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Hello :)

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@Madcat Yes, There is a way of sending zc, You start a trade with someone and you can trade zc, pets and zp.

And there is a page on the forum called Gah the Person Above You. and there you hatch the person above you egg and in return, the next person to post will hatch yours. (Though if you want you can always start a trade with me and send zc over and tell me what eggs you want to be hatched and i'll hatch them.





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@Madcat Your Welcome, :) 

If you have any other questions let me know.

Also when you want to talk to someone and make sure they get your message put a @ and then type their name. it will send them a notification so even if they are offline they will notice you messaged them and can read it later.

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@Kirito  That makes sense thank you :)

Okay another question I have is when you are looking at the Color Almanac there are multiple colors to every breed/species is it ordered from most common to the rarest colors or is there an equal chance of getting any  color listed?  Also do they list from baby to fully grown or just show different forms of them? 

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@Madcat I don't think it goes from common to the rarest colors i believe its just random...

And if they have multiple stages they should show it in this order (Egg-Baby-Child-Teen-Adult)

Though if the pet is a CYO (Which is a pet some other player made and made into a pet) and has alts (Which is what the different colors are called) then each alt can be completely different from each other like one could be a cat and the other alt could be a dog.

(Did i answer your question?)

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@Madcat You can only use the Gift a Hatch function to hatch 3 pets a day ~ <3

(Like Kirito said one per person ~ & the GAH the Person Above You thread is good for helping each other hatch eggs each day! It's not super active, but you can at least get a chance to hatch someone else's and post your own once a day! <3 :D Sometimes get lucky if someone else posts & you can do two! Just have to wait for someone new & hatch theirs <3)

Let's say if Kirito posted & you gifted them a hatch and posted your link then a new person came along & posted (gifting you the hatch) ~ you could post again after because you haven't gifted them a hatch that day yet so you get 2 out of that ! ~ <3 You can also ask/respond to chat and someone will ask GAH exchange? (or you can ask yourself) & link their/your pet <3 I do it often : P hahaha <3 ~ It'll make more sense once you look at it & do it a couple times ~ we're all very nice & you can PM me anytime ! <3 :D 


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Also I wrote this for someone's Introduction a while back (a way smaller version :P) & maybe it's things you already know which is good ! <3 ~ but I'll post it just in case it's helpful :D 

Things you can do: ~ <3

Egg Drop (you can get a new egg once an hour!) http://www.petadoptables.com/scramble.php  :D 

Click Nursery (you can ctrl+click everyone's pets & gain 300 ZC a day by clicking! refresh the page for more clicks!) http://www.petadoptables.com/clickexchange.php  :D 

& you can vote in pageants at 4 PM (Pacific time) ! :D Pet ( http://www.petadoptables.com/pet_pageant.php) & Avatar (http://www.petadoptables.com/pageant.php) to also gain 100 ZC (for each) once a day! :D 


Save up then you can explore other regions like buying a mine (to gain small increments of ZC 10 times once every 30 minutes & get a chance to get pets!), entering pageants, breeding, the wishing well forest, trading, buying pets from people who sell them, checking out the Bazaar & Auction House for pets! <3 :D 

(You enter pageants by buying clothes/items from the Avatar Clothing Shop & Pet Clothing Shop to dress up your Avatar/Active Pet or you can just buy items to make your Avatar look cute ! <3 :D You can message me about this or ask when you're interested & I can help you figure it out! <3 :D)

& eventually you can explore the breeding as well ~ either by your own (under Adopt -> Breeding) or there are breeding shops on the forums you pay ZC to others with pets (you choose two of them you want to breed) & you wait a few days & get your babies from them! <3 Super cute & exciting to open them because you have a chance to get new bred colors (not listed in the Almanac) <3 :D 


You can potentially get up to 500 ZC a day by voting on pageants & doing clicks ! ~ so you can save up & spend it on something cute/special ! <3 :D Whether it be new items for your Avatar/Pet or a custom pet/CYO from one of the amazing shops here on the forums, new pets/eggs from breeding shops, or even bidding in the Auction House (it feels really good when you get a pet you want) & finding lucky finds in the Bazaar! <3 :D 

& the Abandoned Room (if others have chosen to abandon pets they don't want :c) is open at random times on Saturday/Sunday ~ You can purchase slots for 100 ZC & click and buy any of the pets you find in there for 100 ZC each & give them a home :P ! <3 :D 


& the active admins/mods are super nice (@Dashy @tomomi @Kitkat) & there's events/giveaways from time to time (mostly holidays) on the front page of PA & sometimes on the forums ! ~ <3 :D It's super exciting! <3 :D 

Usually all you have to do is catch it at the right time & comment ! <3 :D 

& if you get a chance visit @Kaylercool's profile <3 !~ She's really social & makes some of the cutest customs/CYO pets, Avatar/Pet clothing, & art ! <3 ~

(& also has done super exciting/cute pet/ZC giveaways in the past ! ~ :D as well as some of the admins/mods  <3 ~)

There was recently a Valentine's one ! <3 :D Stick around for future holidays/events ! :P ~ <3 :D

& there's tons of more people active/social on the forums (artists, writers, collectors) & on PA you can become friends with over time ! <3 :D 


This ended up being hella long LOL <3 ~ Just PM me anytime about anything ! <3 :D 

Hope this helped! :D :3 ~ <3 


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@Madcat I know you didn’t ask but you can breed in this game you have to get a level three breeding center and you can also order from breeding shops here on the forum (the best breeding shop owners are @Kaylercool she breeds cats and if you want other animals @Imzadi83 and @Lilytora are the best!) but you can only breed certain types of animals and most you have to get to adult stage and takes lots of clicks some you can just hatch and you can breed them and how to get to your breeding center is you click adopt and it should say breed :) hope that helps you out on breeding!

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