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For some reason PetAdoptables won't allow me to upload images to the gallery.
So, for safe keeping, because computers hate me, I'm going to stick the pieces I don't want to disappear here.
I don't like Photobucket, Deviantart, TinyPics, etc. to stash my art; which is why I'm also putting it here.^^


Oh, and it's possible that some of these are in my gallery, but since I can't access it that does not help me none.
And, of course, all of these were done by me. :3

Feel free to comment or ask questions about any of these guys! I'm always up to discuss techniques, constructive criticism, or simply the characters themselves. :3
I'm also more than happy to talk about (likely free) commissions.~

I don't figure anyone would, but just to be safe please don't use any of the images here for anything.~

My calico Otachie over on Rescreatu. Stray is my username over there.

A jaguar character of mine.

A sphynx I adopted from someone.

He's my Cuddlebun, which is a closed species by NickyKitty.

Danno - Leo
Danno is my Liyure - Leo is Kina's Liyure
Both are on Rescreatu

Sirrah and Aree
My two Canis Leoni's, which is a closed species owned by Gamma.

Albion - Adiago
My twin Xesum's. Xesum's are a closed species owned by me.
I'm always open to making one for someone if they want one!~

My Black Jahra on Rescreatu.

Atabei (black doe) & Apredye (silver buck)
Atabei is mine, Apredye belongs to Darkwolf

Humans...This is just practice to see if I could do it and to see how crappy it looks. XD
I obviously didn't pay much attention to the clothes, so neither should you.~
This is a try at my character Gideon (Kit)

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@kurokishi Thanks! Sirrah (the big Canis Leoni) is actually an older piece -- probably about two years old. I should probably update his image.~ I am surprised you like the color choices though, because that's the one thing I really struggle with. XD Glad they work for you!

@Lilytora Thank you so much! I love your art, so that means a lot. :3


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@Dashy Haha thanks! Deer are hard... I'm hoping to one day roleplay with Atabei, but finding a site with an active group is not easy. XD
The design for Darkwolf's Apredye goes all to her, so I can't take credit for him.^^ I just got the privilege to draw him.

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