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Roseclan ~ Starclans Abandonment ~ Roleplay

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Roleplay plot, rules, etc.:



After continuous moons of peace and prosperity, Roseclan is falling slowly and no cat wants to admit it.

Cats are dying from a mysterious illness that seems to have no possible cure, and Starclan is not answering the cats needs. The medicine cat has gotten no sign from them and they don't know how to cure it, and clanmates are falling because of it. On top of that, leaf-bare is drawing slowly near and icy cold talons are starting to hold a grip on the forest; even the leader isn't sure what to do.

The still healthy apprentices and warriors are doing the best they can but with no possible cure in mind for the sickness everyone is thinking the same thing that no cat will say out loud: If there's no cure, will we all perish?

The thought worries almost the whole clan and no cat can do anything about it. Should they lead the infected cats away until Starclan responds? Move away from the sickness-ridden land?

Even some could be considering killing off the infected in order to protect the healthy.

But with no answer from Starclan and nowhere to turn, some believe that Starclan has abandoned them for good.



Roseclan has fallen with a strange incurable disease and Starclan isn't answering their questions. The Leader and Medicine Cat/apprentice have gotten no sign from them whatsoever and with no lead they are utterly clueless.

I'm definitely open to suggestions considering plot twists or natural disasters and things like that to keep the plot going.



Dry cough, extremely sore throat, dehydration, could include vomiting if they're sicker than others. Achy, sore muscles and fatigue. Kind of like the flu for cats.



Prey includes the typical small mammals and birds: voles, mice, sometimes rabbit, robins, blackbirds, thrush, shrew, etc.

Predators can range from badgers to foxes and sometimes rats; at the moment their greatest enemy is the sickness that ravages the clan.



Roseclan is a normal sized clan with a 'highrock' similar to Thunderclans' with the Leaders den underneath it. There's a stream that runs through the camp and eventually runs into a river at the edge of camp. The camp is filled with oak trees, holly and thistle bushes, and of course many rose bushes, one of the main reasons it's called 'Roseclan'. There's a training hollow in the forest where it's basically a large stretch of grass surrounded in trees.



1.       All PA rules apply.

2.       No godmodding/powerplaying. It ruins the fun of the roleplay!

3.       No Mary/Gary sues either. No cat is perfect.

4.       Try to post at least a paragraph in reply and try to do your best when it comes to grammar and spelling and such.

5.       Please do not hassle others to post. Not everyone has the same schedule as you do and not everyone can post right away. If I feel like they've been absent from the roleplay too long I'll personally PM them asking if they're still interested.

6.       You can have as many characters as you would like but please only take one high-ranking spot unless otherwise told.

7.       Do not 1x1 for someone for too long please – it confuses other role-players.

8.       For the sake of a semi-realistic roleplay please have normal cats. Normal meaning no six eyes or wings.

9.       Keep everything PG when it comes to birthing or mating and such; fade to black if needed. Although gore and blood is included in the warrior cats series, there's a younger audience on the forums so try not to go too crazy.

10.   Please put your favorite type of fruit in 'other' so I know that you've read the rules.

11.   No text talk or major cursing (besides cat-curses) and be nice to each other.

12.   Like I already mentioned, if you have a plot twist or natural disaster you'd like to be included, PM me and I'll fit it in; just make sure it's realistic.

13.   If you have more than two characters please make sure at least one of them is sick. Keep in mind that over half of the clan is sick with this mysterious disease!

14.   Sick cats do not always have to be roleplayed. It's likely that these cats won't be doing much, but you can still roleplay them if you would like.




Leader: Fallenstar - Alcarie - Healthy

DeputySparrowfur - Kitkat - Sick

Medicine Cat: Quillfeather - Darkwolf - Healthy

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Bluepaw - Dashy - Healthy


Swiftdarkness - Alcarie - Sick

Stellarsky - Kitkat - Healthy

Dustblossom - Kitkat - Healthy

Thunderheart - Kitkat - Healthy

Blackelk - Alcarie - Healthy

Tidechaser - Alcarie - Healthy

Moonfeather - Dashy - Healthy

Tawnystripe - Dashy - Healthy

Rainfur - Dashy - Sick

Silverfur - Darkwolf - Healthy

Owlclaw - Darkwolf - Sick

Flamesky - Kitkat - Healthy

Fernwing - Dashy - Healthy

Swiftpelt - Kitkat - Healthy

Poppyfall - Dashy - Healthy


Hushpaw - Alcarie - Healthy

Rabbitpaw - Alcarie - Sick

Minkpaw - Dashy - Sick

Blazepaw - Dashy - Healthy

Nightpaw - Dashy - Sick

Mosspaw - Kitkat - Healthy


Deerspring - Alcarie - Healthy

Frostwhisker - Kitkat - Healthy

Gingerfox - Alcarie - Sick


Minkkit - Kitkat - Sick

Darkkit - Darkwolf - Sick

Whitekit - Dashy - Sick

Honeykit - Dashy - Healthy

Flarekit - Kitkat - Sick

Lynxkit - Alcarie - Sick




Sparrowfur and Deerspring

Fernwing and Frostwhisker


Thunderheart has a crush on Hushpaw.

Swiftdarkness has a crush on Tawnystripe.

Blazepaw has a bit of a crush on Hushpaw.

Darkkit has a crush on Mintkit.

Silverfur has a crush on Poppyfall.

Owlclaw has a crush on Rainfur.

Fallenstar has a crush on Swiftpelt.

Flamesky has a crush on Poppyfall.


Bluepaw and Minkpaw are siblings.

Swiftdarkness and Blackelk are siblings.

Mintkit, Sparrowfur, and Deerspring are family.

Hushpaw and Mosspaw are siblings.

Honeykit, Lynxkit, Flarekit, Gingerfox, and Blazepaw are all related.

Gingerfox is Blazepaw's older sister.

Honeykit, Lynxkit, Flarekit, Gingerfox, and Tidechaser are all family, but Tidechaser is unaware.


Mentors and Apprentices:

Moonfeather (Dashy) - Hushpaw (Alcarie)

Silverfur (Darkwolf) - Rabbitpaw (Alcarie)

Tidechaser (Alcarie) - Minkpaw (Dashy)

Dustblossom (Kitkat) - Blazepaw (Dashy)

Fallenstar (Alcarie) - Nightpaw (Dashy)

Tawnystripe (Dashy) - Mosspaw (Kitkat)


Setting and time:

It would be early-morning, nearing leaf-bare. Chilly, slightly windy.

I'll change the time and such as we progress through the roleplay. 

I realized half-way through editing the clan list that we have no elders, so sick cats can sleep in there. Since the majority of the cats in the Nursery are sick, the queens and kits can stay there, unless some of the healthy queens want to take their healthy kit(s) out. It would be up to your characters ultimately. 

I mentioned this before, but just in case: you do not have to roleplay your sick cats unless you're planning on them interacting with a healthy cat, or if a healthy cat is trying to interact with them. Or if you're making them die or something of that sort. lol

@Alcarie @Kitkat @darkwolf

I'll post later tonight or tomorrow - I had created this two times before accidentally clicking out, lol, so I'm a bit burnt out. If I missed anything in the clan list, just let me know. Anyone may start the roleplay. c:

Enjoy! <3

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Bluepaw //

Bluepaw could feel that leaf-bare was close, and he knew everyone else in Roseclan was aware of it as well. Even through the shelter of the Medicine Cat den, he could feel the breeze slipping through. He didn't get up from his nest, not wanting to get up and look through all of the herbs that he knew couldn't treat his clanmates. It was a horrible feeling - awful, really, knowing that you were responsible to heal them, but having no control. Bluepaw twitched his tail and then wrapped it around himself. Cats would be waking; the dawn patrol was probably already out and about. Although he knew eventually he'd have to get up and pretend like everything was going to be okay. He felt his pelt ruffle as his thoughts wandered to Starclan. Why haven't they responded? Bitter resentment rose in his throat. If they could just help them - just guide their paws a little - then Bluepaw and Quillfeather could cure their clanmates and everything would go back to normal. 

Bluepaw finally rose to his paws after a few moments. Perhaps he'd check if there was any prey in the fresh-kill pile. Maybe he'd grab something for Quillfeather, or the kits in the Nursery. As the thought struck him, he couldn't help but feel a prickle of fear. The Nursery was filled with sick kits and queens. Eventually the sickness - along with the incoming leaf-bare - would lead to death; death meant grief, and grief meant low spirits; and who knows what was to come after that? He felt especially worried about Gingerfox. He knew she was a strong queen, but the she-cats illness could be fatal. Shaking his head slightly and muttering, he crept stealthily out of his nest and headed towards the sunlight peeking weakly through the entrance.

Moonfeather //

Moonfeather wondered if she should go to the Medicine Cat den. Would it be too early? Perhaps I can fetch some of the basic herbs. Although Moonfeather wasn't a Medicine Cat and was glad she wasn't, she'd been experienced in the Medicine Cat den from being in there so often and she knew the basics to soothing the sicknesses symptoms. Maybe she could fetch some honey, or poppy seeds? Even fetching some water would help. Standing, Moonfeather whisked her tail to the side and stepped over the nests, squeezing through the Warriors den entrance out into the weak, milky light. The air was fresh with morning chill, and the ground was frosty with dew, but the sun was steadily rising in the sky, orange and red streaks over the horizon. Fluffing out her pelt, Moonfeather padded towards the fresh-kill pile to see if there was anything to offer to Bluepaw and Quillfeather. The two Medicine Cats were working hard, and Moonfeather had nothing better to do than help them out and keep them moving.

It had startled Moonfeather how the sickness had spread so quickly. The thought had pierced her mind as she sifted through what little was the fresh-kill pile; she knew this was often what it looked like when the hunting patrol hadn't went out yet. She was glad no one else had caught the sickness recently, but the reek of fever and sickness still echoed around camp - especially near the Elders den - and she knew that there would be more death and sickness unless they found a cure. She was determined to keep hunting, patrolling, and helping Bluepaw and Quillfeather until the sickness finally went away. She refused to think about what could happen if the sickness didn't go away.

