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PA Improvements INCOMING - post your suggestions HERE!

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I've posted a few suggestions on here a while back in a few different posts (not sure if anyone saw them), but I'll re-post a few of the ones I think are super useful/interesting/important here. :) 


1. Something like "Rare Candies" in Pokemon. In Pokemon you can give your Pokemon a type of candy that is, you guessed it, rare. This candy immediately elevates them to the next level. Something like that on here would be useful since it takes a long time to level up pets we want to breed.

2. (For Avatar Dress up) I think buying clothes for avatars would be much easier and convenient if there was a way for us to pick out certain items and try them on before we actually bought them. I've bought items that didn't match as well as I thought they would or didn't even fit my avatar. This could have been prevented if I could have tried on clothes before I bought them. 

3. I think it would be cool if we could have some sort of contest or even just special events where we could win exclusive clothing and accessories, or it could give players a chance at winning something they cannot afford to buy. 

4. (For Pet Dress up.) Being able to rotate accessories such as bows so they would fit almost any pet. It would also be convenient if we were able to change the size of the items. 

Another thing that's a bit bothersome is that we cannot put things behind pets. For example, I can't put splatters or backgrounds behind them, so they often end up covering the pets. 

5. I think it would be useful if the pets told who their original owner was. Lets say someone got a really awesome pet from somewhere, then instead of several people asking them where they got it from, they could see the original owner. Maybe, it could even list all the owners the pet has been between? It'd be interesting to see how many times it had been traded around.


I have a few other things in mind, but these are just a few. Hopefully they're decent. lol :D 

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1. I'd like the egg drop pets to maybe be replaced with new pets ^^ I don't know how old these pets are because of my hiatus, but I think it'd be nice to finally switch them out

2. I think it'd be beneficial to either completely remove the trap in the mines or readd the use for the trap. In the shop, you have to buy the trap to have every item from the shop, but it does absolutely nothing now.

3. I think it'd be nice to be able to have something like the Abandoned room, but for retired pets. If I recall correctly, I read on the wiki that events like that happen, but I've been here since October from hiatus & I have never seen one. Sometimes the Abandoned room has older pets, but it's not guaranteed. Even if a person could only get a retired pet once a month or something (preferably not random like Abandoned room unless it was multiple times in one day), I think it'd be great! Especially with newer users, retired pets are overly expensive.

4. I mentioned it a lot during Christmas, but I wish the RNG in events would be toned down a bit. Nobody should ever lose 200 of a rare item three times in a row ;; 

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I've got a couple ideas though they are mostly CYO based because that's what I mostly do.

1. like maybe adding where you can add descriptions to your cyo's when you submit it so every cyo you get has that description that people can see, it will give cyo's more of a story.

2. Maybe add another way to get the custom brushes for people that can't buy zp like 15 thousand zc for an MC brush and 7 thousand zc for a  Supreme CYO Brush maybe like add it in the wishing well like the other one.

3. CYO idea generator (Maybe not) where it picks a random base you can use to make a cyo and three random things like Arctic fox, skull, glowing, wings. So it will be easier to come up with ideas and maybe on holidays the ideas change like at Christmas time a lot of Christmas ideas come out.

4. when you claim your cyo's maybe make it where you can claim multiple of the same genders at the same time because it's very annoying to claim the same pet 50 times when you plan on them being all female.

5. Maybe add a way to trade CYO brushes? I've seen a lot of people having cyo brushes and never using it because they don't do digital art. So maybe adding in the trading area the option to add a cyo brush to a trade.

6. Maybe adding some chores and things you can do with your pets that help them level up faster like if you brush your pet daily it will level up faster and like the brush will cost 50zc and like you can give your pet a bath which could be free but you have to have shampoo which can cost some zc and maybe even adding an option where you can feed your pets and you can add a general store where it sells all this stuff and each thing does something different or adds a buff, like feeding you pet a cookie could make it level it up faster than a bisket but the cookie cost more.

7. Add a daily reward. Like if you sign in every day you can get zc pets or even zp! but it can be more of like a calendar and it shows you what you can get so like on a Monday you sign on you can get 100zc but on Sunday you can get Retired pet or CYO and the more days you sign in on in a row the better prizes you get so if you sign in every day for a month you can get better prizes than if you sign in randomly.

