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(Closed) A (Late) Valentine's Day Giveaway

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@My story
Congratulations! Heart 22 is the special heart!
You can chose either a Vodou, a Wretched, a Yaksha, or an Ixbalanque as one of your new pets.~ You can see them all in my
pet shop.
Just let me know which one you want, as well as which alt/gender.^^


Five of six alts have been found! But so far not my favorite.~

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So sorry this is a day late! Yesterday got really busy and I wasn't able to get on the computer.

Anyhow, by using random.org here's the winners of the Zc giveaway!

1st Place :: 5,000 Zc

2nd Place :: 3,000 Zc

3rd Place :: 2,000 Zc

Congratulations guys! I'll send out your prizes very soon.~


Everyone can now chose two more hearts, even if they've already gotten two. :3

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I normally don't win raffles like this at all! Super excited I won this one, thank you so much for doing both the raffle and the giveaway! : ) 

I'd love to pick two more hearts as well please! If still available, I'd like numbers 41 and 12! 

Thank you so much once again, this was a really fun giveaway! 

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Your very welcome.^^ Here's your new Blossom Pup!


I'm glad you won something! :3 Here's your new pets!


Congratulations, you've found an Ixbalanque behind heart 19! Just let me know which alt/gender you'd like.


Congratulations, you've found a Yaksha behind heart 29! Just let me know which gender/alt you'd like


Here's your new two Blossom Pups!



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@Alcarie Wow, that is amazing luck! ^^ I tried to trade a Songstone Cat for a Yaksha from you a long time ago, & now I got one from chance! <<<<3 Thank you! ^^

I'd like an alt 5 (the blue & black one), a male if possible

Once again, thank you very much! ^^ I am so happy to finally get one! And of course, I do love more Blossom Pup <3

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