Tawnystripe //

Tawnystripe sat, shuffling her paws in the cold, as she looked up into the sky. Although it was growing brighter, and the sky was a light blue, echoes of stars were still etched in the sky, and Tawnystripe stifled a scoff. Starclan. What use would a bunch of dead cats be to the living? Her tail swayed. Tawnystripe never thought of Starclan as precious or sacred. If you asked her, she would tell you outright that she thought the whole bit was rubbish. Cats had dreams; dreams come from things you see in real life; not from cats in the sky. Although it was true Tawnystripe questioned Starclan and the cats that supposedly roamed there, the clan was in need and she wasn't about to go and stir up trouble about whether or not Starclan was real. What Tawnystripe couldn't understand is why the clan wasn't looking for cures themselves. Had the Medicine Cats tested unfamiliar and different herbs? Tried roaming past the borders for a cure?

Tawnystripe had considered going off herself in a search for a new herb that might cure the sickness, but knew she couldn't leave suddenly while Roseclan was in such a stricken state. The clan would begin to panic if they thought cats were going to start running off. They would think it as a sign of disloyalty; or even cowardice. Yes, it wouldn't be good for the clan. She conceded in her head, with slight amusement, as she stood. Perhaps she could join a patrol; maybe Fallenstar or Sparrowfur would start one. Tawnystripe remembered suddenly that Sparrowfur was sick and a thought crossed her mind. Would Sparrowfur have to step down as deputy because of the illness? Shaking her head slightly, the she-cat sighed. Worrying would do nothing to help Roseclan. She glanced around camp, hoping to catch sight of Fallenstars pelt.

Rainfur //

(Sick, asleep in the Elders den)

Minkpaw //

(Asleep in the Elders den)

Blazepaw // Interacting with Gingerfox

Blazepaw was already up and about, his thoughts on Gingerfox and the kits in the Nursery. He knew that her sickness was getting worse by the minute, and he prayed that she would get better soon. His pelt ruffled as he padded out of the Apprentices den and glanced around camp. Moonfeather was sifting among the remains of the fresh-kill pile. Blazepaw glanced disdainfully at it and sniffed. Perhaps he could go on a hunting patrol! Or maybe Dustblossom had something planned for him to keep him busy? He fidgeted restlessly. He wanted to learn a new battle move; or maybe even do some hunting. Hunting would do the clan well, especially right before leaf-bare. Blazepaw decided it would be good to fatten up on prey before the prey scurried away from the cold into their burrows.

Even though Blazepaw was usually carefree, he couldn't help but worry about Gingerfox and the kits. Were they okay now? Should he go and check on them before finding Dustblossom? He figured it might be too early; he didn't want to wake them. After a moment, he decided it didn't hurt to check. The orange-and-white tom padded towards the Nursery, the breeze sifting his thick coat of fur around. He leaned down and squeezed into the Nursery, blinking in the dim light. Inside, it smelt of sickness and the faint smell of milk. He wrinkled his nose. It wasn't a great combination. Blinking, Blazepaw squeezed forward. "Gingerfox?"

Nightpaw //

(In the Elders den, wishing she could be out training. Awake)

Whitekit //


Honeykit //


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Opening his eyes to meet the little sunlight through the small crack in the wall of the medicine cat den, Quillfeather let's out a yawn and begin to stretch. Seeing Bluepaw head outside, he slowly makes his way to the  entrance of the medicine den so that he can have better view of high rock. The thought about Fallenstar comes across his mind. Shaking his head to clear the thought, Quillfeather begin to wash his front paw, so that it look as if he was viewing camp and not his leader's den. He don't want anyone to know about his huge crush on their leader.


Laying in his nest Sliverfur looks around the warrior den. In his mind he wonder if Poppyfall is wake yet, and if she wanted to go on a hunting trip. He truly hope she would come along. Sliverfur slowly gets to his feet and heads outside the den, so that he could wait for her. 



(She is asleep right now in the warrior den.)


Rolling on her back Darkkit begin to play fight with the air with her paws.  Even those she is sick it don't seem to bother her play time. She don't really understand being sick means to rest. Darkkit wish she could be a warrior and go hunting for the clan. 

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Fallenstar :: Interacting with Silverfur, Moonfeather, and Tawnystripe
Huffing out a breath, the dark ginger leader of Roseclan watched as it misted around his muzzle before dissipating into the chilly morning air. The darkness of his drafty den wasn't inviting after the dreams that had haunted him, and he'd been awake before the sun had started turning the sky pink. Sitting in front of
his den entrance, Fallenstar curled his tail tighter around his legs and sighed heavily as he watched the elders den. At times he felt as if it was nothing more than his will for them to live that kept some of the cats going and the moment he turned his attention somewhere else they'd pass on to Starclan. Though that was not the case, he knew that, it felt like it. Shoulders slumping, Fallenstar looked towards the brightening sky and flattened his ears. Why have you abandoned us?

Paw steps, almost to light to hear, alerted him to the movement of some of the healthier cats. Moonfeather caught his attention first, the fluffy warrior headed towards the fresh-kill pile. The meager offerings had the ginger leader cringing, knowing that with Sparrowfur sick the duties of deputy would not fall on him as well unless he chose someone else temporarily. Fallenstar didn't want to do that because it felt as if he was giving up on Sparrowfur - already condemning him to death. His deputy was a strong cat though, and he had kits and a mate to help bolster him. Yet, that didn't seem to be helping Gingerfox. Wincing, Fallenstar turned away from the fresh-kill pile and his mournful thoughts. Quillfeather also appeared to be awake, likely alongside Bluepaw, though the Medicine Cat apprentice had yet to make an apperance. He'd need to send out a hunting patrol to feed the ever busy medicine cats and the sick ones. Deciding he'd wallowed enough, Fallenstar forced himself to his paws and closer to the middle of the camp. There were a few cats awake, at least.

"Silverfur!" He called, beckoning the warrior with a flick of his tail. "Take three more healthy cats, and their apprentices f they have them, and lead a hunting patrol." With Silverfur's apprentice, Rabbitpaw, sick in the elders den he hoped by giving the warrior something else to do he'd worry less. With a nod of his head, Fallenstar unconsciously flexed his claws into the hard ground as he pondered. "Moonfeather!" He hoped to gain her attention before she ventured further. "Would you mind to lead some cats on a border patrol, and take Hushpaw? You are one of the only other cats outside of Quillfeather and Bluepaw who knows quite a bit about herbs. Maybe while your out you can scour for herbs that might be useful?" Unable to keep his pawn paws from itching for something useful to do, Fallenstar turned slowly and padded over to Tawnystripe so he'd not have to raise his voice. "I've not been out to see how much the apprentices have improved." Not since the sickness had started a moon ago. "If possible, would you and Dustblossom mind to take your apprentices to the training hollow at sun-high and we'll assess them?" He'd have preferred to take more of them at one time, but only three of their apprentices were healthy enough to keep up with their training. It was the sad state of things.

Waking up slowly, the lanky black warrior yawned widely and stretched with a pleased hum. When his paws met no resistance he blinked his eyes open to see his brothers nest empty. It took him a panicked moment to remember Swiftdarkness has not slept beside of him for nearly four nights; the longest Blackelk had ever been without his brother at his side. Giving a soft, questioning meow, Blackelk sat up and stared at Swiftdarkness' nest with a forlorn expression and heaved a breadth. Blackelk knew Swiftdarkness was sick and that him being in the elders den was important, but he didn't understand why his brother demanded that Blackelk stay in the warriors den. He was happier with Swiftdarkness. Whiskers drooping, Blackelk heaved himself to his paws and padded from the den and into the camp. Maybe someone would let him go on a hunting patrol so he could bring something back for the sick cats? Pausing at the entrance of the warriors den, Blackelk blinked rapidly to clear the spots from his vision a the sudden light and grumbled. He hated the brightness mixed with the cold. It was bright and sunny, it was supposed to be warm. Feeling betrayed, by more than just the weather, Blackelk slunk towards the center of camp.

Swiftdarkness :: Interacting with Nightpaw
The draftiness of the elders den, Swiftdarkness was learning, didn't mix well with fever and chills. The illness had struck him quickly, quicker than he remembered many cats getting it. Usually it came in gradually, over a day or so, sometimes with coughing and chills, then progressing. Swiftdarkness felt as if one moment he was fine, out hunting with Blackelk, and the next he'd been beaten over the head by a badger. The fever meant he was constantly cold and achy, his limbs heavy and uncooperative while his head pounded with the beat of his heart. He'd started coughing the night before, though he was trying to suppress them if he could since it was leading to a sore throat. All-in-all, he was miserable. Huffing a breadth, Swiftdarkness attempted to go back to sleep since it was the only reprieve, but the lack of another comforting warm body curled agasint his back was tangible. He missed his brother, who most likely thought of as annoying and wondered how Swiftdarkness handled him as he did. They just didn't see the loyalty or understand the brotherhood between them. Plus, as cold as he was, having Blackelk's large bulk to help warm him would have been appreciated; if he wasn't so worried his frailer brother would catch the sickness.
Turning his head so that he was peering over the side of his hastily made nest, he took note of Nightpaw, a good two tail-lengths away, who appeared to be awake. "Bored?" He asked with a hint of amusement, making sire to keep his voice low so he'd not wake any of the others.

