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Roseclan ~ Starclans Abandonment ~ Roleplay

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Thunderheart: Interacting w/ Hushpaw

He nodded to Hushpaw and murmured something in agreement, a bit embarrassed that she had leaned on him. Shaking out his fur, he followed after Hushpaw silently. He watched as she stopped beside Moonfeather and Blackelk. He sighed once more as he saw Blackelk looking at the elders den, obviously thinking about his brother, Swiftdarkness. He looked at Sparrowfur in the clearing, his mate, Deerspring, crouched over his body, which now looked small and frail in the middle of the clearing. He then turned his head to look at Rabbitpaw emerging from the elders den, looking shocked and very confused. He then looked around the clan. From grief-stricken Blazepaw to the scared and shocked Deerspring. He then promised to himself he would protect and defend his clan, no matter what condition he was in. 


Mintkit: Interacting w/ Bluepaw

He woke up, feeling someone nudging him. Opening his eyes, he saw it was Bluepaw. He rolled over, and got into a sitting position. After a second he looked over and saw Deerspring was gone, and outside there seemed to be mostly silence, not like the usual chatter there always was when he woke up. "Where is Deerspring?" He asked in his squeaky little voice. "What happened?" He continued, tilting his head at Bluepaw.  



(Waiting for the patrol to go out)





He watched as Lynxkit snapped at the other kit, understanding his pain, for Flarekit felt the same way. His eyes clouded at the thought at never sleeping with Deerspring again. "I don't want Frostwhisker!" He wailed. "I want Deerspring back!" He watched as Lynxkit came over to him. He dug his muzzle into his brothers fur, taking in his scent. Then he looked at him, eyes filled with pain and sorrow. "Why did she have to go?" He whispered, the grief rising in his mew. Then he turned to Bluepaw. "This is all your fault!" He said, grief blinding him. He looked at the ground, then back at Lynxkit. He looked to the ground. Then back at Bluepaw, feeling sorrow enclose around him once again. He thought for a moment. He shouldn't have taken his anger out on Bluepaw. Bluepaw had done all he could. He looked at him. "I-I'm sorry..." He curled up in a ball in the middle of the nursery, paw covering his face, he hoped that Bluepaw wasn't angry at him. He peeked out from under his paw, looking at Lynxpaw. Surely he would understand his pain? 


Swiftpelt: Interacting w/ Deerspring

She looked at Quillfeather. Then saw as Deerspring snapped at him. She understood the queen's shock, and hurrying after Deerspring, knowing Quillfeather would follow. She raced over to Deersprings side. She saw something. His breaths were getting shallower and shallower by the minute. In the middle of the clearing, his sprawled out body looked smaller than usual. She looked to Deerspring who seemed to be panicking. "Deerspring..." She started, but couldn't think of any words after that that would be able to comfort her. She ended with a sigh. How come all this had to happen at once? 


Stellarsky: Open for interaction

(Still sitting by the warriors den)



Frostwhisker: Interacting w/ Bluepaw

She watched as the small kit batted her tail away and went over to his brother. She looked at the small kits, pity clouding her gaze. And watched as Flarekit blamed Bluepaw. She looked up at him, blinking at him apologetically. She knew that the kits were very shocked and grief-stricken, and she decided she wouldn't comfort them for now. They needed time to grieve over their mother. She watched as Fallenstar grabbed Gingerfoxes body and paused, waiting for someone. Blazepaw, she presumed.


Dustblossom: Interacting w/ Blazepaw

She looked at her apprentice. She knew that it must have been especially hard for Blazepaw, he was only a young apprentice. She sighed. Why had this happened? Starclan was still watching over them. right? She sighed. Then looked at the elders den. She sat down, neatly curling her tail over her paws. "I understand if you don't want to go through with the assessment." She said, looking at him with a sympathetic gaze.


Mosspaw: Interacting w/ Tawnystripe

He looked at Tawnystripe, a mixture of emotions inside him. Commotion in the center of  camp made him turn to see what was happening. Deerspring was crouched over Sparrowfur, Swiftpelt next to her. He looked at the ground, hoping that the deputy was okay. He looked back up to Tawnystripe, feeling her touch. 


