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Cave Clan ~ The Plagues ~ Sign ups

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The Elder chuckled softly and leaned in closer to the kits, "Our ancestors were once enormous cats with powerful teeth and large eyes to see in the dark. They were covered in spots to shroud them in the forest. They were so large they could even take down a deer on their own!" His ear twitched when he heard one of the kits ask what a deer was, "Huh, well it was like a rabbit but taller than you or me and they had sticks growing out of their head. Very interesting creature." He said before continuing, "Where was I... Oh yes! Soon prey began to get scarce for the large cats and the clan moved to our wonderful home. As time went on they shrunk down to about the size we are now, and that's how Cave Clan was born." His tail swayed happily as he watched the kits start to jump around pretending to be ancient clan members hunting deer, though his attention was soon drawn to a commotion coming from the entrance to camp...

Cave Clan has been living in their cave for generations. The elders don't even remember how the Clan came to live in the caves, but each leader is told the tale, and each new archiver is shown the history of Cave Clan. They were once a clan like all the others, living together on the surface, hiding from humans, protecting their territory, but soon prey began to grow scarce. Each day the hunting patrols had to venture further out from the normal hunting grounds and each day the patrols came back with less. Soon the members of the clan started to worry about what would happen if they didn't try to find more prey. Some cats took their families and kits, even newborns, and began to venture out. They looked for shelter with the two-legs or for their own territory to live out life as a rogue. The clan doesn't know what happened to those cats, but The Leader new that the clan needed a new camp, and so the great journey began.

The Clan lost many members, either due to injury and illness or because the cats could no longer stand the journey and split off in hopes to find a better life. It took almost an entire moon for the clan to find the cave. It was sheer luck too, or as the archivers like to put it, "the will of the ancestors". The cave's entrance was small and quite hard to find, something you would only go into out of desperation to hide from the blizzard outside. When the ventured further back they were surprised to enter into an entire forest with steams, and even a lake. There is no sky above them, it is all rocks but in the night the cavern ceiling seems to glow, giving the illusion of a clear night sky. Ever since then the Clan has been living in the cave, abandoning any notions of leaving such a perfect place. The longer they lived in the cave the more the members began to forget of the outside world, and so the Archivers began. The leader of the clan wanted their history to be preserved so a cat was selected to create a way to document what had happened, where they had began, and the future events that would come to pass. The clan itself was not allowed to freely venture into the archiver's tunnel. Only the leader and the archiver could venture in. Besides most other cats are too scared to enter the tunnel. It whispers with past memories. As time went on the way the clan taught warriors and medicine cats began to change as well. Cave Clan lets the apprentice decide where they would like to train and even spends a few nights teaching the apprentices about what medicine cats would do. Most do choose to become warriors, but on occasion there have been two medicine cat apprentices. The warrior apprentices are taught to keep to the shadows, move silently and swiftly before pouncing with a deadly aim. The medicine cat apprentices are taught about how to treat all sorts of wounds as well as how to communicate with their ancestors. Since Cave Clan rarely sees the actual stars they do not call their ancestors and fallen clan mates Star Clan. They simply refer to them as Spirit Clan. 

There is a new problem arising for the clan though. In recent years the clan has tended to avoid the entrance to the cave, skipping patrols and marking their territory. There were never any cats around and the patrols themselves were grueling and would always exhaust the cats. Besides the outside world seemed too bright. When the patrols stopped the rouge cats and kittypets took a notice. They thought that the wild cats had moved on and some have begun to venture in. The cats of Cave Clan has not interacted with the outside world for generations and no cat knows how these interactions will change the fate of the Clan. 

Spirit Clan seems to be torn, half warn of a terrible plague while others encourage the newcomers to bridge them to the members they lost so long ago

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Cave Clan Territory: 

This is the entrance after traveling through the mouth of the cave (it takes quite a while to get from the mouth of the cave to hear and is easy to get lost if not for the markings made on the wall from old patrols). There is a waterfall that feeds into quite a deep lake. The clan is taught how to swim, but sadly sometimes kits get lost to the currents and temptation of the water. 


The ceiling of the cave at night


The Medicine Cat's den (the crystals are how they communicate with Spirit Clan)


The Archivers Tunnel, the floor is actually that reflective and the ceiling is always glowing


Cave Clan Prey:

Bats, squirrels, rabbits, voles, frogs, fish, snakes

Cave Clan Predators: 

Fox, the occasional badger

Plot Summary: 

A clan has been living secluded in a lush cave environment for generations, but now newcomers are starting to enter the cave. Their ancestors warn of a great plague, how the clan could be torn apart, but you know how the saying goes: Curiosity killed the cat


1. No God-Modding, do not control other peoples characters do not over power your character, do not attack someones character and "one hit" them, if you want to attack a character write it like "They swung a paw at *insert cat here*"

2. Be nice OOC, roleplaying is something we all do for fun and everyone should be treated with respect

3. Don't hurt/kill someones character without permission first

4.   If one of your characters is Deputy let other people have a chance at the other higher up ranks before making another (This one isn't really a rule more of a suggestion I guess)

5. If you do want your character to be killed by the plague please indicate so

6. When the rp is up please have your responses be more than three sentences. It's hard to respond to someone when they've only got a sentence about what they're doing

7. No 1x1ing in the actual rp give others a chance to reply 

8.  I think that should be it really, but if you break these rules more than three times you will be out

9.  Put Blind Vole in Other to indicate you've read everything

Sign Up Form: 

Age: [0-6 moons is a kit, 6-14 moons is apprentice, and so on]
Clan member or Newcomer?

Rank: [skip if newcomer]
Description: [brief description and picture of your character]
Personality: [please write more than three sentences it's just easier to rp with if we know what your character is like]
Background History: [you don't have to do this but it would be fun]
Is your character killable?




Scorchedstar - Alcarie



Dappledwhisper - Gamma

Archiver Apprentice:

Medicine Cat:

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Nectarpaw - Dashy


Howlingwind -  Alcarie
Nightclaw - Gamma
Leafheart - Dashy

Senior Warriors:

Cloudwhisker - Dashy


Possumpaw - Gamma
Sootpaw - Dashy




Wolfheart - Gama

New Comers:

Wren - Alcarie
Venus - Gamma

Salsa - Dashy





Apprentice and Mentor List:

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Name: Howlingwind
Age: 26 Moons
Gender: Tom
Clan member or Newcomer?
: Clan member
Rank: Warrior
Description: A large, bulky tom cat with semi-long fur that's perpetually a bit ruffled. His fur is grey, tabby striped with a white chest that leads up onto his muzzle and nose. His front left paw is also white. Howlingwind's eyes are a light hazel.
Personality: Howlingwind
is a rather uptight cat, though he does not always mean to be. He can seem rather standoffish and weary, but that's mostly because he does not know how to handle other cats well. If you can get his defense to drop a bit, he's shy but sweet, always looking for ways to please. Mostly because he'd never come close to gaining his abrasive fathers approval, and now he searches for ways to make up for it. For such a large cat Howlingwind is easily walked all over, and has a guilt complex to match. But threaten someone he cares about and he knows how to put his size and strength to good use.
Background History: Nothing really of importance. Both his parents were warriors and he was the one who always looked up to his father and tried to be the best he could to try and gain his approval. Which, he never did. Howlingwind's father died of a illness just before Howlingwind gained his warrior name, his mother following soon after due to a broken heart.
Family: Nope / Open
Mate: Nope