(Asleep in the warriors den)

With only three healthy apprentices left in the usually crowded apprentice den, the chilly morning air felt particularly brutal to the short-furred Hushpaw. Attempting to curl closer around herself, the calico she-cat have a soft, irritated growl and shoved her nose tighter into the tail. Not that it helped. Deciding it was a pointless battle, Hushpaw forced herself to sit up and gave a full body shiver. Glancing blearily around, she wasn't surprised to see that Blazepaw way already gone; likely to see his sister. Poor Blazepaw. She could not help but imagine what it would be like if Mosspaw, her own sibling, was as sick as the queen was. Blanching, Hushpaw stepped out of her nest and slipped through the entrance and into the wakening camp. It appeared many of the cats were awake and starting their day, though the sadness and despair was thick in the air. Spotting Moonfeather, Hushpaw decided to wait to see what her mentor would have her do before she went to check out the fresh-kill pile. Not that there was likely much. Ears cutting back, Hushpaw began grooming the fur on her flank where an irritating tangle was and tried to ignore the chilly air that was cutting through her pelt.

(Asleep in the elders den)

Yawning widely, the grey she-cat fluffed out her long, thick fur as soon as the cold, morning air reached her. Poppyfall felt like one of the lucky ones during this time of the season, when her fur was more useful than it ever was during green-leaf and she was typically warmer than some cats. Padding closer to where some of the other warriors were in towards the middle of the camp, Poppyfall listened as Fallenstar gave out his morning orders and felt a pang to realize the leader was also performing the deputies duties. She couldn't help but hope Sparrowfur was getting better, or at the very least not getting any worse. She couldn't image in the devastating blow on the clans moral if their deputy died - more less the grief poor Deerspring would feel. Once Fallenstar had given both Moonfeather and Silverfur their duties, Poppyfall looked between the two and tried to make herself appear available. Sitting in the camp doing nothing but worrying sounded awful.

Lying with her head pillowed on the side of her rabbit fur lined nest, the healthy queen could not help but curl her post kit-plump body tighter around her only kit and fervently prayed to Starclan. Though the ancient cats had not answered, Deerspring still believed that they were out there and that there was a reason they'd not answered the pleas of Roseclan. Gingerfox's weak, uneven breathing was loud in the nursery, even above the congestion and whining of sick kits. Would Starclan really allow such a young she-cat, a mother to three young, fatherless kits, to perish? What would happen then? Deerspring felt as if she was coming apart just taking care of her one, sick kit, more-less suddenly being saddled with three more. Though she knew she would - those kits didn't deserve to be abandoned. Opening her blue eyes, Deerspring knew she was simply thinking about Gingerfox so she'd not have to come to terms with her own hopeless problem. Both her mate and her kits were ill, and without them what did she have? Wishing Sparrowfur was there with them, Deerspring turned and began to gently lick the top of Mintkit's head, hoping to sooth her sick son.

Gingerfox :: Interacting with Blazepaw
Gingerfox was a realist, above many other things, and throughout the cold, bitter night she'd come to the fore-gone conclusion that in all likely-hood she'd not see the moon again. She'd been fighting for nearly half a moon with the coughing and fever, the aches and pains, but within the last couple of days she'd not been able to keep anything down; not even the water from the moss that had been pressed against her muzzle. Her muscle were now to weak to allow her to stand and what felt like thorns were tearing into her throat with every word she spoke. Breathing even, was becoming harder by what felt like the minute. The sickness it's self was not what was killing her, exactly, but it was the dehydration that was weakening her to the point she knew her body was simply wasting away. Her usually glossy fur was tangled and dull, her ribs visible now.

Gingerfox has used what little energy she could spare throughout the night to care for her three kits, two of whom were sick as well. The thought of their tiny bodies wasting away same as her was more painful even than all of her symptoms put together. If she could, Gingerfox would have taken the sickness from them and into herself, whether it killed her quicker or not. She'd whispered how much she loved them and though she might not be with them much longer she'd always watch over them. They'd slept through most of her soft words, but that was okay. What Gingerfox hated the most was that they'd have no one to look after them. Blazepaw was much to young to take on more of a role in their lives than older uncle. Sure Frostwhisker and Deerspring would not let them be alone, but both queens had their own kits to worry about. From where she was sprawled in her nest, to weak not to do more than maybe move her head, Gingerfox had a good view of her three kits.

Lynxkit and Flarekit, to her amusement, looked so much like their father yet no one had guessed. Or if they had, they'd not said anything. Gingerfox knew she'd been foolish in her youth, both her and Tidechaser had been, and that kits had never been a part of the equation for them; they'd not ever planned to be mates, nor were they ever in love. Tidechaser was not the type of cat who could be tied down to one cat, even with kits. So instead of forcing him to chose and making the entire situation harder than it had already been, Gingerfox had kept the secret of the kits' father to herself and knew from the moment she'd learned she was pregnant that she'd love them. Tidechaser would not be a part of their lives. Now, however, things were changing in a way she'd never expected. Gingerfox had not planned to die while she was still a queen, while her kits were so young and defenseless. Alone.

Her thoughts were put on pause as a familiar voice rang through the nursery. Smiling softly, Gingerfox picked her heavy head up and let it fall onto the side of her nest so she could see her brother. That small of a movement sapped what little energy she had left. Even when she was dead, at least her kits would have their uncle. "It's good to see you're well." She meowed, voice cracking and soft. The thorns in her throat shifted and stabbed deeper. She was determined to say what she needed to before she couldn't anymore though. "I need you to promise me that my kits, your niece and nephews, won't ever feel alone. That you'll become a great warrior and show them the path they need to take." Blinking her green eyes slowly, she realized they were much heavier than she remembered. "Promise me, Blazepaw."

(Asleep beside his siblings and unaware of whats going on.)

OoC: Just as a heads up, but Poppyfall isn't on the character list. :3

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@Dashy @Alcarie @darkwolf


Thunderheart: Interacting w/ Poppyfall and Hushpaw

He rustled in his nest, blinking open his eyes. He looked around the warrior den. Most of his denmates were already awake and outside, the only cat left in the warriors den was him, Tidechaser, Swiftpelt, and Stellarsky. He sat up, yawning, and began to wash himself. He looked outside, seeing a flash of some cats pelt in the elders den before they retreated back into the safety of the den. He felt a pang of sadness. Would Roseclan be able to survive this? He shook out his fur, getting up. He got up, fresh air would clear his mind. He quickly walked outside, enjoying the fresh air. He saw Fallenstar sending out hunting patrols. Maybe Fallenstar will put me on a hunting patrol, he thought. He went over to the side of the clearing, and seeing Poppyfall, he rushed over to her. "Hoping to be put on a hunting patrol too?" He asked, sitting down beside her. He looked at Fallenstar, and thought about Sparrowfur. He should be sending out patrols, not Fallenstar. He was the deputy. Everything was wrong. He fluffed out his fur in the morning breeze, looking at the meager fresh-kill pile. He needed to be out hunting right now, not sitting around camp worrying about things he couldn't control. He licked his paw, drawing it over his ear. 

He then saw Hushpaw padding out of the apprentices den. "I'll be right back." He mewed to Poppyfall, rushing over to the calico apprentice. It appeared she was washing her pelt, getting prepared for today. "Hey!" He went over to her, slowing his pace as he got closer to her. "How are you?" He asked cheerfully, looking at her before continuing on. "Is Moonfeather taking you out training today?" He asked, looking at Moonfeather clawing through the meager fresh-kill pile. He looked at her thoughtfully, then after a moment he shook himself out of his thoughts. Sitting down beside Hushpaw, he licked his ruffled fur, enjoying the cool morning breeze.



(He is in the elders den, asleep)


Flamesky: interacting w/ Poppyfall

He sat to the edge of the clearing, basking in the sun that there was.  He looked around the clearing, getting up, he decided to go see if he could go on a patrol with Poppyfall. He got up, shaking out his fur. He headed towards the Poppyfall, looking around camp as he did so. Fallenstar was sending out hunting patrols, Moonfeather was looking through the fresh-kill pile, Thunderheart was talking with Hushpaw, and he also saw the medicine cat, Quillfeather, who seemed to be washing himself right outside his den. He then saw Poppyfall, she was sitting on the side of the clearing alone. He headed towards her. "Hi, Poppyfall." He mewed, glancing at her. He would never admit he had a crush on her, and he didn't want it to become obvious. He sat down beside her, curling his tail around his paws. He had washed himself already this morning, though he still felt like his pelt was a bit messy. Licking himself once more, he looked at the apprentice den. As he did, he saw Bluepaw come out. He felt bad for the medicine cat and the medicine cat apprentice. Having herbs that couldn't cure the sick cats in camp. But basically every cat felt like that. He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He has to be strong for his clan. 


Mosspaw: Interacting w/ Fallenstar and Tawnystripe

Opening his eyes, he looked around blearily. He sat up, stretching his jaws in a yawn. He looked outside, seeing Thunderheart and Hushpaw. He stretched, then, he got up, pushing past Hushpaw as he came out of the den. He looked at her, still sleepy."Sorry," he murmured, walking into the clearing. He then started to wake up. Seeing Tawnystripe, he hurried over to her, but slowed when he saw her talking to Fallenstar. The chilly air had woken him up, and he felt ready to go out. He got a little closer, catching some of their conversation. "Fallenstar is coming to watch us train!?" He exclaimed, feeling very nervous. What if he did something wrong? Or he forgot how to do a battle move? He tried to not make it obvious that he was nervous. He then realized he had interrupted them. He hung his head, looking at his paws. "Sorry." he said, feeling even more nervous now. 


Mintkit: Interacting w/ Deerspring

He opened his eyes, feeling Deerspring licking his head, as though to soothe him. He looked around the den, exhausted. He had woken up last night to a coughing fit, and after that he had found it hard to find sleep. He could hear Darkkit playing nearby. He blinked, looking around. His throat hurt more than it had yesterday. He looked up at Deerspring, yawning. "My thro-" He suddenly broke out into a coughing fit, feeling weak. He lay back down, whimpering, as he broke out into but another coughing fit. He lay down, trying to get comfortable. He looked up at Deerspring, then heard Blazepaw enter the den. He heard Gingerfox say something to him, but most of it he couldn't hear as he let himself fall into a deep sleep. 