That's all the idea's I got

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1. i'd honestly like to see more ways to earn zc. i remember there used to be mini games on here that you could play to earn more zc. could those be brought back?

2. seeing as it's not easy to get zp without paying real money, it would be nice if there was a zc to zp generator.

3. like @CaitlynMellark said, some new pets in the egg drop would be nice, instead of the same ones every single time. i see pets with the rarity thing as egg drop, but you never seem to get them out of the egg drop.

4. maybe with the breeding, there should be a time frame for when the babies are ready, so you know when to check back on them instead of having to check back often. i think that would stop a lot of people from losing their pets to the abandoned room if they don't claim them on time cause they don't know when they're ready to be claimed.

5. i'd say make more pets breedable, but i know it takes time to make the artwork for each pet.

6. i'd love it if the promo code pet feature was brought back to the site. where the promo code to a new (or old) pet is released, and to claim one, you'd have to enter in the promo code. i believe when the site used to have this feature, there was a limit you could get for each pet, which i think would work if the feature was to be brought back. this could also work for rare and retired pets that you can't get any more.

these are all the suggestions that i can think of at the moment

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These suggestions are amazing! <3 ~ esp rare candies @Kaylercool & the general store idea from @Kirito This would be super useful & fun ! <3 (Also the daily reward/calendar idea - it would encourage others to check each day & increase activity!) & all the Avatar/Pet Dress Up ideas from @Kaylercool (Mostly #3 & #4) esp the backgrounds/splatters behind pets ! <3 or any item really <3 ~

New Egg Drop pets would be really exciting as well! @CaitlynMellark Mini games would increase activity/fun as well! <3 @Sergeant_Stucky

For new suggestions the only things I can think of at the moment are:

I remember someone stumbling over an event/feature that's undone which looks sooo cute! I'll PM you @Cake in case it was a surprise! <3 :D 

&& I saw an idea about having something called 'The Pound' where inactive members' pets go that we can adopt/buy ! <3 (You can even have a limit on how many you can adopt/buy each day so everyone gets a chance or everyone can click a little 'Adopt a Pet' or some sort of cute image where it's a random inactive members' pet each day - could even cost 300-500 ZC) I'm not sure if you'd want to do this but there's people who have been inactive for 3+ years ; I just saw the idea & thought it'd be neat because there's a lot of pets in circulation none of us would ever get our hands on & I know a lot of members would love them/put them to use! <3

More active during Holidays (Pets, events, images, backgrounds, posts, etc.) St. Patty's is coming up ! <3 Even just wishing everyone a Happy (whatever holiday)! <3 Event-related pets also ~ I've just seen pets for St. Patrick's Day & the Summer & all this other stuff from years past ! <3 Maybe create that same passion/excitement for holidays/seasons! <3

& I think it would be really beneficial to just make a post on the main site about the Forums & the things it can offer ~ there's a lot of members who don't use the forums! <3

Also maybe updating Click Nursery to only active members ~

My biggest suggestion would be having something called a Hatch Wall or Incubator (I can't think of a cute name atm :P) where you can hatch other's pets who are active (Members can decide which pets they want to go on the wall/in the incubator) & you can get rewards for hatching pets for others! <3 Like maybe list a Top 5 Hatchers (or call them Helpers/Nurses) & those members could win a pet reward or something at the end of the week! <3 

(I've considered making a Forum game/post similar to this to help other's hatch their pets by clicks or GAH! <3) 

Thank you for asking the community ! <3 It's really refreshing to see this! <3 :D 


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Just to add on to what I said above: <3 :D 



@Kirito's idea of a general store with snacks & other pet grooming items would be so neat & a way for members to interact with their pets themselves! <3 & @Kaylercool's idea of a candy that will take them to the next level! <3 & @CaitlynMellark's idea of new Egg Drop pets or even keeping the old ones (with a few new ones added) & giving people the chance to get a new pet within using the Egg Drop! <3 Like it would drop randomly after you use it so many times! <3 (It would be super exciting & more members would use the Egg Drop feature! <3)

& I'm not sure if this is only me but either I have pets that are a certain stage that I would like to be a baby or teen that I've bought or accidentally didn't freeze at a stage I wanted them - it'd be neat to have an item that would change the pet back into a baby! <3 (& if you wanted teen or otherwise you can just level it up again! <3) I know I have a couple pets I would like to have a different stages rather than their adult form (or teenage or whatever) & it would increase members wanting to buy pets that are maybe a different stage & turn them back into a stage they want! <3 

