick tail, the small she-wolf spat the offending thing away from herself and went back to yank a second one out. Once she was burr free, and with much less tail fur, Mink stood up and shook herself out. Noticing Heather grumbling something to herself not to far away, the friendly wolf trotted over to her fellow hunter and sat down a respectful distance away. "You maybe want to hunt with me later? Make it less work?" She asked, flicking her ears curiously. She knew Heather was a quiet, secretive wolf, and wasn't sure she'd want the company. But Mink figured it would not hurt to be nice.

Flint ::
Sniffing into a large hole at the base of an oak tree, the burly apprentice was annoyed to find that it was empty. Sitting back, the alpha-in-training, gave it a glare and attempted the lick the dirt from around his muzzle. Giving a sneeze, Flint shook his head roughly to dislodge the last of the grit before staring up into the tree in hopes of finding some sort of prey for him to practice on. This close to camp, however, there was nothing to be found. Flint decided not to go to far away in case the beta had something for the three trainee's to do, but sitting in the camp had finally bored him enough that the forest outside of the camp was a beacon.

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She was curled up with her pups, Flame and Lilac, when Chasm came in. "Yes, what is it?" She asked him, licking the pups between they're ears, and proceeded to sit up.


He sat up, trotting out of the den. He was about to go out hunting, but ran into Snowdancer on the way. He growled at him, "get out of my way!" he spat at Snowdancer. 


She yawned, sitting down next to the stream. She bent down to lap at it. she then walked back to her den. She went inside, then quickly curled up in her nest, and fell into a deep sleep.


He stalked out of his den, scratching his ear. He saw Cricket and quickly trotted over to him. "Hi!" he said, sitting down.


She walked over to the oak tree, trying to be quiet. She stalked towards the squirrel, unfortunately knocking into Flint. "Flint?" She said, surprised. She squirrel fled. She got back onto her paws, looking at Flint. 


She stalked up to the doe, making sure to be quiet. She then clawed at it, barely scraping the doe. it then ran. She looked after it, disappointed. She walked slowly back to the camp, running into Pine and Snowdancer on the way in.


He went to go lap up some water from the stream. He stretched, yawning. He then quickly lapped up some water from the stream, and went back to his den.

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Heather :: open

Heather stood up, and walked to her den. She silently gave pretty much everyone in her sight the death stare, but she didn’t know their names so she couldn’t insult them. Heather was always a bit out of the ordinary, and often stayed away from the other wolves. 


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OoC: @MoonlitBlood, Mink (one of Alcarie's characters) interacted with Heather. Just wanted to let you know in case you missed it! ^^; Also, just so you know, Ember and Sora don't have a mentor @Kitkat

Ember [open for interaction]

Ember sat underneath a pine tree, looking up into the orange sky. The day had been particularly uneventful and he decided to go into the forest before it got too dark. Standing and giving his pelt a shake, he glanced around camp then headed to the entrance. The overwhelming amount of scents in the forest swamped him and he sniffed, trying to pinpoint some kind of prey to take back to camp. He sniffed out some mouse but it was faint; then a robin, but it fluttered off before he could even try and hunt it. With a huff, he lowered to the ground and tasted the air. It took a couple sniffs until he pinpointed the scent of a vole. Crouching low, he crept towards the scent until he heard the small shuffles of a vole in the leaves, nudging around. Ember pricked his ears and started forward when the vole tensed, looked up, then scurried away quickly into a tiny burrow. Lashing his tail, Ember snorted. "I should've been able to catch that." He muttered. 

Sora [open for interaction]

Licking the last stray piece of fur on her chest, Sora stood up and stretched. With a yawn, she looked around camp, blinking. It didn't appear anyone was doing anything exciting, but she did see Snowdancer heading to the entrance of camp. Maybe the old wolf needed help gathering herbs? It wasn't Sora's first choice in finding something to do, but it would be better than over-excessively grooming her fur. She sat up again when a leaf fluttered by, and she glanced at it, eyes wide. Snowdancer forgotten, she batted at it with a paw, then struck it down with a little bark of satisfaction. Realizing she probably looked like a pup, she glanced around and hoped nobody saw her pup-like antics, licking her chest fur down again in slight embarrassment. Sitting back down, she paused. Wait a second, what was I going to do again?