She woke up, feeling as though she had overslept, but it was actually pretty early. She stretched, padding out of the den into the chilly morning air. She looked around camp. It seemed as though every cat was getting ready for day, like everyday. But it wasn't the same as everyday. Half of the clan was sick. She felt bad, but there wasn't much she could do. She sat outside her den and washed herself, looking around camp for something to do. She decided she would go hunting. She went to the entrance of camp, deciding to go hunting alone. She went outside camp, the air even fresher out there. She opened her mouth, hoping to get a scent. After a moment she could smell...could it be? Rabbit! She quickly followed the scent trail, leading her around a bramble bush and a few more plants before it finally came into sight. She got into the hunting crouch, looking at the rabbit. It was pretty plump, it could feed the queens and their kit (s) She stalked it, making sure her tail wasn't brushing the ground or her belly fur. She had to get this catch. It was the best thing the clan had seen in a few moons. She got closer and closer to it, but then accidentally stepped on a twig. the rabbit heard her, then shot off, alarmed, and she gave chase.

She ran as fast as she could, catching up to the rabbit. Now! She though, pouncing on the rabbit. She got on top of it, biting it's neck. She then picked it up, the smell of fresh kill filling her jaws. She walked back to camp, her rabbit starting to drag on the ground. Suddenly she heard scuffling. The scent of mouse hit her just a moment later. She was hesitant to leave her rabbit, but she decided she would have to. She put her rabbit down, covering it with leaves. Then went after the mouse. She stalked through the bushes, seeing the mouse after just a few moments. But it saw her first. It scrambled away, into the safety of the roots on the tree. She felt a bit disappointed, but it was just a scrawny mouse, she already had a rabbit that she could bring back to camp. She backed out of the bush, padding back to her rabbit. She uncovered it, picking it up but again. She then walked back to camp, dragging her rabbit with her. She dragged it through the entrance, her long fur getting stuck on the brambles. She then came into the camp, it seemed as though everyone was getting on with their daily routine. She carried her rabbit proudly as she entered camp. 


Swiftpelt: Interacting w/ Moonfeather 

She woke up, Sitting up she began to wash like she usually did. After she washed herself, she trotted out into the clearing. She headed for the fresh-kill pile, seeing Moonfeather there too. She walked over, and started pawing through, finding a -scrawny but okay looking- mouse. She grabbed it, looking at Moonfeather. "Want to share?" She asked, holding the mouse in her jaws. She looked at her again, then at the elders den. Should she give it to the sick cats instead? No...there would be much more fresh-kill for them later, when the hunting patrols had been out. She reasoned. 



Asleep, unaware of what is going on. 



She lay down, watching Darkit play. Whitekit lay down asleep in the curve of her belly. She looked at both of them fondly. She then heard Blazepaw come in, most likely to talk to Gingerfox. Scooping Darkit up, she put her next to Whitekit. "Be quiet so Blazepaw can talk to Gingerfox." She whispered to her, licking her on the head to quiet her. She tried not to eavesdrop, pretending to be asleep so they could talk. They talked in hushed voices, she didn't catch any of their conversation. And she didn't want to, as she didn't like cats that eavesdropped. She gently licked both of her kits, curling around them as she actually fell asleep. 



(Asleep in the warriors den) 

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OoC: Added her to the clan list. I also realized while editing that I hadn't added Fernwing or roleplayed him... lets just say he was asleep, lol.


Bluepaw // Interacting with Quillfeather, Swiftpelt, and Moonfeather

Bluepaw squeezed out of the Medicine Cats den, spotting Quillfeather washing nearby. The clan Medicine Cat looked like his mind was somewhere else, which, quite frankly, wasn't a surprise to Bluepaw. After all that had happened, Bluepaw couldn't quite think straight either. He dipped his head respectfully to his mentor and padded past him. The clan was already bustling. Fluffing out his pelt to try and block out the wind, he padded towards the fresh-kill pile, nodding to Swiftpelt and Moonfeather as he pawed through the meager offerings. The best thing there was a vole; there were two other scrawny mice and a sorry-looking shrew to accompany them. Leaning down, he grasped the vole in his jaws and turned. He would give it to Quillfeather. Bluepaw could wait until the hunting patrol went out; he wasn't too hungry anyways.

He padded back to his mentor. Sometimes, Bluepaw wished he could see inside his mentors mind. There was no question that the Roseclan Medicine Cat could be snappish, and that his temper wasn't always easy to predict, but this made Bluepaw even more determined to impress him. He padded over and dropped the vole at his paws. "Hi, Quillfeather." He greeted him, twitching an ear. "I brought you some prey. I figured you might be hungry." Shuffling his paws, the grey-and-blue tom hesitated. What was there to say? Worry him over nonsense? "Maybe we could go out and gather some herbs?" That was dumb. He thought immediately. What herbs are there to gather? None of them will help the sick. He felt like raking his claws into the soil but held his temper. It wasn't like him to feel so upset about things. He supposed it was just one of those days. Shaking his head to clear his mind, he blinked. If he were to help his clan, it was always better to be calm.

Moonfeather // Interacting with Fallenstar, Swiftpelt, Thunderheart and Hushpaw

Moonfeather wasn't quite sure about the fresh-kill, and she was pleased to hear Fallenstar call her name. Did he want her to join a patrol? Go out hunting? As she turned to look at the dark ginger tom, she couldn't help but feel a flash of pity. Usually it would be Sparrowfur dolling out the tasks and organizing patrols; now not only was Fallenstar responsible over the whole clan, but also over the deputies' duties. She nodded to Fallenstars' orders and whisked her tail. It would be good to go out and teach Hushpaw some of the herbs to treat cats. It would do good for her in the future, when Moonfeather wasn't her mentor anymore. Glancing around camp, the she-cat spotted Hushpaw and Thunderheart near the Apprentices den. She flicked her tail in slight amusement. It seemed the white tom was always trying to find a way to speak to her. Before she could head off, Swiftpelt padded next to her and pulled out a mouse. She blinked at the offer and twitched her ears. "I'd love to, but I have to lead a patrol. You can come along if you'd like." Glancing back to her apprentice, Moonfeather brushed her tail along her flank. "I had better go and get my apprentice." She meowed, then trotted off.

Moonfeather padded over to her apprentice and Thunderheart, the young warrior. "Hushpaw! Glad to see you're up and about." Flicking her tail, the white she-cat glanced around camp. It seemed that the majority of the healthy cats were around; perhaps she could ask Poppyfall to join. She was already going to ask Thunderheart, as she expected the tom would be interested. "We're going on a border patrol." She nodded to Thunderheart. "You could come, too." She meowed. She glanced back at Hushpaw. "You can get a bite to eat before we head off, if you'd like. There isn't much on the fresh-kill pile, but just a little is better than nothing. I can round up the rest of the patrol while you eat."

Tawnystripe // Interacting with Fallenstar, Mosspaw and Dustblossom

Tawnystripe glanced at Fallenstar as the tom padded towards her. She dipped her head as a gesture of respect and twitched her ears as she listened to Fallenstar's orders. It was true that the Roseclan leader hadn't yet seen how Mosspaw and Blazepaw had improved, and it would be good to get the two assessed; it wouldn't be long until Blazepaws' warrior ceremony happened, and Tawnystripe had seen that her own apprentice, Mosspaw, was getting better everyday. She glanced up at the sun. It would be sun-high before long. She stood. "Alright, sounds good-" She stopped in surprise, glancing at her apprentice and blinking. She could sense that the white apprentice was nervous, and she could see the anxiety in his light green gaze. She lifted her tail and brushed his shoulders lightly. "That's right." She meowed. "And next time, be a bit more composed when greeting your leader and mentor." She meowed, stifling a purr of amusement.

Glancing around camp, Tawnystripe spotted Dustblossom walking back into camp carrying a rabbit. She twitched her tail. It was a large piece of prey; it would keep the queens in the nursery fed - if they were able to eat. She stood and called to the brown she-cat. "Dustblossom! When you've put that rabbit on the prey pile, fetch Blazepaw. At sun-high, we're heading to the training hollow for Fallenstar to assess the apprentices."

Rainfur // 

(feeling feverish in the elders den. Half-asleep.)

Fernwing // 

Fernwing woke with a pounding headache. It wasn't quite the headache that meant you were catching something, but more of a headache which came from sleep deprivation. He had hardly slept at all; he was much too worried about Darkkit, Whitekit, and Frostwhisker. Although Frostwhisker wasn't sick yet, she must have been exhausted from watching over two sick kits, and being around all of the sick cats in the Nursery could mean that she could catch the illness as well. He screwed his eyes shut, trying to block out the pounding in his skull. Was he getting sick? I hope not. After a few moments, the tom opened his eyes. Was it early? He stood after a few moments, stepping over the nests and making sure not to step on any tails or paws. He squeezed out of the warriors den, his headache lessening slightly. The sun hit him, and yet the wind pierced through his fur.

With a slight shiver, he blinked a few times and padded out into camp, glancing around. The sun was rising in the sky, and faint traces of orange were etched into the horizon. Stretching, the tom sat next to the warriors den and lapped his matted-down chest fur, grooming himself until he felt cleaner. Getting up and washing had made him feel a bit better. Perhaps he would go and see Frostwhisker and the kits; they'd surely be restless. He flicked his tail, and then glanced at the little that there was on the fresh-kill pile. If he was going to go and check on them, it would be better to bring them prey that was edible. He decided that he'd check if there were any hunting patrols open; if not, he'd go out and catch something by himself.

Minkpaw //

(beginning to awaken - tired and achy)

Blazepaw // Interacting with Gingerfox

Blazepaw blinked a few times to adjust to the light and slunk down towards Gingerfox. He couldn't imagine sleeping in this place now; it felt too small than it had when he was a kit. Shaking away nostalgia, he glanced back at Gingerfox. Pity made his fur prickle. She looked so drained. It worried him that she was awake. Was her sickness causing her to have trouble sleeping? He shuffled his paws as she spoke. I'm well, but you aren't. He felt alarm raise the fur on his shoulders as she continued. Why was she sounding as if she was leaving? She couldn't leave. She couldn't go! Her kits needed her. And - if Blazepaw was honest - he needed her. But he didn't interrupt as she continued. His heart twisted with grief. Her voice was so quiet and raspy; she wasn't her usual self. Blazepaw had never seen his older sister like this. 