& for the Click Nursery idea (along with @Kaylercool's idea) instead of just updating it for active members like I mentioned above the members could choose which pets they want people to click to help level them up & those could go in the Click Nursery along with others! <3 Maybe have them on the front page along with the rest? <3 ~ So that members who are actually active get the clicks they need on the pets they need them on! <3 :D 


Just click to read ~ <3

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First let me just say that I love this thread so much! Super happy to see that PA will have some improvements! :D 

I really like all of @Kaylercool's ideas, like the rare candies and the avatar and pet suggestions, and also the contest idea to win exclusive HA items! :D 

Like @CaitlynMellark and @Sergeant_Stucky said, the egg drop system could definitely be improved. I don't even use it anymore because the pets are always the same. 

Love the daily reward idea by @Kirito, it would definitely give members a reason to log on everyday, plus it would be a source of zc/other items, maybe even some zp at the end of the week. 

And I reaaallly like the idea of a Incubator @cinnamonapples; the Click Nursery is a bit outdated since there's a lot of pets owned by members who don't come on anymore in there. Also it would be a good idea to introduce the forums to the members on the main site! A bunch of them don't get to participate in the cool events over here. I also really like the idea of having a baby potion or something like that - maybe some kind of wishing well feature?

Now onto a few of my personal suggestions:

1. @Sergeant_Stucky already mentioned this, I just thought I would add to it: It's not easy to gain zc, so having some other ways to get zc besides clicking and such would be nice. It would probably take a lot of work, but having mini-pageants during the day while you wait for the actual pageant to finish would be cool. The prizes would probably range from zc to pets to clothing items but a smaller amount than the actual pageant. It would give others a chance to win a pageant as well.

2. I really wish the Abandoned Room had pets that were worth getting. It's a bit like the egg drop, actually. Maybe mixing this up a little, as well as fixing the notification button since it doesn't really work. 

3. I don't know why this was removed, but I loved that your active pets could talk to you before. Could we bring this back?

4. I feel like list of breedable pets on the Breeding page could be a bit more organized.

5. Some newbies have a bit of a hard time figuring out what to do at first - maybe a hands on tutorial (showing you where to go, what to do) could be helpful. 

6. DESCRIPTIONS! I'd love to have pet descriptions back! 

I'll probably add to this a bit later after I think a bit; there's quite a few suggestions I had in mind, and I'll see if I can remember the rest of them. :D <3 


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Another thing I really wanted to suggest, a minor thing, is the ability to actually have the wishlist say if we already own the pet (wanted to write it earlier, but the memory kept leaving)

It isn't hard to keep the wishlist in check, until you are like me with dozens of pets & dozens of pages of wishlist

On Chickensmoothie (another very successful pet website), the wishlist tells you if you own the pet on your wishlist, & then you can unadd it manually right after! It says "you own this pet" & puts it on top of the list so you see it right away! I wouldn't suggest outright copying their idea, but maybe atleast saying you already have the pet would be great ^^

Another idea from Chickensmoothie (i think cinnamonapples mentioned it slightly) is a pound! I mentioned earlier the idea of retired pets being an event, but the pound would be where the pets of banned members though, Personally, I don't know where the pets go once a player gets banned, but I think a pound would be great! Not only that, but you could maybe donate pets if you wanted! However, I doubt you'd want to copy chickensmoothie, so you can either change the idea or just not do it ^^ It is all up to you & the rest of the player base to decide

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I think it'd be nice to have an easier way to move pets from room to room, because you can move them all at once from the main room to your other rooms, but if you make a huge mistake, you have to move them individually to the correct room, and that's kind of annoying on a phone. ^^" I mean, it's just a small suggestion, but I thought it might be nice. I have learned the wonders of actually using my computer to move pets instead of my phone.

Also, I think everyone else's idea of the retired pets being available in a room would be pretty cool.

