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    • By KaylaDoesEverything
      First all pets for sale are in 1.Shop Room ONLY. Please Comment the pet(s) below and I will get to you ASAP.
      Rules to Remember:
      1. Some Pets I have very few of so no fighting over pets
      2. If you ask for a pet first you get it
      3. I can hold pets for up to a week unless otherwise discussed
    • By Kaylercool
      I posted a DA link onto Emma's post, but I thought I should post it here just in case the link doesn't want to work or something.
      It includes these pets:
      The Corpse Meow (My CYO.)
      Hellhound (Official Egg Drop Pet.)
      Shadowflame Cat (Kageshiryu21's CYO.)
      Scaredy Cat (Not sure if it's a CYO or who it's by.)
      Kurayami no Nyakuma (Custom by kellaymarie.)
      I spent about three days working on it, so there was a lot of effort put into it.  
    • By KaylaDoesEverything
      This is a spot i put my pets that need clicking. you can comment yours down too!
    • By SilverStallion
      When we go to our own pets page and scroll towards the bottom, we can all see the button that says, "Display BBCode and HTML codes". 
      When we click this button, it shows us ALL of our pets codes, throughout every room. 
      What if, we switched the abilities of this button to where, on the General room page, 2 buttons would appear, Show all and Show all in this room.
      And, when going into every OTHER room we have MADE (general is an unmakeable room and is a default room), there is just a "Show all in this room" button?
      Players can easily get all codes of pets in 1 room.
      Players who sell and trade but only want specific pets in a post, can create a room, move just those pets to it, and then copy codes related to said post, and then have an accurate post.
      This would help me, personally, out a lot with trying to get codes for just specific pets that I have. (Want to add selling pets' codes to my selling thread but am far too lazy to click every individual pet to get them or delete extra pets not in sales if I use the all bbc/html codes button)
      Extra work for the staff
      Confusion amongst newer players or older, returning players. (This could be fixed with a short announcement on the PA site explaining the new change)
      Um ... Input would be greatly appreciated.
      @tomomi I forgot Emma's tag for the forum And didn't know who to tag about this. 
    • By Kaylercool
      EDIT 8/8/2017
      Not taking any more at the moment since it's a hassle to get them approved quickly. I still have one awaiting approval. In the future I may just give the finished product to whoever orders whatever and have them submit it, but I'll have to charge more because that person then can make profit from the item.
      Hello, everyone! 
      I've decided to take some custom commissions. 
      I've recently gotten into creating custom items for the malls, but I'm a little short on ideas at the moment. 
      I've been doing hairstyles, eyes, accessories, bases, pet clothing, and pet accessories.
      Here are some examples of some things I've made:

      (all these items are available in the shops, by the way! :3) 
      (The eyes and base for the second and third are just there to show what the hair would look like on a base! They do not belong to me.)
      It costs 100 ZC for an item with one color. 
      For two colors 125 ZC
      For three colors 150 ZC
      For four colors 175 ZC...
      and you get it, right? 25 ZC added for each color.  
      150 ZC for a single rainbow item.
      In special cases I'm sure we can work out a price.
      Price may vary if the item is very complicated.
      Will consider making items in exchange for pet(s). Has to be something I really want.
      Once the item is ready I will notify you and let you get it for free since you already payed a fee, but once you've gotten it I will give the item a price so others can buy it too. We should probably be talking in real time so I can take it off the shop for free and add a price as soon as you get your item(s).
      (Yes, all colors for free if you ordered more than one.) 
      I will send a finished picture to you before I submit it for final approval. Please keep in mind that the admins have to approve the items first, so don't complain to me if it takes a little while.
      I'm taking requests for hairstyles, companion animals, eyes, and accessories. (and possibly other things.) I also do recolors of my already made items.
      I will "consider" requests for avatar and pet clothing. It depends on what you're asking for. 
      You can be as crazy as you want when it comes to hairstyles. I mean, look at the ones I already made. 
      Please be very specific about what you're asking for. I want to make it just as you imagined! You can send me sketches of what you want too. (which would make things a lot easier for me.) 
      I need at least half of the ZC up front. The other half when you receive the item(s). You can pay all at once too.
      I will also do requests for ZP. The price depends on what you're asking for. 
      You can comment below or shoot me a message if you're interested!
      Thank you! :3
      ~Mccala (or just call me Kayler. ^.^)
      Some requests may be denied or put on hold. 
      If I accept your request, I will message you about it or respond on here.
      In Progress:
      1. Recolor of Pigtail Buns ordered by TigresseBlanca.    
      Color 1: Two dark green shades.
      Color 2: Black and green.
      Cost: 100 ZC- Paid in full. 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.   
      2. Long bangs and long, straight ponytail hairstyle ordered by Creus. COMPLETED FULLY.
      Color: Blonde
      Cost: 100 ZC- Not fully paid yet 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins. 
      3. Bloody knife ordered by Tastical.  
      Cost: 100 ZC- Not fully paid yet. 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.  
      4. Platypus With Hat Companion ordered by mcmuffin. COMPLETED FULLY.
      Color: Blue
      Cost: 125 ZC- Paid in full.
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.
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