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Questions about Pets from Mining


Is there no way to use the animal trap that I have for my mine, and do pets not come from mines anymore? I saw some stuff about putting out the trap and that "portals" might appear from the mine, but that might just be outdated? Thanks!

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From my experience the animal traps are outdated ; <3 (I'm not too sure what those are :3 or if you buy them when you first start mining but they are unusable :c  ~ did anyone else ever buy/use this that has been on the site longer than me? <3 I looked up how it used to work & it's neat but not a current feature :c ! :3)

However you can get portals from time to time where you choose from 5 Ethereal eggs ! <3 ~ & if you choose it correctly you get it ! <3 :D ~

(You just have to click the Portal when it pops up randomly from just mining! <3)

Here are some images to help: <3 ~ :D 


Once this randomly from time to time pops up click the portal & it goes to this: 


It actually lists 5 below one after the other & if you choose the 'right one' you get it ! <3 ~

(The correct/right pet is randomized so just choose/click the one you want & maybe you'll get lucky! <3 ~ :D)

then it'll display this if you choose the correct egg: <3 


(Just imagine the Fairy Pompom image/text above with whatever you chose :P ~ <3 but that's what it looks like ! <3 Again, the 'right' pet is randomized! <3)

I've only gotten a couple but some users get really lucky ! ~ think it just takes using the mine a lot & trying again & again! <3 ~ 

Hope this helps! ~ <3 :D 

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@featherfall13 Hahaha ; very rarely do they come up for me as well ; <3 ~ just really gotta mine whenever it's up to have a chance to find them! <3 ~

I'll take a screenshot the next time I find one myself ! <3 ~ :D 

& awww ~ ; <3 I wish you the best of luck in finding them & gaining pets from it! <3 ~ :D 

Aww, thank you ! <3 ~

You're very welcome !!! <3 ~ :D 

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the traps for catching pets in the mine has been discontinued for a couple years now i believe (maybe since 2015, but i can't remember), so i really don't know why they still have that on the mine. i can't recall if when i first started on this site if i ever got lucky with the pet traps, maybe a couple times, so i can't really remember exactly what they did, or what pets you could get out of it.

the portals do exactly as @cinnamonapples said, though i've never been lucky enough to get anything out of them, i think i've only gotten like, one or two pets from that.

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I saw something about darts (assuming it was an old feature! :3) from this page (http://www.petadoptables.com/mining_guide.php) ~ Pretty neat ! <3 ~ :D 

along with things from the 'Bait Shop' & meats like chicken & steak & even nuts for your trap ~ It's under Chapter Four: Eggs ~ :3 

The Dart Section: <3 ~



Despite the laid back nature of catching pets in your trap, there is another way to get yourself some more pets whilst you are down in your mine - the use of darts and a dart gun.

Darts allow you to capture pets when they appear in front of you while you are mining. However, in order to capture them, you not only need to buy darts, but you also must train with them. This is essential for capturing a pet this way. Of course, you will need a dart gun first!

Before you can get some darts you need to get yourself a dart gun to shoot them with. You can find the dart gun and darts in the "Extra Items Shop".


When you first access the shop, you will see the dart gun for sale up the very top for a price of 150 ZC. Go ahead and buy it!

Now that you have your dart gun, you can return to this shop and purchase some darts.

In order to start using darts to catch some pets, you need to buy them! You can do this by locating the Extra Items Shop where you purchased your Dart Gun from.


Now you will find a list of all the different darts you can buy along with their price and which particular pet they will help you capture. Purchase whatever darts you can afford for now; you can work on getting them all later.

With your new dart, you are almost ready to go ahead and capture some pets while mining. However, there is one final step. You need to do some dart training; otherwise, purchasing the darts will be a waste.

The more you train with a certain type of dart, the more likely you are to capture a pet when firing at it. Now that you have your first dart, you can begin training. Go to your mine and locate the Training Center at the bottom of the page.

When you go inside the Training Center, you will be asked which dart you would like to train with. For this example, we are using the red dart! Go ahead and select the dart you wish to train with. However, you need to keep in mind that training requires 50ZC, 5 energy and will take 24 hours to complete.

That is all there really is to it! As you keep training with each dart, your accuracy with that type of dart will increase by 10%. So all you have to do is keep coming back every day and train up. Then, after a while, you will have a guarantee of capturing that type of pet.


egg.png this gorgeous egg used to be in the portal omg ! <3 ~ :D 

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@Sergeant_Stucky @cinnamonapples I get that lots of people were confused or turned off by all of these features, but it does really suck that all this cool stuff used to be a part of the site but isn't. And now it's a little more confusing about what is still features xD tons of outdated guides and even stuff on the main website. New ways to get pets is always cool, and it'd give people more stuff to do on the website... I mean, if it's optional then it couldn't be THAT big of a problem, could it? Though maybe the darts thing was a little complicated xP

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