... And low-key, I kinda think some pets like Pomeranian Dogs would be pretty fun to breed, but I dunno. Just another small suggestion. ^^"

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Suggestions for pet hatching:

* remove the three-a-day limit for Gift-a-Hatch

* bring back the incubator,  so we have a way to hatch our own pets quickly 

* Click nursery - maybe remove all the current pets and make the default that pets have to be actively added?  I used this function back when there was the possibility to win extra zc/exclusive pets and clicking would help just the pets I was trying to hatch.


Add back the wishing well choice to move a pet down a level.  I have pets frozen at level one that I want to trade (to people who want that level of pet), but when I unfreeze them they will level up (frozen back when it was 100 clicks to move a hatch/level up). 

Update the search function in the color almanac, so it takes you directly to the specific pet (for example,  searching for dalmation bringing up 8 pages of dogs).


As an aside, does the My Pets Page work?  Mine has been generating a "www.petadoptables.com is currently unable to handle this request" error message for months.  I've been using the Classic My Pet Page, but miss the ease to view/move/click pets.


New pets and activities are exciting.  Thanks!


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Looks like we're gonna get some great updates here! Can't wait for the new updates! It's great to see PA up and running again!

I think that everyone has some really good suggestions.

I was thinking there could be more than one potion for breeding. Like, maybe the one that is already there for zp and one for zc that makes them breed in maybe, 5 hours or something like that? 

 @Kirito said there could be a calendar. I like that idea. Maybe it could give you small prizes when you log in everyday. Like zc or uncommon or rare pets. (Nothing too rare) 

Like @Dashy said, I would like it if we could bring back descriptions. (And your active pet being able to speak to you!)

The idea of being able to move your pet down a level (or a few) sounds cool! I support that idea.

I like the idea of making some new Egg Drop pets!  

I don't have many ideas. Perhaps I will comment again later with some new ones! 








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I am back again (i have too many ideas xD )

I suggest another idea, but this time, about the Wishing Well!

The Wishing Well has the random chance of working or not working. That within itself is fine. What is a major issue (for me, atleast) is that it can just fail & you get absolutely nothing for your hard earned ZC basically being flushed away. What I suggest is that either you get a refund of 50% (or less, if you want) for it failing, or it has a lower chance of failing instead of 50/50 (I assume that's how it is). 500zc & 1000zc are a lot of ZC to spend on absolutely nothing, & it might make newer players very wary of even using the Wishing Well

I also do like the suggestions made for the Breeding Room! I personally never use it, but I get sad whenever I see that people do lose their bred pets just because they aren't there. And if someone that doesn't have a Forum account gets it, they have no way of knowing that that person wants it returned ;;

And I didn't add onto the calendar idea, but I love it! I personally can say that calendars with login prizes do get me to want to come on more! I came on every single day just for the Advent Calendar event, so those kinds of things should motivate others! Maybe a minor thing I'd add is if you login for consecutive days, you get an extra, little prize. Most websites/apps I know of do that so that you are motivated to login for more days than just specific days.

Ex. You want to login day 5, 8, & 10 because of a ZC reward, but if you login for 10 consecutive days, you get +500 ZC or something.

And at the end of the month, if you login for 25+ consecutive days, maybe you earn a big prize (nothing too big, of course, unless that is what you want)

I will probably come back later ^^' I just am excited to help give ideas~

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So far all the Ideas have been amazing and I agree with all of them!

Here are some of my ideas:

- Adding onto @Sergeant_Stucky's Idea of more breedable pets, making special events when a certain pet or pets become breedable or making some pets breedables for only certain parts of the year. Maybe having an item that you can buy from the general store  (an idea of someone else's but can't find who's) that allows you to breed a certain pet but can only be used once.

- Quests. I think if you had quests it would be fun. The quests could be an all week thing or a one day thing, like if it was make 2000zc in one week, or adopt from the egg drop 3 times today.

- an uptade to the color almanac: If a pets stages have not been discovered, then have them as question marks (?) and then say who discovered it.

- A way to search through pets, like on your page, a certain profile, or the whole site to search for a certain species or the name of a pet and order it in a few different ways like, most clicks, longest time on the site, rarity

That's it for me!

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I have one really out there idea that may sound really fun or really dumb. lol

So, on a site I used to use back in 2010 before it changed completely, there used to be a feature where you could go into different rooms and draw stuff together, or just doodle a bit. There was a large white board and you could see everyone's mouses with their names hovering above as they drew or wrote stuff.