Rose [interacting with Snowdancer]

Rose tugged one of the many burrs out of her thick pelt. With her long fur, it was hard not to go anywhere without catching a few in there like a web. With a little growl of frustration, she stretched to reach the last one on her side, then sighed with relief when she had finally gotten them all out. Standing and shaking out her fur, she glanced around camp. After eating and picking out all of the burrs, she felt full and slightly sleepy, but didn't let it distract her. Tired wasn't an option if she was going to become the next Healer. Her amber eyes finally found Snowdancer, and she stretched once before trotting over to him. "Hi, Snowdancer." She said, ducking her head respectfully. "If you're going out to gather herbs, I could come with you." She said, looking the wolf over with a hint of worry in her eyes. As he got older, it appeared the wolf was getting more and more fragile, and she liked to keep an eye on him even if he was her mentor and not the other way around.

Ash [open for interaction]

Ash - after grabbing a vole from the fresh-kill pile - headed into the corner of camp and sat underneath a pine tree. Leaning down to take a quick bite, she looked back up and glanced around camp. It was quiet, which Ash actually preferred, but she couldn't help but wish that she wasn't so shy. She couldn't really help it, but it still got in the way of a lot, and she always wondered why she wasn't normal like the other fire pack wolves. Taking another bite of the vole's flesh, she sat up, shook out her fur, and finished the vole in a few more bites. Glancing around camp once more, she quickly headed towards the camp entrance. Perhaps she would practice on her fire a bit more, or hunt. Anything to get out of camp.

Storm [open for interaction]

Finishing his plump mouse in one bite, Storm sat up, stretched, and looked around for the three Alpha's-in-training. He was hoping to get a bit more training in before night hit camp, and all three of the wolves could use some extra training. If he was honest, he was a bit concerned about their training. They needed an Alpha again and soon, and so far he wasn't sure about the progress. Flint was powerful when it came to fire, but he still needed to learn to control his powers. Ash was much too shy and didn't like to train with the others much, and he hadn't trained Marigold enough to see how powerful she was. Standing, he looked around and noticed Marigold coming back into camp, but there was no sight of Flint or Ash. Grumbling slightly, he swept his tail to the side. "I'll have to find those two first before we can do any training."

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Cricket :: Interacting with Skunk
Lolling his head to the side to see who was talking to him, Cricket wagged his fluffy tail in a friendly greeting upon seeing a fellow apprentice. Pushing his burly body into a sitting position, the guard apprentice appraised Skunk curiously for a moment before giving him a wolfish grin. "No mentor either?" He asked, rolling his shoulders. "You'd think they'd be trying to speed up our training a bit with the threat of the Water pack." Nose wrinkling a bit, the black apprentice huffed.

Chasm :: Interacting with Star
Slipping further into the nursery so that he could see Flame and Lilac, the brindle guard gave each pup a gentle lick between the ears before returning his focus to his mate. "Do I need a reason to come see my pups and wonderful mate?" He asked teasingly, amber eyes bright. "Nah, I was just coming to make sure everything was alright," lowering his voice a bit, Chasm glanced towards the entrance quickly then back "this thing between the pack seems like it's just truly starting and it feels like something bad is coming. I worry, is all." Sighing, he reached forward to nudge Star's cheek. "Anyway, don't worry about it. You need anything?"

Flint :: Interacting with Cherry
Flint pricked his ears at a sudden commotion to his left, but before he could investigate someone barrelled into his side. Yelping with surprise, the alpha-in-training scrabbled to get his paws back underneath of him to turn a bewildered glare onto the other wolf. Instead of an intruder, Flint found himself face-to-face with Cherry. "You should know better than to sneak up on an alpha-in-training." He complained, puffing out his chest. "I could have hurt you!" He added, ruffled and a bit embarrassed at being caught off guard. After a second he huffed out a laugh and trotted to the she-wolf and bumped his head against her shoulder playfully. "Sorry about the squirrel. I'm sure you'd have had it if I wasn't here." Looking towards the camp, Flint figured Storm was looking for the three apprentices he trained, but didn't want to leave Cherry after having messed up her hunt.