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OoC: Finally got to adding a desc. of clan territory! :D I added it in a day or two ago - you can find it in the first post. Also @Alcarie, That sounds good to me! @darkwolf @Kitkat What do you guys think?~c:

Blazepaw // Interacting with Dustblossom and Fallenstar

Although his ears were still ringing with disbelief, Blazepaw still heard his leaders words, and stopped himself from cringing at the word grieved. He couldn't imagine sitting vigil for her and not being able to speak with her. Did she still smell like Gingerfox? Or had her usual scent gotten snatched away? He stood after a moment to follow him when Dustblossom spoke to him. He felt alarmed. Did Dustblossom think that he didn't want to go through with it? He couldn't just give up on his training! His thoughts were suddenly taken back to Gingerfox, and a fresh wave of grief rolled over his pelt. Would he really be able to go through with that when he knew he would have to look at her one last time before saying good-bye for good? Would he be able to focus on anything besides his dead sister? Instead of answering, he blinked at her and turned towards the Nursery. "I'm not sure what to do yet." He murmured after a moment. Then he padded off towards the nursery, his tail drooping behind him. He climbed into the Nursery and blinked around.

Fallenstar was grasping his sister by the scruff. The fluff on Blazepaw's neck raised at the sight of Frostwhisker and the kits. They need me. He thought, blinking at the kits who were obviously taking the loss worse than he. Or, maybe not me, but they need a father. The thought of Tidechaser entered his mind. Hearing more commotion from the outside, he hurried over to Fallenstar before a wave of thoughts could sweep him out of focus. As he grasped her scruff, he felt a strange wave of unfamiliarity and grief. This was not Gingerfox. Her pelt was cold and she did not move. She did not smell warm and as she used to. Instead, she reeked of death. A scent that Blazepaw had never smelt so closely. A scent that was familiar and yet just too different. Glancing at Fallenstar, he began to haul the dead ginger queen out of the Nursery.

Bluepaw // Interacting with Quillfeather, Mintkit, and Flarekit

Bluepaw glanced at the grieving kits, his fur bristling heavily. The terror in their eyes horrified him. A thought sparked in his mind - something he had not yet thought of. Minkpaw! Is she okay? What if she's just as sick as Gingerfox was? Alarm sparked at his paws, but he didn't race out to go and check on her. He needed to take care of Mintkit. Before he could lean down to nudge him once more, he was broken out of his thoughts when a small mewling voice made him flinch. Never had he felt a blow could be so fierce from the words of a kit. Guilt warmed his pelt as the kit glared at him. He was going to apologize, but before he could, the kit stuttered an apology of his own. He felt more confused than ever, and his mind was racing by the time Fallenstar had entered the den. A mewl behind him made him turn. He blinked at the small kit, the fur on his shoulders flattening. "Don't worry." He mewed, trying to keep his meow calm. "Deerspring is out with Sparrowfur right now." Pausing at the kits' question, he replied, "It's nothing that should concern you - I need to give you something so you feel better." After a moment, he repeated, "Don't worry."

Grabbing the leaf wrap, he opened it up and nosed it to the kit. "Your throat will feel a bit better if you eat this." He meowed, blinking at him. "It's soothing." 

Honeykit // Interacting with Flarekit, Lynxkit, Frostwhisker, and Darkkit

Honeykit pressed against Lynxkit as he was swept into the nest, all kinds of emotions tugging at her heartstrings. Heartbreak. Grief. Horror. Disbelief. Her brothers' words made her flinch, and she willed for him to understand, even though she didn't quite understand it either. She was attempting to push away her bitter resentment and all of everything that was boiling inside of her, but after a moment it started to spill over. I don't want Frostwhisker either. She's not our mother. Gingerfox is, but she's gone. She whimpered, pressing against her brother harder, watching Flarekit have his outburst as well. His words sparked a thinly veiled layer of resentment towards Bluepaw. He was in the Nursery, but he could not save her. He was right there when Honeykit knew something was wrong, but he didn't try to fix her. Now, as Fallenstar and Blazepaw came in to grab her mother, she wanted to race over and tug her back. She belonged in the Nursery! "Where are you taking her?" She whined, taking a paw-step out of the nest. 

Moonfeather // Interacting with Blackelk, Hushpaw, and Thunderheart

Moonfeather watched Blackelk carefully as the toms' eyes flashed many conflicting feelings. She watched as he seemed to decide something. She was pleased that he decided to go - though she wasn't quite sure what he had meant by keeping Starclan out, she had some sort of idea of what he was talking about. "Alright." The fluffy she-cat stood to continue across camp when her apprentice padded over, Thunderheart behind her. She nodded back to Hushpaw and flicked her tail to beckon the patrol. Padding swiftly across camp, all Moonfeather wanted was to be out of the heart of chaos. It seemed even Sparrowfur was having trouble - and before she made it to the entrance, she glanced back as Deerspring leaned down. It appeared the Roseclan deputy was alright - just very sick - so Moonfeather continued, padding quickly out of camp and trusting her patrol to follow. Maybe when they got back things would be less chaotic. 