There was a lobby and a few other rooms. You were able to create your own private ones too.

We could play games such as "Guess The Pet I'm Drawing" or perhaps something else like that. (Ideas, anyone?)

We could just draw random stuff together too. It could depend on the room we're in. 

There could be a chat box as well so we didn't have to write everything on the board. Also, stuff could eventually fade away from the board if you didn't erase it so it wouldn't get too crowded. 

If anyone has any other ideas for this please say so. 

I hope this isn't a dumb suggestion. lol

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Another idea that I had was having birthday gifts. Nothing too massive, maybe, but some websites I play on have birthday presents for your birthday!

I do know that Kaylercool does give out pets for birthdays, but

1) She will run out someday (hopefully? If she never gets rid of them all at some point, that is an issue xD)

2) That is only for people with Forum accounts who actually find her thread

If you don't have a forum account, you are out of luck.

Heck, there MIGHT be something for your birthday, I just don't ever remember getting a present from the site on my birthday.

Present could be something like; a custom (if you want to go all out), a retired pet, a pet from their wishlist (if they use it), or maybe some ZC. It'd be a sort of reminder to people that "hey, the site cares about us". ^^

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@CaitlynMellark I agree! That's why I started the birthday thread in the first place. ^.^ Everyone deserves something on their birthday! But, since people that don't have forum accounts can't see my thread, they don't get anything. :( (Plus, I wouldn't have enough probably.)


Anyway, I have another rather small suggestion that I find important. I'm sorry if I'm adding too much onto this thread. lol

You know how you click on a species you want to breed in the breeding shop and it shows all your females and males? 

Well, it just shows the pictures of the pets, and those don't take you to the pet when you click them either.

Since I run a breeding shop and have several similarly colored pets, sometimes I find it hard to tell exactly which pet they ordered just by looking. (And my eyesight it terrible.)

These look almost identical, right? 7eb9f46f6abd902eec1ed9db71eee11914995872bb0788340ea2048242ba78bac125d83a15001812

I think it would make things easier if the pets' names were added above them or there was a link embedded into the pictures to take you to the pet. (Or both?)



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**I'm baaaack!!**

A suggestion for the Abandoned room ^^

I think it would be immensely beneficial if pets in the Abandoned Room got deleted a month or two of not being adopted! People drop in their useless egg drop pets there everyday (including myself, I have no shame), & those end up right in the Abandoned room, This idea comes from a site I go on; Pokefarm Q

On that website, you can release your Pokemon into the shelter. Breedjects, normal Pokemon, event Pokemon, exclusives, shinies, etc; just like Pet Adoptables! However, with all the users using it, of course it does get... clogged up with useless Pokemon. Every week (or maybe 14 days, I can't recall correctly), they delete all of the Pokemon that have not been adopted within that time frame. Out of the system, non existent.

The reason I say 1-2 months for PA is because, while it is active, it is definitely NOT as active as PFQ. PFQ has thousands of members come on every day, while PA does not. With 1-2 months of wait, we can ensure that all the pets people WANT are adopted, & all the unwanted Leopard Geckos & Steampups are deleted. ^^

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A suggestion based off of a problem I have, maybe other people have it.

I havea bunch of rooms to organize my pets. One is called 'CYO' (where I put CYOs & Customs).

Issue with this is that a lot of CYOs, including my own, are listed as Egg Drop. So if I get a CYO without buying it, I don't know if it's a CYO or not. And Color Almanac only goes for ones labeled CYO Custom. My suggestion is that there be a small thing under the Egg Drop name (or next to it in paranthesis), it says CYO Custom. That way, people like myself who do organize pets based off of CYO/Custom & not can tell if something is a CYO or not ^^ 

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I'd love to see the pet shop start being stocked more often, like how it was in the past. I am tired of going there only to get a page saying the shop is empty. I love how it used to be stocked every week with different pets, I understand that maybe that can be a little hard to do upkeep on but I would still love to see it stocked more often than it is. Maybe at least once a month or so. It had some stock recently but that was only the newly released pets. I would love to see it fully stocked once again.

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I didn't read all of the posts, but I would love to see a few of Brightshadow's suggestions implemented.

- pets have to activated for the click nursery (I have so many double eggs, which don't need click right know...) -> this could remember me to be more active again...