Crush: Not as of right now
Kits: Nope
Is your character killable? : Not right now
Other: Blind Vole


Name: Wren
Age: 10 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan member or Newcomer?
: Newcomer
Rank: Newcomer
Description: A small, lanky she-cat whose more leg and ear than anything. Her light, solid grey fur is short and soft, thinning out to show the pink of his skin around her ears. Wren's large eyes are a light green.
Personality: Wren is quiet and timid, a cat who'd prefer to stay in the background. She's easily frightened and intimidated, mostly from the fact that she's small and weak - someone whose always been picked on. When around those who she does not think is going to hurt her or someone she needs to keep quiet around and respect, Wren is curious and sweet, if not a bit naive. She wants to fit in somewhere, to feel safe somewhere, and she's sometimes a bit blind to when she's being used or manipulated. Wren is still young and has a lot of growing up to do.
Background History: Wren grew up in a large twolegs den where the cows stayed when it was cold. There were other rouges living there as well; a bit like a clan but less structured and it was ruled by the strongest and through cruelty. Wren, being small, was never thought much of and was pushed to the side. After the barn was infiltrated by twolegs and many of the cats were taken away, Wren's mother included, Wren took off into the forest in hopes of finding someplace safe. Instead she found the entrance to a cave.
Family: None left
Mate: Too young
Crush: None as of right now
Kits: Too young
Is your character killable?: Not right now
Other: Blind Vole


Name: Scorchedstar
Age:  32 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan member or Newcomer?
: Clan member
Rank: Leader?
(if anyone else wants this rank let me know and they can have it.~)
Personality: Scorchedstar
is a gentle cat, not one to raise her voice unless its needed. She'll listen to a kit of the clan just as quickly as she will a warrior or his deputy; she see's the usefulness in all cats, not just her warriors. This is not to say she's a perfect leader, nor is she even the best. Scorchedstar's sometimes a bit gullible when it comes to those of her clan, she does not see the bad in any of them even if it bites her in the tail. She's also weary of anyone outside of Caveclan, and is not one to allow rouges to get close or join. Scorchedstar has a bit of a temper, but its slow to rise; but with that its also slow to release and she can hold a grudge for quite a while.
Background History: Nothing really of importance. Scorchedstar was a model warrior, more interested in doing her duty than finding a mate or having kits. To many cats this made her a bit to dull or high-strung to really see her as a friend or someone fun. It wasn't that she was ever looking to be made deputy or leader, but when she was asked she'd never been more proud. Now, however, seeing those she grew up with have families and whatnot, she wonders if maybe she's missing something.  
Family: None // Open
Mate: Nope, she's been to busy.

Crush: Nope
Kits: Nope
Is your character killable? : Yup! Preferably a little bit later though
Other: Blind Vole


Name: Starwalker
Age: 62 Moons
Gender: Tom
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan Member

Rank: Medicine Cat?
Description: He's around the size of an apprentice, though his musculature and bone structure is that of a cat his age; so while he's extremely tiny he does not look like an apprentice. He's also emaciated looking, bones protruding along his spine, hips, and ribs; as if he's not eaten properly in moons. However, since he knows he's hard to look at thanks to his fur, deformities, and size he's always immaculately groomed and put together. What cannot be seen is that Starwalker's bones are extremely brittle, as in if he's even gently knocked over there's a great chance something will break; even tripping over something can be detrimental as he learned as a kit. He actually has a type of hyperthyroidism, so his unusual skinniness and brittle bones can be explained; just not in cat terms.
Personality: Though becoming medicine cat was not his first choice with what he wanted to do with his future, Starwalker tries not to let his disappointment with his lot in life slow him down or stop him from doing his duties to his fullest abilities. And though limited in what he can do, is not an angry, bitter, or hateful cat. In fact he's pretty peppy and happy (most of the time), because he's alive, he's helping his clanmates, and for the moment he can walk. Now that's not to say he's annoyingly perky, Starwalker is a bit mild-mannered and deceptively calm when working or around his leader and deputy. He's got an undertone of sarcasm, and can shoot off his mouth rather quickly; he will tell anyone that stupid questions deserve snarky answers. He's smart with a good memory, which is what allowed him to pursue his tasks, though disliked, at a young age and do them well. Persistent towards his goals, he's no one to give up at anything he's doing, nor admit defeat easily; and he can become quite aggressive if told there's no way he can do something. Starwalker has gained the knowledge that sometimes a shoulder to lean on, or an ear to listen to someone, can be more effective then herbs in certain circumstances, which is something he's hoping to pass onto his apprentice. And he's good at both, being a cat whose social and enjoys spending time outside of his den with his clanmates; even if getting out is becoming harder to do with each passing leafbare. Knowing that he likely won't see to many more seasons has not slowed him down, and he's not told anyone else how bad he's truly gotten. He simply wants to do his duties to his clan to the fullest, and know that it will be left in good paws when he finally passes over.
Background History: Born as an only kit to a disease stricken mother, Starwalker was the only kit from the litter to survive, his mother didn't either. His aunt instead took him in, raised him with her own kit, Silentkit, who was a few moons older. But she never saw the tiny Starwalker as her own, and didn't give much thought to his name. Simply called his Tinykit, due to his size. As Tinykit grew it became clear something was not right, as he didn't grow as quickly as he should, and even simply falls would put him out of commission for days. At five moons Tinykit was allowed to venture just from the camp, and of course tripped on a root as he was playing with the other kits. A broken front paw, still not completely healed, handicapped him during his apprentice ceremony. A ceremony which did not go as he'd hoped. Smart, but physically weak, he was given to the Medicine Cat as an apprentice, which left a bitter taste in his mouth. Tinykit became Tinypaw, and though he did very well as a medicine cat apprentice it's not where he heart truly lay; he longed to venture out with his brother. After his mentor died when he was only fourteen moons old, Tinypaw knew he had to stick to being Medicine Cat since he was the only one left to do it, and during his naming ceremony asked his leader in private if he could have a different name, something that reflected who he was in a cat rather than his looks. His wish was granted, and Tinypaw became Starwalker. Of course life was never easy for him-- as he grew his illness just became worse; he began losing weight, his bones became even more brittle, and he began to hurt. It's been this way for many moons, so he's simply become used to it. Less than two seasons ago Silentsky disappeared during a routine patrol and was found a day later: dead. Starwalker's still not exactly over it, but he's trying to hide his grief and continue caring for his clan until he finally passes on.
Family: Silentsky {brother/deceased}
Mate: Forbidden
Crush: Forbidden
Kits: Forbidden
Is your character killable?: Very much so!
Other: Blind mole. I figured since one of you is the medicine cat apprentice and the other archiever neither of you would want to be medicine cat. That being said, I'm more than happy to switch Scorchedstar to deputy or simply a warrior if one of you want to be the leader so I don't have two really high ranks!