Minkpaw //

Minkpaw was listening quietly to the other apprentices to see if they had heard something, but it seemed they knew little to nothing about the situation. Instead it seemed the two were going to go and check it out themselves. Minkpaw indeed wanted to see what had happened and if every cat was okay, but her muscles were aching and simply the thought of being up and about made them hurt. After a moment, Rabbitpaw padded out, Nightpaw following after her, and Minkpaw had to admit she was curious herself. The she-cat finally stood - her muscles were quick to protest, and the walls of the den felt distant and they rippled slightly. Blinking, the she-cat flattened her ears and stepped over the other sick cats, moving slowly. Every movement made her bones hurt, and she blinked rapidly as she peeked out of the den, the light doing a great toll on her eyes. The whole camp looked as if they had seen a badger - eyes were wide and horrified. Where was Fallenstar? Her eyes spotted Sparrowfur looking quite unwell and the fur on her shoulders bristled. She spotted Tidechaser looking unusually unhappy, and she glanced at Silverfur. She heard Rabbitpaw ask him what was going on - instead of walking across camp to ask her own mentor, she decided to wait and see what Silverfur knew.

Fernwing //

(waiting for the patrol to go out)

Tawnystripe // Interacting with Mosspaw

Tawnystripe watched as Fallenstar responded, and was happy to hear that he was ready to get things under control. Perhaps now we'll finally find a cure. If we start taking this seriously, no more cats must die. She watched as Blazepaw padded away after Fallenstar and she considered his response. Surely Blazepaw would not have to go through with it - but would Mosspaw still have to? She wasn't quite sure that having such a shaken morning was the best start to an assessment, but she believed in Mosspaw's skills and knew he would pass even if he was a bit shaken up. Besides, it would be better to get it done rather than to hold it off even longer.

Nightpaw // Interacting with Rabbitpaw

Nightpaw couldn't help but agree with Rabbitpaw. It felt like something really bad had happened - usually there was not this much commotion. But what if some cat had gotten worse? Like Sparrowfur. After a moment, a horrible thought struck her mind. What if Fallenstar has fallen ill? Standing, the she-cat quickly followed after Rabbitpaw. Even though her limbs screamed with resistance, the thought of her leader and mentor sick had her fur bristling with worry. Nightpaw's head hurt from padding too quickly - and the intense sun that flashed on her made a headache start to pound behind her eyes. She stopped behind Rabbitpaw and blinked a few times, eyes adjusting to the change of scenery. Finally she saw the expressions on all of their faces and a prickle of horror spiked her pelt. Something big had happened. She glanced at Silverfur, confused and frightened. 

Whitekit // Interacting with Darkkit, Frostwhisker, Lynxkit, Flarekit, and Honeykit

Whitekit felt horror prick at her pelt. She heard her sisters words but did not respond. Seeing her usually cheerful denmates in such distress made her ears flatten. Their hostility felt harsh, and Whitekit pressed against Darkkit. She wanted to comfort them, but what could she say? She glanced at Frostwhisker. What would they do without her? I'd be really sad. She thought, blinking at the group of littermates with eyes full of sympathy. It's not fair. Why does Gingerfox have to die right now? She was about to pad forward when Fallenstar and Blazepaw came into the den to take Gingerfox out. Were they taking her to Starclan? Or maybe she was alive and they were taking her to the medicine cats den. Blinking owlishly, the small she-kit watched everything unfold around her.

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Quillfeather// Interacting with Deerspring, Swiftpaw and Sparrowfur

Hearing Deerspring reply makes Quillfeather's fur raise back his neck as he can feel his blood boiling. " I clearly see that he more sick then before. If you would be so kind and wait in the nursery. I will send Bluepaw to come get you after I care to Sparrowfur." He hisses with anger behind his words. Quillfeather don't seem to care how Deerspring would take his reply. He quckily turn his attention toward Swiftpaw. "Go get Bluepaw. I need to get Sparrowfur in the medicine den." He grumbles. Quillfeather carefully grabs Sparrowfur by the scruff of his neck and slowly and carefully drags Sparrowfur. He really don't care at all about Sparrowfur. 


Sliverfur// Interacting with Rabbitpaw

Taking in deep breath then out Sliverfur knew Rabbitpaw not in the best of shape to even go on a hunting patrol. He feels very bad for her.  "I wanted to know how you are feeling? Also wanted to see if you were up to go on hunting patrol with me." Sliverfur don't really know what was really going on and all he did know it was not something good. "Rabbitpaw, everything will be alright ". Seems Sliverfur sees Rabbitpaw as his own kit.