Snowdancer :: Interacting with Marigold and Rose
The old healer blinked in slight surprise as Pine shoved past him, snarling something rude. Choosing to ignore the cocky young male, Snowdancer shook his head and continued on his way. If he decided that the next time Pine needed a herb he'd give him the most bitter out of the pile, it was no one's business but his own. Grinning around the leaves in his mouth, the white wolf was stopped again, but this time by Marigold. Pausing, Snowdancer placed his load at his paws and licked his lips to get rid of the taste of musty herbs. "Good afternoon Marigold." He greeted kindly, voice raspy with age. Having noticed Storm looking around, Snowdancer decided to pull a bit of rank. "Could you do something for an old wolf please?" He asked with a small smile, "Could you go fetch Flint and Ash if you can find them? Alphas-in-training don't get to be layabouts. I think I saw Ash leaving the camp just a moment ago." Rose's approach caught his attention, and he nodded to Marigold before turning to his own apprentice. "Actually, I was just hoping to find you before I headed out. I was thinking we could dispose of these here where curious apprentices can't find them, then I'd show you where to find some burdock and chervil. I'd like to restock my supply before it starts getting chilly. Speaking of, remind me what we do too dispose of herbs. I tend to forget somethings nowdays." There was laughter in his dulled eyes, letting her know he was simply testing her.
((You can make something up for Rose's answer))

Mink :: Interacting with Heather
Mink gave Heather the hairy-eyeball, one side of her mouth pulled up in a challenging snarl. Not being someone who took orders from anyone, even an alpha, lightly, Mink saw no reason to do anything this prickly hunter said. Instead she plopped down a bit closer to Heather and gave her a challenging look. "And if I don't? What are you going to do about it?" She asked, ears flicking forward. "I'm not that easy to get rid of." Sniffing, Mink side-eyed Heather. "Are you always this prickly towards anyone who wants to be friends? If you are, you'll be a lone wolf forever."

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Star: Interacting w/ Chasm, Flame & Lilac

She pricked her ears as her pups, Lilac and Flame squirmed in their nest. "Nothing right now" She said, looking at him with an amused expression. She laid back down, nuzzling her pups. "Your father is here" She said quietly, licking them between the ears once more. 

Flame: interacting w/ Star and Chasm

He yawned, opening his eyes slowly. His mother nuzzled him, "Your father is here" She said to Lilac and Flame. He looked around and saw his mother. He sat up, looking at his sister curled up beside him. He looked around once more, and saw his father, too. "Yay!" He said, getting out of their nest and going to see his father. 

Lilac: Open

:She is sleeping:


Pine: interacting w/ Cricket & Skunk

He walked away, looking back at the medicine cat. He saw Cricket and Skunk chatting with each other. He walked over, hearing the last of their conversation. He decided he would try to be nice for once. "Want to go hunting?" he asked them, looking over at the entrance of camp.


Thunder: Open

He sat down, looking around camp. He then grabbed a vole from the prey pile and went to sit back down. He swiftly ate in a few bites. He looked around the camp again, trying not to look bored. He got up, walking around. He saw Pine talking to Skunk and Cricket. He also saw Mink and Heather. He decided he would find someone to go hunting with him. He looked around, looking to see if any other hunters were looking for a partner. 


Meadowstreak: Open

She walked through the entrance, proudly carrying a small doe. She walked over to the prey pile, putting it down. She then sat down and yawned. 


Marigold: Interacting w/ Ash 

She hopped happily at Snowdancers request. "Okay!" she said cheerfully, her ears pricked. She walked through camp, looking for the other alphas in-training. She saw Ash heading for the entrance. "Hi!" she said, looking at Ash. "Storm is looking for us, Snowdancer asked me to find you and Flint" she chatted away. "Do you know where Flint is?" she stopped, looking at Ash before shaking her head. She sat down, staring at her intently. 


Cherry: Interacting w/ Flint

She shook her head, looking at Flint. She looked at him fondly for a moment, then looked away. "It's fine" She said, looking away. "I will go find something else" she said, looking back at him before walking away. 


Silver: Open

He woke up, looking around. He looked outside. The camp looked very active. He yawned, his oldness was showing. The pack needed more guards. He yawned once more, curling back into his nest, he fell into a deep sleep. 

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OoC: Ember and Sora are open for interaction, perhaps they could interact with Silver, Thunder, or Meadowstreak? @Kitkat

Rose [interacting with Snowdancer]

R0se looked after Marigold as she bounced away, looking quite cheerful. She looked after her a moment before turning back to her mentor, nodding along has he spoke and noting to remember the burdock and chervil. She paused for a moment as he asked her a question and tensed slightly. Though she would never admit it, it made her somewhat nervous whenever Snowdancer pulled out a random quiz, even though Rose usually answered them correctly she always feared failure. Shaking her head slightly to clear her thoughts, she concentrated on Snowdancers question. What do we do to dispose of herbs? She looked him over quizzically for a moment before she saw the amused gleam in his eyes. "Oh, of course." She said, blinking. "We bury them to get them out of the way." 

