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Searching for Cyo Designs

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As the title states, I'm looking for Cyo designs.
They can be completed, partially done, or simply a sketch! I can finish anything that is not already done.~

I am one of those people who really sucks as coming up with Cyo designs but has plenty of brushes that I want to do something with.

As for pricing, just throw me a Zc number you want and if it's a design I like I'll most likely buy it for that.
And if it's something I really like well...I've got a cache of Zp I'm not afraid to part with.~

I like just about anything in terms of themes so feel free to show me anything. :3

I'm wanting something tangible, even if it's just a rough sketch, so please don't throw just ideas at me. It will confound my poor, overworked brain.^^

By sketches or partially done here's some examples.~ I ended up finishing all of these so something like this is no problem.


All of these ended up becoming Supreme's, but if your design fits to a normal CYO base that's perfect! I'm looking more for that honestly.

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