Darkkit//Interacting with Interacting with Whitekit, Fallenstar Honeykit Flarekit, and Lynxkit.  

Darkkit looks away from Lynxkit as she felt very bad what she said. Feeling her sister fur beside her made her feel so much better. "Whitekit, can we still play?" She really don't know what else to even say. "We can play hunt. I can be the mouse." She meows.

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OoC: So, I've been talking to Dashy in hopes of finding a way for me to continue the Rp even with my schedule and have decided that cutting down on my cats is going to work best. I'm getting rid of Blackelk and Rabbitpaw first; so just pretend they've never existed. :3 Lynxkit and Tiderchaser are going to die very soon (I feel a bit bad about this since I so recently killed Gingerfox), and Swiftdarkness will eventually meet his end but since he's sick I don't have to type much for him until then. Just a heads up so it does not look like I'm just randomly killing cats for the drama of it. I promise I'm not. XD Four character will just be so much easier to handle then nine.

BiC: Fallenstar :: Interacting with Honeykit, Blazepaw, Swiftpelt, Tawnystripe, Mosspaw, and Quillfeather
Blazepaw's shadowed look hadn't diminished any as he entered the nursery to help move Gingerfox. If anything he looked meeker, smaller. Giving a self-depreciating sign, because he should have been able to do something, Fallenstar lifted and began dragging the queen along with the apprentice. Before they could go much further than the entrance the whine of one of Gingerfox's kit stopped him. Honeykit. Before the leader could answer her a small ball of rage and grief launched its self at Blazepaw. Startled, Fallenstar quickly reached forward to snag Lynxkit and set him back with his siblings. Unable to think of anything to ease the kits pain, he simply shook his head heavily and started back towards Gingerfox, pausing only long enough to murmur to Honeykit. "I'm taking her out into the camp so we can say goodbye before letting her rest with Starclan." He murmured to her before slipping from the nursery with his precious cargo. Placing Gingerfox in the center of the camp with Blazepaw's help, he touched the top of her head with his nose one last time and gave a tired, sad huff. "I'm so sorry Gingerfox."

There was nothing else he could do for her, though, so with a final lost look towards the deceased she-cat he forced his attention back to he living. "Blazepaw, why don't you go talk to Dustblossom. See what you want to do for the day. If you need to, you can stay in the camp with the kits and Gingerfox. Or you can join Mosspaw. That's completely up to you." Now for the sudden commotion. Turning towards the medicine cats den wearily, Fallenstar cringed in horror at the sight of Sparrowfur being dragged to Quillfeather's den like he was already dead. Deerspring's look of wide-eyed horror told him it was not good. "Great Starclan." He breathed, before rushing over. Taking in the last words being shot back and forth between Quillfeather and Deerspring he quickly understood the situation. "Swiftpelt, would you mind to take Deerspring back to the nursery and get Bluepaw?" Turning towards the fluffy she-cat, he motioned towards the distraught queen. Unsure what else to do, he gave his deputy a quick glance over though he knew there was nothing he could see or do. He still felt utterly useless. "Please take care of him Quillfeather." Shoulders hunching in, Fallenstar wondered what he would do without his deputy; how he could keep going with the clan slowly falling apart. Forcing himself back to his heavy paws, the ginger tom started towards Tawnystripe and Mosspaw. "I'm going to the training hollow to asses some of the apprentice. If anything changes, anything at all, please send someone to fetch me." Unable to keep his tail from dragging the ground, he paused beside the mentor and apprentice. "Lets see what Blazepaw wants to do then we'll head out."

Lynxkit :: Interacting with Flarekit, Honeykit, Fallenstar, and Blazepaw
Small ears flattening against his head, Lynxkit glared at Bluepaw as his brother, Flarekit, spat furious words towards the medicine cat apprentice. It was Bluepaw's fault! His and Quillfeather and Fallenstar! They were supposed to look after the clan, protect them. Yet they'd failed his mother! Blinking watery eyes, Lynxkit looked away from Bluepaw with disgust as he turned to Mintkit and instead nudged Flarekit with his nose before curling up beside of him. "Don't apologize. It's true." He whispered, tiny voice wavering. "They could have done something." He added, more to himself than his littermates. Fallenstar's familiar yet unwelcome scent filled the den and Lynxkit watched with wide eyes as the ginger tom and his uncle, Blazepaw, started dragging Gingerfox's stiff body from the den.

