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Alt Swaps with Cait

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I'm going to be honest when I say I don't know how forums work here. I can slightly work forums on another website, but not here.

However, I would like to alt swap some of my pets if anyone has them available!

I personally wanted to make a status about it, but I don't know if that is against some rules or something, so here we go!

(Notice: all of the alts I want can be found on the wishlist if you want to look at that. Not my personal wishlist, but if you type it in, you'll find it)


Spotted Owlet:

Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=88700

Want: Alt 3 (the black one)


American Cocker Spaniel Dog:

Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=75667

Want: Alt 3 (black, white, & brown)



Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=436458

Want: Alt 4 or Alt 5 (albino or dark gray)


Christmas Dreamer:

Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1086574

Want: Any other alt


Gray Wolf:

Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1107186

Want: Alt 2, Alt 3, or Alt 5


Blossom Pup:

Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1108317

Want: All Black Alt


LaPerm Cat:

Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1110029

Want: All white alt (female) or black & white alt (male)


Reminder that I really suck at making forums on this site & organizing them, sorry ^^'

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1 hour ago, lilaca said:

@CaitlynMellarkHello. I have some pets that you are looking for: adult(two).pngblacktandachshund4.pngdarkchocolatedachshund1.pngamericanpaintedhorse4_alt4.pngringtail19.pngAlso I own all the alts that you offer. Do you have something different to swap? :)

I don't really like to write in the forum too because of my bad englisch ^^'

The most I have aside from these is also a Plushie Pup egg in my Auction room, a Snowflake Horse egg, & two Steampunk Pup eggs

I also could offer you a CYO Kaylercool & I made for two of them, if you are interested ^^

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    • By lilaca
      Hello everybody!
      Thanks for looking in here.
      I'd love to complete some species and want to trade for my excess pets or ZC.
      If you have some pets and would like to trade them, send me a trade offer or write in here.
      Any gender and stage is welcome. I will update soon, if something changes.
      Updated at 21.12.2017 or 12/21/2017
      Boston Terrier Dog:
      American Shorthair Cat:
      Brown Hyena:
      Across The World:
      Cloaked Forest Cat:
      Common Dormouse:
      Yorkshire Terrier Dog:
      Deer Mouse:
      German Shepherd Dog:
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    • By paws4ever
      Hi everyone looking to swap some to complete my collections
      Fairy Corgipom
      Fairy Pompom
      Have:(Male) Want:or any new/mixed alts
      Have:(Male) Want:
      Cane Corso Dog
      Boston Terrier Dog
      Have:Want:in any stage
      Brown Hyena
      Have: want: any alt in stage 1
      Common Dormouse
      Have: none want:
      Have: want: any alt in stage 1 or 2
      Deer Mouse
      Doberman Pinscher Dog
      Eastern Pygmy Possum
      Have:(F/F/M) Want: alt 6 prefer female
      Egyptian Fruit Bat
      Elemental Pony
      Have: want:
      Espiritu de la Perla
      Flutterhoof Pony
      Flutterwing Llama
      French Bulldog
      Grey Wolf
      Have:want: any alt stage 1 or
      Holiday Tweet
      Have:none want:
      Halloween Boston Terrier
      Have:want: any alt stage 1 or
      Jamaican Iguana
      Keel Billed Toucan
      Lesser Bushbaby
      Have want:
      Lesser Egyptian Jerboa
      Have:alt 1/alt 3want:alt 4/alt 6
      Lunta Angel
      Marsh Mouse
      Mountain Lion
      Have: want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3
      Nine Banded Armadillo
      North American Otter
      Have:none want:
      Pug Dog
      Have:want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3
      Pygmy Rabbit
      Have:want: Any alt stage 1 or 2
      Queensland Heeler Dog
      Have: want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3
      Rottweiler Dog
      Rufous Mouse Lemur
      San Joaquin Kangaroo Rat
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      Western Diamondback Rattle Snake
      Wolf in Sheepskin
      Yorkshire Terrier Dog
      Have: Want: or any alt stage 2
    • By tomomi
      Heya everyone.
      Need some AltSwaps to complete my collection of the new (and also some older) pets. Please help! ^-^
      I prefer trading for my spares, but if there aren't any I'll buy them for a reasonable price as well!
      Trades / Needed Alts
      Baphomets Goat
      Have Want
      Common Potoo
      HaveWant(Alt 2)
      Dark Dog
      Have (x2) Want
      Have (x3) Want
      Equus Draconus
      Gray Gentle Lemur
      Want or really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get the ones I need
      Guardian Rabbit
      Ice Dragon of Shing
      Want or really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get the ones I need
      Le Boureau
      Have (x3) Want
      Have Want
      Wantor really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get this
      Panther Chameleon
      Want or really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get this
      Protector of the Pure
      Want or really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get the ones I need
      Skywing Llama
      Tiger Flitty
      Toyger Cat
      Wantor really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get this
      Tyranosaurus Rexonusus
      Have none Want (only stage 1 or 2)
    • By Kaylercool
      I currently have two Sand Cats of this alt:  so, I want to trade it for another alt.
      alts I want: 
      alt I want the most: 
      So, if anyone has any alts besides the one I have and would like to trade with me I'd really appreciate it.
    • By mcmuffin
      Hey guys! So, there are several species I've been looking for for a while now, and I've decided to list them here
      Also, I'm looking for males of Southern Flying Squirrel, Common Potoo and Barbary Lion (some alts preferable)
      These are the pets I'm looking for (I'll consider all alts unless otherwise stated):



