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Kirito Design Shop [OPEN] Commissions now in ZC!

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Hello and Welcome to my CYO/Custom Art Shop!

These are the designs that I don't plan on using them myself or I can't afford the brush to post it.

so the figured I would sell them to people who would use them.

I do take commissions and the prices of commissions are at the bottom
in a spoiler.

Message me for the png sized and transparent once you paid.

The Commissions now have prices in ZC

Also when the pet gets published that you buy here may I have a set (if alted) or one of the pets? (Optional)


Designs for sale


Risu Akuma

1000zc or $4 or 4zp

Only the Adult stage is done (Already Sized correctly)



Risu Ran'ningu

2500zc or $7 or 7zp

Only the base outline is done (Already Sized Correctly)




Sutekina kitsune

1000zc or $4 or 4zp

Base Sketch is done (Not sized)


Kosupure Okami

700zc or $3 or 1zp

Only Adult Stage is done (Not Sized)




Sold to @CaitlynMellark


(Feb 24)

2000zc or $7 or 7zp

Adult and Baby Stages with 6 alts (Sized)



Commission Now with ZC Prices!


Commisions prices 

Mini CYO
Recolour - $1, 100zc | Simple Edits - $3, 300zc | Complex Edits - $5, 500zc

Mini CYO with alts
Recolour - $5 500zc | Simple Edits - $7 700zc | Complex Edits - $10 1000zc

Full CYO
Recolour - $5 500zc| Simple Edits - $10 1000zc | Complex Edits - $20 2000zc

Full CYO with alts
Recolour - $10 1000zc| Simple Edits - $15 1500zc | Complex Edits - $25 2500zc

Mini Supreme - $20 2000zc
Mini Supreme with alts - $25 2500zc
Full Supreme - $35 3500zc
Full Supreme with alts - $50 5000zc

+ Simple Background
$2 200zc
+ Complex Background $5 500zc
+ Simple Alt Edit (so one alt has a different edit to the rest) -  $2 (Per alt) 200zc
+ Complex Alt Edit (so one alt has a different edit to the rest) - $5 (Per alt) 500zc

All Prices are in USD, Paypal. Or ZC We can do ZP also just asks me the prices.
My prices are not up for negotiation,  I will not start any work until it is fully paid.



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Two quick questions; Would the Phoenix ones need the CYO alt brush or the custom alt brush? (I personally only have CYO alt brush)

If it is CYO, can I ask to reserve buying it until I get more ZC?

It is fine if it is Custom & you don't want to reserve, I was just curious since I love it's design ^^

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