His eyes widened. She sounded so intent; so determined. He leaned down so that the conversation wouldn't be announced to the entire nursery. "Gingerfox, you always knew that I would become a great warrior." He meowed lightly. Blazepaw couldn't let her know he was worried about her; it would make things worse. He had to be confident for his older sister. "And your kits are my family. Of course they'll be watched after." He looked into her eyes and blinked. Why was she so persistent? Why did he have to promise? In the back of his mind, he knew what she was thinking, but he wouldn't accept it and he refused to think about it. "I promise." He whispered, resting his head on her paws. Why was there grief tugging at his heart already? Gingerfox wasn't going to die. She couldn't. 

As he lifted his head and drew long laps between her ears, a fierce thought struck his mind. She won't die. I won't let her. He pushed the doubts out of his mind and swallowed the lump of fear lodged in his throat. Why did this have to happen now? Starclan couldn't let this happen to him. They couldn't take Gingerfox away. His eyes wandered to her three kits - two of which their breaths were raspy - and blinked at them fondly as he stopped lapping between her ears and instead looked at his kin. Gingerfox's kits. What would they do without her here? He didn't want to think of it. Instead, he rested his head next to Gingerfox's and closed his eyes. Gingerfox would get better. She had to. There could never be a day where he didn't see her and hear her. It felt impossible. Blazepaw tried to block the insistent thoughts from his brain but it was difficult. It felt unrealistic. He knew cats died; but he didn't know how he would cope if Gingerfox did. I would have to for her kits. He told himself sternly. But she's not going anywhere. I'll make sure of it.

Nightpaw // Interacting with Swiftdarkness

Nightpaw was rolled over on her side, her throat sore and her muscles achy. The cold draft that whistled through the Elders den didn't help her incoming fever, either. She felt restless. What was Fallenstar doing now? Would he have to take on a new apprentice? Would she have to wait even more moons to become a warrior? She turned over. Nightpaw glanced up as she heard Swiftdarkness speak to her. She nodded in annoyance, clawing at the edge of her nest as she spoke. "Yes." She rasped. "The elders den is no fun. And I could probably still train right now! I'm not that sick." She coughed. "Not that sick." She muttered again, blinking at the warrior with round yellow eyes. "Aren't you bored?" She questioned inquisitively. She shifted again. "Don't you wish you were out hunting and doing other things warriors do?"

Whitekit //

(Asleep; wheezing)

Honeykit //

(Asleep and unaware~)

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Quillfeather/ Interacting with Bluepaw and thinking about Fallenstar :3

Watching Bluepaw head outside the den, Quillfeather just takes in a deep breath then out. He really want to sit there all day and watch Fallenstar but he knew couldn't do that after all he knows there is sick cats need attention. Which he dose not really care anyhow.  Quillfeather flicks his tail back and forth to clear his mind. 

Hearing Bluepaw greeting Quillfeather blinks as if it was a surprise to him that his apprentice came back so quickly. "Hey Bluepaw, thank you for the vole. Gathering herbs would be good idea, as we are running low, but I am afraid no herbs will cure this sickness." Quillfeather flashes a smile toward Bluepaw, something he rarely never does. 

Quillfeather quckily looks up at the sky "Not like starclan would help us anyway." He grumbles under his breath as he takes small bite of the vole. 


Silverfur/interacting with Poppyfall, Fallenstar,Flamesky, and Tawnystripe

Hearing Fallenstar's orders about a hunting patrol, Silverfur dips his head in respect toward his leader. 


Silverpelt gives Fallenstar a nod before he heads off to find heathly warriors to go. "I will see if Poppyfall,Flamesky and Tawnystripe are up for a hunting patrol." He tells himself. In his mind he felt bad about Rabbitpaw being sick. Silverpelt heads toward Poppyfall and Flamesky. "Are you two up for a hunting patrol?" He mewos. 


She still playing by herself. 




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Fallenstar :: Interacting with Tawnystripe and Mosspaw
As the bustling of camp grew louder, Fallenstar swiftly glanced around to makes sure things were running smoothly. It appeared Silverfur and Moonfeather were getting their respective patrols together. Pleased, the ginger leader returned his attention to Tawnystripe. At her affirmation, he gave a small nod of appreciation. Mosspaw's sudden outburst startled a small grin, the first in what felt like a season, out of Fallenstar. He could remember when the former leader, Crowstar, had told him and his fellow apprentices they were going to be assessed - he'd been petrified. Forcing his expression back into something more neutral, Fallenstar stared down at Mosspaw from his full height. "I'm hoping to see some good things out of you during this assessment, Mosspaw. I only allow the best to become warriors, after-all." The over-all effect would be lost on anyone who could see the mirth in his eyes. "Go wait by the camp entrance for us. We'll meet you momentarily." The good mood he'd briefly felt quickly diminished as Tawnystripe mentioned Blazepaw. Likely the ginger apprentice was with his sister and while Fallenstar didn't want to interrupt their time together, he also didn't want Blazepaw to come down with Gingerfox's sickness.

Poppyfall :: Interacting with Thunderheart, Flamesky, Silverfur, and Tidechaser
Thunderheart's sudden apperance startled the fluffy she-cat and with wide eyes she turned to peer over at the younger tom. Opening her mouth the answer him, she was not too surprised when his attention was suddenly on something, or rather someone, else and he darted off. Laughing softly, Poppyfall hoped Hushpaw had some feeling for Thunderheart because the toms crush was obvious and breaking his young heart would not be fun to watch. Someone else taking Thunderheart's spot beside of her caught the she-cat attention and she jerked her head back around. "Oh! Hi Flamesky." She meowed. "You startled me." Whiskers twitching with amusement, Poppyfall flicked his shoulder with her tail. About to say something else, she was again stopped. "Well I feel popular today." She mused as Silverfur approached them. "I'm always open for a bit of hunting. We could definitely use some more fresh-kill for all the sick cats."

When someone bumped into her side and a familiar tail twined with her own, Poppyfall laughed and flicked her tail away and right into the grinning muzzle of Tidechaser. "Watch it, you." She mused. "Someone might get jealous." The handsome chocolate brown tom became one of her closest friends after she'd knocked his paws from underneath him and pressed his face into the dirt. He'd stopped flirting with her and she came to see the loyal, fun-loving warrior underneath the charm. "We're going hunting. You want to come?"

Tidechaser :: Interacting with Silverfur, Flamesky, and Poppyfall
Morning hated Tidechaser as much as he hated them. Blackelk's clumsy exit from the warriors den had woken the brown tom, and he'd grunted in annoyance at being woken from a fabulous dream about a large fish and a sunny, warm afternoon. Slitting open hazel eyes, Tidechaser scowled at the nearly empty den; he needed to get up. Instead of doing what he knew needed to be done, he rolled onto his back and stretched his paws into the hair, enjoying the feeling of his tired muscles pull. Closing his eyes again, Tidechaser licked his lips before yawning widely. For the next few moments he simply lay in his nest, paws in the air as if it was any normal day. However, knowing there were cats slowly dying he finally rolled to his paws and moved to exit the warriors den.

Once outside, he blinked to get used to the light and the chilly morning air. Giving a full body shiver, he took note of who was awake and doing what. He figured Fallenstar and Tawnystripe were discussing apprentices, plus neither were any fun to be around, so he ignored them. So he could see about joining Moonfeather and the apprentices, or he could join multiple other warriors, one of which was a good friend. Grinning smugly, Tidechaser pranced over to where Poppyfall was talking to Silverfur and Flamesky and twined his tail with her fluffy one. It was a familiar gesture between the two of them, and as usual she slapped him in the nose with her tail. At her offer to join them hunting, he turned to looked at Silverfur and Flamesky and offered a small grin and respectful head nod. "I'd love to come if it's alright with you all?"

Hushpaw :: Interacting with Thunderheart and Moonfeather
Blinking bashfully as the white warrior approached, Hushpaw could not help but be envious of his thick fur in this weather. Her own fur didn't offer much warmth. Giving him a curious look, she huffed a laugh. "I'm cold and worried, but I'm healthy so I can't complain." She answered, shuffling slightly closer to try and get some warmth. "I believe Fallenstar put her, thus us, on a patrol of some sort together." Speaking of her mentor, Moonfeather was approaching them. "Good morning Moonfeather." She purred, swishing her tail. "Of course. Want to share something?" She asked Thunderheart, already getting to her paws and padding towards the fresh-kill pile.

(Not really doing anything, just sitting around camp.)

Deerspring :: Interacting with Mintkit, Quillfeather, and Bluepaw
As Mintkit tried talking before giving up and coughing, clearly in pain, the queen could not help but feel a sense of helplessness. And anger. Towards Starclan and at herself for not being able to do more for her kit. "I know, love." She whispered, voice wavering. "Just try to sleep." Licking his head and down his back in an attempt to sooth, which was all the could do, Deerspring watched with watery eyes as he tried to get comfortable and sleep. His raspy breathing scared her and a part of her wanted to wake him up for fear that if he fell asleep he might not wake back up. Mintkit was still so small, so vulnerable. Nosing his ear and taking in his kit scent, she waited until she was sure he was asleep before getting up and padding quickly to the nursery entrance. She went around Gingerfox and Blazepaw, who appeared upset, to give them some privacy. Once outside the nursery, she trotted towards Quillfeather and Bluepaw where they were standing outside the medicine cats den. "I know there's no cure, but can you give something to Mintkit to at least ease his pain?" She asked, a hint of desperation in her voice. "I can't stand to keep seeing him suffer."