Name: Moonwake
Age: 24 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member

Rank: Warrior
Personality: Moonwake is a brutally honest she-cat with a gentle voice and even gentler demeanor. She rarely raises her soft voice without good reason, but is instead good at using words to allow someone to understand what she's feeling or thinking. Though Moonwake does not always like to, she's good at guilt trips and making someone feel small if they deserve it; it's one of her quirks. Generally though she's very motherly to most all apprentices and kits, and is a good listener; often times giving out advice or giving a shoulder to lean on to those who need someone to simply listen. Moonwake is definitely not a fighter and even becomes a bit queasy at the sight of blood. To her Caveclan is not simply for those who were born into it and will be one of the cats who will stand up for the newcomers and their plight.
Background History: Nothing really of importance.
Family: Wolfheart {Father? @gamma}
Mate: Nope
Crush: None as of the moment
Kits: She'd love them one day.
Is your character killable?: More than likely.
Blind vole

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Name: PossumPaw
Age: 7 moons
Gender:  male
Clan member or Newcomer? Clan Member
Rank: apprentice
Description: c709baa235e28e67a14fe8ad69b20488--electr 

Possum Paw is quite small and his fur reminded his mother of a Possum hence his name. His legs are quite long and he is a lanky cat
Personality: Much like his namesake Possumpaw is quite an anxious cat. He is determined to be a warrior though. He wants to make his father proud even if he gets scared by a mouse sneaking up on him. He did have an older brother, but sadly he drowned in the lake when they were kits. It's why Possumpaw is so nervous and anxious. His brother had been the adventurous one and they were just trying to show their pop that they were gonna be strong just like him, but the current was too strong for Possumpaw's brother and Possumpaw couldn't save him. He ran back to the camp to get a warrior but when they got back it was already too late. Possumpaw is terrified of failure and has nightmares about his brother drowning. 
Background History: When he was just a kit he and his brother ventured out of camp. They were trying to catch a fish or some prey to show their dad that they were going to be strong warriors just like him, but it didn't end to well. His brother went too far into the water and the current pulled him under. Possumpaw was paralyzed with fear before running back to the camp to grab the first warrior he saw. They went back to the lake but his brother had already drowned. After that Possumpaw didn't talk for a whole moon. He just hid against his mother trembling with fear and blaming himself for what had happened.
Family: His father NightClaw
Mate: too young 
Crush:  none yet
Kits: nope
Is your character killable? nah I like this dude
Other: blind vole

Name: NightClaw
Age: 36 moons
Gender: male
Clan member or Newcomer? Clan Member
Rank: warrior
Description: tumblr_obrq6dOptv1rlaql2o6_1280.jpg

He looks very intimidating and his claws always stick out of their sheaths. He's quite bulky.
Personality: Despite his looks he is actually a very sweet cat. He loves being a dad and every day he misses his lost son. He's proud of Possumpaw and does his best to encourage his son. He wants his son to know that he's doing great. Nightclaw loves kits and he loves being a mentor. He's very paternal and has a big heart. 
Background History: There's nothing too interesting about NightClaw.
Family: his son Possumpaw
Mate: not anymore
Crush: open
Kits: Possumpaw
Is your character killable? yes

Name: Dappledwhisper
Age: 45 moons
Gender: female
Clan member or Newcomer?  clan member

Rank: Archiver
Description: wpid-24773f62b9d4cc930c4092502bea591e.jp
Personality: She's kind of strange and not the most sociable. Dappledwhisper tends to spend most of her time in the archiver's tunnel looking over the clan's history and listening to what the whispers have to say. When she is interacting with others she seems to have a far off look or is staring directly into their eyes the whole time. She's an excellent hunter and can sniff out the berries she needs to write down the history. She's not really fond of kits or apprentices, but when a kit stumbles into her she will try to be polite and get them back to their mother. 
Background History: Dappledwhisper was the only kit of her litter. Her mother was very protective of her and because of that she was never really able to play with the other kits. When she finally became an apprentice she was very awkward and didn't know how to interact with the other apprentices. She wasn't interested about being a warrior, the medicine cat apprentice seemed interesting, but what really grabbed her interest was the archiver. She could hear the whispers of ancient stories and it drew her in. Her mentor was a little cooky as well which made her feel like she finally found where she belonged in the clan. 
Family: none her mother died shortly after she became archiver
Mate: none
Crush: she might get one
Kits: no
Is your character killable? no

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@Alcarie all accepted :D also could Wren and Venus be friends?

Name: Venus
Age: 20 moons
Gender: female
Clan member or Newcomer? Newcomer

Rank: newcomer
Description: tumblr_otuqn8U0eq1v8d5b1o1_500.jpg

She's a pretty normal tabby, though her stomach is starting to get larger as she's pregnant 
Personality: Venus is a very relaxed cat. She grew up in a large two leg den and would often catch the rats around or sometimes steal some food from the two leg's metal log. She has always wanted adventure and it's why she ventured into the forest to begin with. She didn't know she was pregnant at the time, but she had been curious about the legends of wild cats living in the forest. When she found out she was with kits she started to get more protective of herself and takes more breaks. She's very excited and nervous about her kits. 
Background History: Venus was born in the barn with five siblings. They grew up together and it was great, but eventually some of her siblings were taken in by the two legs and others went to travel. After a short romance and breaking it off Venus was also bitten by the travel bug, so she decided to go explore the forest. 
Family: She has a few siblings but hasn't seen them in years
Mate: open
Crush: open
Kits: she has some on the way
Is your character killable? maybe
Other: if you want to make a character that would be her kit that's cool with me, or if you want to make one of her siblings thats cool too

Name: Wolfheart
Age: 50 moons
Gender: male
Clan member or Newcomer? clan member

Rank: elder
Description: He is a very large cat, being he is a maine coon. He tends to tower over most of the clan but he's a big softy and he loves to tell stories to any kit or apprentice that will listen to himfQYSUbVfts-T7odkrFJckdiFeHvab0GWOfzhj7tY
Personality: Wolfheart is just a very happy old cat. He likes to lay in the warm spots and warm his fur. He loves to tell stories to the kit and reminisce about his days as a warrior, but mostly he just likes being able to watch the clan thrive. He has a big heart and cares deeply for his clan, but sometimes when his bones ache he can be very grumpy. If there is danger he still has a strong instinct to protect the clan and sometimes he sneaks out of the camp to go hunting or taking a dip in the lake.
Background History: Wolfheart was a great warrior. He had a few siblings growing up. There wasn't really anything too interesting. He served the clan and when he was old enough he finally retired due to the fact that his joints ache. Sometimes he can barely get out of his nest, but on good days he feels as spry as a young warrior again. Now most of the kits like to play with him (usually he plays the log or rock they're trying to climb). He loves it. 
Family: open
Mate: nah
Crush: nah
Kits: open
Is your character killable? yes
Other: you can make a character that would be a sibling of his or a kit of his :)