- maybe earning a few extra ZC through the nursery

- level drop down in the wishing well

- maybe a change for events, the last I did was the christmas one, I clicked the available houses once (sometimes twice) per day and never got near enough for the higher priced pets

- make Tammar Wallabies breedable with such great new colors like the Virgina bat

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I have another suggestion that I think would be beneficial.

Make newly added custom avatar items (and pet items) appear on the homepage for at least a day or so before they change.

From what I can tell, they change immediately when someone else adds theirs, which might be merely minutes after someone puts one of their items up.

(Like what happened today when I put my dresses up. Someone else added theirs and mine hadn't been up for five minutes, so people probably didn't even see them.) 

A newly added item could be put up for a day (or whatever time you think is best), then swap to the next item in line the next day. (Or maybe randomly shuffle between the newest items every hour or something?)

Certain items could be advertised too. You could advertise new items, popular items, and so forth on the clothing homepage.

There could be something like the "Pet Spotlight" where you could pay extra ZC to have one of your clothing items showcased, in an attempt to earn more ZC/ZP.

I hope you'll consider this. <3 I think it'd be very helpful for users that create custom items and it'd make finding and buying items easier for all players.

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I have an idea! I was thinking we can collect cute plushies and we can trade them in for zc/zp or pets and we have an option to keep them and put them on our profile page some can be really rare and hard to get (but not impossible) and the more rare ones would be rare pets/  retired pets if anyone has any ideas on how we can earn them feel free to mention some ideas

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      Hello, everyone! 
      I've decided to take some custom commissions. 
      I've recently gotten into creating custom items for the malls, but I'm a little short on ideas at the moment. 
      I've been doing hairstyles, eyes, accessories, bases, pet clothing, and pet accessories.
      Here are some examples of some things I've made:

      (all these items are available in the shops, by the way! :3) 
      (The eyes and base for the second and third are just there to show what the hair would look like on a base! They do not belong to me.)
      It costs 100 ZC for an item with one color. 
      For two colors 125 ZC
      For three colors 150 ZC
      For four colors 175 ZC...
      and you get it, right? 25 ZC added for each color.  
      150 ZC for a single rainbow item.
      In special cases I'm sure we can work out a price.
      Price may vary if the item is very complicated.
      Will consider making items in exchange for pet(s). Has to be something I really want.
      Once the item is ready I will notify you and let you get it for free since you already payed a fee, but once you've gotten it I will give the item a price so others can buy it too. We should probably be talking in real time so I can take it off the shop for free and add a price as soon as you get your item(s).
      (Yes, all colors for free if you ordered more than one.) 
      I will send a finished picture to you before I submit it for final approval. Please keep in mind that the admins have to approve the items first, so don't complain to me if it takes a little while.
      I'm taking requests for hairstyles, companion animals, eyes, and accessories. (and possibly other things.) I also do recolors of my already made items.
      I will "consider" requests for avatar and pet clothing. It depends on what you're asking for. 
      You can be as crazy as you want when it comes to hairstyles. I mean, look at the ones I already made. 
      Please be very specific about what you're asking for. I want to make it just as you imagined! You can send me sketches of what you want too. (which would make things a lot easier for me.) 
      I need at least half of the ZC up front. The other half when you receive the item(s). You can pay all at once too.
      I will also do requests for ZP. The price depends on what you're asking for. 
      You can comment below or shoot me a message if you're interested!
      Thank you! :3
      ~Mccala (or just call me Kayler. ^.^)
      Some requests may be denied or put on hold. 
      If I accept your request, I will message you about it or respond on here.
      In Progress:
      1. Recolor of Pigtail Buns ordered by TigresseBlanca.    
      Color 1: Two dark green shades.
      Color 2: Black and green.
      Cost: 100 ZC- Paid in full. 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.   
      2. Long bangs and long, straight ponytail hairstyle ordered by Creus. COMPLETED FULLY.
      Color: Blonde
      Cost: 100 ZC- Not fully paid yet 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins. 
      3. Bloody knife ordered by Tastical.  
      Cost: 100 ZC- Not fully paid yet. 
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.  
      4. Platypus With Hat Companion ordered by mcmuffin. COMPLETED FULLY.
      Color: Blue
      Cost: 125 ZC- Paid in full.
      Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.
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