((I don't think the Warrior Cat's books covered disposing of herbs so I'm just guessing here c'x)

Ash [interacting with Marigold] 

Ash was nearly out of camp when a very cheerful voice stopped her in her tracks. She paused, turned, and swished her tail. It was Marigold, and the young she-wolf seemed to be talking so fast Ash wasn't quite sure what she was saying until she heard Storm - and then Flint. "Oh... he does?" She asked quietly, feeling slightly sheepish. Of course he's looking for you! she told herself. You are literally training to be Alpha, and Storm probably wants us to be trained as much as possible! "Erm... No, I haven't seen Flint, but my best guess is he's probably in the forest somewhere." Ash said, swishing her tail again. "If you're looking for him, I could come with you... if you want, of course." For some reason, Ash was always even more of a stuttering mess around Flint then anyone else. She couldn't quite figure out why yet - perhaps it was the fact that he was a much better Alpha-in-training then her, but whenever he was around her it just made her feel more nervous. 

Storm [open for interaction]

Glancing around camp, the grey wolf spotted Marigold and Ash near the entrance of camp. With a little sigh and mutter, Storm padded to the two, nodding respectfully to Snowdancer on the way. When he got to the two young wolves, he let out a little bark. "We're going to train after we find Flint; I need to see how you three have improved. Any idea where Flint is anyway?" He asked. With his experience with Flint, the young wolf was probably wandering in the forest finding squirrels to flirt with. 


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Snowdancer :: Interacting with Rose
Watching Marigold bound off, the old wolf inwardly wished he had even a third of the apprentices energy. Lips twitching upwards in vague amusement, the white healer returned his attention to his own apprentice and saw her moment of unease. It saddened him to see Rose fight so much with herself, fearing she'd always fail when Snowdancer instead saw a young wolf who would grow to be an amazing healer
. Better than he, who'd not chosen this path but was rather forced, ever could hope to have been. Of course her answer was correct and he huffed a rusty laugh. "Never doubt yourself, Rose. Now come, lets go bury those herbs and find some fresh ones." Grabbing half the pile, Snowdancer limped his way out of the camp and followed an invisible trail he'd learned as an apprentice himself. After a moment he paused in a nondescript little area that looked no different from any other and snuffled around until he found what he was looking for. Not waiting for Rose, Snowdancer began to slowly dig a small hole. Trusting that Rose had followed, he began talking. "Remember this spot and how we got here. I'll show you it one more time at a later date, then I'll start sending you here by yourself." He knew he was trying to instill more in his apprentice than his own mentor had done in a shorter amount of time, there was a knot of guilt under his breast, but he could feel his time coming like rats biting at his heels.
((I don't think the books did either. :3 I just made some stuff up to get them doing something other than sorting herbs.))

Chasm :: Interacting with Star and Flame
Little made Chasm happier than spending time with his two, small pups. Chuckling happily as Flame bounded to him, the guard lay on his belly to get to his sons level and nudged him with his nose playfully. "Hello little one. Are you behaving for your mother, hm?" he asked, flicking his amber eyes towards his mate with amusement. "Maybe if you ask nicely, I can take you out into camp to see if any of the apprentices are around to teach you some of the moves they've learned?" He whispered in conspiracy, ears pricked and tail twitching.

Flint :: Interacting with Storm, Marigold, and Ash
Blinking as Cherry turned and walked away, Flint scrunched his nose in confusion. Had he done something wrong? "She-wolves." He muttered, rolling his eyes with exaggeration. Turning with a flick of his fluffy tail, Flint decided he'd try to make up to her later and started towards the camp. He figured Storm was looking for the three alphas-in-training and felt the familiar swelling of pride. Now if only he could get his fire under control, then the path to becoming alpha was almost certainly his. Slipping into camp, Flint heard Storm's bark and scuttled over to the beta. "I'm here!" Tongue lolling, Flint gave Storm a cheeky look. Glancing at Ash and Marigold next, he shot them a faux sheepish look. "I hope I didn't keep you two lovelies from training."
((Flirting with squirrels..I possibly laughed aloud at that. XD An apt description of Flint.))