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Name: Salsa
Age: 13 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan member or Newcomer?: Newcomer
Rank: -

Salsa has dark ginger-brown tabby stripes. Under the stripes is a yellow-ish white, which gradually transfers to darker ginger as it moves along her spine to her head. She has a few pure white marks around her face, and some dark ginger tabby stripes on her forehead and around her eyes. The stripes on her back legs are thicker and darker. Salsa has a slim build, meant for running and chasing rather than fighting, though, if needed, she knows how to use her claws. She's considered a bit on the petite side, and has a natural graceful and on-her-toes posture from being on the run so often, almost appearing as if she's ready to take off at any given moment. The inside of her ears are light pink with white fluff, and her eyes are a dark amber flecked with gold.

Salsa is always quite curious, and it's hard for her to stay in one place. She's always up for adventure and fun, and it's not often that she's quiet or timid. In fact, more than not, Salsa constantly speaks her mind, whether it be blunt, kind of rude, or simply not true; she's very stubborn to the point of being a bit annoying. She has a bit of a temper and tends to hold grudge and be overly obnoxious about an argument. Underneath her thick-skin and hard-hotheadedness, Salsa's actually quite soft. When things get serious, she can automatically switch into a shy and quiet mode, with a serious demeanor; especially if one's life is on the line. Despite her 'I-don't-really-care' kind of look and act, Salsa can be very kind and caring. She also absolutely loves to tease kits, and although she'd NEVER admit it, she wants them someday.
Background History

Salsa grew up at a twolegs' house, born and raised to be a kittypet. Her siblings were given away, but she stayed with her mother and her one brother at the twolegs' home. Salsa had a young caretaker whom she loved very much, but it wasn't long until the ginger tabby realized something was wrong. Not only did the twoleg kit seem weak and unstable, she constantly coughed and was in bed 90% of the time. It worried Salsa, and eventually it grew worse - so bad that the young one rarely was home. The older twolegs came home one day looking even mopier than usual, and Salsa had known something was wrong. She waited weeks, and yet the twoleg kit never came back. Heartbroken, Salsa ran away out of pure sadness and denial at the age of 10 moons, hoping maybe to find a way to her caretaker. It was an anomaly that she survived her younger days, but after awhile, she simply learned how to run when needed and unsheathe claws when she had to. Then, she found the cave. Thoroughly engrossed in how Cave Clan handled things, she's decided to stick around for a bit.
Family: Brother, mother, a few other siblings - all left behind.
Mate: She believes she'll never get into a relationship like that.
Crush: Not at the moment.
Kits: Maybe eventually, right now she enjoys watching them and teasing them.
Is your character killable?: I'd say yeah, but maybe later in the roleplay.~
Other: Blind vole. ^^


Name: Nectarpaw
Age: 12 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member
Rank: Med Cat Apprentice (is this okay? @gamma)

Nectarpaw has a naturally thick, fluffy white pelt. Sometimes it frustrates her how much it gets in her way when hunting - especially in the snow or rain - but she is thankful for the warmth it brings. Her fur is mostly white, but around her face she has a few pale-yellow or light honey marks around her muzzle and eyes. There are also a few faint streaks on her forehead, and behind her ears. A few things about her say 'delicate' - her light pink ears, nose, and pads, for one. The way she holds herself seems genuine in the way she leans forward slightly and often has her ears angled forward. Her eyes are a striking dark blue, her paws are tiny, and her tail is basically white fluff. 

Nectarpaw is generally a bit quiet. Not quite shy, intimidated or timid; she just doesn't usually think her thoughts are worth speaking aloud. She's up for small chat and things like that, but when it comes to big decisions she tends to keep out of it and let the older cats lead the way. Nectarpaw - as her name suggests - is very sweet. She has a sort of instinct to care and protect, and it's been with her since she was very young. She tries not to get in trouble and can thus be seen as boring by some cats, but she finds that having a calm, average life suits her fine. That is to say, she's not a complete goody-two-shoes, as she's had her times as a kit when she got into a fair amount of trouble, and she wouldn't protest if someone suggested something fun, or interesting to do. More or less, she's just a laid-back, caring and sweet cat, one that much prefers caring for others or talking things out other than using claws; which made her choose the Medicine Cat route, and she does not regret it a bit.
Background History:

Nectarpaw has an average history: she got into trouble a few times as a kit (as most kits do) but otherwise she hasn't had any tragic life history.
Family: Older brother, Leafheart.
Mate: No. She's not looking for it, but if she found the right cat maybe something would happen.
Crush: At the moment - no.
Kits: Nope.
Is your character killable?: Yes.
Other: Blind vole.~

Image result for light grey cat

Name: Leafheart
Age: 23
Gender: Tom
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member
Rank: Warrior

Leafheart - size-wise - is quite average; not too stocky, not too small. His fur is mainly white, but he has dark grey streaks around all four legs. Around the top of his head, the white fades to dark grey, and then back to light grey around his face, and white around his muzzle. He doesn't have any particularly striking features; in fact, he's a bit dull, with faded-looking blue grey eyes, a dark grey nose (with faded pink poking out there) and overall a very normal appearance. 

Leafheart is quite the opposite of his sister, Nectarpaw. As an apprentice, he was pretty cocky and a bit stubborn; and, unfortunately, he still kind of shows this side of him often enough. He's not necessarily bold, to say, but he does have a fair amount of sarcasm under his claws, and he's not afraid to use either. As he is, he'd even sometimes let out some sarcasm to the Medicine Cat or Leader - but of course, at the end of the day, he knows when to back off. He loves to tease Nectarpaw, and although he doesn't quite wear his emotions on his pelt, he does care deeply for Nectarpaw, and he's promised himself to protect her. 
Background History:

He had a regular kit-hood and apprenticeship, just with more putting bugs in denmates nests and tricking kits. To put it simply, he was a mischievous trouble-maker his whole life.
Family: Younger sister, Nectarpaw.
Mate: No, doesn't really want one.
Crush: Nuh-uh.
Kits: Nooooo.
Is your character killable?: Maybe later!~
Other: Blind vole!

Image result for light grey cat

Name: Sootpaw
Age: 13 moons
Gender: Tom
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member
Rank: Apprentice

Sootpaw is a little small, but it fits his age. His pelt is perfectly in the middle of fluffy and thin - to the point of sticking out, but not weighing him down. Sootpaw has a light grey fur color, and his two front paws and right back paw are pure white. Around his muzzle / face area, it's smoky black, with a few darker stripes on his forehead and above his eyes, thus his name. The inside of his ears and his nose are also grey, and his eyes are a surprising dark blue, the one thing that stands out about him.

