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@Jadespets There were some plushies a few years ago, some created after custom pets. A few of them were even prices for premium membership. I don't remember why, but they were suddenly taken down. I would love to see this option back with a lot of new plushies... They could be random encounters like the fossils. Or even something for a daily log in to the main site. Every 5 or 10 days you log in in a row you could get a random plushie...

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I got another Small suggestion.

When I first started playing PA there was like a clicking competition and you were able to team up with friends or people you didn't know and the team who clicked the most pets would get a cool pet as a reward. I loved that so maybe you could bring that back or maybe add more daily competitions (I love competitions it motives me to do things)

You know how when you make a CYO its called Egg Drop maybe you could make it where it says CYO somewhere just because it makes it easier to remember what a cyo and what not. And maybe you could even change it to the person who made it username so people would know who made it and where to find one if they wanted it and didn't have a forum account.

But that's all I got at the moment.

-Thanks, also I'm loving the new notification bar 


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More suggestions~!

1. I'd like it if more CYO bases were added ^^ Not really a main site thing, but I think it'd add more variety of CYOs besides the normal Birman Cats (which I still would personally use just because... <<<<3) & such.

2. I mentioned it on my first post, & I will mention it again just for the sake of other people seeing it. I hope there is a fix to RNG for events like the Christmas event. I remember losing 200 of the rarest candy three times in a row, & I just cannot imagine how a child could take that. I am an adult & I still am upset. Especially since I can't just get 600 candies back instantly.

3. I am loving everyone's plushie idea. I am not a big fan of collectables in games, but if it was something like the fossil mechanic, I think it'd be great!

4. Speaking of fossils, I think new fossils should be added, or them be rotated randomly. Maybe they do that now, but I have NEVER seen any fossils on my screen besides the normal ones, but I have seen many people with other variants of fossil pets! Maybe they are older, but I think it'd be nice to have them switch around randomly each time you see it. Of course, it's still a random chance of actually GETTING the fossil, but atleast you'll have more to look forward to than just Irish Elk, California Bears, etc ^^

Edit: Speak of the devil, I found another fossil pet. However, this was in a box, so my suggestion still stands on the thought of rotating the fossil animals.

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Oh boy yes please!


1. Abandoned Room exclusive pets. These won't be crazy rare, just some pets that you'll only be able to obtain from the Abandoned Room.

2. Click events. This will be like the loosely like the pageants, but you can enter yourself in for free, and try get the most clicks before the event concludes. It can either be daily, weekly or whatever. Basically you enter before it starts, then when it starts, there'll be a timer and you can start clicking peoples pets for points.

3. Plushies, and there can be a gallery that you can submit your plushies in and basically collect them. You can easily find them by mining, clicking pets, visiting a page, ect. You'll receive them as a little trinket, then you can use it to summon a plushie. You'll receive a prize if you collect them all, or reach a certain amount. Of course, plushies will have different rarities, like Very Common, Common, Rare, Super Rare and Legendary. 

4. Summoning Items. Yesyes I love these, so maybe there could be a "golden staff" which could attract Egyptian-based pets. You can find summoning items by mining, finding them hiding around the site and other interesting places. 

5. Teams. I see things like this, I've seen things like at the start of the game, you'll be sorted into a random team and you'll stay on that team. There can be all sorts of events held for teams to compete, and the winning team can have like, a random pet or something. 

6. Lots of support for the easier ways to earn ZC. Also some other ways to get brushes!

Thats all for now uwu

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