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Hello! I'm on the hunt for eggs to complete my wishlist. I'm up for buying eggs only because i enjoy clicking them xD

Animals i'm very very interested in:

American Staffordshire Terrier, Ball Python, Beagle Dog, Boxer, Cane Croso Dog, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Clouded Leopard, Clown Fish, Common Cuttlefish, Common Seahorse, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Grizzly Bear, Pile Perch, Queensland Heeler Dog, Rottweiler Dog, Tennessee Walking Horse, Threadfin Butterflyfish, and Wild Boar.

I'm not interested in the latest Egg Drop eggs/animals since i can collect myself. I'm only able to pay in ZC.

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    • By SilverStallion
      When we go to our own pets page and scroll towards the bottom, we can all see the button that says, "Display BBCode and HTML codes". 
      When we click this button, it shows us ALL of our pets codes, throughout every room. 
      What if, we switched the abilities of this button to where, on the General room page, 2 buttons would appear, Show all and Show all in this room.
      And, when going into every OTHER room we have MADE (general is an unmakeable room and is a default room), there is just a "Show all in this room" button?
      Players can easily get all codes of pets in 1 room.
      Players who sell and trade but only want specific pets in a post, can create a room, move just those pets to it, and then copy codes related to said post, and then have an accurate post.
      This would help me, personally, out a lot with trying to get codes for just specific pets that I have. (Want to add selling pets' codes to my selling thread but am far too lazy to click every individual pet to get them or delete extra pets not in sales if I use the all bbc/html codes button)
      Extra work for the staff
      Confusion amongst newer players or older, returning players. (This could be fixed with a short announcement on the PA site explaining the new change)
      Um ... Input would be greatly appreciated.
      @tomomi I forgot Emma's tag for the forum And didn't know who to tag about this. 
    • By Jadespets
      Post links of your pets that need to be clicked or post the pets you are selling 
      1: no cussing or violence please!
      2: if you are talking to me please mention me thanks
      3: have fun
    • By Kaylercool
      I know that me and several others lost our bred eggs due to the site being shut down for a couple of days. 
      I lost eggs from my breeding pair of Scottish Folds and my breeding pair of a Gift Grabber and Snowkit. (One of my Scottish Fold breeding pairs had just gotten ready to be claimed when the site came back, so thank goodness I was able to get those.)
      I ended up losing 4,000 ZC since I bred them and wasn't able to get my eggs since the site was down.
      I looked through the abandoned room the first time it opened since the site has went down and I didn't see my eggs or anyone else's. Just the stuff that's common in there.
      Is there a chance for us to get our eggs we lost, or at least get back the ZC we lost? 
    • By ConfusedRoyal
      Hi, I'm new. So I have a few questions. 
      First off can you get eggs outside of the egg drop or buying them? Because I randomly got like... 10 or so eggs when I was just clicking around on other peoples eggs? So is random eggs a thing or did I miss something? Because I've only gotten 6 eggs from the egg drop and I bought 1 from the bazaar.
    • By Lone Wolf
      Looking for
      (Yurei no Kami alt 6)
      Currently looking for Clouded Leopards
      I need alt's 3 and 5 as female. 

      Name your price, if it's reasonable I'll buy them from you. I will not buy any litter pets.
      Alt Swaps
      Have: (Alt 1 male, first generation)
      Need: (MUST be first generation. If alt 2 it must be male. If alt 4 it must be female. The gender doesn't matter for alt 3; which is the alt that takes priority over the other two)
      Need: (preferably male; will not trade for a litter pet)
      Need:(any stage)
      I'm Need:  
      Need: (preferably stage 1, willing to trade both alts for this)
      Need: (preferably stage 1)
      Need:(alt 2)
      Need:(stage doesn't matter)
      Currently looking for
      Spirit of July
      Need:  (Stage 1 ONLY)

      Spotted Hyena

      Red Wolf
       (Stage 1-3 ONLY)
      Kit Fox

      European Mink

      Queensland Heeler Dog

      Wyoming Wolf

      Saber Tooth Tiger

      Clockwork Panthera
       (Stage 1-2 ONLY)