Swiftdarkness :: Interacting with Nightpaw
Watching with thinly veiled amusement as Nightpaw squirmed around and protested her isolation, Swiftdarkness stifled his own cough. Luckily she was not as sick as some cats, but none-the-less she was bad enough to need to be in the elders den. "You could go out and train, yes, but at what cost?" He asked, whiskers curling forward. "Think of the other apprentices you'd be training with, or Fallenstar himself? What if you gave your sickness to them, hm?" Smiling softly, he reached out with one long leg to poke Nightpaw's shoulder. "So just rest and try to get better. Fallenstar won't take on another apprentice while your in here, so don't worry." Tucking his paw back underneath his chest, Swiftdarkness he couldn't stop a painful cough and cringed at the rawness of his throat. It also didn't help his headache. "And yes, I'm bored as well. But I'd be as much good to Roseclan as a newborn kit right now."

(Still asleep, paws twitching as she dreams)

Gingerfox :: Interacting with Blazepaw
With narrow eyes which were almost too heavy to keep all the way open, Gingerfox watched her brother. She could see the sadness and slight panic in his bright gaze and hated that she'd put it there. She's always sought to protect him, not hurt him. His promise though, to look after her kits, was reassuring and rid her of some of the tightness around her chest. But not enough. It still felt like she was slowly drowning. Humming softly as he lay beside of her, Gingerfox wished she was strong enough still to shift around so that she could curl around her younger brother alongside her kits. Instead she just attempted to give a raspy, painful purr. He was still so young and at moments like this it showed. How could she saddle him with looking after kits on top of everything else? More-less alone.

"Blazepaw, when I'm gone I need you to do something for me." All five of them deserved to know. Know they were not all alone. "I need you to tell Tidechaser that he has kits. That they'll need him and that he needs to do his duty and help you look after them." Blinking heavily, she tried to focus her dull gaze back on her brother. "And I will join Starclan, soon. Don't argue. I'm okay with it, knowing they'll be looked after with you as an uncle." Smiling, she sighed heavily and began coughing almost as quickly. By the end of the painful fit she could taste the copper tang of blood in the back of her throat; not that she'd tell Blazepaw. Wheezing a breath, Gingerfox attempted to curl her tail around her kits. "I'm glad you came to visit me, Blazepaw, but you're probably needed." Closing her eyes, she focused instead on the scents, sounds, and feel of her kits and brother surrounding her. She wasn't so sure she could open her eyes again she was so tired. "Go, brother. Others need you now." Blazepaw didn't need to be in the nursery when she passed, and she knew she would. She didn't want to put him through that.


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Ooc: Sorry about the late reply and the short reply's. Was trying to hurry to comment. 

Thunderheart: Interacting w/ Hushpaw and Moonfeather

"Of course!" he said to Hushpaw, then turned to Moonfeather. "I guess I can't say no now." He said cheerfully, following Hushpaw as she went ahead to the fresh-kill pile. He looked through the fresh-kill, not seeing much, and waited for Hushpaw to choose something. Looking around the camp, he saw just about every healthy cat bustling around camp. He licked his chest, trying to make his ruffled fur neat, but it was almost impossible in this weather. He looked back down at Hushpaw. Her pelt gleamed in the little sunlight there was. He looked back at the sky. Then started thinking about Starclan. Why weren't they helping Roseclan? It didn't really make sense. Wasn't Starclan supposed to guide Roseclan? He looked back at the ground. What if Starclan had given up on them? What would happen? How would they survive? He shook himself out of his thoughts. He should be thinking about what was going on down here, not up there. He needed to help his clan right now. And that, well he could try to do. 



(Asleep in the nursery) 


Flamesky: Interacting w/ Poppyfall, Tidechaser, and Silverfur

Hearing Poppyfall, he got a little embarrassed. Was it really that obvious that he had a crush on her? "Oh, sure!" He said, shivering against the chilly morning air. He got up, feeling energized. Hunting would be good for him. He needed to get his energy out. "I'm ready to go if you cats are." He mewed, glancing around camp once before looking back at Silverfur, Poppyfall, and Tidechaser. He sat back down, curling his tail around his paws once again. He was looking forward to hunting. Especially with Poppyfall. He looked at the sky. There was little sun. And even if there was, it was weak. It felt freezing to Flamesky. Even more with his short fur. He licked the bright orange fur along his back. He would have to stand the cold air if he was going hunting. Although he was cold, he must hunt for his clan. He flattened out his fur, making sure he looked neat. He liked hunting. The feeling of bringing back fresh-kill for his clan. The thrill of chasing after a rabbit. He looked at the entrance. He hoped he could bring something good back. He saw Dustblossom bringing a plump rabbit to the fresh-kill pile.


Sparrowpelt: Interacting w/ Nightpaw, Swiftdarkness, Blazepaw, and Gingerfox.

He woke up, startled after the nightmare he had. No need to explain it, I think you know what it was about. He weakly lifted his head to look around the den. He tried to stand up. The first time he fell back down, but the second he got it. Wheezing, he carefully made his way around his clanmates. Saying hi to Nightpaw and Swiftdarkness, he padded out of the den. It was a bit cold. Cats were bustling across the clearing. He stiffly padded to the nursery. He needed to see Deerspring. He padded inside, squeezing past Blazepaw. Surprisingly, Deerspring wasn't in there. Only Minkit was there. He looked at Blazepaw next to Gingerfox. It broke his heart to see his clan like this. He nodded at both of them, backing out of the nursery. He wondered where Deerspring could be. He thought for a moment. She could have went to the medicine cat den. He thought. He sprinted over there as quickly as he could. And thankfully, she was there. She was talking to Quillfeather about getting something for Mintkit. He waited for her, Sitting down and weakly licking his chest. He hadn't washed himself since he had gotten sick, and he bet he smelled like mouse bile by now.



(Asleep in the nursery, batting at the air with his paws as he sleeps) 



"It's fine." She mewed to Moonfeather, putting the mouse down, she decided to go see if she could get on a hunting patrol. She went over to where Fallenstar was sending out patrols. She went up to him. "Could I be put on a hunting patrol?" She asked, licking her paw gingerly. Her long fur protected her from the cold, but it always got in the way when hunting. She sat down on the hard, cold ground. Leaf-bare was close. They should be hunting while they could. The prey would be scarce when leaf-bare came. 



She yawned, stretching in her nest. but broke off by a cough. She had presumed she would get sick, she frequently visited the elders den, trying to help Quillfeather every chance she got. She got up. She didn't want to tell Quillfeather yet. He had much worse things to worry about. She wasn't as important as Gingerfox or Sparrowpelt. She stood up, padding out of the den. Cats were crowding around the clearing. She yawned. She had only woken up a few minutes ago. Padding out of the den, she felt the cold morning air. This wouldn't help the sickness she had caught. Perhaps she should go to Quillfeather. She trotted over to the medicine cat den, only to see Deerspring and Sparrowpelt waiting outside. She decided she would wait until later to go to the medicine cat. Stellarsky still felt a bit drowsy. she stretched once more, going back to the warriors den, she sat outside and washed herself. 



 (Asleep with Whitekit in the nursery) 


Dustblossom: Interacting w/ Tawnystripe, Thunderheart, and Hushpaw

She nodded to Tawnystripe and headed to the fresh-kill pile. She saw Thunderheart and Hushpaw sitting there. She flicked her tail, brushing past them as she dropped her rabbit on top. She nodded to them and then padded away, enjoying the fresh air. She looked at the elders den as Sparrowpelt padded out. He looked weak and tired. She felt bad for him. Seeing the deputy in this state wasn't at all enjoyable. She looked around the camp. She looked for a puddle, but it hadn't rained recently. She lay down, basking in the little sun there was. She glanced around the camp for no particular reason. She felt a bit tired, but not tired enough to not help her clan. She then remembered she had to get Blazepaw and got up, shaking out her pelt. She guessed that Blazepaw had went to see Gingerfox. The siblings were very close. Padding to the nursery, she squeezed inside and saw Blazepaw like she had thought. "Come on, Blazepaw." "We are going training in a little while, come with me." She mewed, gesturing at him with her fluffy brown tail. 



He looked up at Tawnystripe, still a bit nervous. He licked his chest fur, trying to seem calm and organized. He finally calmed down, no longer feeling sleepy, but energized and ready to go training. He knew the leader had been joking, but he wanted to do his best anyways. He felt happy and no longer nervous. He looked at Tawnystripe. He wanted to be a great warrior like his mentor one day. His eyes gleaming, he quickly flattened down his fur and quickly cleaned himself. 


Ooc: Please remind me if I missed any cats. As I mentioned before I was in a bit of a hurry when I wrote this.

@Dashy @darkwolf @Alcarie

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Bluepaw // Interacting with Quillfeather, Deerspring, and Sparrowfur

Bluepaw twitched his tail at his mentors praise, his pelt warming. It wasn't often that Bluepaw received such words. He watched as his mentor proceeded to state that Starclan wouldn't help anyways, and he couldn't help but grudgingly agree. If they could at least gather some herbs to soothe the sickness it would be helpful, even without any guidance from Starclan. He glanced up, pushing away his thoughts, as Deerspring padded over. Pity washed through his pelt as he noted the desperation edging the queens' eyes. He glanced over at Quillfeather, unsure of whether or not he should answer. He knew a few herbs that could soothe the symptoms, but he wasn't quite sure whether or not he was correct on all of them, and he didn't even know if some of the herbs that could help her kit were in stock. 

"We were just about to go and gather more herbs, but we might have something inside." He meowed, glancing at Quillfeather for approval. He didn't think they had any honey in stock, but he hadn't checked since the day before and wasn't sure. He spotted Sparrowfur padding over and twitched his tail in disapproval. The Clan deputy looked ragged and worn out. He must have been waiting for Deerspring, but Bluepaw couldn't help but think that wasn't a good idea. He watched as the tom started to groom himself. It wasn't good to be out and about around all of the healthy cats; he'd have to have a word with him about it after they had helped Deerspring.

