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Need Help Naming Ocs

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So I am really bad at naming characters and have quite a few who need names. I am looking for name suggestions.

Here are the characters.
Cheetah, female, enjoys swing dance. Bio is still in the works.
African wild dog, non-binary, enjoys swing dancing. Bio is still in the works. Would prefer a gender neutral name for them.
Kai ken, male, A college student who works part time at a cafe. He enjoys swimming and got a gym membership so he could swim all year. Bio is still in the works.
Japanese bobtail, female, She is the ceo of a company. She cares for her employees and treats them well because she knows the happier they are the better the work will be. She enjoys singing. She is a spiker on her community volleyball team. Bio is still in the works.
Kitsune, non-binary, bio is still in the works.
Deer based centaur, female, bio is still in the works.
Harpy,male, mute, bio is still in the works.

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Well, here are a few suggestions for the second one you posted:

Alex or Ryan I think would best fit, since they're gender neutral and it fits the oc, I think~

I'm getting a kind of Macy/Alice/Ana kind of feel for the Japanese Bobtail girl, or maybe even Jenna or Ariel.

And then for your Cheetah oc I was thinking Sierra or Savannah, or Amara.~

And finally, for your Kitsune, I was thinking Galaxy/Aura/Bubbles/Flicker ('Flick' for short) or Lilac, though I know that's more of a 'girlish' name, but just because of the color of its pelt.

I might post some more ides for your other ocs if any other names pop into my head ^^

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