Cricket :: Interacting with Pine and Skunk
Cricket stiffened a bit as Pine approached them, hoping the hunter wasn't coming to berate them for something. Ears flicking back against his skull, the apprentice waited and watched wearily. To his surprise, Pine didn't snap or snarl at them, but seemed to be trying to be friendly by asking them to go hunt with them. "Oh, erm, I'm not a hunter's apprentice. So I would not know what I was doing on a hunt." he mumbled, shooting Pine an apologetic look. "I mean, I could go!" he quickly added, not wanting Pint to think it had anything to do with him. "But I'd screw up your hunt." Cringing in embarrassment, he scuffled his paws in the dirt. Being the only guard apprentice at times, like this, he felt very far away from his fellow apprentices. They could get together to hunt, but he'd not been trained in how to do so; instead he had to practice his fighting moves by himself or with his mentor or other guard if he could find one willing. Looking over at Skunk, he gave an apologetic shrug. "You could go, I guess."

Hawke :: Interacting with Cherry
Hawke looked up from the pile of feathers at his paws that was at one time a thrush, and wrinkled his nose as a lose feathered tickled it. Sneezing, Hawke finally stood up and shook out his pelt. Other wolves were milling about, Storm seemingly about to go work with the three alphas-in-training. He felt bad for the beta, and was a bit worried about the outcome of having such young wolves training to take over as alpha during such turbulent times. Sighing sadly, Hawke scanned the camp for a familiar pelt and hummed to himself when he caught no sight of his own apprentice. Figuring she'd be in the forest, likely close to camp, Hawke trotted from the entrance and into the quieter trees that made up Fire Pack territory. Being such a young mentor, Hawke worried he was going to screw Cherry up and make it so that she'd not become a true hunter when she should. Not to far from camp Hawke came across his apprentices scent, fading and mixed with Flint's. Giving a sad sigh Hawke began following Cherry, picking up speed to catch up with her quickly. Finally coming upon his apprentice, Hawke made sure to make noise so she knew he was there before getting to close. "Out hunting? Mind if I join you?"

Raine :: Open
Sleeping in till noon was new to Raine, who'd always prided herself with being one of those wolves who could wake with the sun and go all day easily. The growing pups inside of her were beginning to suck away her energy now, and as Raine looked at herself from where she now lay to the side of the camp in the shade she could see the now tell-tale swelling of her belly. Scowling bitterly, Raine groaned and flopped back down to her side, knowing that very soon it would be obvious to anyone looking she was pregnant. "I'm an idiot." She muttered to herself, trying not to wallow in self-pity. After a moment, the she-wolf finally told herself to get up, shake out her fur, and get on with her day like nothing was wrong. Nodding to herself, Raine did exactly that and padded slowly to the center of camp to see if there were any patrols or something productive she could do.

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Heather :: Interacting w/ Mink

Heather looked away. "You wouldn't understand." she said, her tail flicking. Her voice was full of anger, but her eyes showed evident sadness. Her tail quivered. "J-just... go away..." Heather always tried to be strong, but small tears bubbled in her eyes. 

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Ooc: @Dashy Ty! :D


Cherry: Interacting w/ Hawke 

She heard a loud noise coming towards her on her right. She looked around to see Hawke standing beside her. He had said something about joining in her hunt. "Sure!" she said cheerfully, glancing at the bushes where she heard a rustling sound. She sniffed it out and found out it was a small starling, nodding at Hawke, she got into a crouching position. 


Star: Interacting w/ Chasm, Flame & Lilac 

She overheard Chasm and glanced at him with a worried look. She swept Flame back with his tail. "You know you shouldn't take him out of camp, he is only a pup" she said, looking at Flame and then back at Chasm. Little Flame turned towards her. "Please?" he begged, staring at Star with a pleading look on his face. Star looked back at Chasm. "Well... I suppose so, but stay with your father." Noticing the joking twinkle in his eyes, she decided not to worry too much. 


Skunk: Interacting w/ Pine & Cricket 

"Uhhh... I'm good" He said, glancing sideways at Cricket. As Pine walked away, looking very annoyed, he looked at Cricket and whispered "Weird grump" He said, chuckling.  He looked around camp and decided he would go for the fresh prey-pile. "You want anything? He asked Cricket with another glance at the fresh prey-pile, his stomach grumbling. 


Pine: Interacting w/ Skunk & Cricket

He looked at Cricket, then at Skunk. "Very well" He said, trying not to show his anger. Turning his head without a word, he walked away, looking towards the entrance. He glanced back, seeing Skunk going towards the prey-pile, he grunted. He felt as though when he tried to be nice, the other wolves just pushed him away. He hurried towards the entrance, dodging Flint on the way. 