Moonfeather // Interacting with Thunderheart, Hushpaw, and Blackelk

Moonfeather watched with amusement as Hushpaw hurried off, Thunderheart following without question. She glanced around camp. Three cats weren't enough for a border patrol. Her gaze wandered over the cats when she spotted Blackelk, looking as if he didn't have much to do. Flicking her tail, the fluffy she-cat padded over to the lanky black tom and blinked. "Up for a border patrol?" She questioned. Moonfeather knew that the tom could be... different, or at least, that was one way to word it, but Moonfeather believed that he was a warrior no less and thus didn't hesitate to invite him to patrols. Although she knew some cats avoided him, she didn't; in fact, she felt a bit stubborn on the matter. He was born in Roseclan and was trained to be a warrior, and if Moonfeather was truthful she found that Blackelk was sweet and different; something she appreciated.

Tawnystripe // Interacting with Mosspaw and Fallenstar

Tawnystripe couldn't help but twitch her whiskers in amusement at Fallenstars words. It made Tawnystripe feel happier when the Roseclan leader was cheerful instead of more weary as he had been lately. She couldn't blame him; Tawnystripe knew that his position as leader was a difficult one, especially with his deputy sick. She watched as her apprentice seemed to grow less anxious and more excited and felt a flicker of pride. Although half of the clan was sick, the clan still had apprentices and warriors who were still going and working for their clan, and Tawnystripe had to believe that the sickness would pass sooner or later. She couldn't handle the thought of the sickness consuming the whole clan, and so she didn't think of it, and instead tried to be more positive when she could be.

Rainfur //

(Rainfur is slowly waking up, feeling sick and feverish)

Minkpaw //

(Asleep still)

Blazepaw // Interacting with Gingerfox and Dustblossom

Blazepaw listened as his older sister purred and flinched at the pain and hoarseness that came with it. What did she do to deserve such pain? He felt a fierce hatred towards Starclan. Why would they let this happen to Gingerfox? She had kits whom would be motherless if the sickness continued to get worse. The worst thing for Blazepaw was that he could do nothing but sit and watch it all go by. He was pulled abruptly from his thoughts as Gingerfox's raspy voice brought him back to reality. When I'm gone. The tightness that had been lingering around his chest has worsened, but he didn't interrupt. Then shock as he had never felt it struck him like a blow and he sat up suddenly. Tidechaser! His eyes widened. How could his older, dependable sister fall in love with a cat like Tidechaser? His felt panic raise the fur on his shoulders. Tidechaser wouldn't take responsibility over the kits; would he? Grief clouded his gaze as she continued, and he felt a surge of emotions lodge in his throat.

He pressed his cheek against hers. She was right. Dustblossom might be waiting for him; but could he really leave her in this state? A familiar voice echoed around the nursery and Blazepaw stood, feeling his heart pattering in unsteady beats. Training. He couldn't see how he could train after all he had heard, but he couldn't quite focus on anything yet. He couldn't tell Tidechaser yet, either. He had to wait - if Gingerfox got better, perhaps Tidechaser wouldn't have to know? He fluffed out his pelt and nodded to his mentor. He knew that if Gingerfox passed, it was his responsibility to tell Tidechaser, but he couldn't yet. Not until he thought things through. Dustblossom beckoned to him with her tail and Blazepaw squeezed past her out of the Nursery into the fresh air, trying to steady himself. I have to focus on my training right now. He told himself firmly. I can visit Gingerfox again... later.

Nightpaw //

Nightpaw listened as Swiftdarkness explained, and although she still felt a bit frustrated, she did feel better to talk to some cat, and she felt reassured that Fallenstar wouldn't abandon her for a healthier apprentice. "You're right." She sighed. Of course she was glad she wasn't as sick as most cats in the elders den. She didn't want to be considered a nuisance, but the boredom was killing her more than the illness was. Perhaps one of the other apprentices would visit her; or maybe when Rabbitpaw awoke they could play a game of moss-ball. That's a kit game. She told herself, shifting again in her nest. 

Whitekit //


Honeykit //

Honeykit pulled her tail over her ears. In the back of her mind, she could hear cats talking softly, but she was mostly still asleep. After a few moments, she blinked open her eyes and peered at her sleeping litter-mates. Poor brothers. She thought, blinking a few times. I wish that they weren't sick. Feeling her mothers' flank, she heard her raspy breath. The chatter had stopped. Well, it woke me up. She thought, only slightly bitterly. Her jaws widened in a long yawn, showing her small white teeth and pink tongue. Perhaps she could still sleep. It wasn't too late. She curled up again against her mothers belly and closed her eyes tightly, but to no avail. With a sigh, the small she-kit sat up and looked around the nursery. Mintkit was alone in Deersprings nest; she figured that the queen had gone out. Frostwhisker and Whitekit were asleep in their nest, but it seemed that Darkkit was already up. Turning, Honeykit stepped carefully over her brothers and nosed Gingerfox tenderly. "Are you feeling better?" She whispered to her.

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Quillfeather// Interacting with Bluepaw, Deerspring, Sparrowfur, and Fallenstar

Moving his own thoughts a side, Quillfeather glances up at Deerspring as she paddles up. His fur begin to flatten along his back  as if his good mood have become very annoyed instead. "Your right Deerspring there is no cure as I know of." He grumbles. Seeing Bluepaw glance at him,  Quillfeather flattens his right ear. "We should have small sock of honey and bramble twigs which would help him sleep. If he sleeping he wouldn't suffer." Quillfeather flicks his tail at Bluepaw. "I need you to fetch them for Deerspring. You should know where to find the honey and bramble twigs "

Quillfeather quickly  turn his attention off Deerspring and toward Sparrowfur. He begins to  fold both ears down  as he knew his bad temper is riseing more. Beside the fact  Quillfeather really wants to take out his anger  on another cat anyway. He don't want to take out on Deerspring as she don't do anything wrong,  and Sparrowfur is the best target anyway. 

He shakes his head in annoyed, he don't understand why the tom would be out about the camp and washing himself right now any way. He paddles  over to Sparrowfur as he felt this matter needed to be address now and not later.  "Sparrowfur not a good idea to be out and about around heathly cats. Makes more work for me. I am tried of  running around like crazy for herbs, because the sick cats don't listen to me." He grumbles.  "I need to go see Fallenstar. Have you seen him?" He added with  a nicer tone behind his words. In his mind Fallenstar is the only cat he truly cares a lot about, which he don't want any other cat to know this. 


Silverfur//interacting with Poppyfall, Tidechaser,Flamesky, and Tawnystripe

Listening to  Poppyfall's reply about going on a hunting patrol Sliverfur begin to smile. He really likes her, and happy she said yes. He don't mind Flamesky to come along to as he don't know the other tom had a crush on Poppyfall as well.  Seeing Tidechaser flirt with Poppyfall, Sliverfur just rolls his eyes, as he knew the tom is just  a charmer. Seem Tidechaser has many crushes and it changes everyday. He don't really care anyway.  Hearing Poppyfall ask Tidechaser to join. Sliverfur allows his fur to lay back down his back so that he don't look very jealous. "Sure Tidechaser, I just need to see if Tawnystripe wants to come. I need to check up on my apprentice anyhow." He meows as he  paddles off to find Tawnystripe.


Darkkit//interacting Whitekit, Mintkit

Becoming bored playing by herself, Darkkit begin to play paw her sleeping sister Whitekit. "Wake up sister I want to play. The sky awake so am I. Let's jump around and play warrior please." She meows in her ear. Darkkit also wanted to play with Mintkit but she knew he don't feel to good to play anyhow.  

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OoC: Sorry about the late reply. Life... DX

BiC: Fallenstar :: Interacting with Swiftpelt, Tawnystripe, and Quillfeather
Seeing Tawnystripe's amused whisker twitch, the ginger leader met the she-cat's gaze and gave an amused huff. "Nothing like teasing an apprentice to lighten a dark day." He mused, before noticing Swiftpelt's approach. Forcing his shoulders back into a more 'leader-like' position, Fallenstar gave the black-and-white warrior a greeting nod. "Silverfur is organizing the hunting patrol. You can ask him if he has room for one more?" Giving his fluffy tail a flick, Fallenstar swept his gaze around the camp to make sure things were running smoothly. Or as smoothly as it could when nearly half it's members were lying sick in the nursery. Something would need to be done. Forcing himself to keep from giving a bitter sigh, the ginger tom stood up as he noticed cats gathering around the medicine cats den. Here's hoping Quillfeather didn't tweak anyone's nose... again. The argumentative tom seemed happy to scold anyone. Luckily Quillfeather's sharp tongue didn't extend to his leader and Fallenstar was glad he didn't need to reprimand the medicine cat for getting mouthy towards him. Being leader came with one perk at least. Though, with the way things were going Fallenstar would much have rather been a simple warrior rather than have the clans fate weighing down his shoulders.

"I'm going to make sure everything is alright." He told Tawnystripe, motioning towards the medicine cats den. "When Dustblossom comes back with Blazepaw you can either wait for me at the camp entrance or go ahead and go to the training hollow. I'll meet up with you." Padding towards the den, Fallenstar was startled, and a little worried, to see Sparrowfur. The deputy appeared sicker than when he'd seen him last. "What's going on?" He asked Quillfeather, coming up to stand beside the medicine cat; though his gaze remained on Sparrowfur. "Is he getting worse?" If the deputy was getting sicker then in all likelihood other cats were as well.