Honeykit's broken words gave him a sudden surge of strength and with a small wail he launched himself at Blazepaw, shoving at him in hopes of stopping at him. "Leave her alone!" Before he could say or do anything more drastic someone gently grabbed his scruff and he was lifted easily up and away from his mother. Squeaking, Lynxkit curled up next to Flarekit yet again as Fallenstar deposited him beside his brother, tiny tailed fluffed up. The hollow pit in his stomach loomed wider as Fallenstar murmured something to Honeykit before disappearing with Blazepaw out of the nursery. "Gingerfox?" Lynxkit whispered, shaking.

Deerspring :: Interacting with Quillfeather and Swiftpelt
At Quillfeather's sharp words, the queen bristled. She had the sudden urge to stand beside her mate and swipe at the medicine cat if he came near Sparrowfur
. But he was Sparrowfur's best bet. Blue eyes blazing,  the small she-cat curled her lips back as Quillfeather began dragging Sparrowfur towards his den. "Do you even care!" She hissed, to low for anyone not standing beside of them to hear. "If he dies I will blame you. Everyone will know it was you and your negligence that killed Roseclan's deputy!" Quivering, Deerspring looked away as Fallenstar approached, biting back more curses. Better that then wail like an abandoned kit.

Unable to watch as Fallenstar and Blazepaw drug Gingerfox's body from the nursery, the small apprentice rushed after her mentor, ear flattened and tail tucked low. Feeling safest beside of Moonfeather, Hushpaw kept close to her mentor. "Where are we going?" She asked, keeping her wavering voice low in the quietness of the forest surrounding them. "Are we going to look for herbs that will help Sparrowfur?" Moonfeather was one of the few warriors who tended to know which herbs were which since she spent a lot of time in the medicine cats den, which Hushpaw founds fascinating. Being a medicine cat, under usually circumstances, was a path she'd thought about as a older kit. She enjoyed helping others and gaining new knowledge. Yet the thought of never having kits or never loving anyone like Deerspring loved Sparrowfur, sounded very lonely. So she'd decided agasint it. Now, with the sickness raging, she was glad she'd not followed that path. Having all those lives depending on her. How did Quillfeather and Bluepaw handle it?

Poppyfall and Tidechaser
(Both are waiting on Silverfur to start the patrol)



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@Dashy @darkwolf @Alcarie

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to reply to this roleplay! 

I will reply asap as I am on mobile right now because unfortunately I am unable to get onto my laptop at the moment.

Just have to say that life has been a bit busy at the moment so I will make sure to reply as soon as I can.

Thank you guys for understanding. Like I said will reply asap.

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@Alcarie @Dashy @darkwolf

     OoC: Sorry for taking to long to reply everyone!!! Also, sorry for any grammar issues. Doing all of this on mobile. 


Thunderheart: Interacting w/ Moonfeather & Hushpaw

He followed, catching up with Moonfeather and Hushpaw quickly. As they walked out of camp and into the forest, the scent of sickness quickly began to fade. He relished the fresh air and the grass beneath his paws. He waited for Moonfeathers response, tasting the air once before continuing to follow them. 


Mintkit: Interacting w/ Bluepaw

He blinked up at the apprentice, feeling small. He quickly bent down and awkwardly licked up the leaf wrap, gagging at the taste. Laying back down, he heard the other kits, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Sighing, he looked up. "Thanks, Bluepaw." He said before drifting off once again into an uneasy sleep.



(Waiting for Silverfur so the patrol can go out) 





Flarekit: Interacting w/ Lynxkit

He looked up as Lynxkit tryed to stop Fallenstar, only to be put back into Frostwhisker's nest. He sprinted over to Lynxkit, pressing up against him. He looked back at Bluepaw, Lynxkits words repeating in his head. They could have...no, they should have done something. Anger welled up inside him once again, numb anger. A mixture of grief and anger. It felt like a stab. He looked back at Honeykit and sighed sadly. Why couldn't everything be all dandy and nice like before? Why did the sickness have to come to Roseclan? Why did Gingerfox have to dye? 



(Unsure what to do, waiting for Silverfur to start the patrol) 


Stellarsky: Open

(Still sitting by the warriors den, open for patrols, ect.)


Frostwhisker: Interacting  w/ Darkit & Whitekit

Sweeping her tail around her two small kits, she licked each of them in turn. Leaning down to whisper to them. "It's okay, little ones. It'll all be okay." She comforted them, then turned to the other kits. "Honeykit? Flarekit? Lynxkit?" She said, trying to find something to say to get their minds off of grieving. 


Dustblossom: Open

(Not doing much, open for activities) 



(Waiting next to Tawnystripe)


OoC: Also sorry for the short replys! Glad I was finally able to respond.

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