Flame: Interacting w/ Star & Chasm

Yay! He said, bouncing around his father. "Lets go!" he said cheerfully, bouncing outside. His eyes quickly adjusted to the light. "Come on!" he said cheerfully. 


Meadowstreak: interacting w/ Sora

Seeing Sora on the other side of camp, she walked over to her, trying to look casual. "Hi!" she said, looking at Sora with a cheerful look. "Do you want to go hunting?" she asked her, looking bored. She sat down and yawned, looking at Sora.


Sky: Open

(She is patrolling)



 Storm came over, Asking them where Flint was. Suddenly, she saw Flint walk through the entrance, joking about them in a cheerful way. "Hi!" Marigold said to Flint. She looked back at Storm, excited to go train. 


Silver: Interacting w/ Cricket

He woke back up, sitting down and looking outside. Seeing Pine gone, he got up and walked out of his den, towards Cricket. Once he got there, he started talking to Cricket. "Do you want to go patrolling with me?" he asked him, waiting patiently for his reply. 

Thunder: Open

( He is still looking for a hunting partner )


OoC: Please tell me if I missed any Characters

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Rose [interacting with Snowdancer]

She let out a little breath of relief as Snowdancer approved her answer. Giving him a little nod, she reached to grasp the rest of the herbs in her jaws and followed her mentor. It's harder than it sounds. She thought, only slightly bitterly, recalling her mentors words. It was hard for Rose to simply trust herself with the answer as she was always so wrong when she tried any battle moves or hunting crouches as a kit. Although this was a completely different situation, she sometimes couldn't brush off the memories of disappointment in older cats eyes' and teasing from the kits her age who could do what she couldn't. She nearly crashed into him as he stopped, and she peered around him. It wasn't usual for her to get that distracted, so she attempted to focus on Snowdancers' words as he started to dig. Her fur prickled slightly. She knew she should have payed attention more-- it was never a good idea to zone out. She felt slightly relieved when he said that he would show her once more, but it didn't stop her fur from prickling. Placing the herbs in her mouth down, she nodded again. "Okay, Snowdancer."

Storm [interacting with the Alpha's-in-training]

He glanced back as Flint bounded past the entrance towards them, looking cheeky as usual. He gave him a little snort, curling his tails around his paws. "About time." He said in a slightly gruff way. "We should have gotten to training much earlier." He refrained from rolling his eyes as the young wolf turned to the other apprentices. Standing, he flicked his tail. "Alright, you three, we're heading out today to train." Looking the three Alpha's-in-training over, he couldn't help but feel some pride tug at his heart. Although only one of these above-average fire wielders would become Alpha, he already knew that all of them would be exceptional assets to the pack, whether to protect it, feed it, or support it. He needed to remind himself that the three were only apprentices still and nothing more, and they all had more to learn from each other and him. Standing, he headed towards the camp entrance. "Follow me." Flicking his grey tail once more, he ducked through the entrance. 

((Don't forget gathering up acorn bouquets! XD Honestly, I really like Flints personality lol... you always need a cheeky flirt like him in a roleplay xD- makes things more interesting!))

Ash [interacting with Flint, Marigold, and Storm]

She looked up as Storm padded over, asking where Flint was. As if on cue, the tom emerged from the entrance and padded over, tongue lolling as he stated he was there. Ash felt herself shrink in her pelt slightly as he turned and referred to the two as 'lovelies'. Feeling her pelt warm slightly, she wrapped her bushy tail around her paws and looked at the ground. Oh, calm down. She thought to herself firmly. Flint calls every she-wolf that. Hearing Marigold let out a cheery 'hi!', Ash couldn't help but wish again that she had more confidence in herself. She glanced up as Storm spoke again. She internally groaned at the word 'training'. It would mean showing how she did in front of Marigold and Flint, and it would most likely end in her tripping over herself. 

Sora [interacting with Meadowstreak]

For a few moments, she continued to wonder what she was going to do until a friendly voice popped her out of her thoughts. "Hi!" She responded in the same cheerful voice, tail wagging behind her. Sora couldn't help but feel a bit excited to go hunting; after all, she would be hunting with a full-fledged Hunter, so she might pick up a few tips and things. "Oh." She paused, realizing that she should probably ask her mentor first. "Er, I'd love to go hunting with you, but we'd have to make sure Mink didn't have anything planned for me first." She said, pawing the ground. "Or maybe we could all go hunting together!" She exclaimed. "That would be fun." She stood, scanning the camp for her mentor.