Sootpaw is a bit shy, and can come off as standoffish or awkward. It's a bit hard for him to socialize or talk to new cats without stuttering or fidgeting a bit. Around cats he knows, he's not as shy, but he doesn't talk as much and generally just enjoys watching and observing other cats, rather than interacting with them. You could say he's anti-social, but that would be wrong, because he actually enjoys the company of other cats - he just also enjoys peaceful silence and calmness, as well. Sootpaw can be very comforting if he needs to be, and doesn't mind cuddling or being close to a cat he really cares about. In fact, he's quite the sweet cat, if you look past his first impressions.
Background History:

Sootpaw was born by himself, as his sister died nearly a day after being born. Although he does not remember her, he still wishes that he had some kind of family member to be close to, since his father passed away at a young age, and his mother passed not very long after he was born. 
Family: ~
Mate: ~
Crush: ~
Kits: ~
Is your character killable?: At the moment... I'd rather he wasn't, lol.
Other: Blind vole!~


Name: Cloudwhisker
Age: 42 moons
Gender: Tom
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member
Rank: Senior warrior 

Cloudwhisker - as his name suggests - is pure white and fluffy, resembling a cloud. His pelt is thick and heavy, and there are a few extremely light, pale yellow marks around his face that can be seen in certain lights. He has slightly broad shoulders and he's got a slightly tall stature; his build can't be considered bulky, but he certainly isn't petite or small. Cloudwhisker's ears are fluffy and pink on the inside, as well as his nose and pads - all a light bubblegum pink. His eyes are a light, almost milky blue, and he's got a calm aura.

Cloudwhisker is usually very kind and optimistic, though he never goes overboard on the optimism when it isn't needed. He does try to think positively, and gives of a kind of elder vibe because of his calm, wise, and kind personality. Despite his laid-back kind of attitude, Cloudwhisker can automatically snap into overprotective mode, extremely loyal to Cave Clan and the members within. He's not afraid to use his claws and his weight to frighten off any enemies, and although he'd rather talk things out smoothly, he's got no problem with fighting if it means saving his clan.
Background History:

Very basic history.~
Family: No cat of importance.
Mate: No.
Crush: He's getting a bit old for crushes.
Kits: No. He would love some of his own, however.
Is your character killable?: Yeah.
Other: Blind vole.


Name: Poppyrose
Age: 21
Gender: She-cat
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member
Rank: Warrior

Poppyrose has a very distinct look about her. Her back-fur, legs, and head are a mixture of rose-brown; she has a rose-ish hue all over, but it mostly shows in her back. She has a few faint stripes on her back, but the darkest stripe starts at the base of her tail to the fluffy tip, with a few branching stripes. Around her ears is a dark rose color, and her chest fur, belly fur, and some of her front legs are a tainted white. She also has a patch of white around her muzzle. Poppyrose is of average height and size for her age, and despite her thick mane, she can be quite graceful. Her eyes are a mixture of green and yellow.

Poppyrose will give it to you straight, no matter what the news is, though she'll try to soften it up a bit. She's not a push-over, but she believes that being kind and understanding is a cats' greatest asset. It's a difficult - and much different - situation if Poppyrose is in an argument; more often than not, Poppyrose can spit fire when she disagrees with something or when she sees some-cat being wronged, and she's certainly not one to cower or sheathe her claws in battle. It can be said that she's very stubborn and determined, always giving it her all and never backing down. She's fiercely loyal to Cave Clan and would most certainly die to protect it. Poppyrose is also very fond of kits, just not too excited about the thought of being held captive in the Nursery. Maybe someday, though.
Background History:

Basic.~ Born in Cave Clan and plans to die in Cave Clan.
Family: ~
Mate: No.
Crush: Not yet!
Kits: Nope.~
Is your character killable?: Perhaps later in the roleplay. :D 
Other: Blind vole. ^^

Image result for tortoiseshell and white cat

Name: Maplefeather
Age: 23 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member
Rank: Queen
Background History:
Is your character killable:

Image result for kitten tortie

Name: Berrypaw
Age: 3 moons
Gender: Tom
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member
Rank: Kit
Background History:
Is your character killable:


Name: Breezepaw
Age: 11
Gender: Tom
Clan member or Newcomer?: Clan member
Rank: Archiver Apprentice @gamma ? Unless taking this and the med cat apprentice is too much ^^
Background History:
Is your character killable:



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Okay sounds good!~ I'll make some new chars tomorrow. :D

Edit: @gamma Sorry to bother you again, but there are three major positions open at the moment (archiver apprentice, dep, medicine cat) I already have the Medicine Cat Apprentice role, so I was wondering whether you'd rather me be the Archiver Apprentice or the Deputy - unless @Alcarie wants another higher-up rank. (which I'm fine with) Also, I can make a Queen and a kit or two just for the sake of more characters as well.~


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    • By MoonlitBlood
      Welcome! This is my first rp (on this forum, I’m educated in role playing :3) and here are the basics I guess.
      -minimal cussing (you can cuss 3 times per day) abbreviations such as “frick” are allowed, but don’t say it too often.
      -each character must have two flaws, and if there are powers, no stronger than like, sending rays of sunshine down or something. Just make it so the other(s) can avoid it if they find a way.
      -You must specify First and Last name, but middle names are optional because not everyone has them.
      -If you want to get into detailed romance PLEASE rp it where no one else can read it.
      -You do not have to specify your chapters family or relationships (unless you want to!)
      -Have fun and be nice! (Unless it’s part of the rp)
      This world is separated by two sides. The Sun, and The Moon. However, some don’t choose a side, and are known as “The Unknown.”
      The Unknowns one and only goal is the shatter the two sides, and allow people to live freely m. Sadly, very few people believe that this is a good idea, and will attack the Unknown the second they see them.
      The Sun is the side that basks in sunlight, happiness and wealth. You're lucky if you are born there. However, The Moon treats it’s followers with kindness, and most of them agree with the Unknown. 
      The Unknown is getting smaller though, and very few have survived. Eventually they are forced to side with The Moon, but insist on staying known as The Unknown. 
      The Sun and The Moon now have broken into war, and the world is coated with blood and flames. You must find a way to end this war and make peace between the two sides, but with the sacrifice of your life. However, if you are skilled enough, you can survive.
      The Sun: Bright sunny hills flourished with flowers dapple the Sun’s bright land, and wide sparkling oceans stretch across for miles. It is a very lush, green beautiful place.
      The Moon: Cold hills of snow cover the Moon’s dark mountains, and moonlight makes the ice sparkle. Quiet, wet swamps and forests cover the territory. Instead of oceans, small rushing rivers flow through the land.
      The Unknown: Most Unknown camp out in the Lost Desert, but some sneak through and live in the Sun and Moon’s territory.
      -Minty (Female, 14, The Unknown) @MoonlitBlood
      -Chole (Female, 16, The Moon) @Kitkat
      -Rowan (Male, 15, The Unknown) @Kitkat
      -Orchid (Female, 15, The Unknown) @Dashy
      -Gadget (Female, 13, The Unknown) @MoonlitBlood
      -Ryan (Male, 17, The Moon) @Kitkat
      -Cherry (Female, 14, The Moon) @Kitkat
      -Trixie (Female, 16, Unknown) @Dashy
      -Xander (Male, 17, Unknown) @Dashy
      -Bianca (Female, 15, Unknown) @Dashy
      -Gideon ‘kit’ (Male, 21, unknown) @Alcarie
      -Gabriel (Male, 16, Unknown) @Alcarie
      -Ilia (Male, 29, The Sun) @Alcarie
      - = single or hates/ is afraid of Humans
      + means they like each other
      ~ means they  are in a relationship 
      if this (>) arrow is pointing towards a name, that means the person on the opposite end likes them. Jut say who your oc likes.
      Minty > Xander
      Orchid -=
      Chloe -=
      Rowan > Minty
      Gadget -=
      Trixie -=
      Xander -=
      Gideon -=
      Gabriel -=
      Ilia -=
      Name//Gender//Age//Personality//Moon sun or unknown//Family (optional)//Crush/bf or gf (or single, You also may say that they are afraid/hate humans//Clothing//Looks//Weapons//Soulpower (the one power they have that represents them)