      Other Mammals:




      What I Have to Offer:
      (Yeah, I added the spoiler sections to shorten the post  sorry!)
      Feel free to PM me about offers, particularly what you'd like in return.
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    • Uni_Animalia

      I've been playing this game called "Khimeros" lately and I really like it. It just takes forever for Khimeras to be born, 48 hours, aka 2 days, but I've produced two Embarrs so far. I liked Rainbow Daisies more, so the second one was put up for sale.

                                   Rainbow Daisies                                                                         For Sale
      · 51 replies
    • Uni_Animalia

      Chick Update:
      There is now 21 chicks
      19 are healthy 
      2 have disabled feet, but they're eating and drinking
      Had to get a small box and another light and water dispenser for the 2 disabled chicks
      No more chicks will be hatching for awhile
      14 eggs are left to hatch
      Chicks will be for sale soon  
      I'm going to be keeping at least 3 chicks if they're hens, some have really pretty feathers
      · 0 replies
    • CaitlynMellark

      I keep feeling anxiety & panic over Songstone Cat :')) All those wrong genders is driving me crazy, & I don't have the ZC to buy my own CYO from people
      I am panicky
      · 4 replies
    • CaitlynMellark

      In another week or two, I might have enough ZC to pay cinnamonapples for her Fennec Fox! ^^ I was able to finally pay Kirito for Goldie, & then I definitely will have the ZC to pay for my preorder on the FNAF CYO. I love Auction <3
      · 0 replies
    • Kaylercool

      Taking care of these stray cats and their kittens is quite a bit of work, especially when you have so much other stuff going on too. Not to mention finding time to take care of my actual cats. lol
      Before, I could balance PA with my daily life, but with all the kittens and other stuff coming up it's been a bit of a challenge. The busyness will die down eventually...hopefully. xD
      As much work as cats and kittens are, it's so worth it! They're so sweet and amazing. I hate when people say all cats are mean. It's NOT true. My cats are overly attached tbh.
      We found a home for Ladybug's kitten that looks just like her. (Mini.) 
      We're holding Victoria for one of our cousins until they get back from their trip, so she's been so lonely ever since Mini left. She keeps crying for her. She quiets down when I hold her though. ;_; It's a bit annoying, but I honestly can't be mad at her.
      Also, waiting for the stray, Clementine, to give birth. She's as big as a house. I tried bringing her in, but she got super upset and I didn't want to stress her out too much, so I let her back out for now. She's going to have to be brought back in though. 
      · 0 replies