Deerspring :: Interacting with Quillfeather and Sparrowfur
In her maternal panic, Deerspring ignored Quillfeather's biting words and instead turned her large, blue eyes upon the medicine cats apprentice. "Oh, thank you Bluepaw. If it helps Mintkit any I'll be eternally grateful." She meowed kindly, though with fur long her spine was stick prickling in worry. If something happened to Mintkit she'd never forgive herself for not doing more to help him. Quillfeather's irritated voice stopped her spiraling thoughts and made the queen whip around to see that her mate appeared to be waiting nearby. Blinking owlishly, the queen was horrified to see that Sparrowfur looked worse than the last time she'd seen him. She'd tried to visit him as much as she could when he first started getting sick, but then Mintkit caught the illness as well and she'd been forced to spend most of her time with her kit. Now, seeing Sparrowfur so ill, she was suddenly drowning in guilt. Some mate I am. Rushing to Sparrowfur's side, Deerspring forced herself not to press against him to close, having been told touch might spread the sickness to healthy cats. She longed to bury her face in his soft fur, though. "Why are you out of the elders den?" She asked softly, voice wavering. "Are you feeling worse?"

Blackelk :: Interacting with Moonfeather
A sudden question drew Blackelk from his morose thoughts. It took the lanky tom a moment to realize the it was him the voice was talking to. During the moment it took for him to process the words he did nothing but stare down at Moonfeather with wide eyes and a befuddled, kit-like expression. "Huh?" Suddenly her words clicked and Blackelk beamed, whiskers curling forward and paws kneading the dirt with excitement. Cats didn't tend to invite him on much without Swiftdarkness to help. "Oh, of course Moonfeather! I'll even try to be quiet! I promise!" Scrabbling to his paws, Blackelk mimed keeping his jaws shut. "Who else is going? Are we going to look for herbs too?" Keeping quiet might not have been his strong suit, though.

Gingerfox :: Interacting with Honeykit
The myriad of emotions flickering across Blazepaw's face was to be expected. She tried to remember why, something about Tidechaser, but her thoughts were blowing about like cobwebs on a windy day. Blinking slowly as Blazepaw was called away, Gingerfox forced a small smile for her brother for the last time. He might not know it, but she did. The energy required for the talk had sapped away the last of her strength and even breathing was becoming difficult. It felt like a tree had crashed down on her chest, constricting everything; the heartbeat in her ears sounded funny. The thorns in her throat had finally cut through and she swore she could taste blood. Now that she had nothing to distract her Gingerfox realized how bad she actually was. Moving, even, was impossible.

Honeykit's sweet voice was so soft she'd barely heard it over the erratic beating her her heart. Blinking slowly, Gingerfox attempted to lift her head to look down at her kit; but to no avail. Even her tail was not cooperating so she could not curl it around her kits. Everything, it seemed, had simply stopped working. Closing her eyes, Gingerfox found she could not reopen them. She was simply to tired. "Everything will be fine, Honeykit." She whispered, voice hoarse and so quiet she hoped her kit had heard her. The queen wanted to say more, to tell her kits how much she loved them, but no words would come. Her heartbeat was suddenly loud enough to drown out all the sounds of the other cats - so loud and abnormal. Thump ... thump,thump,thump ... thump,thump ...thump ... silence.

OoC: So most of this is medically inaccurate of a cat dying of dehydration. XD She should not have been able to talk or think coherently.  Fictional license? The heart thing was right though; in the moments leading up to death the heart beats abnormally arrhythmia until it simply stops. Which is what happened here. @Dashy hope it was alright that I went ahead and killed her.~

BiC: Lynxkit
(Is slowly waking up, but not quite there yet)

Hushpaw :: Interacting with Thunderheart
Looking through the meager offerings on the fresh-kill pile, she hated the thought that some of the sick cats might go hungry if the hunting patrol didn't bring back a good haul. Plus, the healthy cats needed to keep their strength up to hunt for the sick ones. Giving the pile a disappointing look, and carefully ignoring the fresh rabbit lying on top, Hushpaw leaned forward to snag a small, battered squirrel from the bottom and turned back towards Thunderheart with an apologetic shrug. Moving a few lengths away, she sat the prey down then folded her legs underneath of her comfortably. "The rabbit should go to the queens, they need it with all those sick kits." She shot the nursery a sad look. "Those poor things. I bet their all miserable, being cooped up in the nursery." Tilting her head to the side, she sighed and took a delicate bite of the squirrel before gesturing for Thunderheart to take some if he wanted. "Do you believe Starclan has abandoned us?" She asked the fluffy tom.

Poppyfall :: Interacting with Silverfur
Poppyfall blinked in surprise at Silverfur's brusque tone when he answered Tidechaser. She knew Tidechaser rankled some cats, but she didn't think Silverfur didn't particularly like him. Confused, she looked towards her friend who only shrugged, obviously used to cats being annoyed at him. "Silverfur, I heard Fallenstar telling Tawnystripe that he's taking her and Dustblossom with their apprentices to train. Tawnystripe won't be able to come with us. Maybe we have enough cats?" She called, before standing up and trotting after the tom so she wouldn't have to raise her voice. "Or there might be some other cats with nothing too do to join us?"

(Falling back to sleep)

Yawning widely, the apprentice snuffled loudly from her nest. While she didn't feel great, she was surprised to find she felt a bit better than she had the previous day. Though her nose was still annoying stuffy, making breathing a hassle - but at least it wasn't dripping anymore. Muzzle wrinkling, she made a disgusted noise at the look of her fur, knowing she probably smelled worse than she looked. Groaning softly, Rabbitpaw forced herself to sit up, cringing slightly at the sickly feeling in her muscles and the dull ache that came with it. It wasn't life threatening, more of an annoyance. Wobbling a bit, she looked around at the other sick cats. Most were still asleep, which she figured she should also be doing. Noticing Nightpaw was also awake, Rabbitpaw slowly moved closer to the other apprentice so when she talked she'd not wake other cats. "Bored out of your mind yet?" She asked cheekily, settling back down.


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Thunderheart: Interacting w/ Hushpaw

He turned to Hushpaw, a bit startled by the question. He looked at the sky. had Starclan abandoned them? He looked back at Hushpaw. She was sitting down with a small, scrawny squirrel at her paws. He thought about what she had said for a minute. "Well...I think they might have, but then again, Starclan could still be watching over us, maybe they have just not shown a sign yet." He looked across the clearing, then went over to Hushpaw and sat down. "Do you?" He asked, leaning down and biting into the small squirrel. It tasted a bit bland and dry, but he wasn't really paying attention. He flicked his tail, then put it over his paws. He looked at Hushpaw. They would be leaving for the patrol soon. 



(Asleep in the nursery) 



He realized  Poppyfall had been talking about Silverfur. He felt embarrased to think that she had been talking about about him. Why would she be talking about him? He thought about Tidechaser and Poppyfalls relationship. Were they just friends? Or were they something more? She shook out his fur. Tidechaser had a new crush everyday. He sat back down. Looking at Tidechaser who was sitting nearby. Flamesky sat down and watched as Silverfur padded away with Poppyfall following. As he knew that Tawnystripe was already on a patrol. He felt slightly nervous at the thought of going on a patrol with Poppyfall. He hoped he didn't mess up, like trip over his own tail or anything like that. 


Sparrowfur: Interacting w/ Quillfeather, Deerspring, and Fallenstar

He sat for a moment, feeling delirious. It took him a moment to register what Quillfeather had said. After a moment he realized what he said and got up, stepping away from Deerspring. Even though he was happy to see her, he didn't want to get her sick. He looked at her, not sure who to answer to. He looked from Fallenstar, to Deerspring, to Quillfeather. He blinked slowly, registering what they were all saying. He hadn't thought of mingling with all the healthy cats, he just wanted to see his mate. "Is Mintkit okay?" He asked Deerspring, not really sure what was happening around him. He had felt desperate to see his mate. He had been clinging onto life, for he had to survive. For Deerspring and his kit, Mitkit. He hoped this wasn't the last time he could see his mate. 


Flarekit: Interacting w/ Honeykit

He woke up, yawning. Sitting up, he looked at his mother. She felt cold, and smelled different. He tried nudging Gingerfox, nothing, not even a slight movement. He looked at Honeykit, who was awake next to him. "Is Gingerfox okay?" He asked her in his squeaky voice, feeling worried. What was wrong with their mother? He tried nudging her again. "Gingerfox? Gingerfox! Wake up!" He nudged her several times, trying to get her to wake up. Something was wrong. This wasn't like their mother. He looked at Honeykit, worried. Had something happened to Gingerfox while he was asleep? He felt scared and worried at the same time. "Honeykit?" He said, looking at her, worry showing in his gaze. 


Swiftpelt: Interacting w/ Silverfur and Poppyfall (Sorry about the short reply on this one)

She dipped her head to Fallenstar, padding away. She went over to where Silverfur was with Poppyfall. "Could I join your hunting patrol?" She asked to Silverfur, dipping her head in greeting to Poppyfall. She hoped her thick fur wouldn't get in the way of hunting. Usually it got stuck in a bramble bush, or in the gorse tunnel. She flicked her tail in joy. She couldn't wait to hunt. 



(Sitting nearby the warriors den, not doing much)



(Asleep with Whitekit in the Nursery)


Dustblossom: Interacting w/ Blazepaw

"Fallenstar is going to assess you and Mosspaw today. I bet you'll do great." She told him once they were out of the nursery, attempting to distract him from thinking about Gingerfox. He knew that the siblings had always been close, though it seemed that Gingerfox got worse everyday. She worried for Gingerfox. It seemed as though the queen had gotten the worse of the sickness, and she knew that it was hard for her apprentice. She looked around for Tawnystripe, seeing her after a minute. She went over to her and signaled for Blazepaw to follow.


Mosspaw: Interacting w/ Tawnystripe

After he washed himself, he turned to Tawnystripe. "Do I have enough time for some fresh-kill?" He asked, licking his chest fur one last time. He looked over to the meager fresh-kill pile, seeing Thunderheart and Hushpaw nearby. He felt a bit annoyed. The white tom was almost always trying to find a way to be with his sister nowadays. He looked back over to Tawnystripe, hopeful. But even if he couldn't eat right now, then when he got back the hunting patrol would probably have found prey better than what was on the pile. He sat down, neatly curling his tail over his paws. He wanted to look good for his assessment. Even though it wasn't his warrior assessment, it was still a pretty important part in his training.

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