    • By Dashy
      I haven't roleplayed in forever and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Warrior Cats roleplay!
      The moon was missing in the sky, and a dark grey she-cat was plotting her vengeance. Although her heart had grown cold, she couldn't push the thoughts away.
      Why didn't I just leave him when I first saw him?
      Why did I have to kill her?
      Just a moon earlier, the she-cat had fallen in love with a rogue. She was shocked when she found out she'd have kits, and never told who the father was. The she-cat had told the rogue that they couldn't be together, but the tom insisted that they could. They argued, and it eventually lead to some violence. The deputy caught them and thought that the rogue was attacking the she-cat- and attempted to kill the rogue. Shocked, the dark grey she-cat slashed at the toms throat, not exactly knowing what she was doing- or who she should defend. The deputy died from the loss of blood, the rogue left the she-cat, saying he didn't know her anymore. When the clan cats found her, with his blood on her claws, they exiled her. The she-cat didn't have enough food, for her paws were too heavy to hunt; and eventually died, with her unborn kit in her belly. She swore vengeance on the clan for sending her kit to Starclan, and for not letting her explain.
      Basically, this is a bit of a Mapleshade scenario, except she tries to manipulate all of the cats instead. The she-cat (her name was Darkfur) tries to stir up trouble within the clan; or makes some cats go completely insane.
      Anyone interested??
      The plot is kind of a WIP so I'll probably fix it up a bit in the actual sign-ups. :3
    • By Stonetooth
      A silvery silhouette shone, as the phases of the moon passed over the night sky in the form of an eclipse. The wind whispered through the trees on the side of the mountain, singing its soft song, as all stood quiet within the night. It was Erie how soft spoken the forest was for once. Not a creature made a sound. It was as if all the creatures of the wood were watching. Waiting for something dark to happen. It was just then when a screech was heard deep within the depths of the woods. It was the sound of a mother losing her infant. 
      Voices were arising just beneath a ravine. A camp was hidden in the brambles within the darkest part of the forest. Angry voices started shouting and a mother was weeping by the side of her den. Her kits gathered around her. "This isn't the first time a cats been taken ____star! We need to do something, otherwise soon enough there will be no cat left in the clan. We need to act now!" A riot was starting up and the clan was unhappy. On this night a kit was stolen from its mothers nest. Cats have been popping up missing from patrols, and from the camp when no one else is around. No one knows of the evil that is lurking in the wooded mountains where Raven clan lives, but they are about to find out. 
      Raven Clan are Proud, Loyal, and are devoted to following Starclans path. Could there be a traitor in their midst? 
      The warrior code, and rules of the clans:
      Meet the Clan: (Ranking) 
      My charries:
      Sign up form:
    • By Stonetooth
      A silvery silhouette shone, as the phases of the moon passed over the night sky in the form of an eclipse. The wind whispered through the trees on the side of the mountain, singing its soft song, as all stood quiet within the night. It was Erie how soft spoken the forest was for once. Not a creature made a sound. It was as if all the creatures of the wood were watching. Waiting for something dark to happen. It was just then when a screech was heard deep within the depths of the woods. It was the sound of a mother losing her infant. 
      Voices were arising just beneath a ravine. A camp was hidden in the brambles within the darkest part of the forest. Angry voices started shouting and a mother was weeping by the side of her den. Her kits gathered around her. "This isn't the first time a cats been taken ____star! We need to do something, otherwise soon enough there will be no cat left in the clan. We need to act now!" A riot was starting up and the clan was unhappy. On this night a kit was stolen from its mothers nest. Cats have been popping up missing from patrols, and from the camp when no one else is around. No one knows of the evil that is lurking in the wooded mountains where Raven clan lives, but they are about to find out. 
      Raven Clan are Proud, Loyal, and are devoted to following Starclans path. Could there be a traitor in their midst? 
      Leader: Frogstar- A grey and white she cat with solid green eyes. Slightly shorter and skinnier than the average cat. Her fur tends to be unruly, especially around her left shoulder which sports a narly old scar from her younger days. ( 33 moons, she cat, 2 lives left, Rose)
      Deputy: Slatejaw- A brawny muscular Tom, with broad shoulders, a square jaw, thick stocky legs,  and large paws. He is dark grey in color and has Steele silver eyes. (Stonetooth, male, 32 moons)
      Medicine Cat: Starwalker: He's around the size of a young apprentice, though his musculature and bone structure is that of a cat his age; so while he's extremely tiny he does not look like an apprentice. He's also emaciated looking, bones protruding along his spine, hips, and ribs; as if he's not eaten properly in moons. However, since he knows he's hard to look at thanks to his fur, deformities, and size he's always immaculately groomed and put together. What cannot be seen is that Starwalker's bones are extremely brittle, as in if he's even gently knocked over there's a great chance something will break; even tripping over something can be detrimental as he learned as a kit. He actually has a type of hyperthyroidism, so his unusual skinniness and brittle bones can be explained; just not in cat terms.(Male, 64 moons, Alcarie)
      Medicine Cat Apprentice: 
      Nimbleleaf: A scrawny long legged white Tom with patches of brown tabby fur. He also has a long skinny fluffy tail. Light green eyes. (Stone tooth, male, 21 moons)
      Lizardtongue:  A long legged tom with diluted, sandy-grey fur. He has pale yellow eyes with pupils that always seem to be narrowed into slits. Short-furred with faint gray tabby stripes along his spine and legs. Nimble and lithe, Lizardtongue is hardy and has a healthy dose of stamina. (Male, 26 moons, Rose305)
      lavenderwilt: A slender long furred she-cat with a large white patch on her chest and throat. She has bright, earthy green eyes and white tufts of fur in her ears. She is slight shorter than the average, however she is well built and surprisingly strong. She has a long, fluffy tail that was broke during her apprentice-good, healing back crooked. It does not damage her balance too badly and she has learned to coup with it, however, that is how she earn her warrior name. (she cat, 23 moons, Rose305)
      Sootmask: Burly tom with broad shoulders. Long, gray fur the darkens towards his paws and tail while the markings across his face almost appear as if he exposed himself to a fire. This physical feature heavily influencing his name. Pale blue eyes. (male, 36 moons, Rose305)
      Singedwhisker: He's a large, bulky cat with large paws, broad shoulders, and a thick pelt that protects him from some blows. He's not made for speed nor agility, but makes up for it in strength, stamina, and an intimidating presence. His fur is long, thick, and coarse. It's a dark brown with lighter 'feathers' around his neck, belly, and tail. His eyes are large in his face and a bright hazel. (Tom, 39 moons, Alcarie)
      Moonshine: A long furred white she cat, with large black spots and black fluffy tail. She has heterochromia eyes. They are green and blue. (She cat 32 moons, pinki madness)
      Darkblossom: Muscular black and brown tothoiseshell cat, with white/grey patches. His eyes are golden. (32 moons, Pink madnesss)
      Waterdance: A silvery grey tabby she cat with warm amber eyes and bold, black stripes. Average in size yet dainty and sure footed. She has dark pink paw pads to match her nose. (She cat, 33 moons, Rose)
      Troutleap: The largest of her siblings, troutleap is taller than the average cat and slightly bulky, making her almost seem tomish in a way. She has white and ginger tbaby furwith large greenish amber eyes. (33 moons, she cat, Rose)
      Bearpaw: an all dark brown she cat. Her fur is so dark it's almost black. She's rather skinny, but her muscles are visible under her Sheek pelt. Her eyes are a golden bronze color. (Stonetooth, she cat, 11 moons)
      Kestrelpaw:Kestelpaw is a medium sized cat with short legs and large paws. He's muscular, but it's not visible underneath his fur. Said fur is thick,  orange with burnt orange tabby stripes, and has a large white splotch on his chest and back right paw. His eyes are a light green. (Male, 12 moons, Alcarie) 
      Pantherpaw: Pantherpaw is tall and lanky with little visible muscle mass. His long legs and gangly body means he's fast and agile, but not powerful. His dark grey fur is just light enough to show his black spotting that tends to be nearly invisible unless underneath the sunlight. His belly, chest, and chin are a light tan. Pantherpaw's eyes are a light hazel. (Male, 11 1/2 moons, Alcarie.)
      Heavenpaw: A long furred light silver tabbyt cat with some darker grey and cream patches. He has deep copper colored eyes. (Tom 10 moons, Pink madness)
      Duskpetal: a lovely, silky dark grey she cat, with black tabby stripes throughout her body. She has silver lining on her toes, tail, eyes and ears. She has pretty pale blue eyes. And a dark brick pink nose.(Stonetooth, she cat, 25 moons)
