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~Valentines CYO Giveaway~ ONLY 10 FELINE VALENTINES LEFT! (First come, first serve.)

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37 minutes ago, Kirito said:

@Kaylercool They are super cute! What base did you use to make them? Could I get one of each available Alt? and may I enter the zc giveaway?

Thank you! I used the teen stage of the American Shorthair Cat base. 

Yep! I'll send over an alt 1, 3, and 4. I'll also add you to the list. :) 

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The ZC drawing is officially over! Winners have been announced:


1. @Kirito won 1,000 ZC.

2. @CaitlynMellark won 3,000 ZC.

3. @rebeccaqwer12 won 5,000 ZC.


Congratulations, everyone! :) 

I may do something like this again in the future, so if you wanted to win but didn't, you'll probably have another opportunity sometime!

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