      Hokkaido Dog


      Pug Dog
       (Stage 1-3 ONLY)
      Current status: Buying(but only the ones listed in the 'currently looking for' section)
      Felid Wayfarer(alt's 1-2 4-5)
      Yurei No Kami(alt's 6)
      Dhole(all alt's)
      Caracal Cat(Alt's 1 and 4)
      Queensland Heeler Dog(All alt's)
      Tiger Flitty(All alt's, stage 1 only)
      Spotted Hyena(alt's 1, 3-5)
      Red Wolf(All alt's, MUST be stage 1-3)
      Kit Fox(All alt's)
      Wyoming Wolf(All alt's)
      Alvah(Preferably male but I'll except female)
      European Mink(All alt's)
      3 Heartbreaker Kitsune's
      Saber Tooth Tiger(All alt's)
      Clockwork Panthera(Alt's 1, 4-6, all at stage 1 or 2)
      Thylacine(All alt's, preferably stage 1)
      African Wild Dog (alt's 1 and 6) must be stage 1-3)
      Eclipse(alt's 1-5)
      Falkland Island Wolf(alt's 1-5)
      Ferret(2-5(male) alt's 1-4(female) will NOT buy litter pets)
      Hokkaido Dog (all alt's)
      Jaguarundi(all alt's)
      Chilean Pudu(alt's 1-3, 5-6)
      Kitty alt 1
      Gender swapping
      For sale
      I'm not going to be uploading every single pet since there are many of them, but here's the link to all my pets I have for sale, if you see any you want, just link them here or message them to me(I'm working on naming them with their price). http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Lone%20Wolf
      they're in my room titled 18.Selling
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    • CaitlynMellark

      Who here is a CYO artist and wants to make a collab CYO wit me based off of a video game?
      Willing to give all or less of the alts for the art ^^ Also would APPRECIATE 10ZP needed to make it private, but not required
      I can just try to get ZP on my own :')
      · 2 replies
    • Kaylercool

      I lost a three week old kitten today. 
      I have been caring for a litter of three kittens that I hadn't gotten around to sharing with you guys. I'm sorry. 
      The only photos I have were taken a couple of days after they were born, so don't have any open eyed pictures sadly. I may not even post those old ones. I'm sorry that I won't be able to share a recent picture of the sweet baby that died.
      Their names are: Marmalade (the orange tabby), Tiramisu (the calico), and Maxwell (the black one.)
      Maxwell died this morning. I think it was just a matter of her being so small and weak; the runt of the litter. 
      I tried bottle feeding her, but I guess it wasn't enough.
      The strange thing is, she seemed totally fine until a couple of days ago. Small, but fine.
      She was acting super funny for a couple of days. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was though. 
      She felt cold this morning and was sluggish, so I held her in my arms. She died shortly after.
      She was very friendly. Now, most kittens don't purr so early on. Maxwell did. She was so loud and she seemed so happy. I thought, "This kitten is going to make a wonderful cat for someone."
      It's very sad. It's sad enough for a kitten to be born dead or die shortly after, but its even worse when you're starting to get attached. 
      But, these things do happen. Dealing with it never gets easier either. I'm kind of....fragile when it comes to these sort of things. Even though I've dealt with them several times before.
      At least she isn't suffering now.
      But, I must say that I am thankful that Tiramisu and Marmalade seem super healthy. They're both pudgy and energetic.
      · 3 replies
    • Uni_Animalia

      -X NOTICE X-
      I'm selling some of my Embarrs to keep rotating my stock. I'm getting into more natural colored Embarrs. 
      If you're interested please PM on here or PM me on Khimeros. My username is: Uni_Animalia 
      Here are all the Embarrs I'm selling. Prices can be lowered, I'm pretty flexible. Bold lettered links are mares, non bold links are stallions. T stands for Trinkets which is the main currency in Khimeros.
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1178045  4,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1204786  2,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1205197  2,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1205878  2,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1208281  2,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1207120  3,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1205784   3,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1209712   1,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=94233       1,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1206749   3,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1207527   3,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1213660   3,000 T
      http://www.khimeros.com/khimera.php?id=1222233   3,000 T
      · 0 replies
    • Jade

      Looking for a CYO artist
      · 0 replies
    • gamma

      sorry about not being active yesterday! I got a puppy he's 5 months old he's only barked once his name is Mahogany aka "hugs" and I love him!! Anyone wanna see pictures???
      · 2 replies