      Patchpelt: Patchpelt is a medium-sized, robust she-cat. She looks a bit 'heftier' then she is thanks to her fluffy, thick pelt. She's not fast but she tries to make up for it in agility and plain-ole viciousness when fighting or hunting. Her fur is tortoiseshell, mostly black with different shades of brown flecked throughout. Her eyes are a light hazel and her tail is a plume. (She cat, 31 moons, Alcarie) 
      Shorekit & Cliffkit :shorekit and cliffkit are basically twins. The she cat is a bit fluffier than her brother with longer eartufts. She also has a bit more orange tint, where her brother is a bit more pale like their mother.(Both 5 moons, she cat, male)
      Cherrywing: A scraggly old heather colored she cat with foggy blue eyes. Was once a gorgeous she cat. (Stonetooth, 82 moons)
      Heavenpaw- Nimbleleaf
      The wind howled through the camp, in the misty morning air. The moon had just fallen and the sun was slowly starting to rise, peeking slowly up through the pine trees that encased the clans camp. This side of the mountain is where the sun rose, leaving it to set behind the mountain's side at night. It was about mid way through leaf fall, and the clan needed to start getting fat for winter, for even though the woods gave them protection from the harsh winds, many of the woodland creatures would be returning to their burrows for the long sleep that would soon come. Another cold gust of wind ripped through the clan, rustling dens, and sending a draft anywhere there might have been a crack in the dens. The elders would not be pleased as their joints always ached in these rough times. However, there would be a hustle within the clan just within a short couple of weeks, as leafbare would soon be on its way, and there were those in the clan whom have not yet experience snowfall, and would be thrilled at the chance to see the first white blanket of winter.
      A broad muscular tom could be seen sitting on a giant outcrop that was just above the clan leader den in the side of the mountain. The clan leader had not yet left her den, and the greyish brown tom, Slatejaw, was now watching the clan. The wind buffeted his fur. He nearly had to squint as the breeze whipped at his coat. He sighed. Leafbare was on it way, and with it the harsh wind of ice. It was going to be a very harsh winter this year, and the clan had better start preparing soon. He made a mental note to send out a second hunting patrol, later that morning. He now watched as the clan started to awaken, and he sat on the rock patiently awaiting to give orders for that mornings patrols.
      Nimbleleaf felt a cold breeze nip at his nose, as he lay curled up in the warriors den. A neat little den, guarded by a bramble thicket. He wrapped his skinny tail tighter around his nose. His thin frame, and pelt was not made for the winds of leaffall and leafbare. He wasn't ready for it. He had to work about twice as hard as the other cats to stay warm. He wished his pelt was as thick as some of the other cats in the clan. He sighed. With the draft that was in the warriors den there would be no getting back to sleep. It was simply too chilly. He decided to get up. Atleast moving around would warm him up a bit. With a yawn, the tom unfolded himself from his nest, stretched out his long legs, and arched his  back. Composing himself, he stepped out of his nest, and headed towards the mouth of the den. He padded out into the twighlight of morning and padded over to the freshkill pile. He picked out a meager vole, and sat down to eat.
      Bearpaw was curled up with the other apprentices. Their den was on the smaller side, so there nests were close together, allowing them to stay warm, as they were basically curled up in a tight knit circle. The often bossy, loud, and arrogant she cat, was now in a calmer state that she was asleep. Most cats in the clan preferred her this way, for she wasnt as rambunctious as her blabbering mouth made her out to be. Since it was so warm in the den the she cat kept on sleeping. Ignoring the fact that she should soon wake, to start her duties for the day. The she cat was almost ready to be deemed a warrior. She thought she deserved a decent sleep.
      Duskflower now the only queen in the clan, was curled up with her two lovely kits: Shorekit and Cliffkit. The two furry little lumps were nearly six moons old. Fall wasn't the only thing changing on this mountain side. Soon Apprentices would be warriors, and kits apprentices. Who knows, there may even become a new queen. The world was funny like that, things constantly moving and changing. She purred as she looked at the two kits beside her. They were nearly identical yet so different and she loved them both dearly.
    • By Dashy
      It was eerily quiet. Two cats, one male, the other a female, walked quietly side by side. Their fur was bristling. Their hackles raised, ears angled in all directions. The male stopped, sniffed, and flicked his tail. 
      "This isn't the way." He hissed quietly. 
      "What do you mean, Clawheart? How can this not be the way? We've came here more than once." The she-cat dug her claws into the soil. 
      "It's not the way. Come on." Clawface turned on his heel.
      "Fine. But we ha - hey, stop!" Her jaws widened. "This way!"
      She turned in the opposite direction and started to run. "Wait up!" Called Clawheart, running behind.
      The she-cat took an abrupt turn, and the two cats came upon four mewling kits. Clawheart looked warm, his eyes bright. "You found them, Pebbleclaw!" He licked her ear warmly. "I couldn't ask for a better sister." "Yeah, whatever." Pebbleclaw muttered, shuffling her paws. "Just hurry up, we don't have much time... hey, what - " 
      Clawheart hissed, crouching to the ground. A yellow-brown she-cat crept from the brush. "Hey, get away - ! Oh, it's you. Well, you should just take them now. " She glanced at the ground. Clawheart stepped forward, the fur on his back straightening. "You could come with us, you know." He murmured, nuzzling her neck. "No, I can't. I'd never fit into the clan life." Meowed the she-cat.  "But, Sunflower..." "Take the kits, and go." Whispered Sunflower, looking away. "You have to hurry."
      "I'll take those two, and-"  Pebbleclaw was cut off by the stomping of the horrid creature - a badger. Eyes wild with terror, Sunflower snarled, whipping her tail, slashing out. Pebbleclaw took two kits, and she picked them up quietly. "Clawheart...? Clawheart, no!" Clawheart sprung in front of Sunflower as soon as the badger lunged out, and Clawheart was flung into a tree. Heart lurching, Pebbleclaw dropped the kits and nuzzled her brother. "Clawheart?" Her voice choked when he didn't answer.
      "Clawheart, wake up!" Clawheart blinked one eye open, and rasped, ever so quietly, "Take the kits.." Pebbleclaw whimpered as her brothers body grew cold and stopped moving. Daring to look up, Pebbleclaw looked at the battle scene behind. Sunflower spat and hissed, lashing out, and she caught Pebbleclaw's eye desperately. 
      Feeling slightly dizzy with shock, she grasped two kits in her mouth and shoved the others out of the clearing. The screeches of battle were still heard. 
      One kit, a silver tabby, was whining. "What happened? Where's Sunflower?" "It's okay, little ones. It's going to be alright." She meowed after dropping the two kits in her mouth. "Can you two walk?" "Walk? We can run!" meowed one of the toms enthusiastically. 
      Back at camp
      Leader: "What is this?"
      Pebbleclaw: "Um, see, I found these poor things in the forest, and then a badger attacked, and Clawheart is dead!" Her voice ends in a wail
      Leader: "Oh... well, I suppose you can take them to the nursery. Who should care for them, though?"
      Pebbleclaw: "I have kits. I shall." 
      Leader: "About your brother, where is his body?" His voice softens. 
      Pebbleclaw: "Oh- right outside clan boundary."
      Leader: "Were the kits outside of clan boundary?"
      Pebbleclaw: "Oh, definitely not. I'll take these to the nursery. And... _____, keep this between you and I, and my mate, please."
      Leader: "Of course."
      The four kits are now part of Mistclan life. They are now apprenticed, along with their brother and sister, Pebbleclaw's real kits. They were raised to think that Pebbleclaw is their mother, and they do have other siblings. The issue is, sometimes the four kits get dark thoughts. Sometimes minor, like stealing from the fresh-kill pile. Other times, it gets serious, like them actually thinking of murdering some cat. 
      Pebbleclaw, Pebbleclaw's mate, and all of the six kits are all open. 
      THE CLAN
      The clearing were Mistclan's camp is located is decently sized. In the middle of the clearing a tree stump stands, where the leader makes the announcements. There is a training area, hunting grounds, and a stream that marks the border outside camp.
      The clan has common enemies: foxes, badgers, things like that.
      Prey is average: sometimes you can catch a rare rabbit, but mostly mice, voles, thrush, shrew, etc.
      Brindleclaw - @darkwolf
      Medicine Cat:
      Snowsky - Me
      Medicine Cat Apprentice:
      Hawkstorm - @Pink Madness
      Smokeleaf - @Moss4brains
      Scorchedfur - @Alcarie
      Moonlight - @darkwolf
      Wolfshadow - @Pink Madness
      Swifttooth - Me
      Honeypaw - @Kitkat
      Flarepaw - @Pink Madness
      Silverpaw - Me 
      Deerspring - @Alcarie
      Poppykit - @Kitkat
      Pebbleclaw's Mate:
      Any of her kits/adoptive kits:
      Honeykit - @Kitkat
      1. No power playing
      2. No perfect characters
      3. If you already have a major role, please do not take another unless you have permission from me!
      4. I definitely will add later  
      FORMS: (please remove all {[()}]) Thank you )
      Age (in moons):
      History: [optional]
      ALSO, THE KITS ARE OF 10 MOONS! (If you are playing one of Pebbleclaw's kits/adoptive kits.)
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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Kaylercool