Ember [interacting with Raine]

After missing the vole, Ember felt slightly downcast, but decided not to let it get in the way of hunting. After all, there are kits and a Queen back at camp, and they all need prey. He opened his jaws once more to taste the air. At first all he could smell was the grass and tree bark until he scented a mouse. Crouching, he turned and looked around, sniffing to pinpoint the smell. Finally he pricked his ears in the direction of muffled scuttling, and he crouched lower, keeping his tail steady as he continued forward and testing the wind. When he got close enough, he pounced at the mouse, killing it with a nip to the neck. It wasn't much, but it would fill the belly of a kit or hold a Hunter or Guard up until they could get more prey. Standing with satisfaction, the tom grasped the mouse in his jaws and headed towards camp. The camp was bustling, and he pushed past Storm and glanced around. Spotting Raine, the strong-headed she-wolf, he realized that she looked a bit down. Padding over, he dropped the mouse. "Er, hello, Raine. Hungry?" He nudged the mouse with a claw. "Or did you want to go hunting or something? I didn't get much, as you can see, so I'd be up for another round."

OoC: I realize that I kind of make my wolf characters act like cats somewhat... I'm just too used to Warrior Cat roleplays lol.

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Chasm :: Interacting with Star and Flame; mentioning Thunder
Turning his head to watch as Flame all but bound out of the nursery, Chasm chuckled softly. Turning his attention back to his weary mate, Chasm leaned forward and licked her cheek gently in an effort to sooth her. "Don't worry, I'm not taking him out of camp. I'm going to keep him inside the walls but let him explore and meet some of the other wolves. Maybe he'll sleep good tonight." Amber eyes twinkling, he grinned down at his mate one last time and gave Lilac a nudge before swiftly following after Flame. Catching up to his pup, Chasm swept him up with a paw to keep him from running off. "Alright little one, don't get to far ahead of me; if anything happened your mother would kill me." Laughing, he ruffled Flame's head fur with one large paw. "And no going outside the camp walls, not until your older. Those Water Pack wolves are vicious." Letting Flame go, he nudges him forward. "See that big grey and white wolf over there? That's Thunder. He does not look busy - why don't you go say hi and see if he'd be willing to teach you a hunters crouch?"

Cricket :: Interacting with Skunk and Silver
Wincing as Pine snarled and stalked from camp, Cricket's ears drooped and he scuffled his paws. "I didn't mean to upset him." He muttered to Skunk
guiltily. "I just don't know how to hunt like you all do." Skunk didn't seem to mind running Pine off, and instead focused quickly on the fresh-kill pile hungrily. Stomach rolling with remorse, Cricket shook his head. "Nah, I'm not really hungry." Silver appeared from the Guard's den as Skunk headed towards the kill pile and Cricket perked back up, tail tip twitching. "Talk to you later Skunk!" He called, getting to his paws to meet with his mentor. "Of course! Are we leaving now?" He asked eagerly.

Mink :: Interacting with Heather and Sora
Watching the other she-wolves body language instead of listening to her words, Mink came to the realization that Heather really thought no one in the pack liked her. She wondered why; as far as Mink knew Heather didn't interact with anyone enough to do anything to make them dislike her. Was it because she wasn't born in Fire pack? Nose wrinkling, Mink huffed loudly and leaned closer so that she could nudge heather's shoulder with her own. "Your right, I don't understand. Then again, I never will if you won't tell me." She added a slight bite to her words, planting her paws firmly in the dirt to show she was going no where until she got her answers. Stubbornness was one of Mink's biggest traits. Turning an imploring look upon Heather, the hunter sighed and tried looking harmless. "Come on, we're both hunters, she-wolves, and mateless with a lot to prove to the pack. We're not that different and being a part of the pack means we don't let anyone suffer needlessly." A familiar voice caught her attention and for a second Mink looked away from Heather to see Meadowstreak speaking with Mink's apprentice Sora. Seeing Sora looking around, for what Mink presumed to herself, the she-wolf gave a nod towards Meadowstreak in silent acceptance. "If Meadowstreak wants to go hunting then go with her." She called. "I'll either join you later or see you back at camp this afternoon." Giving her apprentice and encourage smile Mink returned her attention to Heather.

Flint :: Interacting with Storm, Marigold, and Ash
Marigold's happy 'hi' was almost lost underneath Storm's brusque utterance of their lateness. Or, more-so his lateness. Flint turned an, obviously fake, remorseful stare onto the beta wolf and heaved a put-upon sigh. "But it was such a nice day out and you were nowhere to be found. I didn't want to be lazy so I went out to do a quick patrol and offered to help Cherry hunt. I thought you might like my work ethic." He attempted to look hurt, but there was laughter in his eyes and a hint of sarcasm hidden underneath his words. If anyone knew Flint well enough they'd know he was simply trying to rile Storm up. Grinning cheekily, Flint turned and winked at Ash and Marigold. The added benefit of annoying Storm was that the beta would hopefully take out his annoyance on Flint and leave the two she-wolves alone for their own tardiness. Following Storm from the camp, Flint pricked his ears and kept on the betas heels; it was either that or run ahead as his excitement got the better of him.

Hawke :: Interacting with Cherry
Watching with quiet fondness as his apprentice sniffed out and began stalking a starling, Hawke fell into a well practiced hunters crouch and slipped behind the bird. He'd let Cherry make the kill, but was back-up in case something spooked the bird and it took flight. The intense moment before a kill allowed Hawke reflection upon himself; something he tried not too often do. Inwardly the brute cursed at himself for allowing his affection for the apprentice, his apprentice, to show through his gaze and his interactions with her. He was too easy on Cherry, he knew, and tried to be professional and discipline her when needed. Though she could cast a sad look upon and him and Hawke would crumple. Maybe he needed to talk to Sky about it? His sister would keep his secret, and her tough love attitude always balanced his more easy-going one. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Hawke instead concentrated on the hunt.

Raine :: Interacting with Ember
A voice startled the guard enough that the fur along her back rose and ears flattened. You fool, letting an apprentice sneak up on you. She thought waspishly and forced her fur flat once again. Turning her golden gaze on Ember Raine realized she was, in fact, hungry. Which was par for the course recently. Taking note that the apprentice seemed nervous, Raine forced herself to relax and offer Ember a gracious nod as he pushed the mouse towards her. "If you don't mind to wait a second, I'll eat this real quick then we can go see if we can take down something larger for tonight?" She questioned, leaning down to scarf the mouse down. She wasn't a great hunter, being that she was a guard, but she'd learned enough that she could help hunt if she needed to. Licking at the remains on her muzzle, the guard instantly felt better with the small meal and stood up. Standing she was less noticeably 'plump' than when sitting, which she was grateful for. If she could get away with hiding her condition for another moon she'd be, while not happy, at least content. "I'll follow you." She mused with a small smile, giving the apprentice reign over the small hunting patrol to see how he'd do.

Snowdancer :: Interacting with Rose
Grabbing the herbs from Rose's feet, Snowdancer finished burying the herbs carefully, making sure to be slow enough so that rose could watch what he was doing. It wasn't so much as he dug a hole and put the bad herbs in, but rather that he also added a bit of elder flower from a bush that grew a few tail lengths away over the top to mask any lingering scents then covering the entire thing up carefully so that the top layer looked very similar to the rest of the ground. The elder flower had a strong, cat waste scent that would deter curious wolves, which was one of the reason past healers had chosen this spot to dispose of herbs. Once finished, he nodded at Rose and stretched, the ache in his back lessening for a second. Humming, Snowdancer then turned and began walking towards the Water Packs border, tail hanging low. "With the tension between the packs I don't like to go here often, but we need chervil. I'm hoping that if we're spotted on the border Water Pack will realize we're nothing but healers and will leave us be." He didn't pause until the border was in sight, but by then his breath was coming in unsteady pants. He chose to ignore it and instead peered cautiously around for others wolves. "Will you sniff out some chervil for me, Rose? I'll keep watch."

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Heather :: Interacting w/ Mink

”You’re right.” Heather said. “I wasn’t born in the Fire pack. I don’t even know how I got here.” She sighed. 

“Basically I don’t know who my parents are. I don’t even know who I am. When I was about a moon old, my parents abandoned me, or died, I don’t know. The only sibling I ever had died at birth. I was forced to survive by myself, teaching myself everything. I nearly died from starvation 5 times, and the other times was me just giving up. I found this.. place. They offered to take me in and give me a home. Having no other choice, I accepted. I don’t even sleep with the other wolves. I sleep in a cave nearby. For 3 seasons no one talks to me. For 3 seasons I’ve wanted to give up. But it’s like I’m not allowed to. I’m a jerk to others because I’m afraid of them. When I was a pup, everything and everyone was my enemy. I killed to survive. I killed other wolves to survive. They said I was insane.  In reality, I was terrified.”

Noticing she had said too much, Heather yipped and looked at Mink with a pleading gaze. 

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