      Hey, guys! So, I have a new Discord Server.
      Recently, a friend gave me a server that has the screen share feature, which I'd like to use for screen sharing while doing new art! 
      So, sort of just an artsy, nerdy type of server. 
      I'd love for some of the people I talked to on PA to join, so if you would like an invite please don't hesitate to DM me! 

      I hope you're all doing well, by the way! 
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    • Creus

      Are there any roleplayers still hanging around? I am looking for a few people to join an open world role play on another website
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    • Haru

      Trying out new things next week and I'm honestly happy with how things are going now
      Thank you for being such an amazing partner, I love you so much 
      You know who you are
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    • Haru

      Yesterday was fun and possibly a turning point in my life..
      It took me long enough but it's finally here, from here on out a new journey begins
      and I won't be at it alone, I'll have someone special with me. 
      I'll post new art soon too, possibly after I've had a few things sorted out

      It's amazing what one person can just turn your life around like that

      I never planned on any of this but I'm glad it happened regardless.

      I've never been this happy and motivated to do something for someone else other than myself.It's quite humbling to say the least
      · 2 replies
    • Haru

      Been contemplating if I should make a Pixiv or not.. 
      I realized I haven't made nearly as enough art as I should've...
      I mean I'd have probably had more if I could only recover my old files welp 
      New ones it is
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